D.A. Cy Vance’s Dirty Donor Money Dancing

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/XcFliuPOFdA/maxresdefault.jpgMoney hungry eyes. District Attorney Of New York County Cy Vance Jr. speaking at New York Law School. Not pictured, five figure checks in his jacket pockets

What a time to be an unopposed candidate for NYC District Attorney. Cy Vance is in quite a heap of trouble. For both political parties have let him coast into re-election unhindered. But it’s no surprise at all to see why. For D.A. Vance dances mightily for big donations regardless of party.

So sly Cy, has decided to clear the air and reassure the citizenry of these damning findings and revelations and has personally approved an independent review to show that he absolutely did nothing unethical and how this combination of circumstantial philanthropy and personal good fortune absolutely didn’t conflict with his legal decisions. Especially regardin the filthy syphillic donation from the lawyer of the rotund and lecherous serial deviant big shot movie producer Harvey Weinstein, whose hyper-sexual repulsion embroglio has received worldwide news interest.

Needless to say, a lot of what Cy has arranged is quite laughable going by his sudden moment of clarity that he wrote in the NY Daily News:

In my seven years as district attorney, I’ve never allowed someone’s wealth, power, race, or campaign contributions to influence my decisions. Over the past few days, I’ve learned that it’s not enough for me to have confidence in my independence from donors. The people of New York deserve to be confident about it as well.

That’s why today, the Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity (CAPI) will begin an independent review of how we handle campaign contributions. In 90 days, they will report back with recommendations on how to handle them moving forward. In the interim, I have directed my campaign not to accept a single dollar more.

I expect that CAPI — a nonpartisan center at Columbia Law School that works to bolster municipal integrity across the globe — will recommend that we go well beyond what is currently required by laws that govern contributions to district attorneys in our state. I genuinely hope that they do. This is one of the first reviews of its kind ever undertaken in the realm of prosecutors’ offices, and the firestorm we have experienced over the past week presents an opportunity for real reform.

How is it one of the “first reviews of it’s kind” when he is clearly saying it has such a review as no precedence. It’s definitely the first of a kind considering that the accused is approving and assigning it, when such an investigation should be commissioned I assume by the Governor of the state, meaning Mario’s son Andrew. But we all know how he feels about independent regulatory studies.

Keep on dancin‘, Cy

That’s why I’ve asked an independent group to help us radically reduce the appearance of influence of money in our work. It’s why, notwithstanding New York’s lax campaign finance laws and sky-high contribution limits, I’m prepared to dramatically restrict who can donate money to our campaign — including lawyers — and the amounts that our contributors are able to give. It’s why I’ve asked the folks at CAPI to look at other jurisdictions around the country and the world, and recommend any steps that we can take, on our own accord, to raise New Yorkers’ confidence that money and power are meaningless before the law.

At the end of the day, I don’t expect people to agree with every call that we make. But I want them to have faith that we make those calls without fear or favor, based on the merits alone.

Since the day is not done, and being in total disagreement with this pathetic attempt at self-examination, catharsis, and an insult to the intelligence of the voting public. And since this “independent” “review” by a world renowned collective of unbiased thinkers will be completed 2 months after election day, for all those tired of the bullshit and those disposed to instant gratification, I would like to submit my own and actual independent review of these, what his quid pro quo influenced judgements he considers did not persuade him not a bit.

Vance’s donor dance party expose’ all began with his rote decision to drop the case against Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump’s amateurish and criminally fraudulent attempt to dupe investors for the massive black tumor luxury hotel and condo building in west side of Soho, Manhattan, New York back in 2010. Trump’s crazy kids made an arrangement via email of their purported scam to overvalue the worth and embellish the interest in the luxury tower, for what was basically just a plot device in their daddy’s reality show.  A collaborative report by journalists from Propublica, The New Yorker and WNYC reveals that the attorney representing them, Marc Kasowitz who was actually considered by the Irrelevant President to head the F.B.I., initially donated 25 grand to Cy’s re-election campaign prior to the hearings. After a meeting with Kasowitz, who reportedly pleaded with D.A. drop the case, returned the monetary gesture and carried on the prosecution and determined that no crime was committed. About 6 months later, amidst insider bragging of getting Trump’s seeds off, Kasowitz along with some acquaintances or associates, dropped 50 grand to Cy Vance.

Looks like Cy took the cash after allotted time passed to ward off any suspicions from the local news and the public who cared to pay attention. As for Ivanka and D.J., apparently their attempt to commit fraud was found to be just young naivete, being in their twenties at the time. and maybe not something genetically inherited or learned from the shady deal artistry perfected by their father in addition to what they believed was common practice in the business of real estate that should have more strict consequences.

A week after the bombshell report regarding the Trump Foundation’s consigliere, it turns out Cy received a sweet 10 large spot from a principal named partner of a law firm he once worked for/with during the Trump kids hearings. These compounding revelations would normally cripple a running candidate, but D.A. Vance insists these donor cash infusions are just gratuities from his peers and the laws concerning these types of donations from law firms are actually normal and technically, well, actually legal. And since this report initially came out online, this what should be a scandal can get easily overlooked.

Then along came Harvey Weinstein. The legendary Mirimax movie producer and executive turned out to be a serial molester for the past 20 years. As of today, probably close to 100 women ranging from actresses A-list to C-list, models and other successful women in other talent industries like entertainment journalism, event planners and nite club managers have accused this rotund walrus shaped man of sexual harassment and molestation. The most significant standout involving a 22-year-old stunning model who got repulsed by his continuous and persistent physical advances which she bravely reported to the NYPD SVU. Which led to the now legendary validating recording of his gross, grotesque and ultimately pathetically weak style of seducing women.


This incriminating audio was brought to the attention of D.A. Vance back in 2015 and he dismissed the charge and blamed the victim for not being forthcoming about her unrelated  to this case involvement with former Italian president and Unga Bunga Chief Silvio Burlisconi. Vance and his team also faulted the NYPD, accusing them of insufficient evidence for lack of intent of the lecherous producer despite the tape’s damning luridness and Weinstein’s obvious intent to blackmail the victim for a modelling career if she submitted to him.

For this peculiar decision and not all coincidental, the not at all influenced by money D.A. received a nice 10 grand from the power tripping deviant’s personal lawyer David Boies, whose firm partners has granted about $180,000 since 2005 to Vance’s political career. Though Boies was not involved in the dismissal of the Weinstein case, this superfluous donation reeks of a gratuity. Vance’s acceptance has of it reeks of the influence he claims to vociferously condemn.

If Boies name sounds familiar, his firm was one of three that defended Mayor De Faustio’s aides in the pay-to-play trial cases, costing the taxpayers of the 5 boroughs of 11.7 million dollars and has donated previously to fauxgressive mayor. But who did defend him for his own unethical activities at the cost of 2.3 million at the expense of his constituency was the firm of Kramer Levin, who donated $70,000 to the Vanz, the most recent in May of 2015 of 10 grand months prior of the trial processions of de Fuastio’s case, which focused on his campaign for One NY donor money laundering to the campaign coffers of democrats upstate trying to get senate seats (they lost). During the proceedings, Cy kept Kramer’s cash during the hearings. In March of this year, de Faustio’s case was dismissed, although with a mild acknowledgement passing as condemnation by the D.A. who wrote that the corrupt mayor’s operations he ran in city hall “appear contrary to the intent and spirit of the law”.

Very strong, as they appear, words. On the bright side, this recent expose became the inspiration for dancing Vance to appoint this independent review.

But the spirit of the law this D.A. recognizes is clearly monetary, concerning the $42,000 he accepted and kept from the criminal defense firm Clayman & Rosenberg after Cy’s decisions assured them victories. The firm managed to convince Vance in court to show leniency to clients also involved in sexual violation and molestation incidents comparable to the esteem Mr. Weinstein. Like a gynecologist who had oral sex with his pregnant patients. Or even for assaulting women like the son of an CEO for Madison Square Garden and a one time Knick starting player, who was also charged with weapons possession. Or even for aspiring to commit an act of domestic terrorism. 

If there is anything to doubt the veracity and credibility of Vanz’s indy panel, consider a recent case he prosecuted a month ago of a man who raped a woman by the East River promenade in the East Village. The defendant was sentenced for 40 years hard time and rightly vilified on the stand by Mr. Vance.

If anything that proves that money and influence cannot get in the way of meting out justice and locking up violators and criminals, keeping them off the streets and ensuring the safety of it’s citizenry. Especially when no money is donated, for none of the firms and lawyers mentioned above did not represent this felon.

Conclusion: Cy is the reason why bipartisanship can be a very bad thing at times and why faith in politics and government is non-existent and general cynicism is the result and the norm among the citizenry. And ultimately, dangerous for justice and society at large, despite the destruction of Harvey Weinstein’s career and sex life, which with his decision, let him continue his serial habits.

For because of the Vanz dirty money dancin’, he is complicit of the ascendancy of the current worst president in office and the emboldening of the most amoral mayor in New York City history, turning it into a modern day Tammany Hall. And since this review won’t be released in 90 days, which is 2 and half months after election day, he subconsciously doesn’t give a damn either.

This guy has no business defending the city from the scourges of this current era of avarice and status. He cannot be trusted unless you got the money to spend if you’re up to no good. The only thing uncontested in his running is the fact that he is running for a position he’s abusing and doesn’t deserve.

In addition, does it mean shit that he returned some of his donations? He had plenty of time to do anything with the money before he gave it back.

There’s your review and it was free. You know what else is free, your vote. Use it to write in a candidate and get this compromised sell-out chump out of office.





New Bad Days 37: Four Home Invasions In Four Boroughs Targeting The Elderly; A Mother Is Murdered By A Bully’s Mother; More Kids Are Bringing Weapons To School; A Police Precinct Claims They Can’t Stop Crime Because They Might Get Sued; Two Cops Get Filmed Properly Handling An Arrest; A Rise In Subway Violence And Suicides Including A Loudmouth Racist That Wants To Be A Social Media Star



In Bed-Stuy, a beloved elderly couple home was invaded and robbed of $5,000. The lurking human garbage, presumably up to 4 of them, sneaked up behind the 100-year-old woman, strangled and hog-tied her and then sadistically beat down and hog-tied her 91-year-old husband. The spry woman broke free and managed to call the police but her husband died from cardiac arrest after the traumatic evil heist. The money was for rent collected from tenants that was used to pay utility bills. Witnesses said they saw 2 suspicious men walking up the block with a box and a backpack.

In Bed-Stuy, a cab driver who picked up three men was beaten and robbed by them for $100 and his cellphone when he got them to their destination at 4:10 a.m.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man’s corpse was found inside an abandoned building owned by an LLC that was on fire.

At the Carey Houses in Coney Island, a mother concerned about her son being picked on by a bully went to his mother’s apartment to tell her brutal son to stop it and offered to settle the problem peacefully. As she went back inside, her son attacked the kid again and they started brawling. When the bullied child’s mother tried to break up the fight, the bully’s mother came out and stabbed her to death.

At the Gowanus Houses in Boerum Hill, a 19-year-old man was shot to death by 2 other teenagers over a gang rivalry and a robbery of a member.

In Bushwick, a garbage bag containing a decaying corpse in a shallow grave was found in the backyard of a house.

In Williamsburg, a food delivery man had his illegal electric bike stolen by three men on bikes when they cut off his lock.

Also in Williamsburg, a man killed himself when he slipped and fell on the sidewalk after he left a bar at 7:00 a.m.

Again in Williamsburg, a bicycle rider was hit and had his legs mangled by a dump truck driven by a man with a suspended license.

At the Erasmus Hall High School in Flatbush, a student was stabbed in the torso on the school grounds.

In East New York, a man raped and sexually assaulted two women and held up a 15-year-old girl in a 2 hour time span in the morning daylight hours.

Also in East New York, a car thief who stole a double parked rental SUV sped on the Belt Parkway and crashed into two other vehicles, injuring 8 people and then ran off.

In Bed-Stuy, a cab driver who picked up three men was beaten and robbed by them for $100 and his cellphone when he got them to their destination at 4:10 a.m.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man’s corpse was found inside an abandoned building owned by an LLC that was on fire.

In Cypress Hills, a man was killed and a pregnant woman who was with him was hit when a man with a gun ran up and shot them at 1:45 a.m.

Also in Cypress Hills, a man was chased out of a pizzeria by a gang of five men and got shot in the chest by one of them. They left him bleeding on the sidewalk.

In Brownsville, a man shot another man twice in the chest on the street then crashed his car as he tried to flee the scene of the crime.

In East Flatbush, a man with a BB gun and was caught and arrested by cops, then tried to flee and wound up getting shot in the leg, and still kept running.

Also in East Flatbush, an unsupervised 10-year-old girl got hit by a car when she ran into the street.

At the Grand Army Plaza train station in Prospect Gardens, a man jumped in front of an arriving train at 3:12 p.m., causing delays and disrupting 4 other transit lines.

In Borough Park, a Jewish bakery received a threatening bigoted letter railing containing a swastika and offensive slurs against blacks and gays and the uprising of christian identity whatever the fuck that’s supposed to do, as did 8 other businesses in Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Harlem, Chelsea and the Israel Mission in Turtle Bay.

In Crown Heights, a woman attacked and assaulted two Hasidic teenage girls and a punched an Hasidic man who came to their defense.

Also in Crown Heights, a woman attempted to kidnap a baby in a synagogue.

Also in Greenpoint, two men are still on the loose after beating down a man on the street a month ago.

In Highland Park, a motorcycle rider speeding down the street lost control and hit a pedestrian crossing the street.


In Hunts Point, 3 lowlifes impersonating pollster aides to the Bronx Borough President barged into an apartment rented by a 96-year-old’s woman afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. The 21-year-old woman caretaker who trusted and opened the door for them was held by her hair and then was zip-tied along with her elderly patient as the scumbags trashed the apartment, only to leave with nothing.

Two weeks after a Bronx student attacked two students with a knife that killed one of them and hospitalized another, a police report revealed a 50% rise of weapons being brought to schools. Mayor de Faustio was appreciative to see more reports but no word about the reasons why kids feel the need to arm themselves.

At the 42nd Precinct in Morrisania, a NY Post article focused on how the NYPD and other precincts not named feel that they cannot do their jobs to serve and protect the public because they are afraid of getting sued. For the reason of nationwide attention to, athlete recognition of,  and organized protests against police brutality and government enabling of an abuse of authority and power by corrupt cops across the nation and boggling judicial decisions exonerating them for their excessive methods that leads to fatalities.

In Norwood, a 70-year-old woman was assaulted with punches by 2 men in a supermarket because they thought she was cutting in line.

On the 2 train in Pelham Parkway, a city school aide sexually harassed a 16-year-old girl commuter by kneeling on the floor and sticking his iphone up her skirt to fulfill his curiosity about the victim’s underwear choice.

In the South Bronx, a woman was beaten and robbed at a bus stop for her cell phone by 2 muggers.

In Fordham, a man stabbed another man to death in his apartment after a dispute.

In Fordham Heights, a teenage mugger attacked and robbed 4 other kids with a knife in the morning daylight hours

In Claremont, a 64-year-old woman fought off a man who tried to rob her purse in broad daylight.

In Soundview, a man was attacked by 5 teenagers who stole his garndson’s bike when he tried to get it back. The gang of dicks swarmed him and beat him with a hammer as the victim was defending himself. He died from injuries sustained from the brutal assault after he was sent home from the nearest hospital that gave him drug prescriptions.

Also in Soundview ,a manager of a McDonalds was caught selling crack and cocaine via supersize meal orders.

In Pelham Bay, a man left a fake bomb in a gift wrapped box at a bank branch as a decoy so he can rob a citibank a few miles away with a pellet gun.

In Pelham Parkway, a man approached a 77-year-old man in a wheelchair and knocked him down for no reason.

In Wakefield, an 82-year-old woman was killed by a van as she was heading to her house. The driver came out to look at the body then ran away.

In Throgs Neck, a man feigning to ask for directions, exposed his flaccid genitals at 2 girls aged 7 and 12 and drove away in his car.

At the Pelham Houses in Allerton, a man was lying in on the street in front wounded from a shot to his chest. The victim died later from his wounds from the shooting stemming from a drug dispute.

Also in Allerton, at the Bronx Middle School, a student was caught possessing a handgun in his backpack.

In Morris Heights, a man punched his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son in the face and ran away to avoid the police.

In Van Nest, a cop on a NYPD scooter was knocked down in a hit-and-run by a passing car.


In Cambria Heights, a 83-year-old woman’s house was invaded by two men in ski masks who climbed through the back window and robbed her cash and jewelry

At the A train 60th st. Station in Averne, a commuter sitting down and texting on his cell phone was randomly attacked by a man who slashed him in the face with a razor blade. This followed a similar slashing incident at the Mott Avenue station 15 minutes earlier.

In Far Rockaway, a man went on a crime spree mugging and beating up 6 people in 4 days.

In Beechurst, two women had their cars stolen as three burglars broke into their home and stole their car keys as they slept.

In Flushing, a livery cab driver who instinctively refused to take a fare from 3 men got punched by one of them and was robbed of 20 bucks and his phone then stepped on the gas and dragged the prick down the block.

Also in Flushing, a two man drug ring distribution of cocaine and fentanyl laced Xanax pills was busted in their apartment.

Again in Flushing, a man feigning his interest in a furniture sale ad, held up an 85-year-old woman in her apartment by knife point and stole her wedding ring, booze and tea.

In Long Island City, a woman held up and robbed a deli and two phone stores at knife point in a span of 5 hours in the morning.

In Astoria, three men entered a bodega at 9 a.m. and cornered the store clerk, held him down and robbed him and the register of $600

A man who was caught rubbing his crotch while leering at women commuters on the 7 train around Queens Plaza a month and a half ago is still on the loose.

Meanwhile, on the 7 train heading to Willets Point, a dispicable letch grabbed another woman’s ass who was just minding her business. Turns out he works for State Controller Scott Stringer.

In Kew Gardens, two burglars broke into 3 apartments in 3 days and stole nearly $35,000 worth of merchandise and cash.

In South Ozone Park, a bus driver abandoned his vehicle with 12 kids inside including his son after cops were looking for him because of his involvement in a domestic violence dispute.

In Elmhurst, a man was randomly attacked and stabbed in the chest on the street, who then walked to a hospital just blocks away.

Also in Elmhurst, a man was found dead in a backyard after getting shot in the head and back. His killer got caught trying to retrieve his sandals.

In Woodside, a man dragged a 17-year-old girl to a construction site at knifepoint and raped her.

In Jackson Heights, a shootout on the street led to a man getting killed from getting hita in the head and torso.

In Ridgewood, a man rode up to a 12-year-old girl on the street then dropped his pants and flashed her with his little genitals.

On the BQE, a man driving his car recklessly crashed into a median that caused the vehicle to go on fire, killing his passenger. He then leaves his dead girlfriend to burn when he hails a nearby cab and flees the scene of the accident.

In Maspeth, an argument on the L.I.E. between a cab driver and his passenger and an SUV driver who cut them off, escalated when the other driver stabbed the passenger in the leg.

In Forest Hills, a man immolated in flames ran out of his burning apartment and died on the courtyard.

Also in Forest Hills, a man who sold his sneakers for $200 at the 75th avenue train station got swindled by the buyer who paid him in counterfeit bills.

In Flushing, a two man drug ring distribution of cocaine and fentanyl laced Xanax pills was busted in their apartment.

Staten Island

In Elm Park, a man ran up to a traffic agent from behind and sucker punched him in the throat, knocking him out and left on the street after the cop wrote his girlfriend a ticket.

In Stapleton, a court officer was found in possession of heroin after a traffic stop when he was caught speeding and talking on his cellphone.

4 people died out of 9 overdoses from fentanyl laced heroin were reported in the borough in a 4 day span.

In the South Shore, a car was found damaged with scratched racist scrawlings on the hood.


In Washington Heights, a burglar broke into a 78-year-old woman’s apartment and stole her food and clothes and broke into a basement and stole tools.

At a luxury building development sans affordable housing units in Hell’s Kitchen, a construction worker shot his foreman to death and then shot himself after an argument about the killer’s shoddy work.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man held up a liquor store at gunpoint and robbed the register of $780

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a driver trying to retrieve a bicycle that was stolen from him, drove in the wrong direction on 9th Avenue and plowed into the thief riding on the road and a passerby.

In Midtown South, a homeless man raped an 18-year-old girl on the roof of a building.

At the Apple store in the Meatpacking District, a man posing as a Need It Now messenger claiming to make a pickup, robbed a box of phones worth $58,000.

In East Harlem, a corrections officer was arrested for mistreating his dog and menacing his kids and leaving them without adult supervision.

Also in East Harlem, an Uber driver hit a bike rider, breaking his leg.

In Soho, a man who hooked up with a woman at a restaurant took her to his apt. for a couple of drinks, then blacked out and woke up to find his $37,000 watch gone. There’s a lot of grifting femme fatales in this town lately.

At the Rockerfeller Center train station in Midtown, a 65-year-old man annoyed at the prospect of a “showtime” performance was attacked by two men who repeatedly punched his face, dropped him to the floor of the car and stole his watch and cellphone. BEWARE OF SHOWTIME!

Also in Midtown at a comic book store, a man demanding to use the bathroom went insane when the clerk refused him, then rummaged through a receptacle looking for a receipt for the code. After being in the loo for a while he maniacally ran around the aisles then jumped through the second floor window, shattering the glass. And then walked away. Cops dispatched to the scene talked to him and sent him on his merry way. It’s all a joke.

Again in Midtown at the 42nd St. Station by Bryant Park, a person got killed on the tracks by an arriving B train, disrupting service on 4 other lines.

And again in Midtown at the Grand Central Station, a fight on the platform led to a man getting pushed onto the train tracks.

In the Upper East Side, a pervert who grabbed the asses of 2 women on the sidewalk is still on the streets a month after the groping incidents.

Also in the Upper East Side, a woman house sitting an apartment, committed suicide when she jumped off the balcony of the 40th floor condo.

In Marble Hill, a man trying to steal a bike tackled a police officer and attempted to strangle him was repeatedly punched by the prone cop’s partner who tried to remove and cuff him. Passerby misconstrued this has excessive force and the young skell has multiple priors including using a false I.D.

In the Lower East Side, a woman exiting a cab at 5 a.m. got hit by a stray bullet from a gun toting bike rider and ran into a nearby hotel with her friends when she heard another shot. The NYPD showed up to get footage of the shooting from the hotel’s cameras but the management refused to give it to them.

In the Upper West Side, a child was hit by a bicycle rider as he was crossing the street with his family.

Also in the Upper West Side at the 96th local train station, a person was hit by the oncoming C train at 2:45 p.m., causing various delays on 4 transit lines.

At a playground in Chelsea, a man clad only in shorts was climbing the fences and trees then came down and fought with the NYPD, leading one of the cops to shoot him with a Taser.

In Greenwich Village, an argument escalated between 4 men and one man outside a nite club, leading to the outnumbered man getting beaten and pummeled by the gang.

At one of the 10,000 bars in the East Village, a Sudanese diplomat sexually assaulted and molested a woman repulsed by his advances and tried to flee from other patrons and the cops who arrived to arrest him. He was released because of diplomatic immunity stipulations.

Also in the East Village, a restaurant was robbed of $300 during an overnight break-in, the crook also busted a glass door next door in another burglary attempt.

A man is wanted for sexually assaulting a woman and threatening her with a knife on the 5 train heading for the Fulton St. Station Downtown a month ago.

Also by the Fulton St. Station, a man sexually harassed a woman and fought off cops trying to arrest him

At the Union Square station train platform in Union Square, a professional actress drunk off her entitled ass attempted to push a 57-year-old woman onto the tracks.

At the Astor Place station in Noho, a man was killed by a moving 6 train re-routed on the express tracks.

At the 77th Street station on the Upper East Side, a man got killed as the train ran over him on the tracks.

At the Grand St. station in Chinatown, a man was caught jerking off on a bench.

And finally to cap off 2 weeks in the safest big city in America, a claim repeatedly mentioned by Da Mayor and proclaimed most recently during the farce of a debate, on the Rockaway Parkway bound L train between stops on 1st Avenue in the East Village and Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, a man wielding a can of carbonated alcohol cocktail confronted some people who he presumed was taking up his personal space and call them and other commuters of the same race as them as “niggers”, incessantly taunting them and dancing a jig yelling the racial slur in the name of his first amendment rights and his proclaimed status as a graduate of NYU Law School.

This turned out to be some white rager’s version of showtime. As his one man vitriolic performance devolved into a mild public lynching. As the offended crowd of blacks and whites in solidarity gathered together to prevent him from getting his personal belongings and bounced him off the train. As he kept trying to get his “property” back he continued getting pushed off and a woman threw soup on him. The lout then fell to the ground and received multiple kicks from a man and the woman soup chucker.

The social offender did this before. Not only is he mentally ill or a drunken vagrant or both, but he must fancy himself as some version of Andy Kaufman’s wrestling persona in trying to incite people to beat his ass so he can sue them and cite the first amendment for his defense. So it’s highly likely that he will do this again, encouraged by the fact of the lack of enforcement towards mentally ill behavior. This guy belongs in a mental ward, which the overcrowded city does not have enough of or the money to keep one operating. Going by the balls of this loon and this exposure, he is sure to see a worse fate than just getting a shove and a few punches, expect this antagonist to get surrounded and beaten worse by more ultra-violent collectives or disgruntled showtime dancers.


The New York Mayoral Berate Debate Or The Row For Park Row

Enjoy, constituents!

Symphony Space, New York, New York

What a shitshow. And what a contrast from the primary debate, which was measured and mature even when de Faustio was lying through his big skull. But the official competition for the highfalutin’ job managing and legislating for the borough of five has devolved into a three way cage match.

As Gorilla Monsoon always use to say, “pandemonium’s runnin’ wild!”

It started ludicrous enough when the folks at Spectrum/NY1 decided to place the candidates left to right in height descending order. The incongruity of the set up of the reigning Mayor Big Slow, Darling Nicki, and Deitl-Dee looked akin to a block in downtown Brooklyn with the typical steel and glass behemoth looming over a brownstone and a bodega.

As this version of a Summerslam undercard three way cage match began, the crowd got very boisterous for their candidates. Actually, the crowd sort of sounded more like the canned yelling and wooing that used to be heard on Married With Children or any of the Darwin-challenged denizens that traverse the thousand bars in the Lower East Side.

The opening statements by our mayor and the legitimate challenger Malliotakis were your standard speeches of promises and policy proposals but was preceded by the madcap performance of the independent candidate Mr. Dietl, who was channeling an amalgam of the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil and T.V.’s Frank Reynolds,and a disheveled derelict with bipolar disorder.

And this is how he conducted himself for the next 90 minutes. First yelling about the Blaz’s baseball team loyalty and cheering for the division champion Yankees. Mixing up the issues in the cuisinart of his mind. Introducing new words to the English vocab like “yob” and “mooses”. Somehow, some he did bring up some salient points, solid ideas, and nice digs at the Blaz in the middle of his holler show, particularly his criticism of his jail commish Joe Ponte, who let Rikers rot in the inside of corruption and anarchy, but they got lost in the cacaphony that came from his running non-stop pie hole.

Assemblyman Mallitokis was the token female and voice of reason. Her platform is pretty good and well-targeted, meaning de Faustio and his appointed cult’s frivolous spending of tax dollars, his staff of 300, his whoring for developer donor money, his slovenly dependence of and deference to the wormtongue lobbyists and the 501 (c) (4) he was running inside City Hall. Her plans to fix the homeless and shelter situations are pretty much the same but with a promise to get these people training, but didn’t say where (free college or trade school training?).  The best was when she accused the Blaz of being a pussy (my words) about facing Cuomo concerning the worst fucking transit system in the universe. But she was the only one who presented herself with class, dignity and sincerity, which is something this amateur writer hasn’t seen in a very long time. Although you gotta watch out when you make these descriptions, because politicians inevitably betray and disappoint.

Which segues perfectly into Mayor de Faustio, the current mayoral sash title holder. He also engaged in the voluminous atmosphere by yelling about his plans for the future of N.Y., thinking that yelling will come off as stirring and inspiring. But is was the samo samo. More weak promises, more plans that will take more time. More bullshit as frosting. His dubious achievements about his mental health program despite more mentally ill people wandering in the streets and subways and watching videos on those LinkNYC obelisks all over the city, which is run by his arrogant wife with 2 aides of her own (that’s about 375 large wasted right there). And of course, his now generally considered fraudulent affordable housing plan loathed by the majority of citizens but loved by the people who won the lottery for the tiny smidgen of low-rent apts. He has no plan for improving the city for the rest of his tenure if elected. His main platform apparently, and obviously is that he did not vote for Donald J. Trump, and his opponents did and that’s enough to justify your vote for him.

It’s like de Faustio is taking Hillary’s alienating “basket of deplorables” reasoning. What he refuses to realize, as with the cult remaining loyal to that cult of personality, is that she was a terrible candidate herself. Bernie was the more popular candidate, but was undermined by chicanery and manipulation of the public by the Democrat Machine. His vote for an unpopular, self-delusional, equally narcissistic, Hollywood and Wall St. donor ducats dependent and repulsed by the voting public candidate is just as irresponsible as he feels about how Nicole and Bo voted. And what about the percentage of voters who are his constituents who voted for the Dotard? Are they undeserving of civic services because of how they voted or what politics they follow?

The “debate” was reprehensible. Funny how Errol Lewis didn’t seem to mind the cult of groupies cheering for de Faustio and ordered people cheering for Bo to be kicked out. And something must be done about these stupid time restraints because some answers have to be thought out besides the typical yes or no. Although the mayor also refused to answer a simple question he was allowed to stretch and avoid the question. And it certainly might have been the first time that a moderator ordered mics to be shut off, and it wasn’t to get Bo to settle down, but Errol shut down Nicole’s mic when she wanted to respond to one of de Faustio’s divergences. She looked at him simultaneously incredulous and wanting to punch him in the jaw. Turning off their mics also devalues the actual purpose of the debate. Funny how being shut down twice couldn’t stop Bo from yelling at the end.

Everyone, except for Nicole, was obnoxious, dishonest and repulsive, and that includes the minions for Spectrum, Brian Lehrer meandering questions he provided and that snotty reporter from Politico, apparently their employers wants de Faustio to get re-elected which is why every question, even the ones that seemed critical, was perfectly aligned with his agenda.

This type of formatting shouldn’t be a shock, since everything news-related on T.V. and streaming is set up for manufacturing consent. And now they got add a little raucous no holds barred lunacy to get the people to tune on, tune in and drop out. And the chosen man of the hour is the Blaz. Even the Campaign Finance Committee is part of the fix, being that they gave a cool 2 million for de Faustio to fight his primary against the puny electoral finances of his opponent Sal Albanese, who just couldn’t get the cash to be at this even though he is running on the reform party ticket. But lo and behold, there was cash available for Bo to place and show to turn the future of this city into a farce.

Because even with the seemingly lower crime, endless tourism and massive wealth, the city is still a hellhole. A more overcrowded one too, with a financial bubble about to burst, and with the homeless that won’t go away and continuing to grow, a great depression that people of all ranks are trying to avoid and remain indifferent to. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to try to manage this FUBAR situation. But somebody’s gotta do it.

And it sure as hell shouldn’t be the one who exacerbated it.

There is another debate coming in November on CBS. They better not fuck it up and leave the theatrics to Vince McMahon and his progeny Shane O Mac and Stephanie. Although it’s going to be fun to see Marcia Kramer grill the defending and defensive mayor. Billy-D-B better wear 2 pairs of depends that night.




Wrath And Weak Persecution Of The Scumlords: Fire Engulfs REAL Affordable Housing Building In The Bronx And Two City Big Shot Realtors Get A Wristslap Fine And A Feeble Prison Term After Yom Kippur.

https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DKvK95ZUIAAYVWE.jpgAffordable housing inferno

Bronx, N.Y.

Residents of 1920 Walton Ave. affordable housing building of the now misnomered town called Mount Hope, mostly working poor, disabled and elderly, woke up early one morning to find their building on fire and their lives upended and out on the street with the clothes on their back. And also with practically no idea of where they will be in the future. Although with the way this city treats the functioning members of society and senior citizens, probably in hotels and motels in the area or in the outer boroughs, despite the city’s claims of keeping them close to their original addresses.

The fire was determined to be accidental by the NYFD because of faulty electrical wiring in the ceiling of the building which is where it ignited and spread on it’s way down to the apartments. Nearly 200 firemen where dispatch to put out the destructive 5-alarm blaze.

It’s easy and understandable to suspect arson, knowing the city’s and the Bronx’s history during it’s worst economic and drug epidemic crisis, but there is no doubt that willful neglect by the current and prior owners led to this tragedy. The building according to DNA, has a notorious history of elevator disrepair going back to 1995 and had prior instances of fire hazard faulty wiring issues. The building, which is currently owned by get this, 1920 Walston Ave. LLC, continued to deny service requests of the tenants, who were clearly too poor and powerless to pay any mind to. And also vulnerable because of the fact that they were lucky enough to be able to live in an apartment at the amount they were paying in a city with maniacal rising rates.

It is not known who or whom consists of 1920 Walton Ave LLC, because it’s base is in Lakewood, N.J. and you need a password to find out. The free newspaper Metro could not even get a hold of these mysterious owners.

The burn about this, no pun intended, is how did this building miss out and did not seem to qualify for Mayor de Faustio’s affordable housing plan for the preservation of such affordable housing. How did this one miss out in the mayor’s promise to end the tale of two cities? This building would have been a shining example if it got the proper attention from the mayor and especially from the perpetually inefficient D.O.B. that for years let this building rot without proper and diligent intervention. This is truly a disgrace and a harbinger of the city’s priorities in their lame version of service or blatant lack of it in helping the lower class and indigent.

It’s too late for the former residents of 1920 Walton, but after years of languishing in hotels before some of the 90 shelters as promised by Mayor Big Slow get built wherever in the Bronx or if they are lucky to win the miniscule affordable apt. lottery in one of his donor’s towers, there is a slight bright side to others trying to maintain and remain in their own affordable apts and that is the recent decisions regarding two mega-developers and their own transgressions; Steve Croman and Icon Realty.

This is Steve.

Steve Croman recently got convicted and sentenced for trying to scam banks with a partner of his for false claims of market rate apts and for 8 years for terrorizing rent-stabilized tenants in the East Village to force them out to execute the scam. This notorious scumbag relied on a sadistic ex-cop to intimidate his fiscally responsible tenants who were not paying enough for living there and in his buildings in East Harlem, by stalking, breaking and entering and reading their mail. He was basically Steve’s economic hit man.

For the amount of time and energy this demon was harassing his tenants with his hired goon, he also used the pioneering abusive tactic of using gut renovation of vacant apts., causing environmental noise and air quality hazards to goad rent-stabilized tenants into leaving and even recent market rate tenants to intimidate them if the speculation gets a little higher for even what they can afford. 8 years is not enough for this kind of evil, and even though it has passed, he certainly did not deserve to observe the Jewish holy days despite paying 3 million to do it. He did get to lose his broker license, but he still gets to reap the rewards of his insidious and heinous labors from his owner status which is less than the 45 million dollars that he was going for but he will still be able to throw a big hedonistic homecoming party in the Hamptons once he gets out and if he survives a shivving.

Steve’s pioneering and monstrous tactics have inspired a comparably young predatory developer in his neck of the metropolis to do the same, only to lead to fiscal punishment for their equally heinous efforts, and it’s not the advisor to the current POTUS (which may be why he was pushing hard through the weekly paper he once owned for Figurehead Trump to win). Icon Realty has been using the same diabolical, contemptible scheme to induce their lower-paying tenants to leave. Although amateurish in comparison, they still mismanaged their buildings enough with roughshod and reckless construction with making the renovations to apts by making them smaller to attract dumb transients to pay the preposterous market rate, in effect causing pervasive dusty conditions and the ceilings below them to crack. Icon also repeatedly shut off the gas on tenants for lengthy periods of time. Instead of hiring a goon to scare residents although they did engage in persistent attempts at buying out their tenants, Icon hired a publicity firm to ward off the hundreds of accusations of shitty treatment they were giving their tenants. Icon also exploited the tragedy of the 119-121 apartment building explosion to force a long time beloved small restaurant Stage to go out of business.

For all the chaos they caused and after years of enabling by the slow process of the justice system, the D.A. in conjunction with the REBNY jesters Mayor de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, fined Icon a measly $500,000 to be paid back to the city. Which seems just a pittance after all the misery and inconvenience their intentional and kind of clumsy nefarious acts have caused, which could have been prevented and avoided if the D.O.B. was with even a percentage of competence and efficiency. But it seems the speculators for real estate have too much sway and influence that it takes precedence over regulation and enforcement

The lessons and decisions being meted to Steve and Icon are only a temporary fix, and seemingly in tune for the coming elections. The problem with these recent judgements is that these guys should have been investigated a long time ago. Especially the case of those unnamed elusive villains who run and burned 1920 Walton Ave. in Mount Hope. Mostly, these properties should have been priority one in this supposed preserving of affordable housing as well as the NYCHA buildings.

Steve Corman might no longer have control or say anymore over his properties but Icon still does as well as many, many other baby predators. And they all are big contributors to City Hall on Park Row and the State House in Albany. In spite of these recent charges, their records show transgressive recidivism and cannot be trusted. Even though Icon got pinched a little bit from the city, they are still entrusted to preserve the affordable housing they lord over. The only progress is for harsher penalties and longer sentences in prison. Particularly in a cell next to one going under gut renovation for the entirity of his or her term.






Y.A. Tittle, 90, NFL Quaterback, Baltimore Colts, San Francisco 49ers, And The N.Y. Giants, Who He Led To Three Consecutive NFL Championship Games



Also Goodnight to the 2017 Giants quest for the Super Bowl, in addition to Eli Manning’s chances for winning a third ring. Fire Jerry Reese for his neglect of shoring up the offensive line, which led to the injury of his best player Odell Beckham, Jr. and 2 other starting wide receivers and Ben McAdoo for his horribly predictable play calling.

What Happened In Vegas: The Millionaire Mass Murderer


Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

The biggest individual shooting mass murder in the history of this nation still has not produced any leads or a rationale and motive for it. So far from the looks of it, Stephen Paddock, a millionaire account and real estate investor, just wanted to create a bigger terrorist act and cause more deaths than what happened on 9/11/01.

He probably wasn’t thinking about it, because all he meticulously focused on last Sunday was to kill everyone at that country music festival, but this attack resembled three of the most notorious mass shootings in the past 50 plus years. The Dallas clock tower shooting. The Oklahoma city bombing, considering that Paddock possessed explosive materials in the room in addition to the 18 automatic rifles and hundreds of rounds. And the recent soft target political shooting in a baseball field featuring members of congress and the senate. Paddock, by setting up cameras on push carts outside his room, actually thought about he could get away with this. And could probably shoot at more than the 59 he killed and the 527 he wounded.

He also had another target through another room he rented, 2 massive jet fuel tanks a short distance away from the concert venue that he shot at and tried to blow up, albeit unsuccessully. Paddock was looking to kill everyone in the vicinity, even beyond the festival attendees. If he wasn’t stopped, he would have killed 20,000 plus people.

That was the plan and motive. Just to kill every one and make history doing it. His demented mission was to murder 7 times as many people than the biggest and deadliest attack on this nation.

And the sick thing is, this time it could not have been prevented. For this guy does not fit the usual profile for a mass murderer or terrorist, despite being anti-social and a loner who keeps to himself. He did not have a criminal record and most importantly did not have a social media platform to see what kind of personality he had, or what beliefs he had or expressed. Most essentially, he doesn’t fit the profile because he was wealthy self-made millionaire. Which is why he was able to go into a fancy upscale hotel with who knows how much luggage it took to carry all those weapons and ammunition. And ordinance. He was able to do this even though it was found that he arranged the same reservations at other hotels near concert festivals during the summer.

This slaughter, this American Carnage, was planned for a year and maybe more. And being an eccentric that Paddock was and the lengths he went to avoid socializing with others, he acted alone.

Another reason it could not be prevented is because there is no appropriate gun control in the majority of states for automatic rifles or even for bullets, which apparently anyone can buy by the gross. Paddock was able to buy his rifles in Vegas and Arizona with no problem, because he’s a very rich white man and his record checked out for the legal purchase. Of course buying a sizeable amount of weaponry and ordinance did not arouse any suspicion from the sellers at all.

And the big, final reason that this could not prevented is by the worst and biggest bought off sell-out elected members of the House Of Representatives and Senate in D.C., who have reaped millions in filthy donor lucre from the NRA and weapon manufacturers. Whom before the biggest individual shooter mass murder in U.S. history and the recent incident of a failed mass shooting on a baseball field attended by their elected peers, particularly Sen. Scalise, and the 2 last mass shootings at a children’s school in Connecticut and a nite club in Florida and the continuing gun violence in poor towns and cities across the country, are in the midst of legislating easing of regulations of selling tracer bullets and silencers for mass purchase.

Sure these bills being crafted is for the citizenry that are passion of their second amendment rights, which they predictably fall back on when it comes to some people’s desire to have a large cache of pistols and rifles to protect their properties and to carry out in the open if they need to go to store and buy cigarettes or milk or to go see a movie. But the vaunted second amendment didn’t help much that Sunday night in Vegas. When one of the performers on stage when the barrage of bullets started hitting the crowd noted that his crew members were licensed gun owners and possessing their weapons at the time:

“We actually have members of our crew with [concealed handgun licenses], and legal firearms on the bus. They were useless,” he wrote. “We couldn’t touch them for fear police might think we were part of the massacre and shoot us. A small group [or one man] laid waste to a city with dedicated, fearless police officers desperately trying to help, because of access to an insane amount of firepower.”

So much for good guys with guns taking out a bad guy with a gun. Paddock just nullified their second amendment right to defend themselves and the thousands or innocents around them.

And so much for vetting who is capable of terrorism. Paddock has now made it possible for everyone, especially the upper class, to have their belongings and bodies subject to thorough searches when they check in hotels with the same diligence and humilation that everyone else has to go through just to get on a plane in our airports.

Paddock has also now made converts of the most ardent of gun owners from politicians to, no surprise, country singers to finally make serious and more strident rules in gun distribution.

These aren’t good aspects despite how it looks as progress. Because there are still a lot of people out there with bad thoughts and warped sense of justice, and a lot of them have guns. Automatic and semi-‘s with bump stocks as those used by the determined and deranged millionaire. This will happen again despite the recent attention and epiphanies by fervent gun rights advocates. And the next victims will not only be the ones who will become casualties, from the next mass shooter to the kid on the street in some poor urban area, but to personal freedoms of every one. Just like after 9/11/01 and now Vegas, everyone is a suspect now.

So in a way, this asshole killer Paddock got what he wanted. Just not the body count.







Connie Hawkins, 75, Pro Basketball Player, The Hawk, Raised In Bed-Stuy, All-Star And Globe-Trotter.

Bunny Sigler, 76, Singer, Songwriter & Producer, The Sound Of Philadelphia

Bunny Sigler (William Thomas Cain / Getty Images)

Arthur Janov, 93, Psychiatrist, Primal Scream Therapy

Arthur Janov (Ann Summa / Getty Images)


My President Is Irrelevant

snapshot“You’re on, dummy” Dotard J. Trump mentally prepares his twitter insult to a dictator and his threat to destroy a country.

What a last couple of weeks for Figurehead Donald Trump. For it might be the most significant time he has spent in his elected position and just may be, with his attempts at conveying leadership and shaping society and the world condition via his jackass social media vomiting, the final defining moment of his current stature.

My president is irrelevant.

The first sign was at the United Nations. There was considerable dread about his first address to the assembly and he did not surprise anyone or presumably himself. In a speech written by his young bald asshole ward Stephen Miller, who for some reason still has a job in this administration of chaos, he declared war on North Korea. Simple as that. He declared war and guaranteed destruction on a nuclear armed nation with a population of millions. He declared war and has put 25 million lives at risk, just hours after Congress approved 80 more billion dollars to fund the Pentagon this year and 700 billion dollars total towards the decade, which already hogs most of the nation’s budget. On a platform that usually requires tact and measured words, he called Kim Jong Un “rocket man”, which may be the first time in history where a leader used a juvenile insult on a rival sovereign leader and is the second time that Elton John’s classic song has been devalued. (We all know who destroyed it first)

Figurehead Trump, and whoever is advising him (no one), must have thought that threatening North Korea was going to rattle the nerves of the pudgy wunderkind leader Un, but all it did was make U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley anxious. For the whole 40 minutes during the speech, she had a look on her face that was nervously anticipating the dreadfully fateful moment of the declaration of war as she was easily distracted and seemingly more interested in the amount of people walking away during the speech. The exasperated migraine expression on chief of staff John Kelly couldn’t be more apropos of the population that is sick of seeing Figurehead Trump making our country a laughing stock.

Chief Of Staff John Kelly goes “DOH!” as does the general public.

Besides the aforementioned insult and the world endangering threat, the speech was mostly know-it-all condescension to the other nations for not contributing much, which although not being sympathetic at all to them, it’s not entirely their fault when the ol’ U.S.A. M.I.C. is the largest military in the world and it’s combined human and firepower  matches the amount of over 20 to 30 nations, and it’s actual budget is bigger than the other 7 superpowers combined, which includes Russia and China. And he also found time in the end to threaten Iran, which responded with missile testing of their own. Figurehead Trump looked and sounded slovenly and left the majority of the crowd bored and unimpressed, even after the threat to attack North Korea, it resembled the cartoon character Peter Griffin when he demanded respect from the UN for his accidental sovereign nation backyard.

The result of this shit talking by the overachieving mook from Queens just riled up his rival despot even more, to the point where Kim even engaged in the verbal snapping by referring to our president as a dotard. A dis that not only is surprisingly apt but actually syncs well with Trump’s birth name, making it easy for his domestic critics from DC to the billions of trolls worldwide on social media. Dotard Trump. Wow, it just glides off the tongue like eating a Carvel sundae. And just as fattening. And it surely will unite the NK masses to rally behind  Kim, because there is nothing that will bring out national pride like threatening to totally destroy a country of it’s citizenry and their leaders, no matter how oppressed or starving they are.

Figurehead Trump, being a former failed casino magnate with the instincts of the shittiest chronically addicted gamblers, decided to let his divisive banter ride as he addressed a crowd in Alabama in his still in-effect MAGA campaign tour by peppering his speech with a warning to NFL players to stand for the national anthem, in a reference to unemployed and blackballed player Colin Kapernick’s silent protest last year. Trump decided to pander to the barely audible crowd/his base by grossly generalizing any player that shows solidarity to the banned QB as a son-of-a-bitch, punctuating it with his old shitty show catchphrase “you’re fired”.

The league responded in kind and in droves, which included all of Trump’s billionaire team owner donors.




It’s like the NFL came to the realization in unintentional homage of the classic poem during the Nazi siege of East Europe, “First they came…“. First Trump came after the Mexicans, and they said nothing because the NFL doesn’t have any mexicans playing pro football. Then Trump came after the protesters, but they said nothing because the NFL wasn’t protesting his campaign but donating to it. Then Trump came after the women who criticize him, but they said nothing because they don’t have a uterus or a pussy to grab. Then Trump came after the NFL and it’s brand and the league just collectively said “hey Trump is trying to wreck a billion dollar industry and one of our national pastimes, fuck this asshole!”

The solidarity against Trump’s fascist demand for jingoistic and blind loyalty spread to other sports, notably from a rookie catcher from the Oakland A’s with his teammate supporting him. And straight from the NBA, the game’s most elite and popular player Lebron James responded to Trump’s provocation and his petulant disinvite of the Golden State Warriors visit to the White House by referring to him as the classic of all insults as a “bum”.

During this humiliating nationwide dressing down of the virtual commander-in-chief, Hurricane Maria, the third major killer storm in barely a month, laid waste to the U.S. Commonwealth State and nation of Puerto Rico, which had it’s electrical grid wiped out with the passing of Irma just a few weeks before. Maria, with it’s 150 mph winds and incessant biblical downpours, left the streets and highways flooded and destroyed forestation. And it devastated the electrical grid that will leave most of the country without power for months.

The U.S. Commonwealth State of Puerto Rico did not get a response from Trump for days for he was so entwined in persuading professional football players to stand up for the anthem and persuading the owners to fire them for insubordination if they don’t. Which resulted in the citizenry starving and dying of thirst for lack of potable water and food, making it impossible to get such sustenance. And no way to get these items for the flooded roads made access to them extremely difficult and no electricity for them to cook or prepare items. Hospitals were also suffering from the lack of power, leaving thousands of patients lives in peril. Initial that came via the Red Cross was insufficient. And Trump did not send the military over in 5 days, and when he did they were understaffed. He also refused to lift the heinous Jones Act against shipping from foreign countries, despite suspending it to aid the city of Houston, Texas and South Florida to assure and hasten the repairs and aid to their citizens and infrastructure. And hundreds of shipping containers containing food, water and medical supplies were left immobile with it’s contents left to rot.

When he wasn’t bragging about the alleged fantastical response of aiding the nation, which the aforementioned facts clearly belie, Figurehead Trump was making a pathetic excuse for why it was quite difficult to get to U.S. Commonwealth Nation despite having the biggest Navy in the world. That it was the unfortunate fact that Puerto Rico is surrounded by big ocean water.



This pop culture reference might be stretching it, but Trump said this with the same speech pattern as the cartoon death metal band Dethklok in the first scene of their debut film “Blood Ocean”.


Anyway, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, clad in fisherman’s overalls surveying the damage of her city waist deep in the polluted water, looking disheveled and like she hadn’t even showered, went on television to beg for aid that was not getting to her city and the nation as a whole and to refute the tone-deaf ignorant claims of Figurehead Trump and his Homeland Security patsy of the condition of the ravaged nation state.

https://media3.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2017_39/2173166/170929-san-juan-mayor-ac-649p_b51bced00be8e86a1552493b84c3e0e2.nbcnews-fp-360-360.jpghttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/DK_-93hUMAAiAJh.jpgHow a leader reacts.

So Trump reacted as is his nature of a man who had everything handed to him with a silver spoon and platter, and a deep seated contempt for minorities and did find time during his 50th weekend stay to the golf course he owns in Jersey to disparage her for not showing gratitude, accusing her of partisan political griping that he assumed influence her justified criticism, her not being able to lead and the nation for basically being lazy and not contributing enough. Which led to more universal condemnation of the spiteful Divider-In-Chief.

He finally showed up to Puerto Rico after 2 weeks to again, without the trophy he dedicated to them at the end of the Presidents Cup tournament and not even new caps to wear for the occasion, to once again praise his lousy response and the understaffed military personnel that got there too late and again insulted the people and the elected officials gathered at the conference by reminding them that their existence is costing the U.S.A. a lot of money (He probably deduced this from his avaricious economic advisors, neoliberal Gary Cohn and budget manager Mike Mulvaney, who are probably shitting themselves that they won’t be able to enact their American billionaire tax cut budget coming soon). Maybe he should give back the loads of money him and his son Eric got in the U.S. Commonwealth with his bankruptcy claim from his failed attempt to revive a country club with his brand/birth name on it. He also told a conference of elected officials that their fatality list wasn’t as bad as the death count in New Orleans (mostly the lower class 9th Ward town) after Hurricane Katrina, which simultaneously undermined and insulted them and their citizens and dementedly justified his willfully ignorant claims of his slow ass response and it’s good news story theory.

When he finally met Mayor Cruz, whose presence on the flooded streets is comparable to Rudy Giuliani’s on site action on 9/11/01 and should be Time’s person of the year, she kindly told Trump that it was about lives not politics and the Bum hastily backed up and ignored her. He spent the rest of his brief time chucking paper towels in a room in a peculiar video with maybe the only group of citizens happy and impressed to see him. No word on the brand of these towels or their ability to absorb.

After this deplorable hat trick of threatening to destroy a nation and it’s people; trying to control the beliefs and deny the freedom speech of athletes and you, the people; and his blatant indifference to a nation of people in desperate need, he did not intimidate Kim Jong Un and North Korea and possibly gave them an advantage in a new cold war, and turned Colin Kapernick into a civil rights icon, and Mayor Cruz into a worldwide sympathetic figure and hero, which she certainly is.

And even his Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson, cannot even contain his rage and emotions by referring to Figurehead Trump as a Fucking Moron who speaks for himself and not for the country, the government and you, the people.

He has no credibility, or dignity, sense of decency or reason. All he has is his fucking twitter to get him by and his undeserved title that you, the people gave him by believing him and voting for him. Whose support for him is now thankfully waning. He will not be redeemed and it looks like he wouldn’t want to be. All he wants is to further enrich himself as now he gets to work on the heinous national budget for billionaire tax cuts for greedy dotard bums like him. That’s all what he’s and what this presidency is about.

As for everything else, his influence and impact and all the words that come out of his halitosis mouth and from his little stubby doodle fingers is jack shit. The President is fucking irrelevant.


Goodnight, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tom Petty, 66, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Rock Star.

Famous last words for the cancerous metastization of music and the diseased host monkeys running the labels and stations:

Well you can’t turn him into a company man
You can’t turn him into a whore
And the boys upstairs just don’t understand anymore
Well the top brass don’t like him talking so much
And he won’t play what they say to play
And he don’t want to change what don’t need to change
And there goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
There goes the last DJ
Well some folks say they’re gonna hang him so high
Because you just can’t do what he did
There’s some things you just can’t put in the minds of those kids
As we celebrate mediocrity all the boys upstairs want to see
How much you’ll pay for what you used to get for free
And there goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
And there goes the last DJWell he got him a station down in Mexico
And sometimes it will kinda come in
And I’ll bust a move and remember how it was back then
There goes the last DJ
Who plays what he wants to play
And says what he wants to say
Hey, hey, hey
And there goes your freedom of choice
There goes the last human voice
And there goes the last DJ
(One more thing, fuck you 2017.)

New Bad Days 36: Consistently Bullied Bronx High School Senior Breaks Down And Kills Another Student During Class; Gang Of Six Beat Down Two Kids Over $22; Two Cops Opportunistically Rape A Teenage Woman During A Drug Search; A Derelict Robs A Crippled Woman Buying Ice Cream And A Rise Of Criminals Imitating Cops And Slashing Attacks.



At the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in West Farms, an 18-year-old student attacked and stabbed 2 younger students with a switchblade, killing one and critically wounded the other after one of them threw a pencil near him in class and he claimed that they were bullying him for months.

Subsequent reports have found that the two he attacked weren’t the ones who have bullied him for years, but it turns out that this incident was the tipping point for years of harassment and abuse by other students picking on him for his sexuality and race.

This school also has fostered a dangerous environment for years and has seen 3 principals come and go at the helm. The school also, despite this recent history of rampant violent bullying incidents, did not have metal detectors because of a recent ruling by Mayor de Blasio.

If this was a state with loose gun laws, say in Nevada, this kid would have bought a rifle and could have killed both of them, if not all of the students who did not bully him in his vicinity at the time.

Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina surfaced the day after the murder at the school to mollify concerned parents that the persistent almost daily violence among students is just a case of “interactive learning”. Which shows that this person is clearly not fit for her position, as is the current mayor in his, and how tone-deaf and stupid she is to interpret fighting in the halls, stairwells, bathrooms, and outside the school grounds, in addition to future lowlifes tormenting students smaller, different or more timid than them as a form of socializing with others and adequate development into adulthood.

This is not going to stop. Especially not with this idiot woman supposedly running the school system.

In Morrisania, a man stabbed his ex-wife to death with two knives on a street corner at 8 a.m. in front of children on their way to school.

In Yonkers, two cops investigating a suspicious parked car were shot at by the driver and the passenger, with a bullet striking the female cop in the jaw.

In University Heights, a gang on bikes surrounded a car and one of the riders shot a man to death when he arrived to pick up his son waiting on the street. It turned out that his son belonged to a gang feuding with his dad’s killer for months.

In Fordham Heights, 2 muggings of two men took place 4 days apart as they were by their homes, one where a man followed his victim into a building and sucker-punched him as he was talking on his phone and stole his wallet, and the second where a man was brutalized and robbed of his groceries by 2 men swinging broomsticks accompanied by 2 women.


In Hunts Point, a man got shot in the neck after an argument with another man on the street.

In White Plains, a fight over money inside a restaurant spilled out into the street leading to a man getting shot to death.

In Belmont, a man with a child molestation priors brutally beat a small dog to death in front of a child.

In Parkchester, a man was beaten to death by 2 other men on the street at 4:50 a.m.

Also in Parkchester, two people died and 5 were injured when a fire engulfed an apartment building that was started in a condo owned by a hoarder.

In Mott Haven, a building facade collapsed causing injuries to 3 people and delays on the subway below.

In Wakefield, a birthday party at a kids clothing store was ruined when an out-of-control driver crashed into the front window.


In East Williamsburg, resembling a scene from the Warriors or A Clockwork Orange, 6 men and boys repeatedly and sadistically beat down two teenage boys at a bus stop and robbed them of $22 and their cellphones.

In Coney Island, an 18-year-old woman arrested in connection on drug possession charges with 2 men was raped by two cops who forced her to give them oral sex in a Chipolte parking lot in a promise to let her off.

In East New York, a woman was hit by a stray bullet after a fight between 2 teenagers escalated into a shooting when her neighbor called a couple of men in their 30’s to help her defend her son during the street hassle.

In Sunset Park, a town invading and gentrifying “workspace” conglomerate called Industry City hired an exterminator to rid stray cats from the premises because of a flea infestation, trapped the cats in cages, starved them for days, and then dumped them in the town of Marine Park and Gerristen Beach where they thought no one would find them and no one would care if the residents of those towns got fleas.

In Prospect Park on the Q train arriving at the subway station of the same name, a man beat up a woman as he tried to steal her phone.

At the Gowanus Houses in Boreum Hill, a man standing outside was shot in the head during a drive-by.

In Park Slope, a man and woman in a SUV attempted to kidnap a 15-year-old girl walking in the street.

At the Mrytle-Wyckoff Station in Bushwick, a man tried to kidnap an 11-year-old boy by grabbing his arm when he tried to board the train, then later followed him and ran off when the kid asked someone to use a phone to call 911.

In Bed-Stuy, a man on a motorcycle pulled out a gun and shot at a car after an argument with it’s driver.

In East Flatbush, A Domino’s pizza delivery man’s car was jacked by 3 men and a woman and shot at in a robbery attempt after he made a delivery.

Also in East Flatbush, a bike rider was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Again in East Flatbush, a 62-year-old man was shot twice to death on the street at 7 p.m.

On the B train approaching the Kings Highway Station in Midwood, a perverted man was caught taking pictures of a woman’s underwear on his cellphone that he was sitting next to.

At a high school in Crown Heights, a 13-year-old boy was robbed of $5 and punched in the nose and beat down by an 16-year-old boy when he tried to get his money back.

In Vinegar Hill, a mentally ill man with was running around threatening his neighbors with a gun.

On the new Kusciusko Bridge bordering Greenpoint and Long Island City, a motorcycle rider lost control and spilled onto the road and got killed when a car ran over him. The driver checked on him and then drove away.

At the Court Square Station in Park Slope, a man tried to beat the fare by going through the full-length barred turnstile by climbing through it and got his dumb ass stuck in it.


In Chelsea, a man riding a citibike was hit by a livery car driver that ran the red light.

In Greenwich Village, a man was slashed with a broken glass at a bar after asking his attacker about his neck tattoo; a man was robbed of his apple devices by a woman who spiked his drink at a posh hotel and a man was mugged inside a McDonalds bathroom.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man napping at a bus stop was stabbed twice in the chest at 5:30 a.m.

In Midtown, a wandering mentally ill homeless man got slashed with a knife by a bike messenger who he punched and hit with a stick. The bike messenger rode away afterwards.

Also in Midtown, a man stabbed an uber driver in the arm during an argument.

At the Grand Central Station in Midtown, a fugitive from Delaware wanted for killing his girlfriend, slashed his throat and jumped on the tracks in a suicide attempt.

In Stuyvesant Town, a delivery man was maced, beaten and robbed in a vestibule by two men impersonating police officers.

In Tribeca, a waitress was randomly attacked by a man and slashed on the shoulder as she defended herself.

In Harlem, an 18-year-old man walking home got murdered as he was shot in the chest and back.

Also in Harlem, a gunman fired three times in front of a deli, hitting his target and two bystanders

In the Upper East Side, the NYPD is parking demolished vehicles from accidents on a residential street a block from their station.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man in a wheelchair was struck and killed by a cab driver as he attempted to cross Park Avenue.

Again on the Upper East Side on the FDR drive, a mentally ill woman attempting to cross the expressway roads got killed when a car hit her.

At the Port Authority Station in Times Square, a man slashed another man in the face after the victim bumped into him and stepped on his sneakers.

In Chelsea, a man swiped an engagement ring worth $35,000 off a woman’s finger by bumping into her on the street.

Also in Chelsea, a man was attacked and slashed with a knife in front of his house by a homeless man he caught taking a shit by a stoop stairwell.

At Columbus Circle, a man nearly hit by a bus was attacked with a clipboard by an MTA employee as he tried to take pictures of the bus’s plates.

By the Lincoln Tunnel in Hell’s Kitchen, a car crash and the ensuing argument led to one of the drivers getting slashed with a knife.

In Murray Hill, a traffic light post broke and fell on the street an hour before noon.

In the East Village at 4 a.m., a man got punched repeatedly, headbutted and slashed during a street fight.


In Queens Village, during a vehicle pullover, a police officer was dragged down the street as the suspect tried to flee. This being the reported third incident of it’s kind in four months.

In Long Island City, a man employed at a grocery store robbed it’s register of $10,000 on 2 occasions.

Also in Long Island City, a cab driver was robbed at knife point by his passenger for $50

In Elmhurst, two men impersonating police officers and utilizing the banned stop and frisk method robbed a 60-year-old man of $100 he had in his pockets and drove off in a SUV.

Also in Elmhurst, a 71-year-old man exiting is car was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver.

In Jamaica, two men held up a barber shop at gunpoint and robbed it and their customers of $2,200 in cash, a cellphone and a $7,000 (?!!) gold chain.

In Jamaica Hills, a 66-year-old man was punched in his head, knocked to the ground by a man who stole his cellphone, leaving the victim comatose.

In Maspeth and Middle Village, two gas stations were held up and robbed of $1,000 and $500 by two armed men pretending to shop for items.

In St. Albans, an man armed with a shotgun attempted to rob a gas station and is linked with 2 other robberies in the same month in the same town and Cambria Heights.

In Corona, a woman held up and robbed a bank at 3 p.m.

In Richmond Hill, a 74-year-old woman driving an SUV was rear-ended by two people driving in a car behind them, who then stole the woman’s car after she came out and the man shoved her away so his partner can drive away.

In Astoria, a mentally ill man with a gun barricaded himself in a basement.

Also in Astoria, a 73-year-old man parking his car was confronted by 2 men who accused him of damaging their car, then proceeded to hold the man down and steal the man’s car when he went to check their claims.

In Woodside, a customer paying for his coffee jumped over the counter and robbed the register tray when the clerk opened it to put the money in and robbed 3 other register trays under the counters.

In Elmhurst and Woodside, the same man is involved in two purse snatching attempts, one where he shoved a woman to the ground and stole it and the second which was intervened by the victim’s father.

In Kew Gardens, a man broke into the basement of a pharmacy after midnight and robbed drugs.

In Briarwood, a man with a gun held up another man in front of his house and stole his headphones and phone.

On the Van Wyck Expressway in Jamaica, a man got killed as he tried to cross the expressway lanes and got hit by a car.

In Ozone Park, a 68 year old man died in the basement of his house as it went on fire from a faulty circuit breaker.

Staten Island

In Port Richmond, a man knocked over a wheelchair of handicapped one legged woman and stole $5 from her that she was going to buy ice cream with.

In Elm Park, an off-duty crossing guard smacked her husband with a broomstick during a domestic dispute.

In Bay Terrace, a school teacher wrecked her husband’s Porsche and their house with a metal rod. This is similar to what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.

In New Dorp, a man killed himself as he lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a moving box truck.

In Stapleton, a 17-year old boy wanted for a double murder shooting in Georgia was found dwelling by a housing development complex.

In Rosebank, 2 state troopers were injured sitting in their patrol car when a man driving an SUV crashed into them.

In West Brighton, a man was stabbed to death on his porch at 4 in the morning.



Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Announces She Has Breast Cancer

Hollywood, California

After scoring her unprecedented 6th consecutive Emmy lead performance for Veep, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, arguably the funniest actress ever on T.V., has contracted breast cancer. She graciously gave thanks to her family, friends and fans and dryly stated that she has a terrific health plan through her union to fight the biggest asshole of deadly diseases and poked a sharp thumb and kick at the brutally inequitable system that is health care in this nation by acknowledging that many women, 1 in 8 in fact, are not as fortunate or even privileged to have proper access to insurance.

She did demand for the implementation of universal health care, so every American Woman can have it, as well as every American Man and Child, as if it’s a right. A fundamental civil right. And maybe one day, with the encouragement by Julia and the persistence of Jimmy Kimmel, a constitutional right.

Julia, get well, get well soon, we want you to get well.

Colluding Developer/Real Estate And Contracting Firms Ordered To Pay $76,000,000 To Workers In Money Laundering Conspiracy To Deny Their Complete Wages And Benefits.


NY Daily News: Union workers win $76M from Midtown construction firm that used alter-ego company to skirt collective bargaining

A Midtown construction company accused of creating a bogus business to avoid union wages and union benefit payments has to cough up $76 million to the workers it cheated.

In a decision with potentially far-reaching consequences for city developers, Manhattan Federal Court Judge Colleen McMahon found that Navillus Tile fraudulently invented an alter-ego company to try and get around collectively bargained agreements it had with several major city construction unions.

The company also had one of its legitimate offshoot businesses act as a Navillus stand-in on a job it wanted to do non-union, the ruling found.

The collusion also involved real estate giant Related, one of the city’s most prolific developers.

It knowingly engaged with one of the alter-ego companies on its Upper East Side luxury development on 92nd St., Judge McMahon’s ruling said.

In her scathing, 95-page ruling delivered late Thursday after a three-year court battle, McMahon said that Navillus’ founder, Donal O’Sullivan had “perjured himself” more than once and noted that another company principal was “obviously lying” in some testimony.

Her feelings were clear in the $76 million award — a massive hit for Navillus Tile.

The financial pain has to be carried by Navillus, which was the main generator of the alter-ego scam, but developer Related – which is currently doing the city’s Hudson Yards project — also played a role, the attorney noted.

The lengths certain people will go through to save a boatload of money in the name of progress or hyper-development, depending who you ask.

This lawsuit was filed 3 years ago when it was discovered that $35 million dollars never made it to the checks of their hard working employees. Navillus, a masonry company that usually gets 4 to 5 star ratings, shit on their workers and fucked them over despite the efficiency that gave them accolades. Related Properties, who run some of the biggest commercial and residential buildings in Manhattan and tonier parts of the outer boroughs, saw nothing at all wrong with partaking with Navillus in laundering the workers hard earned pay through 2 bogus firms with bland and downright stupid names so they can employ and underpay desperate immigrant workers and thought they were shrewd enough to fool them and their union lawyers. Really, Time Square Construction?

And for what cause. Instead of paying them the 35 million they earn and nefariously stealing it, now they are out an extra 41 million and who knows how much more to their counselors trying to defend their stupid grand theft scheme. It’s amazing that these fiends have this much money and reputation to burn.

But they and the city, especially the DOB, doesn’t care because the city has to keep improving. Every little crack on the sidewalk is prime real estate ready for taking and laying mortar, steel and glass up to the skies. Tower building is arguably the only manufacturing the city has done in the past decade and a half. Governor Andy didn’t give them those skyscraper welfare tax abatements just for his developer donor overlords to do nothing.

The sick thing about this criminal conspiracy is the fact that apparently no one from Navillus or Related will go to damn jail and serve 5 to 10 years, which I presume would be the same amount of time that some poor schmuck or recidivist would get if they tried to hold up a bodega or deny people their collective bargaining rights and steal their wages and funnel it through bogus shell companies. I guess because they have contributed so much and continue to add to the hyper-development of the city that these two corporations are too big to fail also. For their are involved in the construction of the massive Hudson Yards mini-metropolis and other city affordable housing mixed-use tower projects and government buildings.

It’s a terrible predicament with the over-saturation of development suffocating the city, but at least the people building it will get paid in full. It be a lot better if these executives would see a bit of divine justice and get indicted, imprisoned and clad in orange jumpsuits along the way. And maybe the old ball and chain for these greedhead executive assholes to approximate the toll the body takes building their behemoths.






Mayor De Blasio Irritably Tells Student Reporter He’s Not Doing Affordable Housing Right Now

http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.3522987.1506452903!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/highline27n-1-web.jpgWhoever asks me a question about city policies gets a fat lip.

The High Line Park, New York, N.Y.

NY Daily News: Mayor de Blasio finally visits the High Line eight years after opening

Mayor de “Faustio”, still on his city hall reality tour, had his massive crack team of aides arranged a trip on the upscale High Line Park in Chelsea. The stroll was accompanied by students from the P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep School, some of his commissioners and his nemesii gaggle of reporters.

The nice unseasonably humid day was marred as Mayor Big Slow arrived 20 minutes late and seemed grossly unprepared about the aspects of the upscale gentrifying park and the fact that he has never visited it once in his term. (Well, he has been busy) The students were very knowledgeable about the lush greenery around them, enough to impress the mayor and were very observant and inquisitive about the press accompanying him and how he was trying to ignore them. He responded to the kids that they “followed him around”. Silly press doing their jobs to inform the public about accountability from elected officials and authority figures.

But it’s where he went later to his alma mater at New York University to meet with an old roommate of his that he dropped this Freudian slip grenade to a student reporter as he was exiting the building.

According to The New York Times:

As Mr. de Blasio left the university, a student reporter named Sam Raskin, tried to ask a question about affordable housing. “We’re not doing that right now,” the mayor said as he made his way out the building

Emphasis fucking mine.

“We’re not doing that right now”. Ok, now this quote is isolated and out of context. And there is no video, as of yet, to see the expression on his face or body language delivering these lines. It definitely is though, his usual response when he refuses to answer questions that doesn’t, to him, involve what he policy is discussing, as when he bolted from a press conference in front of a billionaire row tower in Midtown. But now as witnessed by journalists during his recent electioneering stroll as he refused to answer any questions pertaining to policy and his plans and policies when/if he gets re-elected, it has devolved into full blown venomous contempt at anyone that asks a question, no matter how soft, like when he was asked about the sumac the student pointed out, but certainly those that are pertinent to the constituency.

“We’re not doing that right now”. This dismissive and insulting response may just damned himself and his mayoralty despite it being an attempt to insultingly blow off a budding journalist. And might have put any credibility regarding his affordable housing plan into the crapper. Where it belongs. For the majority of these mixed income buildings, even the measly 20% that thousands of the poorest citizens of the 5 boroughs are not affordable at all. The area median incomes continue to rise because of overvalued real estate speculation, more luxury towers keep rising and even the market rate apts. in these new buildings are having an effect on the actual rents and the qualifications for yearly salaries to apply for them. A recent crop of new buildings in Brooklyn and Long Island City measly affordable apartments start at around the 800-1000 range while the majority of the units go for the insane and fabricated market rates of $2,000 for a studio, $2,500 for a one bedroom, and $3,000 for a two bedroom.

The real crazy part of de Faustio’s 10 year plan for 200,000 affordable apartments, in congruence with probably more than a half a million luxury apartments, is that the plan was already in fruition back in 2012 (and even that plan was horrible and detrimental). So even though he implemented his policy just last year, some of the buildings and the actual policy were already being used, so technically, Bill hasn’t produced much. Except make this affordable housing scheme even worse, by licking the boots of his predatory developer donors and listening to the technocratic stratagems of their public relations firms and his deputy mayor Alicia Glen.

Another take from the Times piece should make anyone pause at this man’s disgusting obliviousness, which possibly the kids there did too. At 26th street on the High Line, there is this big window overlooking the street and acts as a cinemascope for the view east, which consists of the project housing across 10th avenue just across the street from the upscale leisure and arts scenes and tower utopia that have engulfed the stretch:

The entourage stopped at an area of benches set out over 26th Street and looked through a frame at a public housing development across the street.

“It is just a big open viewing station; that’s all it does?” Mr. de Blasio asked.

“It was meant to showcase a lot of what people don’t see in the neighborhood,” Robert Hammond, the co-founder and executive director of the Friends of the High Line, told him.

Very cool,” the mayor said.

Very. Cool. If he can only get a view of the utter lack of coolness of similar projects in other places, as those buildings roofs continue to leak, mold continues to fester, and rats and roaches continue to invade and spread disease. This is what’s going on now, as it’s been for nearly a half century, with the real affordable housing in the city he governs.

Student journalist Sam Raskin may have finally got the correct answer from this mayor about the affordable housing stagnation going on, albeit inadvertently. And de Faustio may have exposed himself as the stupid fucking idiot he is just because he couldn’t answer a simple question. Especially something he deceptively bragged about not long ago too.

He knows what it is, and that’s why he is stonewalling. 2 recent stories detail how his current plan is not helping the working poor at all, and how the overvalued rental market rate is exacerbating the costs of living here for the majority of tax-paying residents whose salaries can’t keep up when the rent is due compared with the wealthier citizens, who can actually afford to live in these alleged affordable housing buildings and have a better chance winning the lottery for the apartments they would qualify for, and still have a robust savings account.

Good job Mr. Raskin and the kids at P.S. 33, you all did more to expose this fauxgressive neoliberal jerk than what the dailies and the prosecutors have tried to do since his elected office transgressions began 3 years ago.









New Bad Days 35: Charter Bus Driver With DUI Priors Runs The Red And Collides With A Metro Bus; Another Legionairre’s Outbreak At An Apartment Building; Two Construction Workers Killed At Two Tower Developments With Habitually Negligent Contractors On The Same Day; A Brutal Murder Occurs A Week In The Same Vicinity Where The Mayor Had His Primary Victory Rally And Summerhill Wisely Abandons It’s High Crime Nostalgia Wall


In Flushing, a charter bus going twice the speed limit ran through a steady red light and collided into a Q20 metro bus, resulting in the death of the charter bus driver, a Q20 passenger and a pedestrian on the sidewalk. The driver was found to have been kicked out of the MTA over prior DUI offenses and the charter service of multiple road violations and a lawsuit over an injured customer.

Also in Flushing, a motorcycle rider lost control, hit a teenage girl then killed himself as he crashed into a concrete barrier.

In Jamaica, a man shot and killed his wife, who just gave birth to his son a few weeks ago, after an argument. He was found and arrested later in Cambria Heights with a box of bullets

In Kew Gardens, a couple was found by cops possessing nearly 200 pounds of fentanyl and heroin ready for distribution at a garage at their apartment building.

Somewhere in the Dirty Southeast, a female correction officer was blinded and raped by other C.O.’s when she fell asleep in a car after a barbeque party.

At P.S. 174 in Rego Park, a man was recording a school teacher using a restroom on his cellphone through a window.

At the Parker Towers building in Forest Hills, a Legionairre’s Disease outbreak killed one and sickened another person over 2 months as tenants were notified recently in a memo released just a few days ago.

In Long Island City, an off-duty cop driving to a strip club at 3 a.m. committed and illegal u-turn, nearly hitting a man on a bicycle then pointed his state appointed gun at him and shoved him to the ground

In East Elmhurst, a woman sitting in a car with her new boyfriend, was stalked and abducted by her cab driver ex-husband who she put a order of protection on.

In Jackson Heights, an 89-year-old man was knocked to the ground and had his keys stolen by two young men pussies.


In Chinatown, a jewelry store was robbed of $600,000 of merchandise by 2 men in a holdup just a half hour before noon.

In the Upper East Side, two teenagers stiffed a cab driver of 8 bucks for a ride home, then held him up at gunpoint and robbed his cellphone as one of the kids sucker-punched him.

At the City Hall station Downtown, a man sans pants but wearing a camo shirt (and resembling Ben Stiller) was flashing random women on the R train platform.


Also Downtown at the Supreme Court house, two court clerks demanded bribes for the distribution of files demanded by litigants.

In the Financial District, a 16-year-old boy drinking beer on the street was stabbed by a man who wanted him to share it with him.

Also in the Financial District, a construction worker fell 27 floors off a luxury housing building under development and died, resulting from a faulty security hook and a shaky platform. The site had a stop work order placed on it just a day before. And the contractor underpays and mistreats it’s workers

On the same day in the new neighborhood metropolis Hudson Yards, 2 workers fell off a forklift cage that collapsed hanging 3 stories above the ground, killing one. The man who died was concerned of safety violations at the development site and warned his family about it.

In the Flatiron District, a homeless man stabbed another homeless man as he was digging in a garbage bin.

On the E train arriving at the 7th Avenue station in Midtown, a man spat twice on and punched a woman during an argument over personal space on the seats.

In Central Park in the Upper East Side, a man held a knife at a woman and robbed and sexually assaulted her at 9:15 p.m.

Also in Central Park in Harlem, a man who offered a woman a walk home at night assaulted, raped and robbed her purse when he directed her inside the park. The rapist was a mutual friend of the victim.

Also in Harlem at 7 a.m. two men at a deli that were trying to rob it was confronted by the store clerk who tried to stop them. They came back 2 hours later and approached the clerk at the counter and one of them tried to slash him with a knife, leading the clerk to defend himself with his own knife and proceeded to stab his attacker multiple times, leading the man to run away. The culprit, who habitually stole from the store, died from the wounds and the deli clerk is charged with murder.

At the Marriot Marquis hotel in Times Square, demonstrators were pummeled with sucker punches and blunt objects by people and foreign secret service men attending a committee led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey after one yelled that the asshole dictator speaking there was a terrorist and the invading foreign leader goaded his audience to not let the protestors ruin his night.

This is the second attack on a sovereign nation’s people, being the U.S.A. Ban this motherfucking dictator from this country forever.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man confronted a woman on the street, handed her a rose and a letter threatening her life.

In Kips Bay, an SUV hit a man riding a citibike as he was about to put it in the dock.


At the Metropolitan High School in Foxhurst, a teenage boy stabbed his classmate in the chest at 2:40 p.m. over a girl they knew.

In Fordham Heights, 20 men that was formerly a dance crew were arrested over myriad crimes involving gang violence, the standout being a stabbing of a 17 year old over 2 bucks. There was a time when gang members who swore off violence became dance crews.

On the Bruckner Expressway in Soundview, a man who was arrested on drug charges on the elevated road attempted to flee while in handcuffs from the cops, jumped over the ledge and landed on the avenue.

Staten Island

In three neighborhoods in a span of an hour at the break of dawn, a man driving in an SUV sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl by a bus stop and attempted to rape 3 other women. but they all resisted as they defended themselves and made him drive off. He was arrested later identified by bite marks left by the teenager.


In Boerum Hill, blocks away from a venue where Mayor de Faustio celebrated his horrendously low voter turnout primary victory and Barclays Center, a man fired 8 shots killing another man who was already stabbed in the chest in front of a corner combination Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins at 8 p.m.

In Kensington, a one year old boy died when his father left him in a steamy bathroom with hot water running from the shower because he wanted to go back to sleep.

By the Neptune Ave. station in Coney Island, a 13 year old stupid fucking idiot boy decided to lean on the side of the F Train and surf it, only to wind up hitting a sign, crushing his genitals and falling onto the track roadbed.

In Greenpoint, after wifi kiosks were implemented on the block, it has become a scene for scoring and doing drugs, vagrancy and loitering.

In Williamsburg, a man was clobbered in the head with a baseball bat from behind following an argument with others.

In Windsor Terrace,  a man who robbed a package from a stoop found that it contained first issue comic books, but got arrested when he tried to sell them.

At the Union Street station in Park Slope, a man was killed by an approaching R train.

In Red Hook, a man was arrested for starving and burning two dogs he had in his apartment.

In Crown Heights, two nooses were found hanging on different blocks in the span of a week.

Also in Crown Heights, the owner of the Summerhill bar and sandwich shop decided to fix and plaster the bullet laden wall 3 weeks after meeting and blowing off the community. A sudden show of consciousness, guilt or remorse, or more likely coaxed from recent incidents involving gunfire that may have rendered her notorious sight less “cheeky” and “kitschy”?

“Cheeky historic wall”
Current reality

That shouldn’t be hard to figure out at all. Welcome back to Brooklyn, Becca.