Requiem For A Public Servant And Death Metal Drummer

William Tolley

A firefighter tragically died as the ladder he was on clearing smoke from an apartment building roof in Ridgewood malfunctioned and he fell 5 stories to the ground. This is the second death involving city emergency units, the other being the tragic death caused by a rabid drug fueled thug to courageous EMT worker and single mother Yadira Arroyo.

William Tolley was not only a 12 year veteran of the FDNY, but an accomplished and acclaimed musician of death metal band Internal Bleeding that had fans spanning the world. They have 2 eps and 5 albums, including 2 sensational releases from the past 3 years.

Truly a terrible loss to the community and music world. What music he could have made with his band when he retired, because death metal is the only rock and roll music with any vitality and he surely would have had a full time career fulfilling his talent.



The Music Industry Is Directly Killing Rock Music

There is something strange going on in the realm of popular music. And it’s not just the dearth of solid albums (except by the two subjects at hand) and well crafted anthemic songs of universal appeal. It’s not even the glaringly and distressingly obvious fact that there isn’t any revolutionary music being made considering the sign of the times under the aegis of HyperNormalisation and the dominance of plutocratic and autocratic leaders, widening economic disparity and the existential threat against knowledge, information and privacy (I’ll get to these later).

Judging by the recent incidents involving two legendary and successful bands spanning 3 and 4 decades, it looks like there is an attempt by the consortium of corporate music distribution and promotion to destroy rock and roll.

Consider the incident at the Coachella Festival last week with headliner Radiohead.

The band was at the end of their song “Ful Stop” when a abrupt “boop” cut the sound off. Members of the band walked off the stage to see what the hell happened. When they followed up with their classic “The National Anthem” the sound crashed again and cut it off mid song and they walked off the stage. After a long delay and some wisecracking and banter by frontman Thom Yorke, the sound came back in the middle of “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”. They followed this fracas with a jokey sluggish rendition of their worst but most popular song “Creep”. The audience, sounding equally stoned and annoyed, cheered on and the show went on.

This got a lot of national news attention for something as seemingly benign as technical difficulties, which isn’t hard because what passes for televised journalism is 60% viral videos. But mishaps like this doesn’t usually happen to big headliners, at least not Radiohead, who I have seen 4 times and they never had these problems with their own shows. They have played this festival and the many other multi-day ones in the past decade surely without a hitch, but there is something about this one that is off-putting. It seems that in spite of their popularity, which has crossed over to a new generation, that the band is being undermined. And it could be because this band’s music delves into myriad issues from politics, love, alienation isolation, music that provokes thought and expression.

And in this era of manufactured consent and content, that is an inconvenient problem for the new powers that be.

Also a threat to said powers is music that is aggressive and just flat out fucking rocks.

Take the peculiar case of Metallica at this years Grammy awards show, and the penultimate disrespect towards them by those in charge.

What was initially confusing and eccentric about this pairing turned into a blatant act of artistic sabotage by the Grammy producers. Everything about this pseudo-inspired duet made no sense, especially from the side of the one time residents of Jamaica, Queens. Metallica weren’t nominated for anything but they recently put out their stunning comeback album a few months earlier. Lady Gaga, despite releasing her pretty good album Joanne was not even nominated either for the worthless dubious award. The only thing that has precedence involving The Fame Monster with offbeat duets was her sensational album with Tony Bennett.

The abomination starts with the tranny actress Laverne Cox from the hyped streaming binging show Orange is the New Black, introducing Metallica and Ms. Germanotta without mentioning the band’s name. Giving the audience the ludicrously false impression that a band that has sold over 100 million albums worldwide was her backup group

The song starts, and there are a bunch of extras on the stage and in the crowd assembled below simulating thrashing about and slam dancing, which long time heavy metal dj Eddie Trunk rightly compared to a scene from the atrocious Broadway musical Rock Of Ages. Then when James starts to sing, there’s nothing for entire verse. Gaga starts singing as is having trouble keeping up with the ferocity and speed of the song, and does ridiculous gyrations all the while. She doesn’t notice James is off until the chorus and winds up sharing her mic with him. It gets even more retarded as when Kirk goes into his blistering solo, the camera remains on Gaga as she does a stage dive into the models in the assembled crowd. It ends with both artists humiliated with James kicking his mic stand and throwing his Gibson Destroyer guitar across the stage in disgust as Lady Gaga crouched by the drumriser like a mental patient.

It should be noted that the band that actually won the Grammy this year was ex-bandmate Dave Mustaine and his band Megadeth, which the producers regaled with by playing Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”

This isn’t the first time Metallica got insulted by the dubious music awards show. When these annual arbiters of musical taste decided to deign to the metal genre by giving them a category in 1989, they had the band show up and perform “one” in it’s entirety, only to give the award to Jethro Tull.

Metallica has been around since 1983, they are arguably the only rock and roll band to release 5 classic albums in a row. They have made a glut of terrible albums and bad judgements over a decade (the Load albums, Diaper and Pant, St Anger, the orchestra album, Lulu) and came back with a phenomenal album that puts today’s crop of snowflake bands to shame. But it may have been too strong, and they are certainly, being in their 50’s, too old.

What makes this almost a conspiracy is the correlation of these disasters since they were ostensibly to promote Lady Gaga, who also happened to be the headliner of the festival the day after Radiohead. Why, especially since her new album is not selling as well like her last proper album and the last hit album she made was old standards with Mr. Bennett.

Add to the fact that the music industry is run by just  3 major labels (and a comparably minor glut of indie labels),  commercial and satellite radio is run by 3 corporations (clear channel, Iheartradio, and festival and individual concert promotion is run by 2 (AEG, Livenation) and that is a disturbing amount of consolidation that you don’t dare offend or mess with the machinations of.

That’s what this so fishy. Although this actually may have started in the late 90’s with the boy bands and disney sluts (and is still continuing), recent preventable mishaps like this just seem too timely. And that’s including the Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve meltdown. It’s like they don’t want this generation to embrace the legends and want to stifle anything new, steer them to irrelevance and regulate them to the oldies circuit or retirement.

This may be truly the beginning of the end of musical expression or maybe the bastardization of it (check out Zakk Sabbath. yuk). And as mentioned, the lack of protest music, in addition to quality lasting music is distressing. With the exception of death metal, which is limited by indecipherable vocals, there is no loud, fast, aggressive and most importantly passionate music out there to get the kids riled up or even think for themselves, the reality of their surroundings or the state of the nation and the world. Basically, there is no punk music. Or even a rock version of Kendrick Lamar or Run The Jewels.

And the music industry with these recent acts of artistic sabotage, are willfully exacerbating it. And are complicit with the widespread malaise.

What needs to stop the consortium of lame music is a malignant tumor in the form of raging uncompromising rock and roll band or more preferably a metal up the ass to all these promoters, labels and radio stations again. It’s the circle of life after all.

Executive Carnage On The Eve Of 100: Executive Producer In Chief Trump Greets His Cultural Muses

Washington D.C., America

I used to be fans of the Nuge and the Kid. I still adore Tina Fey. Oh wait that’s the repulsive former half-governor/worst vp candidate Sarah Palin.

The most offensive thing about this picture is that Figurehead Trump has now solidified and established my depiction of him by meeting and greeting with supporters instead of conducting crucial foreign policy decisions like the current missile crisis and war ratcheting with North Korea, Syria and Iran, leaving it up to that opportunistic christian hypocrite chump Pence and greedhead redneck Tillerson. This in addition of having 2 tax dollar hemorrhaging easter egg events at the cost of you, the people while Kim Manchild was shooting off missiles and showing war agitprop.

Donald Trump, the elected president, by relinquishing and dispensing his decision making duties and responsibilities to his VP, Secretary Of State, and his generals, is now a de facto executive producer, no different than he was when he still got that credit on the last season of the celebrity apprentice. As he and his third wife, his sons, daughter and son-in-law get to hedonisticaly enjoy the spoils of his entitlement entrusted by you, the people.

To quote Rick James from the writings of the late lamented Charlie Murphy, they never should have given these niggas money.

Just a reminder to all those christians that voted for Don Worthless, this is the company he keeps-

Marginal Victims Unit: Biker Succumbs To Injuries After Getting Crushed By A Box Truck In Fatal Incident On East 9th Street And The Dubious Investigative Conclusion


Photo From EV Grieve

On April 5th at 7:20 am, a woman was riding to work when she was cut off by a box truck in a merging bike and vehicle lane on the west corner of East 9th street and 1st avenue. She wound up underneath the back wheel of the truck and sustained critical head, leg and internal injuries that led to her death a week later.

Photo From @Kristi Adams

A few days after her death, the NYPD’s report by Detective Ahmad Nasser on the accident determined that the biker, Kelly Hurley, slipped as the truck driver crossed from the very right side of the street, colliding with the prone biker after her spill.

DNA info:

The 31-year-old cyclist who last week died of her injuries after being struck by a box truck on First Avenue had slipped and fallen off her bike before the fatal collision, according to an NYPD spokesman.

The truck driver made the left turn from the rightmost lane and did not have the crossover mirror required by city law for large trucks with front blind spots, the spokesman said. 

Kelly Hurley, a studio manager for the SoulCycle on West 27th Street, was approaching East Ninth Street as she traveled up the First Avenue bike lane when she fell off her bike, according to NYPD spokesman Detective Ahmed Nasser.

“She fell off the bike then slid under the truck,” Nasser told DNAinfo New York.

The box truck was making a left turn onto Ninth Street from the rightmost lane, cutting across four lanes of traffic before hitting Hurley, according to both Nasser and the Department of Transportation. The truck driver had come to a complete stop before making the abrupt left turn, said Nasser.

The driver received a summons for not having a crossover mirror, which is required on large trucks so that the drivers can see pedestrians directly in front of them that may otherwise fall in the driver’s blind spot, according to the Department of Transportation.

There is so much wrong with this assessment and conclusion that it defies belief. Especially the laws of physics.

First off, how did she slip? It was a sunny morning, so the asphalt was bone dry. The woman also is a professional biker being an instructor at a Soulcycle gym. And second, where was this truck located as the driver decided to make that sharp left to turn west on 9th? Third, how fast was he going since the impact was enough that the victim wound up under the back wheel of the truck?

Apparently after community outrage from the citizenry from a seemingly dismissive conclusion from the authorities, the NYPD offered up a clarification or what might be an update of the happenings that morning in addition to further investigating the driver’s recklessness.

DNA info: NYPD Plans to Recommend Charges for Truck Driver in Fatal Bike Collision

The NYPD’s Collision Investigation Squad plans to recommend charges against the truck driver who fatally struck 31-year-old cyclist Kelly Hurley at the corner of First Avenue and East Ninth Street, according to the unit’s commanding officer.

The squad, which investigates collisions to determine causation and possible criminality, has reviewed video footage of the April 5 collision that resulted in Hurley’s death and plans to recommend the Manhattan District Attorney charge the 59-year-old box truck driver who plowed into Hurley as she attempted to ride through a green light at the intersection.

The investigation is still ongoing, and ultimately the District Attorney’s office will determine whether the driver faces criminal charges, but the squad will do its best to hold him accountable, said Lieutenant Brian Reynolds at Tuesday’s Ninth Precinct community council meeting.

“It’s very tragic. I can only promise you that myself and my detectives will ensure that if we can hold the driver accountable, we will, but a thorough investigation has to get done first,” said Lieutenant Reynolds.

“My own opinion is, I’m going to be recommending the driver be held accountable,” he continued. “I can’t explain to you exactly what it’s going to be right now, but after what I’ve seen, he’s going to be held accountable, at least on my end from my office.” Reynolds said it was too soon to say what charges exactly the truck driver would face, though the squad has been evaluating whether the driver failed to yield. Reynolds also clarified comments made Monday by an NYPD spokesman who had said Hurley slipped off her bike prior to the collision. Hurley had intentionally dismounted the bike in an attempt to avoid the truck, Reynolds said.

“Ms. Hurley tried her best to avoid the truck, but unfortunately she couldn’t,” he said. “She put the bike down and slid underneath the truck, and the rear tires landed on top of her.”

I am no detective, but I am a lifelong bike rider who has witnessed and has been subjected to the reckless driving of stupid, distracted and territorial assholes of both vehicles and bicycles. And by the looks of this, going by personal and professional experience, the driver must have been speeding to get to the corner first and he would have not even bothered to look at the required mirror if he had one. Then there is the motive of the biker, how the hell did or even why would she put her down first if a truck was barrelling towards her from across the street? If she was aware of that, in the amount of time she allegedly put her bike down, wouldn’t she have just backed up to the sidewalk instead of remaining in the street? Or was it another case of wind force?

The second assessment seems as if to mollify all those concerned with the utter lack of justice and terrible indifference to the Ms. Hurley, and more like a preemptive defense hearing for the still unidentified box truck driver (Why won’t the NYPD disclose this information?).

Supposedly there is video footage of the incident before the collision. I was wondering that too when I read about this. If this guy cut across 4 lanes of traffic, he must have been speeding up 1st avenue and started to turn halfway on the block between 8th and 9th streets and then collided into the victim. So in conclusion, but without the necessity of forensics, Ms. Hurley had absolutely no time to slip or place her bike down. She only fell off her bike because she was hit by a truck. The speeding box truck by the reckless, selfish, foolish unidentified driver caused her fall by hitting her. Even the fact she had the right of way didn’t matter because of the fact that this idiot driver shot across the street in the manner of a bullet fired from a gun.

This was an act of involuntary and vehicular manslaughter.

Theoretically going by the way the cops assigned are treating this case, it seems to unequivocally a cover up to undermine this woman’s horrible and preventable death so it doesn’t negatively effect the stats of Mayor De Faustio’s Vision Zero Tunnel program, and some innocent person following the rules of the road and still getting unnecessarily killed will just stand in the way of claiming progress in road safety at future press conferences.

All one can do if anyone decides to commute by bike, which is constantly being promoted by the city, and going by these reports, is be aware of your surroundings at all times to the point of paranoia. Most of all, don’t put your bike down when a 2 ton vehicle comes careening from across the road or street.

Hopefully, medical procedures will advance were it will be possible to graft working eyes to the sides of the head like a fish, because that would have been the only way to see where this imbecile driver was coming from to evade getting slaughtered.

Executive Carnage at 13 Weeks: Committee Malfeasance, Alternative Complicity And Beautiful Nepotism, And Cake And Armaments

     Thanks, Keith

Mar-A-Lago Country Club, The Weekend White House, Miami, Florida

It is now officially the 13th week of the Figurehead Trump Presidency and it has culminated in a modern day missile crisis with a fellow jackass leader that had a country handed to him by inheritance, riots in the streets over Trump’s evasiveness about his personal taxes in the past 2 decades, deluding federal investigations over his election victory and what’s close to looking like Russian influence and acts of treason by wealthy campaigners, and shoddy foreign policy making by the Figurehead’s son-in-law and daughter and incompetent bombing missions by his appointed generals.

It’s looking clearer minute by minute that machinations behind the revolting successful presidential campaign of Don Worthless of shady Russian ties with the hapless shenanigans of David “Nunbnuts” Nunes.

While the FBI way belatedly figured out that the hacking of Hillary’s campaign staffs and the DNC’s phones, laptops or pads were from sources connected to Russian spy agencies and used world renowned hacker Glucifer 2.0 as a channel as they were combing North,Central and South America searching for Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey, Our Figurehead got the word that his 5th avenue ugly ass skyscraper home tower was under surveillance by the feds for some reasons. At the bequest of our complicity and corruption prone leader, he wanted to know why there was so much surveillance in his luxury monolith and wanted concrete evidence that it was at the behest of the last president so his social media feeds would have validity.  David did his best Maxwell Smart/Ace Ventura impression and hid from his colleagues in the Intelligence Committee to get whatever incriminating intel or discussions of interest of the wiretaps like a good lapdoggie to his voter-elected boss. Supposedly, Nunbnuts got this intel from leaks in the White House, which Trump usually frowns upon when similar venues get used to expose flaws and burgeoning rivalries among his cabinet and staff. Because of this idiocy, Nunbnuts has been deposed and relieved of his duties to this allegedly independent and tax payer money wasting committee which found no truth to another one of the Figurehead’s twitter troll screeds.

As another one of Trumpy’s conspiracy theories was debunked as with his prior fever delusions and mass media distractions of inauguration day crowd size and those millions of illegal citizen votes in blue states, his offspring and protege son-in-law have taken on bigger roles in their lives revolving around their father’s (and father-in-law) prior and new responsibilities in enriching himself even more.

After the massive failure in his attempt to implode or explode the Affordable Care Act, content with letting the program kill itself leaving mass casualties, and in way punish his young ward Jared “8 up” Kushner for going skiing as him and everyone in D.C. was bickering over the offensive replacement to ACA, Skipper Trump symbolically punished his figurative Gilligan to new assignments involving drug addiction and foreign policy and relations, the latter basically picking up slack or undermining real Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson so he can avoid going to nations that are deemed a threat and probably didn’t have prior deals with his current former business Exxon. Apparently this seemingly royal appointment to the Figurehead’s son in law has turned out to be an executive power move and gave Jared more influence and authority.

But the optics of Trump’s decision isn’t making good impressions for the U.S. as a superpower.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/vest7n-1-web.jpgThis looks like an ad for a Banana Republic skinny jacket. The need for a vest seems superfluous as Gilligan/Jared looks so gaunt that even a hawkeye sniper would have difficulty grazing him. That garb is so tight he looks like a artisanal cocktail weenie. He has come a long way from his East Village scumlord days.

As with everything involving this shitswirl labyrinth administration, Kushner, close advisor to his daddy-in-law and now virtually a one man staff of the state department, had ties and held talks with a Russian banker with a background in military intelligence and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kilsiak during the transition phase to the White House. But since he’s married to the first daughter/second lady and not General Mike Flynn, according to our opportunistic elected leader, the convenience of being the President not having a conflict of interest can easily be applied to those who he chooses. Ahh, the beauty that is nepotism, right blind trust holder co-executive Eric Trump?

The younger Mr Trump recently faced a barrage of criticism for arguing that nepotism was a “factor of life” but, instead of retracting this assessment, he goes further by arguing it was completely logical for his father to appoint him to look after the family’s business interests.

“You trust the people who are closest to you. Who is he going to trust most to run a company? He is going to trust somebody who he trusts implicitly,” he says.

“He knows I care about the family. He knows I care about the brand. He knows I deeply care about the properties, our amazing teams. And he knows I’m going to do everything I can humanly possible to take care of that.


“Is that nepotism? Absolutely. Is that also a beautiful thing? Absolutely. Family business is a beautiful thing. The same applies for Ivanka. Ivanka is by his side in Washington.”

Mr Trump argues that a family member was more likely to tell the President “no disrespect but you might want to think about this” or “maybe you crossed the line here” rather than someone who “will say yes just because you happen to be the boss.”

          The Telegraph UK

Beautiful. And with this defiant arrogant justification and lame attempt to show encouraging transparency, and also showing a display of genetic brashness and stupidly incriminating himself (if that’s possible now) and his dad, he recently announced that he is giving quarterly reports to the commander-in-chief Figurehead about the businesses that he falsely divested himself from since taking over the reins of the nation’s economy and nuclear codes.

Being a layman when it comes to running a business, but aren’t distributing these reports the usual process for evaluation by a chief executive of a company or companies? Emoluments and complicity be damned. Aren’t laws being broken and conflicts committed in plain sight being brazenly committed here?

“The President can’t have a conflict of interest” said Donald J. Trump to Lesley Stahl on 60 minutes. He also said he can shoot somebody on the street and nothing would happen.

Speaking of incriminating one self and others related to you and the uncertainty of the and current lack of consequences, Ivanka extolled some similar bullshit in an attempt to whitewash all the blatant civic and political malfeasance going on in the White House and everywhere in the free and non-free world the Trump brand is laid, now that her poppop has given her an official advisor role in the plutocabinet:

What we have here, in a nod to the now hardly visible game show model presenter Kelly Ann Conway, is alternative complicity.

That should temporarily put the nation to rest easier, knowing that the kakistocracy and kleptocracy that will further enrich all under the Brand Of Trump and all those elected refusing to investigate these blatant violations in the House and Senate by the Cesspool On The Potomac, will keep the nation’s economy remaining robust and security remaining strong, right?


After assurances by the real Secretary Of State Tillerson, top UN diplomat Nikki Haley, and months after a secret meeting in the winter with the dictator of Syria by Congresswoman and either future Defense Secretary or Vice President Tulsi Gabbard, our nation decided not to interfere with the government process and ongoing civil wars of that nation.

Then a day later, chemical weapons were disbursed in a rebel held city causing the deaths of hundreds of citizens. So with all this diplomatic leeway, the next day President Assad decides to commit genocide.

The reaction by the general public was furious, and according to kid brother Eric, so devastating and upsetting to sis and new advisor Ivanka that Trump, during an opulent dinner and dessert featuring, reverentially detailed by the Figurehead as the biggest piece of chocolate cake he’s ever seen, so big and delicious that he flustered to remember what country he was attacking, ordered his military to drop bombs on Syria’s war plane air fields. This was the second time Trump ordered a military mission during dinner, the last being the disastrous raid in Yemen that killed civilian women and children and a Navy Seal.

Dramatization of cake described by Don

Despite the perceived success of the mission and the aesthetics described by discredited anchorman now drooling M.I.C. stenographer sycophant Brian Williams as he butchered Leonard Cohen lyrics, the beautiful and costly weapons ($54,000,000) only hit less than half of it’s targets and Assad was able to send planes on bombing missions the next day. Speaking of sycophants, none worse than our elected members of congress, whom were not even counseled about this attack as standard procedure is to get congressional approval to order them, the majority of them praised the decision made by our determined leader anyway.


So much for all the rhetoric by these established and college educated officials about the mental capacities of their chief executive.

The reasons are plentiful and not at all cynical for this attack. That Trump may have personally profited yet again from his policies. That this was a vain attempt to bolster his approval rating. That this was just an arbitrary reaction because of the weapons used since regular bombs that destroy villages and kill civilians, especially children and babies are basically permitted, especially by royal empirical dictators we like and have businesses in their wealth segregated cities there. That this was spurred by what is now being determined as a false flag attack comparable to the Gulf Of Tonkin, since Assad is claiming he never sent planes with sarin bombs and the actual bomb was and I.E.D. set off in the ground by an Al Qaeda squadron. And despite Trump’s proclaimed strategy of not giving the enemy warning or a schedule when he would strike, him or his staff informed Russia that they were attacking so they can move any troops they have stationed there. So much for further legitimization for impeachment hearings.

Then during the high holy week of the Catholic, Christian, Baptist and Jewish faiths, Figurehead Trump orders to drop the biggest, the baddest and the motherist of all bombs on a camp in Afghanistan on an Isis faction, killing close to 100 of them. Reportedly, the Taliban felt temporarily relieved although not much grateful, they are still our adversary there as our nation is approaching 20 years in combat in that mountainous and lucrative poppy and natural gas filled nation.
This should answer your question, Pink

Ultimately it’s turning out that this is an attempt, and in the wake of confirming the nation’s draconian budget coming in May filled with billions more for more beautiful weapons and cuts to the American infrastructure, science, culture and livelihoods, to intimidate and diminish the military might of North Korea. A nation like us now who for decades prioritize the preparedness for war and who has nuclear capabilities, and like us (more extremely though) is willing to starve it’s citizens to maintain the M.I.C. there.

I don’t want to undermine the severity of the geopolitical climate right now, but with Pence making this announcement while Trump golfs every weekend in his chill out resort and attends an easter egg hunt obnoxiously arranged by his resurfaced wife in Mar-A-Lego for their wealthy clientele instead of the traditional White House, it can’t be any more clearer who is really running this country right now. Especially after the recent decision to defund Planned Parenthood.

Is this what the people asked for when they entrusted Trump with their vote, as with the recent decision to give up their 1st and 4th amendment rights and personal privacy for their internet usage for telecom corporations to sell and profit from?

And what of the fourth estate of what passes for responsible journalism, as with the lobotomized responses and observations of Brian Williams and Fareed Zakaria, the latter who basically called the Figurehead full of shit a week earlier, is now praising him for changing his mind and opinions on everything he espoused to pander and garner votes from the people.

And now we got disparate ideological groups rioting in the streets just for rightfully demanding to see Trump’s tax returns

And so this existential madness rambles on as if to normalize every cynical thing about the recent historical and current workings of governmental process. And possibly that the Trump presidency is just a spin off reality show bred from his NBC series. The position of chief executive is now officially the Chief Executive Producer. Every time he announces some proposal he does it to build suspense as if to get people to stay tuned for the next episode.

No matter how much they try to normalize this in order to keep the people undistracted from such established widespread bullshit so to keep working and contributing a fifth of their paycheck to keep this systemic farce running…

New Bad Days 11: The Brooklyn Brand Is Not Looking So High End And Hip In The Past 48 Hours.

We are so much better than this.


A man was shot in a playground in Williamsburg at 9:00 p.m. and later died.

Also in Williamsburg, a man fell off a building balcony and plummeted to his death. The incident was upgraded from suicide to murder.

And again in Williamsburg, where the rents are stupid retarded high, a gay couple were accosted by two teenagers shouting bigoted slurs and threw a brick at them.

Once again in Williamsburg, where luxury grey and black tumorous towers loom across the street from rent-stabilized sturdy apartments, at the Bedford Ave. L train station in Brooklyn, a MTA worker caught a derelict urinating between cars and had police remove the pisser from the train was stalked, assaulted with punches and strangled by a dickhead thug commuter who defended the foul whizzer and did not appreciate what he determined as “snitching”.

In Flatbush at 11 p.m. a man was shot after he heard a knock and opened his door to the shooter. He died hours later.

In East New York, a woman bystander was grazed by a stray bullet from a hail of gunfire that was coming from a Foot Locker store nearby.

In Bensonhurst, Arcelay Camilo went on a robbery spree impersonating a cop clad in a polo shirt with a shield emblazoned on it.

A woman who edits the popular regional website Brownstoner, Cate Corcoran was slashed across the face by a crook who stole her iphone on the C train in Bed-Stuy.

At Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn Heights, during some roller skating discount, melees broke out among the groups. A single 15 year old girl was punched by another girl and then was surrounded by 6 more girls and was beaten down by the group and robbed of her iphone. And in another incident at the same park, 2 teenage boys, ages 16 and 18 were accosted by a gang of kids, one of them brandishing a gun, and were beaten and robbed of their valuables, notably (just guess) an iphone and a Salvatore Ferragano belt.

Salvadore Ferragamo belt, where is some access hollywood reporter when you need one? Hey what are you getting bludgeoned or shot for?


In Belmont a 19 year old man was shot in the neck on the street late afternoon at 5:10 p.m.


A man robbed a NYCB bank in Howard Beach and tried to escape by hiding in a nursing home.

At John Bowne High School in Flushing, 3 kids were caught with knives trying to enter the school. A kid assaulted a cop trying to break up a fight he was involved in. And another 3 teens (possibly the same ones) stabbed a 16 year old in a hallway by the cafeteria.

A homeless man, robbed 4 churches of different faiths in Elmhurst, Corona & Flushing. His motive was that he was on a mission against God.

A contractor, Declan McElhatton, was charged with arson for illegaly using a torch that caused a massive blaze in an Elmhurst apartment building that left 67 families homeless.


At the East Broadway F train station in Chinatown/L.E.S., a transit worker cleaning turnstiles was assaulted and attacked with pepper spray by a woman farebeater.

A man committed suicide by jumping out a window of the Helmsley Tower in Midtown, a week after a banker swindled by Bernie Madoff jumped to his death out of a hotel window 2 blocks away.

A man was stabbed twice by his cousin in Soho on W Houston St. and Broadway.

And an aspiring rapper named Ju was slashed in the face with a blade in the East Village. He tried to take an Uber car to the hospital, which the driver later kicked him out for getting blood on it. The victim was subsequently arrested after being treated for stitches for prior trespassing violations.

The suspects, 5 of them, are still on the loose


New Bad Days X: Child Predators Edition

Rainford Salmon channeling Fagin


In Crown Heights, a gang member and convicted burglar, Rainford Salmon, trained kids in the neighborhood to break into apartments and steal valuables. Taking literary license from Dickens’ Oliver Twist’s fiendish character Fagin with the same ignominious manner as Mayor De Faustio is unwittingly using from the “Tale Of Two Cities” that has caused widening economic discrepancy in the 5 boroughs.

In Cypress Hills (not Cyprus Hills, Gothamist), a deranged mumbling man and former gang member, Rafael Martinez, tried to abduct a 4 month old baby girl from her mother, Yubarbina Peña at the J train station Alabama Ave. Mrs. Pena and her mother-in-law valiantly fought off the lunatic with the aid of another commuter leading to the culprit’s arrest.


In Morningside Heights, a 12 year old boy was the intended target as shots were fired at a barber shop.

Let’s be extra careful out there citizens. And it’s Easter time, so remember keep smiling.