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Naomi Osaka Kicked Serena Williams Ass As Well As Her And The U.S. Open’s Big Bank Sponsor Osaka, champion.

Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, N.Y.

Attendees spending thousands of dollars at the U.S. Open have witnessed the worst moment in sports history in this early century and perhaps even all time in not just tennis but in all sports. Serena Williams put on a display of wretched entitlement ,nauseating petulance and a cunning manipulation on the emotions of the audience and even her better opponent.

After getting trounced by Naomi Osaka in the first set and up 1-0 in the second but down 40-15 in the second game, Williams got penalized by the umpire when he caught her clumsy husband coaching her from the stands, which compelled her to debate him about the charge and defended herself, rather amicably, that she would never cheat to win. Which brought the crowd to cheer. As she sat down on the sideline though, she wouldn’t shut up about and kept on defending herself.

Later on as Serena was up 3-1, she double faulted and Osaka caused Williams to hit the net trying to return her volley and cut the lead to 3-2, which compelled her to throw her racket to the ground destroying it. The umpire then penalized her for “racket abuse” and awarded points to Osaka for the cheap act. Which compelled Williams to futilely argue with the umpire and demand an apology from him. After Osaka won her third straight game to take the lead at 4-3, Williams continued to berate the umpire over the cheating call and threatened his livelihood by proclaiming that he will never officiate a match for as long as she is competing while still demanding an apology and calling him a thief, leading the umpire to penalize her entire game, giving Osaka the lead at 5-3.

serenaSerena Williams, princess of tennis, runner-up and bad mama loser.

After calling out the officials to appeal the penalty and blabbering about her rights as woman being violated and returning to the court with a sour puss expression, she managed to sweep Osaka and take the next game 5-4 and audaciously went to complain some more. The match finally ends as Osaka delivers a laser ace serve causing Williams to nearly fall on her face vainly to hit it, ending the match with Osaka winning the Championship.

Serena Williams conduct during the second set was a level of shitty sportsmanship (or is sportpersonship, who knows in this era of identity politics?) that resembled the hysterical cunning tactics of the biggest heel wrestlers that would stall and mince during their matches just to gain an advantage. Which is what Williams clearly did with heir feigned outrage by portraying herself as some sort of leader of women’s rights, for although it wasn’t obvious to her adoring crowd and the ESPN announcers that she pulling these stunts because she was getting her ass kicked by Osaka, who by beating Williams was the only person denying her right to a record tying Grand Slam total.

Serena bawled and bitched to her own detriment, but her histrionics overshadowed the dominant playing and the victory of her super-talented formidable opponent. As Naomi wound up sobbing as she sat down instead of being elated at making history not only as the first Japanese player to ever win and do it by beating the best (well, second best) female tennis player of all time.

But the degradation, of the winner and tennis, was not done. At the presentation of the trophies, the rabid crowd of rich jerks immediately booed, then USTA President remarked “how this wasn’t the finish that we were looking for” and went on to give Serena, the loser, tongue bathing her with undeserved praise with Naomi standing right there looking depressed. The sickening elevating of Serena’s second prize acceptance actually caused Naomi to feel guilty for beating her opponent and almost dropping her trophy before raising it high.

It should be noted that the person who awarded her the 3 million cash prize was a marketing exec from J.P. Morgan Chase, the too big to fail corporation and bank that was sponsoring the tournament. Which did a bunch of ads featuring the princess of tennis and self-anointed women’s rights leader prior and during the tournament. It’s quite possible that when the USTA and that ESPN guy mentioned that it wasn’t the ending they wanted, the they may have also meant J.P. Morgan Chase, which must have produced a big expensive post victory commercial featuring their narcissistic pitch woman. Osaka’s grand finale ace certainly put the kibosh on that ad campaign and also the obnoxious pernicious influence of corporation and sports/entertainment vertical integration.

But the true lasting thing is that Osaka’s victory wasn’t even about politics or marketing, it was about playing the game. Playing it good and playing it right. And Serena played it like a woman obsessed with her own legacy and greed foremost on her mind. And having the audacity to tie it to women’s rights and revoltingly playing the victim of one. Without a thought in her mind that with her distracting and cunning stunt, she was hypocritically denying the right of another woman, Naomi Osaka, the right to compete and win too.

And although she congratulated her and consoled her during that traumatic episode. Williams never apologized her. And still hasn’t while she is still harping about an apology from the umpire for the past week. Apparently for Serena, women’s rights are there for her to exploit to get what only she wants.



New Bad Days 55, Hot August Crime Blight; NYC Tourist Office Creates Tour To Places Where Rich Women Get Drunk And Stupid; NYPD Gets Filmed Abusing Authority, Embarrassing The Badge By Fabricating Station House Rules, And Showing Class And Professionalism While Being Taunted By Chumps; MTA Workers Getting Attacked By Commuters As Well As Commuters Getting Attacked By Society’s Dregs; Nail Salon Goes Batshit And Wails On Customers With A Broom; Homeless Man Gets Crushed By Truck Trying To Rest And Stay Dry; Woman Gets Set Up By Her Best Friend And Winds Up Killed And Cut To Pieces In Sloppy Murder Plot; Health Aide Gets Stabbed By Her Patient’s Son; A Entitled Drunk Man Gets Killed In One Punch Banging On A Car That He Thought Was His App-Ride And Mail Theft, Burglaries, Street Fighting, Brutal Muggings, Gang Attacks, Brazen Stabbings, And Shootings Make Gradual Inclines. skanking and dranking.

New York City’s government office NYC & Co. has created a tour itinerary centered on the places frequented by the unbridled, obnoxious, incorrigible, and vagrant booze imbibing of the wealthy women from the “reality” “show” The Real Housewives Of New York”  where the billions of tourists that have subsumed this city can see the sights where the ladies get away with derelict behavior that any other citizen would get arrested for.



In Inwood, a group of people hanging and chilling out, listening to music in front of a car dealership lot were confronted by two cops responding to a noise complaint. As the men were removing their stuff, one of the cops takes the speaker that was plugged into a lamppost and puts in the unmarked patrol car. As the man that was disputing the seizure walks away the cop, Detective Nunez, grabs him from behind and puts him in a chokehold and then shoots him with a tazer. Over 20 other cops show up later to assist in the arrest.

Detective Nunez, whose prior uses of excessive force, which includes a warrantless home invasion of two elderly people, has cost the city over $250,000  is part of the Mayor de Blasio’s neighborhood coordination program, an optic and image conscious effort to be in touch with the neighborhoods and communities the precincts serve and protect.

Also in Inwood at the 207th Street Station, two women accosted and obstructed a man trying to exit after they accuse him of steeping on the foot of one of them on the A train. They then followed the man and attacked him on the mezzanine by hitting him with a purse and slashing him twice with a boxcutter.

In Harlem, a man heading for his apartment was stalked by a man who then held him up at gunpoint then placed him in a chokehold, causing him to pass out, easily robbing him of his backpack and $1,000 in cash.

Also in Harlem, a man frustrated with the smug indifference being exhibited by a police sergeant, took out his phone and started to film his ordeal on his phone. The police sergeant warned the man that filming wasn’t allowed and cameras weren’t allowed in the station or any other station (really now?), as the man continued filming while cursing him out.

Again in Harlem at the Carver Houses, a 19-year-old man was shot and killed and two other men were wounded during a shootout.

And again in Harlem, two men wearing wigs and possessing guns held up a bodega and robbed it of $1,000.

And again in Harlem, a woman trustfully let a man inside her apartment building then the man grabbed her ass and attempted to kiss her in the vestibule. The woman grabbed him by the throat and took out a knife causing him to back off and also throw a burger at her (?!) then walked out as the woman wouldn’t back down (this woman is obviously aware of and prepared for the new bad days and who knows what lunatics are loitering on her block, and certainly was cognizant of the aforementioned chokehold mugging in the same town). As the woman slunk to the floor in exasperation, the creep returned and menaced her at the front door.

And again in Harlem at the 125th St./Lexington Ave. Station, a man stabbed another man in the mouth with a pen and robbed his cellphone on the platform and threw his backpack on the tracks.

And again in Harlem, a man stalked and shot a pizza delivery man in the head, instantly killing him.

And again in Harlem at the 145th St./St Nicholas Ave. Station, a transit worker boarding the A train got attacked by a man who pounded him with punches to his face.

And again in Harlem, a man inquiring about the ethnicity of a deli clerk punched him in the face when he responded.

In East Harlem, two teenage boys got shot at by a man chasing them on the street by a park at 4:30 p.m.

Also in East Harlem at the Carver Houses, a man got shot to death from a shootout with two other men.

In Midtown, a man held up two banks by handing a note to the teller and made off with $600, then he robbed 3 more banks in the West Village and Downtown with the same method and robbed them for over two grand.

Also in Midtown at the Lexington Ave. Station on the E train, two men berated a commuter and accused him of staring at them, so they both attacked the man and stabbed him on the side by his chest.

Again in Midtown, a lady cab driver attacked a couple in a cruiser by dragging the man out of his car and laying punches on him, after the man defended himself the lady cab driver suckerpunched the woman and the brawling continued. The fight gets broken up by samaritans as all the brawling participants went back to their vehicles and regresses into a demolition derby as they cut off and hit each other and smashing a park vehicle.

And again in Midtown, a woman committed suicide by jumping out of a hotel window and landing on a second floor balcony.

In Washington Heights, a man threw a brick at a woman and later chased her with a knife in the hallway of an apartment building. He was released without bail by a judge despite the loon admitting his intent to attack his victim.

In the East Village, a woman was sexually assaulted on the street immediately after leaving a bar at 3:30 a.m.

Also in the East Village, a man is wanted for stealing delivery packages from 15 buildings in a 6 month span.

In the Lower East Side, a man exiting a trendy nite club was confronted by three people who grabbed him and threw him in their car and drugged him. They took him to a bank in the Bronx and forced him to withdraw cash and robbed him of $260, his watch and cellphone and left him there and drove off.

Also in the Lower East Side at Chrsytie Park, a man got stabbed in the chest and died.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man robbed packages in apartment buildings by getting access from ringing doorbells.

And again in the Lower East Side, a dead man’s body was found floating in the East River by the Williamsburg Bridge.

In Chinatown, two boys broke into a lot and doused three trucks and a backhoe with gasoline and set them on fire.

And again in the Lower East Side and Chinatown, a man broke into five apartments and robbed jewelry and electronic items worth over $31,000.

In Times Square, a woman set a hotel room on fire and ignited two more fires in garbage cans on her way out.

In the Upper West Side, a massive sinkhole filled with a garbage can, spilled asphalt and barricades remained unrepaired for three days. This shows that Vision Zero

Also in the Upper West Side, two men mugged two women by knocking them down and robbing their purses.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man jumped out of freezer at a fancy cafe and startled workers by yelling about the devil then threatened them with a knife. The man mysteriously died moments after the attack.

And again in the Upper West Side at Riverside Park, a woman’s dead body was found floating in the Hudson River.

Also in the Upper East Side, shots were fired at the upper floor windows of a luxury apartment building that came from a man shooting from a park on Roosevelt Island.

Again in the Upper East Side at the 96th Street 2nd Avenue Station, an entire Q train got sprayed with graffiti. Despite the fruitiness, it’s still better than all the shitty commissioned art that Mario’s son Governor Cuomo approved to deck the walls on the transit line and not hideous like a plethora of ads spread out by some weak ass startup company.

Taggers left this Q train completely covered in graffiti

And again on the Upper East Side, a man stabbed an 18-year-old man that he caught shoplifting.

And again on the Upper East Side, a homeless man that broke into a nail salon and robbed a 36″ T.V. monitor was involved in 8 other break in robberies of businesses on the east side of town, notably for using a hammer to break down neighboring stores walls to get in. He also burglarized two stores, including one prying a loose air conditioner off a wall, and robbed them of over $27,000 of cash and checks.

In Downtown, a baby boy, still alive, was found floating in the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge and was rescued by a tourist who jumped in the water to save him. The baby died after attempts to apply CPR failed. His father fled and got caught in Thailand and was extradited.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a homeless couple, with 77 prior arrests between them, stabbed a man to death on the street in a setup for sex services.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man killed his roommate to death by stabbing him 16 times in the chest and neck because he tried to avoid getting drugged and molested by him.

In Kips Bay, a man hired by the Adminstration Childrens Services as a counselor for a children’s center, assaulted a 6-year-old boy by picking him up and slamming him against a door and slamming his body into a cabinet and throwing the kid into a drawer. The counselor served time in prison for murder and claimed the beating was in self-defense.

Also in Kips Bay, two drivers with suspended licenses crashed their cars into each other, causing a garbage can to hit a pedestrian.

In Tribeca, a livery SUV driver plowed into a cyclist on the greenway bike path, causing him to flip into the air and crash to the ground. Many witnesses noticed the cops that showed up hardly questioned the driver.

In Chelsea, a misnomered rapper and his crew assaulted a woman and snatched her cellphone as his goons put her in a chokehold at a diner because he thought she was filming them.

In Greenwich Village at the 8th Street Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving R train.

Also in Greenwich Village at the 8th Street Station, a man pleasured himself in front of a woman then followed her down the stairs and flashed her.

Also in Greenwich Village, a woman punched a man in the face who standing behind her in McDonalds.

In Washington Square Park, a woman was found dead sitting on a bench.

In Gramercy, a man stripped his clothes off inside a restaurant and robbed $600 from the cash register and also an Ipad and phone, then he put his clothes back on and ran away.

In Soho, burglaries of expensive apartments and lofts have doubled this summer compared to last year, seeing an uptick of 9%.


Also in Soho, a woman who stole two credit cards from a purse in a nail salon that was caught and arrested by cops managed to escape custody while handcuffed and climbed out the window of the police vehicle. But was caught by another cop who was smoking a cigarette.

In Grand Central Station, a man shoved another man onto the tracks because he accidentally bumped into him on the stairs.

Also in Grand Central Station on the 4 train, a woman defiantly sat down a seat even though a homeless person was sprawled on it.

feet ladyTake that abject poverty and homeless crisis!

In Union Square  a moronic lunatic brought a large couch on the 4 train and obstructed a door and the floor so he can bring it back to East New York.

In Tudor City, a doorman at a luxury apartment building sexually harassed three female tenants by sending pictures and lascivious messages to their cellphones.

In Central Park, 70 raccoons have died from a virus outbreak that causes them to wander around like zombies before collapsing from the disease. Kind of like the effects and the scene of people meandering about in a similar state after smoking K-2.


In East New York at the Grant Ave. Station, a train conductor got ganged up on by three commuters who collectively got pissed when they found out the A train was skipping their stop. Then a man reached into the window and tried to drag the transit worker out of his cab, and then he and a woman threw punches at him as he fought back, while others threw beer cans at him. L train shutdown is at 8 minutes to midnight.

Also in East New York, a man approached a luxury car and threatened the driver at gunpoint to give up his watch. The driver who happened to be a retired cop, stepped out of his car and pulled out his gun and engaged in a shootout with the mugger, causing him to run away.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a fight between six men escalated when one of them fired a gun in front of the Jay St./Metrotech Station entrance and a national chain store cafe. Which resulted in a massive police deployment leading to them collectively hanging out for an taxpayer-funded allotted waste of time and resources.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a man shouting racial slurs on a bus punched a man in the face who was the subject of his bigotry and stepped off.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the DeKalb Ave. Station, a man stabbed a 72-year-old man in the face with scissors on the Q train.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a homeless man that charged another homeless man with a metal weight during a fight inside a shelter got beaten to death when the man he attacked defended himself by beating him senseless.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, an off duty firefighter was caught and arrested for driving drunk on the BQE

Also in Bed-Stuy, a 61-year-old woman got stabbed in the chest trying to break up a street fight between three teenage boys.

Again in Bed-Stuy at the Ralph Ave. Station, a man watching an argument between two men on the opposite platform ran across four lines of tracks, jumped on the platform and stabbed one of the men multiple times.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a redundant city worker aide to Co-Mayor Chirlane McCray Wilhelm de Blasio got attacked by a man who put her in a choke hold and robbed her purse containing cellphones and her City Hall I.D. and badge. (Badge? for what?)

And again in Bed-Stuy, a 79-year-old woman died in a fire in the house where she lived her entire life.

In Brownsville, an off-duty NYPD sergeant shot a man in the face on the sidewalk then claimed he was a mugger and shot him in self-defense. But he subsequently got arrested when it was found out that the victim was the boyfriend of a woman he was also seeing and both men were previously arguing at the apartment building where the woman lived. The rogue cop also planted a boxcutter at the crime scene and is now off the force.

Again in Brownsville, a 16-year-old boy stabbed a 15-year-old boy to death inside a school where the victim tried to hide after he was being chased on the street by his attacker after they had an argument.

And again in Brownsville, a serial chain snatcher robbed jewelry off the necks of seven elderly people.

And again in Brownsville, a man sprayed an aerosol can at two city bus drivers on the same line early in the morning and later in the afternoon, when that driver refused to let him on because the man couldn’t pay.

And again in Brownsville, a fire ignited in a bodega blazed to the apartments above it in a three-alarm fire, killing a woman and leaving five families homeless.

And again in Brownsville, a man died a week after he got shoved to the ground by another man as his head hit the pavement.

And again in Brownsville, a man got shot in the back on the street at 8:50 p.m.

In Crown Heights, a woman was attacked by a man who tackled her to the ground against a car, placed her in a chokehold and robbed her of her handbag.

Also in Crown Heights, a shootout on the street led to a 16-year-old boy getting shot in the back, a 31-year-old man getting hit twice in the leg and back as he was riding his bike in the crossfire and a shot hitting a state senator’s campaign office’s door while a crowd of people were still inside.

Again in Crown Heights, two men shoplifting from a bodega beat up and stabbed a worker in the back who tried to stop them.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was found dead in his apartment with a bag over his head and cuffed to the bed.

And again in Crown Heights, a man arrested for beating up his girlfriend tried to flee from custody while handcuffed.

In East Willamsburg, a homeless man taking shelter from the storm underneath a truck got killed when the driver moved the rig forward and backed up unaware that the man was under it. fucking city. (Photo by Sam Costanza/New York Daily News)

In East Flatbush, a brawl broke out in a nail salon after a customer complained about a botched eyebrow job and demanded her money back. Then the workers ganged up on her and her two granddaughters with one of them bashing her with a broomstick and another worker spraying acetone at them. Two women wound up getting arrested, and guess what, it was the customers. Too bad those ladies weren’t “Real Housewives”.

Also in East Flatbush, a wheelchair bound man got shot by an off-duty cop when he took out his gun and fired at him after they had an argument in front of a house where a party was going on. The handicapped hard headed man got crippled when he was shot four times at a a party in an incident years earlier.

Again in East Flatbush, two men were stabbed and slashed at a playground.

In Sunset Park, a man stopped and questioned by six cops went on a verbal barrage on them and decided to film it with his phone. After the cops co-operated by showing their badges and giving their names, the man continued to berate them and proclaimed freedom of speech to justify his behavior. As the cops calmly walked away, the man proceeded to follow them and crassly insult and shout obscenities them. He got arrested after various warnings from one of the officers. Moron.

Also in Sunset Park, two men sitting on the stoop were confronted by six men who proceeded to beat them up with baseball bats and wooden planks then threw glass bottles at them.

Again in Sunset Park, a man followed a 13-year-old boy inside a church and fondled him on the staircase.

In Bushwick, a woman riding her bike got sideswiped and knocked down by a city sanitation truck causing her arm to be partially severed.

Also in Bushwick, two men filmed themselves making a pot deal in a playground and measuring the kind buds on the trunk of a police car.

Again in Bushwick, drivers are resorting to parking their cars in the middle of the street during street sweeping so they don’t get tickets for parking in the bike lane and cops are obliging them to do so.

In Coney Island, a cop assigned by the city to promote diversity grabbed two women’s asses at a boxing event.

Also in Coney Island, two men jumped a man as one put him a chokehold and his accomplice reached into his pockets and stole $250.

Again in Coney Island, a woman disputing a fare with a cab driver jumped into the front seat and punched him in the face and robbed him of $200.

And again in Coney Island, a man impersonating a sheriff harassed a woman who was raped by two cops during a pot bust at her home as he filmed her with his phone and berated her with profanities.

In Cypress Hills, a woman leaving a nite club jumped in a car that she mistakenly thought was a livery cab got held up at gunpoint by the driver who then pistol whipped and tried to rape her. When she fought back, he drove her someplace and kicked her out of his car.

Also in Cypress Hills, a man shot three times into a crowd on the street and hit two men.

In Borough Park, three Hasidic men got hit by a hit-and-run driver that was backing up for a long distance and crossed an intersection on the street. NYPD determined that the reckless driver was only looking for a parking space. Yeah, O.K.

In Brooklyn Heights at the Brooklyn House of Detention, a convict attacked a C.O. by punching him repeatedly and throwing him to the floor, leaving him with a broken jaw.

In Seagate, a woman woke up in her bedroom at 2:40 a.m. and saw a burglar run out with her handbag containing her I.D, credit cards, passport and $3,000.

In Park Slope, a man being chased by cops after snatching a purse, ran into the subway and killed himself when he got zapped stepping on the third rail.

Also in Park Slope, a woman taking shelter from the most recent daily isolated thunderstorm downpour was accosted by a woman who accused her of illegally loitering and called the cops on her.

In Greenpoint, gun shots went off a block away where two rappers were filming a video.

In Kensington, a fire broke out in a tire store and it’s backyard, leading to five smokeeaters getting injured and eleven residents in the apartments above the shore homeless.

In Sheepshead Bay at the Kings Highway Station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as she got on the Q train.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a man held up a cellphone store employee at gunpoint and robbed four expensive phones and cash.

In Bay Ridge, a man was found dead floating in the river under the Verrazano Bridge.

In Bensonhurst, two men attacked a man with a metal rod and smacked him on the head with it.

In Prospect/Lefferts Gardens, a FDNY smashed into a car in an intersection while en route to an emergency.

On the Verrazano Bridge, two cops got injured when a man involved with multiple bulglaries driving a stolen van the wrong way crashed into their vehicle impeding his getaway.

In Williamsburg, noise problems from the rooftop a pretentious upscale hotel are frustrating and disrupting the peace of the neighboring homes of the town’s residents despite filing complaints to the city that continue to get ignored. Will the night mayor and the newly assembled night parliament summon the NYPD to bring down the infernal racket by placing some entitled obnoxious drunk ass hipsters in chokeholds too?

Bronx More body parts found in garbage bags, this time in a Bronx park

In Crotona Park, city park workers found garbage bags of body parts of a woman at the south end of the park near the street. Four days later, two more garbage bags of severed body parts of the same woman which included the head were found left on the rocks on a pier at Baretto Park, when a jogger passing by noticed a foot sticking out of one of the bags.

Police investigations linking the butchered remains led to the arrests of a man and woman who knew the victim, Lisa Marie Velasquez, as she went over to their house to break up a domestic dispute between them over their child and was blindsided by the man who bludgeoned her head multiple times with a hammer then he and his girlfriend, who was the best friend of her murder victim, cut her body to pieces with knives to cover up their wretched heinous plot by ditching the remains in two public parks like the way another young woman, Brandy Odom, whose body was cut up and left in garbage bags sloppily hidden on the grounds of Canarsie Park in Brooklyn (her killer is still on the loose).

In Longwood, a 62-year-old woman who worked has a health aide to a 90-year-old woman was attacked by her grandson who stabbed her 12 times in the hallway of the apartment building. The suspect was detained while wearing his grandmother’s nightgown. Just like Norman Bates.

In Univeristy Heights, a man shot and killed another man he was arguing with on the street.

In Fordham Heights, a man got shot multiple times to death in front of a Buddhist Temple.

Also in Fordham Heights, two people got shot on the street.

In Allerton, a brawl inside a niteclub spilled out on the street, with twenty people outside on started shooting his and shot a woman in the head, a man in the leg and two other men that got shot in the arm, while two other men got stabbed at the time. The woman died days later.

Again in Allerton, a woman got slashed by her husband with a kitchen knife inside their apartment. Cops that showed up saved her from bleeding to death by applying a tourniquet. The husband got caught at Kennedy Airport trying to flee the country.

And again in Allerton, a man got stabbed in front of a busy dry cleaner filled with customers in broad daylight.

And again in Allerton, a man chased and shot an 18-year-old man three times in the back, arms and prosterior as he was running away from him on the Peljjgrounds.

In Grand Concourse, a man got shot to death on the street by another man he was arguing with and refused to identify his killer to the cops that showed up.

In Mott Haven, a man bothering an 8-year-old boy for directions (a grown man needs to ask a child for directions? What a pathetic scuzzy con) scared the kid and chased him into his apartment building then stole a cellphone the boy was holding out of his hands after a struggle.

In Williamsbridge, a woman feigning to buy a house at a real estate dealership was later accompanied by two men who held up the place by gunpoint, tied up the workers and robbed it of jewelry, $8,000 and a security system.

Also in Williamsbridge, a man who stole a motor scooter killed himself when he crashed into an approaching SUV in the intersection.

In Fordham Manor, a man attempting to rob another man got beaten to a bloody pulp as he put him in a bear hug and six of his friends dragged him between two cars and beat him down with punches and kicks and was bashed with a stick.

Juana Blume was beaten up after he held up someone in the street.

In Fordham Manor, a man was slashed in the neck by his nephew on a street corner.

Also in Fordham Manor, a man got pissed about a tattoo he got at a parlor, so he went back their and stabbed the artist twice in his leg.

Again in Fordham Manor, an NYPD specialist assaulted his wife by smacking her causing her to fall on and break a table.

In Kingsbridge at the 225th Station on the 1 train, a woman got accosted by another woman for sitting next to her who started shoving and pushing her. When the woman got up to get away from her to find another seat, the other woman followed her, grabbed her by the hair, pushed her to the floor and punched her multiple times. The suspect then got off the train at the next stop and was wearing nursing scrubs.

In Highbridge, a woman was found half-naked and dead in the street from a drug overdose.

In Mount Hope, a NYPD captain destroyed a memorial of candles dedicated to a Trinatarios gang member by kicking them and spreading broken glass on the sidewalk.

In Mount Eden, a man walked up to two men on the sidewalk and shot at them multiple times, hitting one in the arm and the other in the thigh and hand and then walked back to a car waiting for him and drove off.

Also in Mount Eden, a man spray painted swastikas on an EMT vehicle and ran away.

In Woodstock, cops responding to a call about a fight in a building showed up to woman’s apartment who decided not to press charges against the boys that were hanging out with her son. As the cops were walking down the stairwell, said boys were talking the shit and shouting obscenities at them while filming the provocation for broadcast on Mark Zuckerberg’s shitty ass website. The cops professionally kept walking away with dignity, playing it cool.

Ten days later, two of the obnoxious jerks who are twin brothers that were yelling at the cops, got arrested for two robberies. The one who was filming the video beat down a man with the aide of two other dumbshits and stole his scooter and the dumbass got caught because he brought it back to his home and his idiot brother got cuffed in an robbery attempt of a man with the help of two other accomplices. Cool.

Easy Action!

In Belmont,  and one of the Trinatarios gang members who was involved in the highway lynching that crippled a 14-year-old boy and is seen holding a wooden plank was released on bail by a judge.

The NYPD has conjured up a half a million dollars for a command center for dogs in the Bronx, while the borough has the least amount of surveillance cameras despite the rise in crime there this year.


In Long Island City, a drunk tourist banging on a SUV yelling about needing a ride got into an argument with the driver who then punched him in the head, causing him to fall and hit his head on the pavement then walked away. The assault victim died two days later. Let this be a lesson to anyone super-dependent on their service apps and have a sense of aggrandizing entitlement about it.

Also in Long Island City, a man got shot in the ass and then went on the subway.

Again in Long Island City, a man shot another man in leg in front of one of those fancy new towers in the area.

And again in Long Island City, a man stalked a woman for four blocks then caught up with her on a street corner and grabbed her ass and ran.

And again in Long Island City, an imbecile who had trouble with his key to get inside his apartment killed himself trying to jump to his balcony from the next buildings roof.

In Astoria, a serial mugger attacked and robbed two women of their cash by knifepoint, suckerpunched and choked another woman for her wallet, pushed a another woman in an apartment building in an attempt to snatch her purse and grabbed another woman from behind, placed her in a chokehold and ran away with her purse. The skell arrested for the crime spree is a city worker for the Parks Dept.

Also in Astoria in front of the Ravenswood Houses, a man got killed from getting shot in the chest on the same day his daughter had her first birthday. The shooter that ran from the crime scene had a prior gun possession charge against him.

Again in Astoria, a man was found dead in the street with dirt and a ballgag in his mouth from a brutal beatdown.

And again in Astoria, three teenage males spent a day mugging people and robbing stores as they knocked a kid off his bike and tried to steal it but only made off with his cellphone. Stole umbrellas from a store and bashed them on a security guard who tried to stop them and ran away with their plunder and then hailed a cab and held the driver at knifepoint and robbed him of $81.

And again in Astoria, a woman bit a cab driver on the arm after she accused him of shortchanging him.

And again Astoria, a woman caught a man peeping into her window while jerking off. Cops called to investigate decided to blow her complaint off.

And again in Astoria at the Astoria Houses, a man got shot twice after arguing with two men who fled the scene.

And again in Astoria, a well-renowned actress from a classic dystopian society movie based on a Phillip K. Dick story trespassed into a film production office with her son and robbed two laptops and filming software. Those must be expensive.


In Far Rockaway, a 15-year-old boy shot a gun and got shot by the cops when he didn’t drop his weapon following a barbeque party and memorial eulogizing honoring victims of gun violence

In Rockaway Park, an 88-year-old man was killed by a driver that lost control making a u-turn and hit him on the sidewalk.

In Ridgewood, a man shoplifting steaks from a supermarket stabbed a worker with a hypodermic needle when he tried to retrieve the meat.

Also in Ridgewood at the Halsey Street Station, a man pulled a boxcutter on a man and robbed him of 6 bucks after a struggle.

In Bayswater, an 11-year-old boy enjoying a summer day riding his bike got hit by a hit-and-run driver speeding down the street who knocked the kid into the air on impact then dragged the kid and his bike as he kept going down the road.

In Jamaica, a man followed a 71-year-old woman to her apartment building, grabbed her then dragged her down while she was still holding her cart and robbed her groceries, leaving her bloodied on the pavement from hitting her head and a broken arm.

Also in Jamaica, a man getting off a bus was aggressively forced down the steps by kids running to the front. When the man yelled at them, they followed him down the street and tackled him and beat him down on the ground with punches and kicks to his head and body.

In Ridgewood, four men surrounded a 16-year-old boy in a playground and robbed his wallet at knifepoint. One of the men involved in the mugging then used the kid’s identity to deposit checks totaling over 7 grand and withdraw $900.

Also in Ridgewood, two men broke into three homes and robbing them of household appliances collectively worth over $3,000.

In Ozone Park, four teenagers surrounded a man and hit him with a bat and robbed his backpack, cellphone, watch and wallet.

In Richmond Hill, four men chased then attacked a man with sticks and a sword when he fell to the ground.

Photo courtesy of NYPD

Also in Richmond Hill, a police car spontaneously combusted on the avenue.

In Jackson Heights, a man broke into 3 bodegas and one restaurant, robbing a total of $12,000 along with lottery tickets, phone cards and a laptop worth $2,000.

Also in Jackson Heights at the Roosevelt/74th Ave. Station, a man snatched a cellphone out of woman’s hand and ran off the 7 train.

In Glendale, Middle Village and Maspeth, over twenty mailboxes have been infiltrated by mail fishing thieves.

Also in Glendale, two men jumped a delivery guy while he was making a food delivery and put him a chokehold and fled when they couldn’t rob him.

Again in Glendale, six teenagers jumped a 12-year-old boy and stole his bicycle.

In South Richmond Hill, a two family house went on fire injuring four people.

In Woodside, a city parks worker arguing with her co-worker, smashed a lawn chair on her during an argument at a playground.

In Flushing, a teenage male riding a bike snatched cellphones from 10 people in the span of a month.

Also in Flushing, a woman was found dead floating in the filthy river.

In South Ozone Park, two men, one wearing pajama pants, held up a man and robbed him of $2,800.

In Woodhaven, an 83-year-old woman was hit by a car as she was crossing the boulevard, which has been induced by a senseless street design devoting an entire lane for bus service.

In Bayside, a man who robbed a the same chain pharmacy store of over $3,000 of cosmetics got caught when he tried to shoplift it the third time.

In College Point, a man committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at a park.

Also in College Point, a man was found dead floating in the water by a yacht club.

In Rego Park, a man shoved his cellphone up a woman’s skirt at a clothing store. The pervert is a city worker for the Department of Environmental Protection.

In Woodside, a man committed suicide by jumping on the LIRR railroad tracks as the speeding train arrived.

In Douglaston, a man broke into a line of parked cars on the street and robbed items inside them, including a gun.

In Hillcrest, a man killed himself when he crashed his motorcycle into a vehicle making a u-turn.

In Howard Beach, a man got killed when he crashed his motorcycle into a car making a u-turn.

In Bayside, two men in a cruiser rolled up to a driveway and robbed a ninja bike in broad daylight.

In South Jamaica, two off-duty NYPD officers beat the crap out of each other in a domestic dispute.

In Forest Hills on the Van Wyck Expressway, a man rear-ended a car which caused it to jump a median on the opposite road, causing a three car pileup, killing a man. The driver who initiated the wreck continued driving and smashed into three other vehicles.

Also in Forest Hills, a man grabbed a woman’s ass then drove away in his car.

In LaGuardia Airport, a dead six month old fetus was found in an airplane bathroom.

On Rikers Island, a C.O. was attacked by five convicted gang members and beaten down a cane

Again on Rikers Island, a C.O. was trying to break up a fight between two inmates was beaten down by them, splitting his forehead open.

Explain how new jails in towers with fancy retail, restaurants and even residential apts. is going to stop the perpetual violence on Rikers again you stupid asshole officials?

Staten Island

In St. George, a homeless man was stabbed to death by another homeless man who stole his cellphone in front of the courthouse where a shootout occurred a month earlier.

In Tompkinsville, a drunk man being disruptive in a liquor threatened to beat up kill the cops who showed up to remove him as he resisted arrest.

In Port Richmond, two men walked to a man on the street and punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground, stealing his cellphone, wallet and watch.

In Concord, a man was caught driving drunk with his 15-year-old brother in the front seat with him.

In Tottenville, a drug pusher was arrested for selling heroin and cocaine that led to an overdose death and six other o.d.’s.

In Charleston, two men shoplifted and got away with $1,200 worth of tools and ceiling fans from a Home Depot.

In New Springfield at the Staten Island Mall, a man was found on the premises possessing a gun.

In the North Shore, burglaries have gone up by 36% since compared to last year.

Now that the school year is here, it should be noted that District 29 in Southeast Queens had the highest reported amount of brawls at their middle schools of all the districts in the five boroughs in the last year where 80% of the students admitted they witnessed or were part of the brawls.

And the number of weapons confiscated from students, the majority of them knives (2,718) and boxcutters (771), went up by 28%. A school year consists of 180 days, which on average means that 15 knives and 4.3 boxcutters kids are trying to sneak in to schools. Which means that kids need to buy more books for body protection.

Stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. You are the future…


The Deep State Manifesto

Washington D.C., America

A book about to be released next week by legendary journalist Bob Woodward about the presidency of Donald J. Trump. According to reports, mostly by the New York Times and covered by the news media, it’s all about the toxic chaotic atmosphere in the White House and confirms a lot of generally held beliefs about the mental stability, actual power and decision-making of and brutal opinions from those serving at the pleasure of the President.

But most importantly what Woodward revealed is that the Deep State is vitally alive as well. Now that it/they have officially come out in the open thanks to the New York Times giving consent to let a current top level White House administration official (or officials) to write an anonymous scathing and quite unsettling op-ed in their paper in an attempt to reassure the citizenry of this nation that despite Trump’s wayward style of governing and policy making, the nation is stable because they got everything under their control. This op-ed defends actual real time collusion against the commander-in-chief.

Despite Trump being a vile human being, profoundly ignorant of what his job entails and is using the using the position to enrich himself, his family and to bolster his own businesses (and maybe because he needed a new job), this op-ed goes against everything this nation stands for being that a group of individuals are undermining and making insignificant the actual job and leadership of the presidency along with disenfranchising the rights of the voters that put Trump in office by plotting and childishly stealing policies behind his back. It doesn’t matter how acerbic his personality is, how incorrigible his conduct has been or how unpredictable his thought patterns are.

And they are proud of it and are not at all ashamed that these acts were committed. The defiant and boastful condescension by the anonymous official (or possibly officials) about these deeds leave open the possibility if these tactics were done before in past administrations led by daft, declining and overmatched elected leaders like W. Bush, Reagan and Obama.

This op-ed was clearly written and permitted by a major news publication because Woodward’s book more exposes the incrimination of the officials under Trump in sabotaging policies that they don’t wholly agree with than it incriminates the brazen stupidity of the President himself. Or make that Figurehead, as this book confirms my moniker of him in past posts being that his decisions and the people that voted in 2016 don’t matter and essential choices about this nation’s future are being made in secret by certain officials.

And from the choice of words in this op-ed, especially the references to free markets and deregulation and a strong military, these signs point the authors to be Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin or Chief of Staff John Kelly, although Vegas set the best odds on Vice President Pence. What’s more insulting about this op-ed besides the admission of officials dictating policies is the re-appropriation of the word “resistance” and the official rebranding of the administrative conspiracy as “the steady state” and the writer(s) claim that they are did these things for moral reasons, like the trillion dollar oligarch welfare tax cut and the heinous immigration policy.

Unfortunately, because everyone in the White House are deplorable untrustworthy reprobates from the chief executive on down, the deep steady state is attempting to normalize these illicit and almost treasonous tactics as business as usual and in the dubious concept that they are doing this for our protection. Leaving an uncomfortable impression that they can (and had) will be colluding behind the back and undermine the decisions of the next elected President in 2020.

But since 2016, from the electoral victory of Figurehead Trump to this deep steady state manifesto shows…

Yeah? Well, then normal is fucked.


After watching some youtube vids about the Deep State Manifesto op-ed written and approved by the editors in the New York Times, I have to revise my guess about who the author of the long-awaited leak was. And all signs point to pollster, pundit and counselor to Figurehead Trump, Kellyanne Conway.

This came to me from a few Young Turks vids focusing on this expose’ on Trump’s descent into executive madness and a big tell from the op-ed itself. One person on the comments page just wrote “the leak is Kellyanne Conway” and that got me to thinking. This woman, who was all over the place on cable news when Trump was campaigning and after he won and then her role was marginalized and is only been seen occasionally in the last few years since his inauguration, but still defending the deceptions of Trump and his administration with unadulterated moxie. So there is the motive of revenge.

And her husband George apparently really loathes Figurehead Trump too and he shown his irreverence towards him any chance he gets on the Twitter, Trump’s favorite venting platform

Then there was a tell in the op-ed:

“This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.”

This rebranding of an unelected insidious colluding cabal running the White House is similar to Kellyanne’s classic description of the journalism detailing the real crowd size at Trump’s inauguration as “alternative facts”. In fact the whole op-ed describes how awesome the administration still is according to the leaker that it comes off like a person who still wants to keep his/her job or get promoted in the ranks when/if Pence takes over in 2019. This op-ed manifesto is basically a big part of her skill sets from her pollster marketing expertise and little part job resume.

And finally when Secretary Of State, Mike Pompeo was asked if he wrote or knew who the op-ed author was during a press conference after letting out the hugest forced sigh, a few seconds after defensively responding about the article and slamming the leaker and the paper of record he uttered the words “she had” real fast before going on his mild rant.

Mike knows who the op-ed author is, and it’s certain that the everyone in the new steady deep state collective knows who it is too.

And maybe, just maybe, so does Figurehead Trump. Who is too afraid to let someone with so much insider dirt that Kellyanne is storing that the rails will truly come loose and derail this wretched presidency. No wonder the book is called Fear.











John McCain, 81, Navy Officer And Pilot, Vietnam Veteran, Politician And U.S. Senator.

Kofi Annan, 80, United Nations Secretary General

Robin Leach, 76, T.V. Personality.


New Bad Days 54: Carcinogenic Steampipe Explosion In The Flatiron District Shows How Broken And Broke This City Is; In a Bushwick Park And In Front Of A Gap Store, Broad Daylight And The Presence Of Children Are Not Deterrents For Shootings, Nor Is Daylight A Deterrent For A Bat Beatdown In The Bronx; Women Are Getting Murdered In Their Homes And Through Online Dating; Crime Is Running Rampant In The Gentrifying Towns Of Astoria, Ridgewood And The Already Gentrified Town Williamsburg; Reckless Driving By Drivers And Bicyclists Show Zero Concern For Vision Zero And A Disturbing And Distressing Street Fight Has Become Ghetto Porn On Facebook. through the asphalt, asbestos in the sky.


In the Flatiron District, an underground 85-year-old steam pipe exploded and caused a massive crater and a 70 ft. geyser of white smoke and asbestos that covered buildings and the streets on 4 blocks.

After showing up at the end of the day because he felt the severity of the explosion and the environmental damage it caused didn’t warrant his immediate attention, Mayor Big Slow de Blasio hastily claimed that the air was safe to breathe there in spite of the evacuations of 50 buildings, the closing of businesses on and the barricaded shutdown of 5th avenue for a week.

It’s an amazing thing. The Flatiron District and Madison Square has been through a massive upheaval with more high end stores, more luxury hotels and condo towers, a complete yet retarded street redesign and that even more retarded pedestrian plaza and al fresco barsteraunt that was plopped in the middle of the fork between 5th Avenue and Broadway, yet this dumb ass city let a rusty near century old steam pipe rot away during all this hyperdevelopment. This shows where the cities priorities are. Blindly and mindlessly rubber stamping these buildings and projects. And also keeping their heads lodged up their asses.

Good thing City Hall toady Eric Phillps was there to document the mayor making the obligatory optical gesture of mayoral leadership.

Lean in there, William. That city crater is the definitive symbol of the moral center of you, your advocates and your monied donors.


In Columbus Circle at the train station of the same name, a man boarded the B train and randomly punched three women in their faces.

In the Lower East Side, a Muslim food vendor was dragged out of his cart by a man who proceeded to beat him down while yelling xenophobic slurs at him. The suspect constantly harassed the vendor for days prior to the assault.

In Soho, a man caught shoplifting in a sneaker store escaped from cops while he was being cuffed and ran away. The cops got him three days later where he was shacking up with his girlfriend.

In Herald Square, a corrections officer pulled out his gun and threatened a exotic dancer from a night club who refused to go home with him.

In Midtown, a man broke into a bar at 4:30 a.m. and robbed $500 and pilfered a bottle of Greygoose vodka that he poured in a bottle of his own.

In Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man holding up the E train by holding on to the door pulled a knife out and threatened a man that criticized him for smacking his son.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man in a wig robbed a bank of $500 and got busted when a cab driver got a warning on his phone about his passenger.

In the East Village, an elderly woman got robbed of her purse in her apartment by a man she let in who claimed he was there to repair a leak.

In Harlem, a man was shot to death as he was sitting in his car.

Also in Harlem, a man was killed from a shot to his chest. He was recently under indictment of stealing 200 grand from ATM machines with other gang members.

In East Harlem, a man recklessly driving his motorcycle on the wrong side of the street killed his passenger when he hit a bump causing her to fly off the back seat onto the pavement.

In Morningside Heights, a construction worker got killed on the job at a high-rise development building when a beam fell on him.

In Times Square, a man yelled a racial slur at then shoved an 84-year-old woman to the sidewalk

In the Upper West Side, a man walked up to a 10-year-old girl and tried to fondle her.

In the Upper East Side, two apartment building fires occurred within an hour.

On Wards Island, a homeless complex was found to have been breached from holes that were cut in the fence, leading to a rise in weapons and drug smuggling and prostitution.

In the new high-rise 4 block metropolis of Hudson Yards, construction workers of the new building developments there are getting loaded in bars during their lunch hours.

In the Upper West Side, the body of a dead woman was found in the Hudson River by Riverside Park.

In Tudor City by the Midtown Tunnel, an Uber driver got pulled over and was found to have over 90 traffic violation tickets in the trunk of a car belonging to his brother. The livery car had Florida plates.

In Central Park, in what could be comparable to the K-2 zombie effect, 24 raccoons were infected with the canine distemper, which caused them to wander around aimlessly in a catatonic daze and then die.

In Downtown Manhattan, a man was slashed in the face as over 10 people ran from the scene of the crime.

On the FDR Drive by Stuy Town, a stupid imbecile drove a Porsche on the pedestrian path to avoid traffic and got wedged between the bollard and a wall of a building. The driver fled the scene of the stupidity. tight (Theodore Parisienne, New York Daily News)

In NoMad, a man committed suicide by jumping off the 11th floor of a luxury hotel.

In Chelsea, an SUV hopped the curb and crashed into a cellphone store, injuring two pedestrians and two passengers.

Also in Chelsea, a man ripped off a tip jar containing 70 bucks from a tea shop counter.

In Battery Park by the Staten Island Ferry dock, a man who served time for raping a 6-year-old girl with the help of her mother pinning her down to the bed was caught illegally selling price-gouging boat trip tickets to the Statue Of Liberty.

In Herald Square and Midtown, a woman shoplifted close to $1,800 worth of makeup and fragrance products from an upscale cosmetic store chain.

In the East Village, a community garden locked down for two years because of building under renovation next to it has been overrun by Rats Of Unusual Size. Stemming from infrequent trash collecting of a dumpster at a NYCHA building and of two other buildings nearby. “The city does nothing” says a dutifully concerned citizen.

In Stuy Town, a man was found tied up and hanging upside down in a closet in his apartment. (And get a hearty laugh that social media handle name and avatar photo)

And in the subway, a couple of stupid motherfucking dicks loaded their crappy motorcycles onto the trains, hogging passenger space and obstructing the doors.



In Bushwick, gunfire broke out in a playground filled with families and children and kids playing a soccer match at 6:30 p.m., leaving one man dead after getting shot in the back and 2 wounded.

In East New York at the Broadway Junction, a man and his girlfriend got killed instantly when the man hugged her and jumped on the tracks when the C train arrived in a murder-suicide.

Also in East New York, a man got stabbed twice after a confrontation with three men.

Again in East New York, a man stabbed a worker in a 99 cent store with a screwdriver when he got caught stealing soap bars.

And again in East New York, two men with shirts over their heads robbed two SUV’s from a scrap yard.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a fight between a group of people in front of a discount department store escalated when a man took out a gun and shot it multiple times, hitting his target and two innocent bystanders, one of which was a woman who just came from a job interview.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St./Metrotech Station, two men arguing on the platform escalated when one man took out a knife and stabbed the other man then ran up the stairs.

In Brownsville, a brawl inside a laundromat spilled onto the middle of the street and led to the stabbing death of a 15-year-old boy and two other men being stabbed.

Also in Brownsville, a man shot a gun at two people in a park by the Brownsville Houses and ran away with his friend who was riding a bike.

Again in Brownsville at the Sutter Ave/Rutland Road Station on the 3 train, two gangs engaged in a fight devolved when one person pulled out gun and shot it, hitting an off-duty MTA maintenance worker that was on his way home. Following this horrible incident, the police transit chief insisted that the subway is safer than it’s ever been by absurdly citing a ratio between the amount of commuters and crime.

And again in Brownsville, three men were shot at on the street.

In Greenpoint, a man cut off another driver with his car on the boulevard, then took out a box cutter and started swinging it at the other man’s face. He then stole the keys to the car he cut off and sped off in a white car with the man he was slashing at holding on to the drivers side and getting scraped across a van that was stopped there during the fracas.

(♪Yeshiva World!♩)

In Cypress Hills, a kid who just turned sixteen got shot 5 times on a street corner after having an argument with three men, then died after running down the block. The suspect was actually looking to shoot the victim’s older brother but decided to kill him instead.

Also in Cypress Hills, a brawl between five men in front of a restaurant led to two men getting slashed.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a woman was found dead wrapped in a blanket and jammed inside her closet in her apartment. Her roommate and her boyfriend are under suspicion for the murder.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a livery cab driver was held up at gunpoint and robbed by four men of his cellphone and $1,200

In Flatlands, a woman invaded an apartment of a 90-year-old woman and robbed her of two grand worth of jewelry and silverware while she was still there.

In Sunset Park, a man busted into a woman’s apartment, held her at gunpoint and raped her and robbed her of $500.

Also in Sunset Park, a man riding a bicycle smashed into a pedestrian, causing him to fall and hit his head on the asphalt and rode away.

Again in Sunset Park at the 36th Street Station, a man snatched a wallet out of a woman’s hand and ran off.

In Fort Greene, two men hopped in a livery cab and assaulted the driver from the front passenger and behind in the back seat, then robbed him of $360 and his cellphone

In Williamsburg, a woman got dragged by a van that was driving away with her clinging to the side of the vehicle after she made a dash to get a slice of pizza.

Also in Williamsburg, a man killed himself when he crashed his car into a trailer.

Again in Williamsburg, a man stalked a woman as she was walking home then barged into her apartment and tried to rape her on her couch but she fought him off, but he still managed to steal $300 from her wallet.

And again in Williamsburg, a child was hit by a bicycle rider who did not yield for the school bus that displayed it’s flashing brake lights. The shithead bus driver who parked the bus jackknife style and not having any adult supervision getting the kids makes all responsible for the child’s safety look bad on both sides. And a bike lane would not have done squat.

And again in Williamsburg, a man who came to the aid of a woman who got cut off by a reckless driver who threatened her with brass knuckles got run over by that same driver who drove his car into him, pinning him into a fence, breaking his legs.

And again in Williamsburg at the Bedford Ave. Station, the L train had to be evacuated because of a false report of a person armed with a gun, leading commuters to panic, lose their shit and form a bottlenecked stampede getting out of the subway. Canarsie Tunnel Shutdown Clock is at 8 Minutes To Midnight. The genesis pioneer base of Hip Brooklyn is fucked.

Go check out those wussies (because it won’t display here, cheap ass instagram). The kids who were playing in that park in Bushwick when actual shots were going off were a million times more composed than this pathetic collective.

And again in Williamsburg, a 15-year-old was shot and killed and a man was grazed by a bullet by a gunman at the Bushwick Houses

And again in Williamsburg, a man hid out in a synogogue and robbed it of $400.

And again in Williamsburg, a man held up a chinese restaurant by putting a worker in a bearhug and made off with 200 bucks.

In Crown Heights, a facially ink-stained rap star was jacked in his ride by two men who stole his drivers cellphone then pistol-whipped and abducted him and drove him to the home of a woman that is the mother of his child and robbed him of his $750,000 chain and 20 g’s in cash that he was showing off in a strip club the prior evening. All he got was some further self-promotion and a sticker that contradicts his gangsta shit.

In Red Hook, dumbass workers on a booze cruisin’ party boat dumped their septic tank containing 500 pounds of human shit into the basin waters of the channel.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot at another man twice, hitting him in the back and groin and ran away.

In DUMBO, a skimming device was found in a portable ATM machine outside of a pizzeria.

In Gravesend, a man was shot in the chest by the Gravesend Houses.

Also in Gravesend and Kensington at two train stations, a man stole wallets from two commuters by cutting their pockets while they are napping.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man was shot in the leg by a street intersection.

In Starrett City, a 57-year-old woman reliant on an oxygen tank for breathing because of her lifelong bout with asthma, died when the power shut down in her building around 4:45 a.m.. Some crass FDNY official stated in a preemptive autopsy that she may have died before the blackout.

Oh this is so fucking funny, in the lower income towns of East New York, Brownsville and Crown Heights (yes Crown Heights is still low income), stolen shitty Citibikes have been left abandoned on the streets after being stolen from people or stations after users improperly dock them for riding back to the hood. This is what happens when you deny services or transportation alternatives to undesirable and transit desert areas. And I mean the assholes behind the bike share program who determine and believe those areas are undesirable.


In Throggs Neck, a man with mob connections eluded multiple shots at point blank range by a masked man during a drive-by.

In University Heights, a man got shot in the back and killed in the lobby of an apartment building by a man who once dated his girlfriend and then walked away with his dog.

Also in University Heights, two men in a car that crashed into another man’s vehicle was joined by two other men who rolled up in an SUV and attempted to rob the man while they were exchanging insurance information. It turns out that what they thought was a mark turned out to be an off-duty Long Island cop, who took out his service gun and shot at them, hitting two and wounding himself during the melee.

In Longwood, two men stepped out of an SUV armed with baseball bats then attacked a man walking on the sidewalk from behind and swung the bat at him, knocking him down on the pavement in broad daylight in front of scores of people.

In Soundview, a 62-year-old woman dying from cancer was strangled to death by her husband who then attempted suicide by stabbing himself multiple times.

In Baychester, a man and woman that just left a house party were grazed by bullets standing on a street corner

In Mount Eden, a man grabbed a woman’s ass in an elevator and made the dash out of the apartment building.

In Ferry Point, a dead and decomposed body washed upon the shore by Figurehead Trump’s golf course.

In Highbridge, a man shot at two men three times hitting one in the eye and the other in the shoulder and mid-section in a drive-by.

In Olinville, a drunk man broke into his ex-girlfriends apartment and stabbed her son in the neck, then fell two stories from the fire escape as he tried to flee.

In Jerome Park, two parks workers beat up a man for taking a piss in the park at 1:30 p.m.


In Springfield Gardens, a woman was found dead in her apartment wrapped in a blanket with her teeth knocked out and a neck injury from being strangled. The killer was caught in a hotel room in California and is linked to a rape and strangling of a woman in Park Slope.

In Long Island City, a fight between two women at a hotel homeless shelter led to one of them dousing the other with nail polisher remover and setting her on fire.

Also in Long Island City in another hotel homeless shelter, a premature born baby was found dead in a room along with her distraught mother and drug paraphernalia lying around.

In Astoria, four people were shot to death inside a house in a murder-suicide.

Also in Astoria, a man pulled out a gun in a nightclub and sporadically shot at multiple people then drove off in a fancy car.

Again in Astoria, a man robbed a tip jar and charity cup from a cafe and assaulted an elderly woman, but got tackled by an EMT worker and two other people who held the skel down.

And again in Astoria, four men held up a massage parlor by a holding a masseusse at knifepoint and robbed it of $1,000 and four cellphones. The same gang also robbed another massage parlor in Flushing five days earlier by grabbing two women and making off with 500 bucks and a cellphone.

And again in Astoria, a man got shot in the leg and another man got shot four times in the chest in shootings just 7 minutes apart and a few blocks away from each other.

And again in Astoria, a woman riding her bicycle ran a red light and got hit by a passing van and now she is in a hospital bed in critical condition. Tell me again how bike lanes encourage safety, Bill and Paul. Jackasses.

And again in Astoria, a man cursed out then threw liquid at a traffic agent’s back which caused a rash after she was giving him a parking ticket.

In St. Albans, a man was brutally stabbed to death on the driveway in front of his house.

Also in St. Albans, a man and his teenage brother fought off a man who tried to barge into their house at 2:45 a.m. after the culprit knocked on the door. The man then went outside and stabbed the home invader in the chest and then took a bat and beat him down on the ground, killing him.

In Woodside, a homeless man stabbed another homeless to death in front of a chain pharmacy store after they had a dispute.

In Ridgewood, four gang members attacked a man walking on a sidewalk then piled into a car and drove off.

Also in Ridgewood, a 63-year-old woman was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver speeding on the road.

Again in Ridgewood at the Forest Ave. Station, a woman attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving M train.

And again in Ridgewood, two men crawled into a window of an apartment that was being renovated and stole a stove and a microwave.

And again in Ridgewood, a man on his motorcycle killed himself after he sped through a stop sign and crashed into a car.

And again in Ridgewood, where condos are being grafted onto rowhouse buildings that are normally resided by middle class and working poor citizens, a man pulled out a gun and shot it four times at two people on the street in broad daylight. Break yourselves, fools!!!


In Sunnyside, a man feigning to aid an 85-year-old woman to get to the train station, delved into her purse and stole $130 and a debit card from her.

In South Richmond Hill, a man punched a chain pharmacy store clerk in the face and ran away with a bag of 11 bars of soap that he stole.

Also in South Richmond Hill, two men brutally assaulted and pistol whipped a 79-year-old man at 1:15 p.m. because they wanted his necklace then fled in an SUV.

In Ozone Park, an NYPD leutenant was caught driving drunk after he collided into a parked car on the boulevard.

In South Ozone Park, two men broke into a house and looted a refrigerator.

Also in South Ozone Park, a man climbed through a window of a priests rectory and stole $115 in cash and checks and a bag of chips for nourishment.

In Richmond Hill, a man who once was a reality show star got arrested for running an illegal auto scrap yard, towing and crushing vehicles without the proper licenses.

In Jamaica, a man who was released on his own recognizance by a judge who threw out his pot possession charge was arrested again after being caught with forged credit cards in his apartment.

Also in Jamaica, a man kidnapped his baby daughter from her mother in a hotel homeless shelter after they had an argument.

Again in Jamaica, a playground that has been shut down for 5 years has become home to a rat population amongst the growing weeds and garbage that a developer the city gave responsibility of it’s upkeep to.

In Flushing, a meth distribution ring operating out of gaming parlors was raided, leading to the arrest of 10 people including the drug lord.

Also in Flushing, two men armed with a knife and a gun broke into an apartment with four men inside and robbed them of $120, then stabbed one of them when a fight broke out between them.

In Rego Park at the Queens Center Mall, five people attacked two men in the food court, beating them down and slashing one of them in the face.

In Jackson Heights, a man drove his car into a pedestrian as he was crossing the street.

In East Elmhurst, a woman stabbed her boyfriend to death in her apartment during a domestic dispute.

In Averne, a 63-year-old got killed as she crossed the street and was hit by a driver running the red turning as he dragged her on the road.

In Corona, two men approached a man standing in front of a restaurant and demanded him to hand over his wallet and phone and stabbed him twice when he refused to do so.

In Fresh Meadows, two groups of men, which included a retired basketball star, that were hanging out at a Hooters restaurant got into an argument with each other then got fucking lit when one of the men pulled out a gun and started shooting.

In St. Albans, two men were shot in the leg on the street.

In Rikers Island, a corrections officer was slashed in the face by a prisoner he was protecting during a gang brawl.

Also on Rikers Island,

At JFK airport, a man who is a fugitive from a Virginia mental asylum emerged from the waters of Jamaica Bay then climbed an 8 foot fence and breached the 100 million dollar security system by walking right through it and was caught roaming by the runway.

In Bayside, two men broke into a mailbox and robbed it of it’s contents as mail theft continues to be a persistent problem despite retrofitting the boxes to prevent phishing.

Photo courtesy of the NYPD

In North Flushing, jagged slabs of concrete have been piling up on the sidewalks from tree removals that the city has been neglecting to fix for over four months.

In Rosedale, a man was shot to death and his body was found weeks later under an overpass road in Yonkers.

In Middle Village, Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and Flushing, a man is wanted for 13 muggings at gunpoint along with an accomplice

Staten Island

In Bullhead, a pyro douchebag attempted to blow up a gas station by spilling gas around a pump and igniting it with his burning receipt. Which was easily deterred by the extinguishers overhead.

In Oakwood, a man had two American flags robbed from the front of his house.

In Tottenville, a NYPD lieutenant was caught idling and drunk as shit in his car.

In West Brighton, a fight between two men got ultraviolent as property in front of a store got damaged and other men interfered by smashing and throwing chairs on the shirtless guy. All while the woman filming from a car was goading the combatants on. A small business worker was asked if this was a regular thing on the avenue and she flatly replied with a hint of Detective Jake Gitts; “It’s Castleton”.

Oh and the video is very popular on the facebook with over 90,000 views. Not having an account, there is no info here about how “liked” it is. This should provide some relief for Zuckerberg now that his vile company lost $120 billion dollars.

Ten heroin overdoses were reported over the July 4th weekend in this borough.

The murder rate went up 8% because of gang-related violence. Including a 22% rise in the Bronx not even related to gangs.

And in Queens, the borough has seen massive spikes of murders, rapes and robberies.

And the season is not even half over…

Impunity Twitty


Oh well, it had to come to this.

In order to widely disseminate my opinions and pertinent news regarding the wretched and debilitating state of this city and it’s inhabitants, be them upstanding folks or persistently irritable shitheads, this digital publication and it’s author have decided to branch out into the murky waters and space poop addled galaxies of social media by getting a Twitter account.

This was decided during much procrastination being that of the myriad risks of identity theft and metadata plundering and selling. Twitter was chosen because of the recent action on the platform of purging fake accounts that certain celebrities used to bolster their undeserved popularity like the acquitted murder suspect, justice obstructing retired linebacker Ray Lewis and of course Figurehead and President Motherfucker Donald Trump.

Of all the major platforms, it’s been decided that Twitter is the way to go after ruminating about using Instagram for a while but coming to a vehement objection since it’s owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who has made billions of dollars for stealing the idea of his abhorrent social media website which got it’s start objectifying women and is now embroiled in a massive scandal involving the selling of their users accounts without their knowledge or consent, in addition to violating their own company and user agreement rules, to the heinous data mining firm Cambridge Analytica in their mission to influence people on how they will vote or voted in the last presidential election. Zuckerberg deserves to be bankrupt and starving on the streets or living under a railway bridge winding up emaciated and dead from starvation and being feasted on by rabid squirrels before the maggots consume him. Avoiding Facefuck is my contribution to see that it becomes a hopeful reality.

Here is the debut message. It’s something about a constantly repeated feeble quote that has been vexing me for a long time:

So there it is if any of this blog’s daily readers, which I can count on one hand, want to chime in from time to time. I will be posting when I have actual free time, which won’t be that much, but I will make proper and efficient use of my new venue. Maybe like other overwhelmingly talentless and stupid rich people, I can turn this into a mass market interest commodity and become a billionaire like Ms. Kylie Jenner.

Like Patrick McGoohan, Astoria, Queens native and No. 6 on the dystopian classic show “The Prisoner” would remark every week:

Be seeing tweeting you.


JQ LLC of Impunity City (your city)

Gentrification Of A Beach And Federal Parkland Part IV: The Riis Park Bathhouse Reopens With The Reckoning Of High End Fast Food Concession And Ludicrous Luxury Camping Bolstered By A Bike Share Outbreak Amidst Unacknowledged Beach Erosion

087.jpgThe Riis Park Bathouse. Renovated and ripe for privatization

Here are parts 1, 2 and 3

Riis Park, The People’s Beach, Rockaway, QUEENS, N.Y.

In a rare bit of good news regarding parkland infrastructure, the historical landmark art-deco bathhouse pavilion in Riis Park as been re-opened after going through over 5 years of renovation following the devastation from the impact of hurricanes Sandy and Irene.

Unfortunately, the grand re-opening is marred by the privatization of the entire structure by the Riis Beach Bazaar collective of overpriced food concessions, a bevy of bars and the return and occupation of space for the still mind-boggling stupid and unjustifiably expensive luxury tent dwelling concept Camp Rockaway in a merger into a mindless frivolous spending consumption attraction and destination.

Now back in 2016, a nice park ranger gave a tour of the refurbished ground floor and the nice park superintendent remarked that to ensure the upkeep of the pavilion, it would have to come from private funding. Even though a few weeks before this report, the city received 47 million dollars in FEMA funds dedicated to rebuild and repair all structures that were destroyed along the peninsula in the last storm.

That the bathhouse is currently being occupied by an organization that was once sponsored by a local news blog and an idiotic concept that relied on crowdfunding just as recent as last year is quite unexpected and certainly needs more digging into if they can afford to lease the federal landmark building. Not much is known about who is funding this collective, presumably those pesky, sneaky private equity and venture capital firms along with various lobby or real estate firms and probably property owning mysterion LLC’s, but somehow they have clearly conquered the entirety of the “people’s beach” and turned it into an ersatz Brooklyn/Disneyland.




As for Camp Rockaway, it is quite the anomaly and absurdity. Last year at the end of summer and continuing into November, they drove their stakes and placed their settlement on an unused football field, complete with a still present field goal post. But now that they joined forces with the Bazaar, this summer its glamour tents are placed in the backyard lot of the bathhouse. For the stunning price of $195 on the weekdays and $245 on the weekend, families and couples can enjoy the wonders of nature by traipsing on the “campground’s” filthy tire-tracked sand with speckles of depleted grass.




To capture the experience of  “roughing it” and integrating it with what is described as “wellness”, the tents are furnished with mattresses,lamps, linens and dressers along with a phone charging station. Just like in actual real life nature.

Not mentioned is the illuminating of room freshner candles to soothe your senses as you drift into blissful slumber until hordes of people from Queens and Brooklyn and beyond head for the beach to enjoy it for free.


If the people of the “people’s beach” knew what they are missing! If the people had more disposable income than stagnant income, they can further mindlessly spend on the various amenities that Camp Rockaway decided not to include on their two c-note a night dirt nap dwellings. Like paying nightly tolls at the Riis Park parking lot, one of the biggest in the nation! For the times you get parched and need protection from nasty entomological creatures buzzing around, there are empty water bottles for you and mosquito repellent to purchase if you’re stupid enough not to bring your own, and if you are already spending 200 bucks to sleep overnight in a tent in a public beach, chances you already are.

You can bring your own food but it has to be prepared and you need to eat it all up because the only genuine thing about this campsite is that it has no refrigeration to store your rations. It’s okay because they advise their guests to take their food back to their hot cars if they have anything leftover. Which is what any seasoned camper would do if one doesn’t possess an igloo cooler.

Just like in actual campsite’s and thanks to the new restoration, the showers are available for use once you start to stink after festering in your tent and sojourning on the beach and nearby towns foraging for food and booze that you’re not allowed to keep in your temporary abodes.

If there are any worries about intruders, who may be tempted to breach the “campground” either through climbing over the gate or cutting the rusty chains and locks on the gates with the knowledge of easy marks willing to spend exorbitant sums would likely have expensive possessions like thousand dollar cellphones containing a wealth of personal data, various credit cards, and other disposable cash, the geniuses behind this malignant concept assures that the national parks dept has rangers patrolling the beach all day and night long for the guests protection at the taxpayers expense.

Unfortunately no alcohol is allowed and it’s lights out at 10 p.m. at Camp Rock. There sure are a lot of rules that you have to abide by. Which makes this campground resemble more like a scientology recruit settlement than the neighborly community vibe they are trying to commodify. And it also kills the tranquil vibe and escape from civilization that real camping provides, since according to their activities page, the only thing to pass the time is to spend and spend and spend at, natch, the nearby Riis Beach Bazaar.

Speaking of the R.B.B., their little concept of bringing the blandest of Brooklyn’s designer food and social media culture has been the recipient of good fortune at the misfortune of other locales and transit service. Land erosion at one of the most popular spots in Rockaway led to the City Parks Department to close the beaches down from B90 to B102 streets, which included the closure of the boardwalk (it has since been reopened for access), which has led to a noticeable upsurge in attendance at Riis.

More pseudo-yachts ferries have been added, even though the city cut the free Hornblower bus service. There’s more frequent bus service, the Q53 from Woodside, the Q35 from Brooklyn, and even the rarely seen Q22 in Rockaway (which used to originate from Ozone Park), now heads towards Riis Park that historically has never seen this much bus transit activity probably in decades and arguably in the city bus services’ entire existence as every other bus line continues to be behind schedule.

The A train to Rockaway also has been rerouted to going west to the 116th street and suspended the Mott Ave. destination for the entire summer, leaving Far Rockaway residents to go through the inconvenience of getting off at the Holland St. Station and crossing over to the other side to go eastbound. But making it super duper convenient for the target demos, hipsters from Brooklyn and tourists, to take one straight ride to the desired area of the peninsula.

And to make things more convenient A train commuters, once they get off there will be plenty of bike share bikes out there ready to use and dispose of as they get to their destinations. Especially once the electronic motor share bikes are dropped on the streets.

This post may be a bitter hate read, but even the most naive person would find that there is a massive effort by the city and their parks dept and even the national parks dept. to make sure this luxury bazaar and camping merger is successful, all attributed to a combination of the extreme effects of climate change and the aforementioned improvements to transit service. When the city parks dept. shut down beaches 91 to 102st at the last minute before Memorial Day it caused widespread panic to the enraged community and the businesses there, notably the new bar/restaurants that only opened on the boardwalk just a few years ago. And it wasn’t like the city wasn’t warned of the gradual debilitation of the shoreline, because they have known for years prior to when Sandy hit and did nothing about it since in congruence with continuing disputes with FEMA officials in a display of shithead solidarity buck passing and willful indifference as 10,000 tons of cubic sand wasted away in less than two years.


Regarding this closure, which is going to take a speculated two years to replenish it, it’s starting to look like the area in front of the Riis Bathhouse might have some apparent erosion issues of it’s own. Judging by the disturbing ponding by the boardwalk.



Will this also get the proper attention and will it merit the the same severity from the city as the measures they took to shut down the former popular beaches by Rockaway Park???




“Why see the world, when you got the beach”

Frank Ocean, “Sweet Life”

The Riis Park Bathhouse’s return is a no doubt a great thing, but it’s too bad it’s not being utilized for it’s intended use as a facility for the citizens and is being privatized this way to cultivate and manufacture a homogenized hip hangout and some sort of luxury destination with that stupid camp. As for the latter, this is actually a thing that’s been going on in other federal parks, most recently and more insanely at Governor’s Island. 

Even the bike share program, after only a few days, is already starting to become a blight on the beach.



But it’s doubtful that any action be taken or the slightest concern will be taken here. There is obviously a lot being invested that it’s taken precedence over the worrying concerns of smaller businesses that enthusiastically opened up and the residents enjoying the sun, sand and surf in Rockaway. In addition to the further neglect and inequity of services that are plaguing throughout the boroughs that favor pleasure seekers over the working classes in general. And monetizing the one free amenity and destination for people who can’t afford to go to the Hamptons or jetset to island and beach resorts around the world.



The effects of climate change and global warming are existential threats that must be combated, but it’s not as big as the current threat by the city to irresponsibly sell out public space and services for lame entrepreneurs trying to turn every locale into Brooklyn food and beer festival.

When will this bullshit stop? Probably another bitch hurricane. But it didn’t stop this collective of climate deniers before and it certainly won’t this time despite any documented evidence. For these elected and appointed officials, absolutely nothing will get in the way of monopolizing parkland for frivolous spending idiocy, and most of all the profits for their sponsors and investors.

It’s all fucking insane.



FDNY Marshall Accused Of Starfucking For Blowing Off Inspector’s Report Of Film Shoot That Burned Down An Apartment Building.*607/Firefighters+work+at+the+scene+of+a+fire+Friday+March+23+2018+that+began+overnight+in+the+basement+of+a+former+Harlem+jazz+club+being+used+as+a+film+set+for+Motherless+Brooklyn+directed+by+Edward+Norton.jpeg

As noted in a New Bad Days post here last March, a movie shoot produced and directed by actor Edward Norton featuring Alec Baldwin and Bruce Willis in a Harlem rowhouse apartment building was disrupted by a massive fire that ignited in the basement were it was filming a scene. The blaze took the life of a fireman named Michael Davidson, a father of four children and destroyed the building and homes where some senior citizen residents lived.

Now it turns out that a FDNY inspector tasked to determine the safety of this production and see if proper precautions were being taken by all those responsible, the producers and the building’s owner, was pilloried and undermined by his supervisor for doing his civic duties.

NY Daily News: Legal papers suggest FDNY coverup in probe of fatal Harlem fire on Edward Norton set

A top FDNY fire marshal torched an underling for suggesting actor Edward Norton’s production company caused a raging Harlem fire that killed a veteran firefighter.
A three-page notice of claim filed Wednesday charged FDNY investigator Scott Specht “was summarily removed from the (case) and was subjected to a pattern of harassment” as his boss 
FDNY Deputy Chief Fire Marshal John Lynn created an environment surrounding the instant high-profile investigation . . . that raises the specter of allowing the Hollywood elite to circumvent the appropriate scrutiny,” the court papers alleged.
The city was served along with Lynn, who was further accused of unlawfully ending “an ongoing fire investigation, on a movie set, where a firefighter lost his life.”
Specht landed on the outside looking in after reporting that he was “misled” by the production company about combustible material used on the set at St. Nicholas Ave. and W. 149th St..
The city was served along with Lynn, who was further accused of unlawfully ending “an ongoing fire investigation, on a movie set, where a firefighter lost his life.”
And there is a ghastly surreal plot twist to this:
The official cause of death as announced May 8 by the FDNY was that heat from the building boiler’s ventilation pipe ignited some nearby combustibles on the night of the fire. According to Specht, his issues with Lynn date to one week earlier — to May 1.According to the court filing, Specht — a U.S. Army Reserves helicopter pilot who served in Puerto Rico after last year’s hurricane — was targeted for “loss of opportunity, retaliation, harassment” after broaching his thoughts about the combustible items on set.


Ever since Governor Andy’s idiotic tax cut giveaway (right, Cynthia?) to the movie and television industry as well as Mayor de Faustio’s fevered rubber stamping approval of any production request sent to his Office Of TV And Film, the streets of all boroughs has been inundated with and obstructed by massive trailers, catering tents and cables spread across the curbs and sidewalks. Disrupting and upending the lives of the citizenry in their attempts to commute or even go to their homes. All at the cost of bolstering an industry that has been churning out mediocre to awful product that has not done a fucking thing to improve the city’s infrastructure at all (maybe it’s to be able to film some genuine gritty street scene).


And as with the dominating influence of the overlords of real estate, you can now include the movie and t.v. industry for another stranglehold on this cities policies that no one can inconvenience.


Although the FDNY did give a proper ceremony for Davidson just like they do with other firefighters who sacrificed their lives on the job to save civilians, the allegations from this lawsuit reveals that even this department will also defer to higher powers and will do absolutely anything to please them. Making this also part of the insidious culture that has permeated all other city departments and agencies, from the NYPD to NYCHA to ACS to education, in obstructing any illegal activity, cronyism or incompetence.


And if includes retaliatory punishment for honest people, then they will become immediately expendable as this inspector has experienced. Which now includes the memory of a fallen fireman.


Mayor Airdope II: de Blasio Takes A Profligate 3 Million Dollar NYPD Anti-Terror Surveillance Plane For A Profligate Round Trip Ride



It looks like Mayor Airdope is at it again. At the start of his combination vacation week and fugitive-like avoidance to ditch the city because of the results from the U.S. Attorney General and the Department of Investigation’s assessments of the severity of lead contamination of NYCHA apartments after over 5 years of wanton neglect and fabricated inspections and the effects it had of over 820 children that the city heinously covered up by having it’s Health Dept. raise the contaminant standard at twice it’s level, Mayor de Blasio must have forgotten that a memorial for murdered cop, Detective Miostosis Familia was taking place in the Bronx. So he and the NYPD, under orders of Commissioner O’Neill, had to shuttle him on a Cessna counter-terror surveillance airplane from Montreal at the start of his vacation, for the somber ceremony and street renaming of a career public servant.

Now that Mayor Airdope’s Scott Pruitt inspired use of taxpayer dollars for compulsive extravagant and selfish needs, which makes sense in light of his persistent refusal to acknowledge to continuing malaise of shitty subway service and daily traffic congestion that he avoids like the plague and which falls in line with his past profligate spending to pay off his attorneys for his aborted trial hearings on slush fund PAC fund raising in city hall. And also because he’s a flaming hypocrite asshole that decries the human influence of climate change by spending the entire morning every day of his mayoralty going to a gym in Brooklyn pretending to work out commuting with a motorcade of vehicles. But what should get the proper scrutiny is why the NYPD needs this plane in the first place.

The plane, which costs 3 million dollars on a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, is supposed to be used to detect dirty bombs and nuclear material. Even though the NYPD already has a few choppers that has this detection technology and a patrol unit, which shows how redundant this plane is. And considering that every threat publicized by the NYPD for deploying thousands of cops to certain areas of interest for attack are never confirmed, it’s a wonder if this particular plane has ever been used at all for it’s stated purpose besides for it’s convenience and unrepresented taxation spending.

The real shitty thing about this, well two shitty things,  a portion of that 3 million that was spent on this stupid redundancy could have went to bulletproof that command post’s windows that would have protected Detective Familia from certain death by that lunatic shooter (the sick thing about this preventable killing is when this plane was bought, all that is reported is that it was bought in 2017). And that with this blatant excessive use of this plane as an Uber hail by de Blasio, it will probably lead to homeland defense funds getting reallocated because of the risk the lazy pompous mayor put the city in by taking away a counter terror defense plane and send the funding somewhere else where it will certainly be wasted by another dumbass arrogant official.

Which in actuality, might not happen as Commissioner O’Neill pointed out that the DHS has not sent him any word or even a stern condemnation about this moronic waste of tax payer funds. It shows that when it comes to the NYPD as well as police and sheriff departments across the nation, that this profligate bullshit that Mayor Big Slow committed is permitted on occasion and a drop in a bucket to fortify local cops with sophisticated spy apparatuses and military grade machinery. As recent events in Sunset Park to detain a group of men in a nightclub and in Bed-Stuy to track down a fugitive running a cop he shot at has shown.

Besides, there are plenty thousands of things to shame this shameless bag of dicks and shit Mayor about than his crass round trip plane ride to make an on the spot appearance at a street dedication to a woman shot down on duty, for this is what is expected of him. Mostly they are the homeless crisis and the wanton criminal neglect of public housing, which he has both exacerbated and his beggary and deference to his donors that got him the job in his near 5 years of service to your city. This was just the obvious, the other pertinent issues will be covered here in a couple future posts.

Be seeing you, Mr. Mayor.

Update Let him have it

It has turned out that three days after Mayor de Blasio’s wasteful roundtrip jaunt, Commissioner James O’Neill and some of his fellow entitled top brass colleagues also took the plane to a funeral of a state trooper upstate and also misused the plane of it’s purported purpose to attend a funeral of the mother of a high brass ranking officer named Robert Boyce in Allentown, Pa in June 6 2017. Which is sort of like the Commish treating a high tech spy plane like a limited transport shuttle like Joe Hackett from Wings.

This exploitation of federal tax dollars to ensure the safety and security of New York City’s shores from dirty bomb smugglers occurred barely a month before the murder of Det. Familia as she sat in a NYPD command post that did not have bullet proof windows that would have saved her life.

If this isn’t enough of an exhibition of crass arrogance, the Commish defended getting caught exploiting the plane like he owned it by proclaiming that he is too busy. That’s it. No further explanation. No accountability. He’s a busy fucking top rank official so fuck all of you taxpayers and any cop that points out his blatant hypocrisy of using the badge and rank to get perks.





New Bad Days 53: Overlooked Bronx Gang Butchers And Murders A Teenager And Volunteer NYPD Explorer With Machetes; Shootout And Car Chase After A Court Hearing Between Gangs In Staten Island; Random Assaults Happening In Threes From The East Village To South Richmond Hill; Obstructive, Obnoxious, And Violent Behavior On The Subway And A Multitude Of Muggings, Slashings And Shootings As Crime Rates Are Officially Going Up




In Belmont , a 15-year-old boy got murdered by 5 men who chased him into a bodega and dragged him outside after he tried to jump behind a counter, then threw him to the ground and attacked him with machetes as one stabbed him in the body, another man repeatedly stabbed him in the neck and the attack was done when the last armed man slashed his throat. The victim was stabbed over 10 times. This butchering of an innocent kid occurred despite the presence of people on the street and of running security cameras and people filming the murder in real time on their cellphones.

While bleeding profusely, Lesandro (Junior) Guzman-Feliz went back into the bodega  and left as two men inside were watching him bleeding out. He then proceeded to run towards the St. Barnabas hospital and collapsed on the ground while two NYPD on patrol stood there and did nothing, despite wearing rubber gloves for protection as witnesses tried to stop the hemorrhaging with napkins.

180628 police officers probe lesandro death feature1.jpg JPEG Image 618 × 410 pixels

He died inside the hospital from his multiple wounds.

The following days after the slaughter, committed despite the ubiquitous presence of security cameras, the gang connected to the suspects called the Trinatarios actually implemented what can only be described as damage control by apologizing about the murderous lynching, claiming that they mistakenly targeted him because he resembled a kid that was in sex video with one of the gang member’s girlfriend.

It turns out that Junior was a member of a the NYPD’s Explores program for encouraging youths to volunteer for NYPD related activities and drills and for future police recruitment. After waiting for days from an acknowledgement or condolences from Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O’Neal.

After vehement accusations by the area’s residents and the gunjumping responses by members of City Council and the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz demanding the closing of the business, the clerk behind the register did call 911 and was frustrated with the delay of trying to get the cops to come as the operator spent four minutes asking him questions about the slaughter outside his store happening at the moment.

The precinct where this gruesome tragedy took place has seen a 50 percent rise in murders and the Bronx has seen a 69% rise in total murders.

This lynching has got national and even celebrity attention from the likes of superstar rapper Cardi B and Yankee hurler C.C. Sabathia. In addition to tributes from the NYPD after the terrible job of the 911 operator handling the call from the bodega’s cashier and the indifference from two cops who were standing by the hospital as Junior was struggling to enter as he bled out on the street. Which has unfortunately diverted attention from another lynching involving the Trinatarios gang of a 14-year-old boy on the Bronx River Highway just 4 days earlier. Where 15 boys chased him into the middle of the highway, catching him in a median under repair and brutally beat him down and stabbed him 12 times. Like Junior’s murder, this attack is also motivated over some girl that the Trintarios knew.

This incident resembles the Micheal Griffith murder in Howard Beach 32 years ago when a gang of white teenage males chased him to this death on the Belt Parkway, the only difference being that race is not a factor in this because all involved, the culprits and the victims were Hispanic and Black.  But this was a lynching nonetheless. The kid survived the savage attack, but the aftermath might get worse. His mother, Kisha Hoke, who had been evicted from her apartment just a few months earlier, had demanded help from the Department of Education that he was getting stalked by the gang at his school and made requests to the Department of Homeless Services to get a transfer to another shelter because of the gang’s daily harassment of her son. Only to be slighted with indifference and bureaucratic delays.

During her son’s recovery, his mother had to quit her job to be by his side. She plans to take her son and move upstate but their present state is plainly uncertain. If anything, the tribulations of this mother and son warrants even more attention as they have gone through and are currently living in an existential nightmare induced by city safety net incompetence and a bunch of violent thugs doing gangsta shit.

In the rest of the Bronx.

In Castle Hill, a barrage of gunfire led to the deaths of three people. Two men who were targeted that were coming out of a check cashing place as the gunman shot both of them in the head  and a woman hit by a stray bullet who was working at a stand who was handing out pamphlets for a health insurance company.


In University Heights, a man was suckerpunched and knocked down on the street. As he still laid there unconscious, other people reached into the victims pockets and stole his belongings including his cellphone and I.D.. The attacker then returned to take a picture of his victim with his own cellphone and gave high fives to the other scavengers. The suspect was arrested and blamed the victim for provoking him to fight.

In Pelham Parkway at the Pelham Parkway/White Plains Road Station, a 61-year-old man was approached by a woman who asked him for money. After he blew her off, a man attacked him on the platform and punched him twice and then dragged him down the stairs and beat him down to the ground as he and the woman robbed his messenger bag and $20.

In University Heights, a man got shot three times and killed at his girlfriends apartment by her ex-boyfriend who climbed the fire escape to get inside.

In Fordham Heights at the Fordham-Jerome Station, a man killed himself when he stepped on the third rail and got hit by an arriving 4 train after he was being chased by cops for his involvement in an armed robbery.

In Kingsbridge, 3 men jumped a 17-year-old boy on a street corner and beat him down and slashed him on the head. The suspects of the early June attack are tied to the Trinitarios gang.

In Grand Concourse, a man parked in his car in front of the Bronx Criminal Courthouse was killed by a man who rode up on a bicycle and shot him through the window.

In Soundview, a man shot himself to death in his car messing around with a loaded gun.

In Foxhurst, a man was shot to death in Rainey Park after attending a party for a baby announcement.

In Williamsbridge, two men and a woman riding in a livery car attacked the driver as one passenger put him in a chokehold while the other grabbed a wallet and the dashboard camera.

In Grand Concourse at the 149th St. Station, a woman attempted suicide by jumping onto the tracks with her infant son as the 4 train was running.

In Morris Heights, a man exposed himself to a 67-year-old woman in an elevator. After this pathetic attempt at seduction, he grabbed the woman with one hand and started masturbating with the other.

In Mount Hope at the 175th Station, two men attacked and punched and threw a bottle at a station cleaner after he told them that the uptown D train was out of service.

In Wakefield, a man stabbed a woman twice with a screwdriver inside a security guard office, killing her. The suspect was wanted for the home invasion murder of an elderly man.

In Fordham Manor, a man harassing a woman on a city bus slashed her three times when she tried to report him to the driver.

In Bronxdale at Bronx River Park, a woman jogging was attacked from behind by a man as he tried to rape her. The deviant ran away when the woman defended herself and screamed.

In Riverdale, a man was found dead lying on the pavement in Van Cordtlant Park.

Also in Riverdale, a proliferation of abandoned cars, stolen, stripped, and wrecked, are lining the residential streets.

Again in Riverdale, a thief broke into a car window and robbed $190 and two laptops and a man was randomly punched in the face by a stranger as he left a bar/restaurant.

Brooklyn Rudd/NY Daily News)

In Bushwick, two men were shot at in front of a fast food restaurant after being pursued by a gunman after a fight at a bar. One of the shooting victims later collapsed in a backyard and died from his bullet wounds. When a neighbor dialed 911 to report a man screaming, the two cops sent to the murder scene did not leave their car to investigate and drove away. The NYPD has suspended the bums.

Also in Bushwick, a 4-year-old girl was killed as her mother was helping her with her shoe when a woman was backed up her car and hit her and her mother in an illegal parking lot in front of laundromat.

Again in Bushwick, a rumble between two groups of men in front of a pool hall escalated when a man pulled out a gun and shot at two people, killing one and wounding the other.

In Bed-Stuy, a 16-year-old boy was shot dead on the street while walking with his girlfriend at 2 p.m.

Also in Bed-Stuy, four people were shot at on the street by a gunman after a street hassle.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a recidivist criminal wanted on a warrant for domestic violence and robbery was pursued by unmarked police car on the street. When he got cornered, he pulled a gun and shot at them, hitting one detective in the leg while getting shot himself, leaving a trail blood leading to his arrest. His girlfriend was later arrested for spraying two detectives with mace.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot at two men standing at a bus stop at 11 p.m., killing one and wounding the other.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Ralph Ave. Station, a man pulled out a gun and threatened the C train engineer during an argument, causing an hour long delay in the morning rush hour.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man attacked a 74-year-old man from behind, knocking him down to sidewalk and choking and punching him then robbed his wallet and keys

And again in Bed-Stuy, four men on bicycles wearing black hoodies rolled up to a group of kids hanging out on the street and started firing their guns, hitting and wounding a 16-year-old girl.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man fired his gun at people in front of deli and ran off.

In Crown Heights, a man was shot at and killed in his car after being involved in a fight.

Also in Crown Heights, a man was shot point blank in back of his head inside a bodega following an argument.

Again in Crown Heights, a man was killed in a drive-by shooting as the driver of the van crashed the vehicle, leading the suspects to abandon the van and run away.

And again in Crown Heights, a woman aimed an ignited roman candle at a liquor store and at passing cars.

In East New York, a man was shot to death in front of a corner bodega after he had a dispute with a man in a white sedan.

Also in East New York at the Shepard Ave. Station, a complete shithead was standing on the tracks and playing with his cellphone, delightfully angering commuters to the point where some wanted to fuck his ass up. The cops who removed him did not arrest him and let him go.

With all the shit with the MTA going on and the billions proposed to “fix” and “improve” the worst fucking transit system in the universe, City Council or Albany needs to get their lame asses working on a bill to implement punitive charges for people that jump on the tracks and obstruct transit traffic like the bullshit laws that jail people for blocking streets during protests.

Again in East New York at the Broadway Junction station, a man fell on the tracks and got hit by an arriving L train who did not stop in time to see him, causing him to lose his arm and breaking his leg.

And again in East New York, a man shot another man in the hip in front of a bodega.

In Clinton Hill at the Clinton-Washington St Station, another stupid fuck grabbed onto to the door of the C train he missed and rode along the side to the next stop.

(Matthew Beary)

In Cobble Hill, a man held up a bank at the end of the day and robbed it of $16,001 despite never showing a gun. (What’s with the extra buck? Guess every dolla bill counts, y’all)

In Brownsville, a man shot another man in the back and shoulder by an apartment building stairwell.

In Brownsville, a woman maced workers at a hair salon over an argument about money.

In Bay Ridge, an awning from a building under a stop work order and with multiple prior maintenance violations by the D.O.B., fell onto two women, crushing one causing critical injuries.

In Prospect Heights, two men robbed an ATM from a bodega at 3:45 a.m.

In Sunset Park, a man severed his pregnant wife’s arm off and two fingers off her left hand with a knife after a domestic dispute.

Also in Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace, a burglar broke into a man’s car and stole his laptop while he was shopping at a mall, a woman had her wallet stolen as she slept in her room at a homeless shelter, two men knocked a man off his bike then punched him in the face and stole it and a man was jumped by two men who punched him in the face multiple times in front of his house.

Again in Sunset Park, falling power lines sparked a three-alarm fire at an apartment building, hospitalizing five firefighters.

In Cypress Hills, a man who goaded his boss to set a sleeping homeless man on fire and filmed it, killed himself as he crashed his motorcycle into a car in an intersection.

In Greenwood, an unlicensed drunk driver hopped the curb and drove his van into a pedestrian and crushed him against a wall killing him instantly then ran away leaving his vehicle behind.

In Greenpoint, a man barged into a woman’s apartment and pulled a knife on her in a rape attempt, but she punched him in the balls causing him to run away.

Also in Greenpoint, a man riding a scooter groped two women in two weeks and a man raped a woman by Newton Creek.

In Coney Island, a woman was knocked to a ground by a man who then pulled a gun on her as a woman hit her head from behind with a glass bottle, knocking her out and stealing her designer wallet.

Also in Coney Island, the parks department hasn’t sent any lifeguards to monitor the waters and look out for the swimmers safety since the beach season started on Memorial Day.

In Carroll Gardens, a man accessed an apartment with a keycard and a shot the resident with a stungun in his bedroom

In Fort Greene at the Dekalb Ave. Station, a man attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving Q train.

In East Flatbush, a man was shot to death on the street

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Bridge Station, a fight broke out on the 4 train as a man putting up stickers for a sensationalist yellow journalism website punched a man in the face that he was arguing with over some divisive political shit.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St. Station, two men and a woman instigated a brawl on the A train and hit three commuters with canes. And a man punched another commuter in the head on the A train, knocking him down to the floor and ran way to the arriving F train.

In Flatlands, a restaurant manager was robbed of $13,000 and a laptop when 3 men in a cruiser vehicle rear-ended his car then beat him up in the drivers seat and dragged him out and beat him down then escaped by driving on the sidewalk by a road under construction (with workers on sight) at 10:15 a.m.

Also in Flatlands, a 67-year-old woman died from a house fire.

In Williamsburg, a man broke into an apartment and robbed $1500, a laptop and credit cards from three roommates who were sleeping soundly.

Also in Williamsburg, a facade collapsed off an apartment building under prior violation for neglect by the owner.

Again in Williamsburg, a man dragged a woman off a stoop as he robbed her purse which contained $200 and credit cards.

Again in Williamsburg, a man stole a box package from an apartment building and rode away on a citibike.

In Flatbush, a man sneaked up and bashed a bottle on a man’s head that he had a dispute with at a jerk chicken restaurant.

In Bay Ridge on the Belt Parkway, a tree branch fell on a car and went through the windshield impaling the driver and causing it to crash into other vehicles on the road. Citizens were not surprised that it broke.

In Brighton Beach, a man sitting in a diner was attacked and assaulted by a man who hit him with a baseball bat at 5 p.m.

In Gravesend, a man sliced another man with a boxcutter then jumped in a car and fled and two men jumped a man in a vestibule as he entered his apartment building, beat him down and stole his camera.

In Marine Park, a burglar broke into a store and robbed it of multiple bottles of booze and scratch lottery tickets.

On the Belt Parkway, a man got killed in the back seat of a car that was crashed into by a drunk driver going in the wrong direction.

In Fort Greene at the BAM park, which has been locked for 10 years because of toxic chemicals in the soil, people involved in a streaming T.V. show permitted by the Mayor’s Office of Film and Television for a shoot left the gate open when they finished production. Which led to area residents using the park for a week without knowing that it was contaminated.


In South Richmond Hill, a man is involved in three mugging incidents where he walks up to random people and punches them in the face and steals their wallets, then gets away in a black four-door sedan. All victims are middle-aged men in their 50’s. The suspect has robbed them collectively of nearly $300 in cash, 12 credit cards and a cellphone and is on the loose. He is also tied to a random assault where he punched a man in the face causing the victim to fall to the pavement and cracked his skull.

In Rockaway Beach at Fort Tilden, four men on jetskis zipping around too close to swimmers in the ocean turned horrific when one of the men offered a woman a ride and wound up hitting a wave which caused the woman to fall off and winding up comatose with a fractured colon after hitting the propulsion from the water.

Also in Rockaway Beach at the 105th St. Station, a man committed suicide as he jumped in front of the arriving S train.

In Jamaica, two men got shot in front of a restaurant by two other men also armed with skateboards.

Again in Jamaica, two workers in a corner deli grocery store got into an argument with a man and kicked him out. The man returned with two other men and jumped the workers as they left the store, beating down one worker with punches and kicks and stabbing the other one in the head with a pocket knife

In Ozone Park, a burglar sneaked into the basement door in the back of a house and robbed laptops, a video game console and a robot speaker/recorder inside. The man returned 14 hours later and stole the family’s car.

In Queens Village, a 70-year-old man was stabbed to death in front of his house.

In Whitestone, a 17-year-old girl was killed crossing the street by an 88-year-old woman who ran the red light.

In College Point, a man was found dead from a head fracture in front of his house at 7:45 a.m.

In Corona, a man stabbed a woman on the street with a butcher knife at 1:45 a.m., then tried to flee when he was chased down by a Port Authority Police officer who then caught him and held him down till the NYPD arrived.

Also in Corona and Elmhurst, two traffic cops were attacked by two men. One who was punched in the face after writing up a ticket and the other who was stalked and grabbed from behind, thrown to the ground and attacked with punches and kicks.

Again in Corona, a man attacked and assaulted three waitresses with his cane over a dispute for using the beverage machine.

In Jackson Heights at the 74th St/Roosevelt Ave. Station, a man pulled a knife out on another man after they had a dispute on the mezzanine.

In Long Island City and Astoria at the Queensbridge Houses, three men were shot in the leg in threeincidents in a week on the public housing grounds.

Also in Long Island City, a man was arrested for animal cruelty after he left four pitbulls in his van during a brutally hot afternoon.

Also in Astoria, a man followed a woman into her apartment building and grabbed her ass in the vestibule and ran away.

Again in Long Island City and Jackson Heights, a man and a woman feigning to ask for a metrocard swipe, held up a man at knifepoint at the Court Square Station and robbed him of $140 and blocked another man on the staircase of the Broadway Station at knifepoint robbed him of a measly 2 bucks and his I.D. and credit cards,


In Rego Park, a man approached a parking lot attendant and pulled a gun on him. The attendant then fled but the suspect pistol whipped him and knocked him out. He then went back to the garage and found a car with the keys still in the ignition and stole it.

In Middle Village, two men pulled off two gunpoint muggings, making off with their victims wallets and cellphones.

In Bayside, a man was caught attempting to stealing mail from houses.

Also in Bayside, and Hollis and Queens Village, a man is still on the loose wanted for 8 knifepoint robberies from mid-May to mid-June.

In Fresh Meadows, a man shoplifted $2,900 worth of workout watches from a big box department store.

In Elmhurst, a man was found dead lying on a bench at a playground.

In Woodside, a woman was hit by a motorcycle as she was in the crosswalk.

In Flushing, two men stole $30,000 worth of necklaces and fled after they asked a sales clerk to open a display case.

Also in Flushing, a man fondled himself on the Q37 bus.

Again in Flushing, a man smacked another man in the head inside a department store.

And again in Flushing, a man sneaked into a 63-year-old man’s apartment, knocked him down and stole his cellphone.

In Forest Hills, cops raided a man’s apartment and confiscated four rifles and 3 handguns.

In Ridgewood, a woman tied up a 6-year-old child and abandoned the kid inside an apartment.

In Rosedale on the Laurelton Highway, a motorcyclist got killed by a hit-and-run driver that switched lanes.

On Rikers Island, an inmate choked another inmate to death with his bare hands. The murder victim is a Trinitarios gang member.


In the East Village, a drunk as shit homeless man who stalked and harassed a woman walking in the street while riding a bike, then pushed her to the ground and punched her in the face. He left his bike behind and hit another woman in the face and hit another woman in the head with a bike lock as he was walking by them.

Also in the East Village at the 1st Ave. Station, a shithead dropped his skateboard on the tracks as he was doing tricks with it on the platform and nearly got hit by the arriving L train when he went down to retrieve it to the delight of his fellow idiot skater friends.

Again in the East Village at the Campos Plaza houses, 33 little dogs were found malnourished and maltreated by a man keeping them in his apartment during a police inspection. Neighboring tenants have sent complaints to NYCHA for months about the rancid smells and constant barking emanating from the unit that went unanswered, which is standard op procedure for the notorious public housing agency. Since the tenant works for the Housing and Preservation Department for this fucking city, it’s apparent why this went on for as long as it did.

In Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station, a man panhandling on the 2 train, took a metal pipe and bashed the head of a man as he was sitting down because he refused to give him money.

In the Lower East Side at the Delancy St. Station, a woman stabbed a man in the head with her high-heel shoe after an argument and ran away.

In Greenwich Village, a half-naked man irate from being ejected from the Stonewall Inn by a bouncer, returned with a friend of his with a baseball bat and smashed the bar’s window.

In the Upper West Side, a woman stabbed a man in a courtyard after she had an argument with him over personal space when they were on the elevator. She slashed another man who tried to stop her from attacking again.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man stalked a woman on the street after she stepped out of cab and then attacked her when she ignored him. The man suckerpunched her and threw her to the ground between two parked vehicles and began strangling her while telling her he was going to rape her although the victim offered him cash.  When the woman bit him on the hand after he ripped her pants off, the bastard then kicked her in the head and bit her back then ran away when a building doorman intervened.

Again on the Upper West Side on the D train, a group of kids were smoking a giant hookah and the passengers and the man taking their picture for his social media account did not a thing to upset them.

And again on the Upper West Side, a gym owner who got arrested for groping a client a month earlier did it again to another 16-year-old girl during a workout.

In the Upper East Side, two rich entitled middle aged sisters who own an obnoxious bar in Maspeth that is going through a shady upzoning variance with the city were told to leave a bar for being disorderly and then refused to pay their $33 tab by claiming that only “gentlemen pay for their drinks”. As they were being escorted out by a bartender and a waitress, one of the psychoholic slags grabbed the waitress by her hair and dragged her outside as she and her sister beat the shit out of her causing injury to her shoulder. The high-sticking socialites then returned banging on the restaurants window and attacked the bartender, cutting his head open. One of the lady goons is married to hockey legend and Stanley Cup Champion Brian Leetch and proclaimed to cops who arrested her that she is pals with Commissioner James O’Neill.

Wife of Rangers great Brian Leetch tells cops she knows NYPD commissioner during assault bust, prosecutors sayThe God-Fearing Queens Of Maspeth

Also in the Upper East Side, a 16-year-old boy and his accomplice attacked a man in a mugging attempt on the street at 4:40 a.m., bashing his head and knocking him to the ground and stabbing him when he defended himself. The teenager is a member of the Trinitarios Gang that were involved in the two lynchings mentioned at the top of this post.

In the West Village, an idiotic man famous on social media for taking pictures of himself dangling his legs and doing back flips in high places killed himself by falling off the roof of a building after he was drinking beer with his brah.

In Times Square, an middle aged man grabbed a 15-year-old girl’s privates and grinded his disgusting body into two other teenage girls in front of a Broadway theater entrance.

In Midtown, a man got stabbed in the back defending a woman who was being harassed by his attacker.

Also in Midtown, a fight involving five women escalated when two women pulled out box cutters as they slashed three women and a man they were with took off his belt and whipped one of them.

Again in Midtown, a retired cop involved in a car accident pulled a gun on the other driver and strangled him.

And again in Midtown, an MTA worker fell through a wooden board onto the tracks while applying concrete at the 57th Street Station.

And again in Midtown, a man scaled a building and broke into a office on the second floor.

In Downtown Manhattan at City Hall Park, an argument escalated between two men selling water when one vendor pulled out a knife and stabbed his competitor, who drew an airgun.

In Union Square, a woman was found dead in a trash compactor in a luxury apartment building from falling down a garbage chute from the 27th floor. It’s now considered to be a homicide.

Also in Union Square, a stupid pedestrian called the cops because he thought he saw a man standing on the corner holding an alligator on a leash when it turned out is was a big lizard.

In East Harlem, a man stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend inside a store and walked away smoking a cigarette.

Also in East Harlem, a mini crane hauling a panel toppled over from a building development, injuring three construction workers.

Again in East Harlem, a mini crane hauling a panel toppled over from a building development, injuring three construction workers.

In Harlem, a man speeding on the street in his sportscar collided with another vehicle in an intersection, causing it to damage eight other vehicles, injuring 7 people. The culprit left his car behind and ran to the subway.

Also in Harlem at the 125th/Lenox Ave. Station, a man got stabbed in his shoulder by another man during a fight on the 2 train.

Again in Harlem, a man got struck by a hit-and-run driver as he was arguing with his girlfriend while standing on the boulevard.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a city parks worker stole a cellphone from a citizen in a playground.

In Inwood at the 215th St. Station, a man took his cellphone and took a picture under a woman’s skirt on the 1 train.

In Battery Park City, an MTA executive parked his fancy car at a bus stop causing an obstruction to an express bus and delaying it’s scheduled route.

In Washington Heights, 8 residents were sickened in the apartment building from an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

In Central Park, 2 days after Mayor de Blasio announced that the park would non-permit vehicles in the park and Transportation Alternatives leader and city secret agent Paul Steely White drove the last car in the park while acting like a douche about it, a cyclist collided into a private garbage truck that turning into his path on the road.

Staten Island

In St. George, an argument between two gangs of men coming out of a criminal courthouse escalated into a brawl and two men pulled out a knife and a gun. One gang assaulted a man and stole his minivan which they used to chase the gunman who then fired at the vehicle as the driver drove into him and crushed him into a house, killing him instantly.

In New Brigthon, a 67-year-old woman was shot in the face from a stray bullet while waiting at a bus stop, reportedly tied to the aforementioned gang rumble at the courthouse.

In Tompkinsville, a woman was killed in a hit-and-run as a speeding SUV hit her in a median when the driver swerved around a vehicle in front.

In Midland Beach, a man tried to abduct a 4-year-old girl in a stroller while her mother was still pushing her.

In Port Richmond, three men attacked and beat up and stabbed a man on a city bus.

In West Brighton, a man shot another man in the hand following a dispute.

In New Springfield, a man attempted to rob a bank claiming to be armed.


America is 242

Baltimore Sun: White House orders U.S. flags lowered for Capital Gazette victims after Annapolis mayor said initial request declined

Buckley had said Monday the White House declined the initial request the mayor submitted through members of Maryland’s congressional delegation. Buckley said he received word of Trump’s decision through Rep. John Sarbanes.

Five Capital Gazette staff members were killed in the shooting at the newspaper Thursday: editor and columnist Rob Hiaasen, 59; Wendi Winters, 65, a community correspondent who led special publications; editorial page editor Gerald Fischman, 61; editor and sports writer John McNamara, 56; and Rebecca Smith, 34, a sales assistant. Jarrod W. Ramos has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder in their killings.

“The people are the only censors of their governors: and even their errors will tend to keep these to the true principles of their institution. To punish these errors too severely would be to suppress the only safeguard of the public liberty. The way to prevent these irregular interpositions of the people is to give them full information of their affairs thro’ the channel of the public papers, & to contrive that those papers should penetrate the whole mass of the people. The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers & be capable of reading them.”

“When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant.”

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President Of The United States Of America

President Donald J. Trump: Heed those words, and proceed with caution your own.

America: Persist, resist, never forget, never forgive, never give up, never surrender.

Airbnb As A Criminal Enterprise slogan unintentionally includes the streets and subways and bland innuendo towards the poor and middle class communities apparently.

N.Y., N.Y. (at least an imitation of it)

“A House Is Not A Motel”

Arthur Lee

The day is coming when City Council will finally take on one of the sharing economies cancer Goliaths, the room rental company Airbnb with long overdue regulations and penalties for it’s participation in the influential effects of rising and overvalued rents, in gentrifying neighborhoods and for the dwindling stock of available and bare existence of affordable housing.

Even though the damage has already been done on a massive scale, being that this tech company has already made billions from their usurpation of living in the city year round and these councilmen and women natural habit of reacting too late for everything as with the app-based car services that they ignored. But at least it’s something to start with. And the avaricious beings behind Airbnb don’t like one bit as they continue to lobby in hypocritical vain to keep the status quo and continue to profit off their basically illegal and criminally advantageous business model, like trying to come off all populist by accusing the hotel industry which they are trying to destroy of swaying and controlling council members and harping about how middle class homeowners use their service to survive financially in this overvalued city that Airbnb themselves had a hand in their current struggles being that the now concerned multi-billion dollar startup led to a amount of over $600 million dollars allocated from the rental hikes and livelihood costs on tenants.

It still doesn’t and damn well shouldn’t absolve this overvalued as well hospitality app corporation. Since being exposed for a suspicious anomaly in a data report about their hosts Airbnb submitted to this city, more and more criminal behavior has arisen about the lengths hosts will go to acquire extra cash to quote “to make ends meet”.

Most recently two derelict hosts took this too an absurd and lunatic level. Last week, a landlord who owns 4 other apartment buildings and was listed as one of the 100 worst landlords in NYC, rented out a kitchen for lodging in the same former two bedroom and likely rent stabilized apartment where 5 other rooms were being used through Airbnb.

A kitchen of a Manhattan apartment was converted

And some imbecile host from Corona, Queens turned their 2 floor home above a storefront into a flophouse NY Hilton complete with cheap partitions and bunk beds and placed tents with air-mattresses in the backyard. Which was able to house forty people a night there and outside. One hostess regularly squeezed 34 lodgers in a “beautiful” apartment building in the formerly working class neighborhood of Bushwick, which was on of the top neighborhoods listed on Airbnb abuse.

The list of other illegitimate listings produced through the app are outstanding. Some earlier standout sleazy ones come to mind like a wretched couple profiting off their city provided affordable housing apartment to rent to gullible vacationers and some sleazy douche renting out parked vans for lodging in the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn where guests had to use the city parks bathrooms to bathe or thoroughly wipe themselves.

Then there a swath of apartment buildings run by unethical landlords and the mysterious partners of LLC’s for providing lodging to a demographic and travelers who can’t afford or are to cheap to stay in a hotel and motel. The most notable host might be Mayor de Blasio’s former campaign contributor Jona Rechnitz who was able to run his own illegal hotel in a building he owned on Madison Avenue even after getting caught and fined as the mayor waved off later D.O.B. investigations, enabling Jona’s blatant scam to continue using Airbnb as a criminal enterprise to demand more cash donations from him to supplement de Faustio’s political interests involving his flawed agenda and upstate N.Y. senate seats.

Rechnitz continued to break the law because of his association with the morally bankrupt and money-grubbing mayor, but the fines dispensed to various other individual landlords, brokers, and LLC’s using airbnb for their buildings to enrich themselves were barely enough to put a scare in these repeat offenders.

And what can be described as an advocate for Airbnb taped professional looking fliers inside the halls of the Ebbets Field Houses flyers looking to recruit hosts in addition to encouraging tenants to keep their apartments in their name, despite it being a crime to use city funded and rent-stabilized apartments as a business.

The advertisements aren't actually from Airbnb.

And now comes the embarrasing yet not surprising news, that the home-sharing app is being manipulated for money laundering through stolen credit card information by nasty Russian cybercriminals often times conspiring with actual but corrupt Airbnb hosts. The sharing economy app was also illicitly exploited by one month Trump presidential campaign Paul “Mumbles” Manafort.

As a recently unsealed indictment against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort showed, not even Airbnb is safe from money launderers. But Manafort isn’t the only one allegedly funneling dirty money through the mega-popular accommodation service. Scammers are leveraging Airbnb to launder dirty cash from stolen credit cards, according to posts on underground forums and cybersecurity researchers consulted by The Daily Beast.

“People [have] been doing it forever,” one current and experienced credit-card scammer told The Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast found a number of recent posts on several Russian-language crime forums, in which users were looking for people to collaborate with to abuse Airbnb’s service. According to Rick Holland, VP of strategy from cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows, these operations rely on an individual or group using legitimate or stolen Airbnb accounts to request bookings and make payments to their collaborating Airbnb host. The host then sends back a percentage of the profits, despite no one staying in the property. 

In essence, it’s a way to extract value out of stolen credit cards. In another case, fraudsters might buy electronic goods such as iPhones with stolen cards to then resell at a profit. This is the same idea of laundering funds, just with Airbnb.

“The money is 50/50,” one apparent scammer wrote on a Russian crime forum in August. “You receive the money within two days after the booking date,” it continues, and adds that there are “story-telling hosts” ready, likely referring to hosts who are in on the laundering.

Another poster on the same forum says they are looking for “hosts for cooperation,” and a third implies they will launder the funds specifically through Russian hosts who already have reviews on Airbnb.

When a customer stays at a host’s property, the customer is encouraged to leave a review, so other potential vacationers, and perhaps Airbnb, can know if the host is legitimate. The scammers appear to circumvent that protection by, in some cases, using real but corrupt hosts.

The Daily Beast

Since it’s inception at the start of his decade, Airbnb usage has permeated households and apartment rentals with the effect of a serial killer. It’s impact felt on metropolitan cities like their home San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New Orleans and international cities like Barcelona, London, Florence, Berlin, Paris and Signapore. The latter two cities have brought up aggressive bills to prevent the scourge of opportunistic unethical hosts. Following a protest at Airbnb headquarters, a proposition to protect tenants rights to fight eviction attempts from predatory landlords and to restrict short-term rentals won decisively in San Francisco.

Airbnb’s reassuring press releases about their purported security standards get less credible every day. It may be because they are busy counting their billions to worry or care about neighborhoods getting decimated, people getting kicked out because of the high rents that their immoral and greedy hosts have caused. Despite all their technical expertise, they still don’t diligently vet their hosts (unless they are black).

Airbnb is a shitty business model to begin with. But are fortunate that their customers are young and stupid and living beyond their means. And a large percentage of them don’t seem to mind bunking with 20 others in a cramped apartment or sleeping in a bag on the floor. And their most successful money earning hosts are bereft of morals and consumed with greed. Most importantly, Airbnb is just another peer-to-peer service and are not wholly responsible for the actions of their rogue hosts.

But Airbnb has definitely impacted cities for the worse and society as a whole. There is just too much crooked recidivist activity involving this company to be considered a legitimate business.

But if there is case against the defendant Airbnb and their inability and incompetence to vet their hosts and their total disassociation of the communities concerns and cities as a whole, the best may be when State Asssemblywoman of Manhattan Linda Rosenthal posed as a guest looking for rooms to dwell in and every host she encountered in her district did not even recognize her and advised her not to tell anyone it’s an Airbnb, which is actually standard procedure for every other building being abused for vacation lodging over renting.

Unfortunately for Assemblywoman Rosenthal, Big Bad Bill de Blasio was already bought by the house share tech behemoth, which explains how all this brazen criminal app activity was able to fester. As if Airbnb making a video congratulating the mayor wasn’t enough of a conviction.


These few examples above doesn’t even scratch the surface of the offenses committed via this 30 billion dollar industry. And like a recidivist petty crook, their app continues to be used malignantly and Airbnb doesn’t have the capability or will to stop it and there will be more stories like this to come, for their aforementioned inabilities stabilizes their wretched bottom line and is the basis for their ill-gotten gains and Wall St. determined and inflated worth. And will lead to more citizens of cities struggling to get a roof over their heads and tenants dealing with strangers shuffling in and out of their buildings every day.