Mayor Airdope

Mayor Big Slow de Blasio

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Mayor Bill de Blasio has been taking flight.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported exclusively, documents obtained by CBS2 show the mayor has dramatically increased helicopter travel around the city.

On Oct. 14 near dinnertime, an NYPD helicopter landed near the baseball field in Prospect Park. At the time, police were coy, saying they were transporting “a dignitary.”

That dignitary turned out to be Mayor de Blasio, who after hanging around his old Park Slope neighborhood, wanted to avoid traffic on a seven-mile trip to Queens.

Suddenly, there were questions. What was the man who bragged that riding helicopters was “not my thing” doing? And he had apparently suddenly decided that avoiding the city’s epic traffic jams was the way to go.

CBS2 filed a Freedom of Information of Act request, discovering that yes, Mayor de Blasio is now subscribing to the joys of flying.

NYPD records show that in 2014, his first year in office, de Blasio flew in a helicopter twice. In 2015, there were also two flights. So far in 2016, there are records of 18 flights – though several are on the same day.

Why the dramatic increase? The mayor blames it on the NYPD.

“NYPD decides how to transport the mayor from event to event,” said press secretary Eric Phillips.

Phillips was the same man who in January announced a reduction in tourist helicopter flights because they make too much noise.

If there is any definitive way to summarily describe the character of this political hustler, for the sake of brevity because there are lots more, than this display of blatant defiant hypocrisy should do it for the time being.

It seems that our baseball fields in our public parks across the boroughs have become defacto landing pads for our ridiculously tardy mayor, even resorting to interrupting a little league game in Harlem. Mayor Big Slow, who the NYPD has to mollify the curious citizenry from disgust at such egregious wasting of tax dollars and enforcement by referring to hizzoner as a “dignitary”,  seems to be in beast mode as the multitude of investigations mount up about his shadow government being scripted by BerlinRosen, basically an intruder that’s been loitering in City Hall since Big Slow’s inauguration and declaration to end this seemingly infinite tale of two cities.

Hopefully, since he’s such a swell guy who cares for the struggling proletariat, he will change his sleeping habits or maybe take less calls soliciting big money donations and break his chopper commute. But it’s hard to find the good in people like him as half the populations in each district in the 5 boros can’t afford to live in the city he governs anymore. That and his recent crass comment about metrocard discounts for poor commuters:

NY Daily News

“On the surface, obviously it’s a very impressive idea,” de Blasio said. But he added the price tag was a bit rich — especially when the city already contributes so much to the MTA’s bottom line.

“An additional $200 million is going to be hard to find in the city’s budget,” the mayor said, citing the figure the transportation groups said is needed to fund the initiative.

“That doesn’t mean the MTA can’t consider it as a priority, but for the city it’s going to be tough,” he said, calling it a “noble, commendable” idea. “We’re going to look at it in the budget process, but it’s a tough one.”

You can see shit coming out of his mouth there. Suddenly he’s concerned about wasteful expenditures. It’s suddenly tough to divert funds to help people that need it the most, the people he courted and pandered to get elected. A lot of these people are a week’s salary away from becoming homeless. And this dope from park slope has been flying around like a rock star or some hack rapper probably at a cost of millions of fuel and personnel.

That extra quarter the MTA wants is going to deny people one week’s worth of Top Ramen.










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