New Bad Days 7: Man Babysitting Autistic Child Gets Mugged In Home Invasion, Thugs Brutally Beat Sanitation Workers On The Job, Serial Groper Strikes Twice, A Dead Baby At A Homeless Hotel, and Various Robberies, Stabbings and Shootings

It’s Spring Again, and the prevailing theory is that when the weather gets nicer the streets get nasty.

The Bronx:

In an apartment building in Belmont, an elderly man, Robert Ross, was babysitting an autistic child, Caleb Gonzalez, whose mother was at a medical appointment. As they were entering the apartment, 2 men attacked them, broke into the mother’s apartment, pistol whipped Ross and tied up both man and child. They proceeded to steal a safe containing $5,000, a jewelry box containing her sons baby teeth and other items and fled the building.

The mother, Lorry Gonzalez, runs a cell phone business and is familiar with the two crooks and suspects they may have been stalking her. The two men are still at large but idiotically left one of their own cellphones behind.

Lorry no longer feels safe in the town she has lived in for 20 years. As sections of the Bronx has seen a rise in median rents and luxury tower development interest.

In another apartment building in Pelham Bay, an elderly woman was attacked and robbed another woman in an elevator, suspect fled when the victim resisted.

In Norwood, a career criminal with 87 priors, Jamel Burney, shot a man to death after an argument.

Brooklyn:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/article-dsny31n1-0330.jpgDSNY worker Dennis Jackson

In Cypress Hills, East New York, Two sanitation workers on their route were blocked by a speeding van and accosted by 3 men accusing them of being cut off on the road. They proceeded to savagely beat the two victims, Dennis Jackson and Dandy Montalvo, as they were outnumbered and one of the culprits were using brass knuckles, leaving them lying on the ground bleeding and bruised.

In an apartment building in Bushwick, a stranger accessed the fire escape and broke into a woman’s bedroom, whipped out his little floppy dick and slithered in her bed and tried to rape her. After violent protest by the victim, he fled the building and is running loose on the streets.

On the streets of Bensonhurst, during a bad drug deal, a man was shot with a crossbow.

In a corner bodega in Bed-Stuy, an argument escalated into a shooting, clipping a bystander and a store employee. This occurred in the early evening at 6:30.


By a housing project in Rockaway Beach, two brothers stabbed each other fighting with a a sword.

In Averne (not by the sea), two incidents involving a trio of teenagers mugging other kids under the elevated tracks, one of them brandishing a boxcutter.

In Sunnyside, two sexual assaults by the same man happened in a supermarket where he grabbed a woman’s prosterior and an apt. building lobby where he tried to force himself on her.

Also on the Sunnyside, a bicyclist got plowed and killed by a hit and run driver.

On Merrick Blvd. in Jamaica, A man shot two other men, killing one and wounding another in the early morning. Suspect still at large.

And a baby was found dead in a homeless hotel called the Quality Inn on Queens Blvd. in Woodside. It’s currently rated 3 and 1/2 stars, even though the city transferred indigent families there just last August


By a Greenwich Village restaurant that shut down after 41 years, the owner Silvano Machatto was entering a hotel lobby on West Houston St. and 6th Avenue, a hotel that once house his business, when he was stalked, attacked and choked by 2 men who robbed him of his wallet containing $1800 and threw him to the ground. This was the second time he has been robbed, the first being by the vultures of real estate and market speculation for raising his rent and the indifference the city treats small businesses victimized by this rapacious menace.

A female tourist was attacked by an elderly woman with a cane in Grand Central Station

Staten Island:

A retried NYPD is busted with 7 others in a heroin dealing and distribution ring. Staten Island has seen the largest gain in fatal overdoses.

A driver plowed into a 13 year old boy and sped off in West Brighton

Back to back overdoses occurred at the St. George terminal by ferries.

It’s April 1st, but I’m not foolin’. Shit’s getting serious out there. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. There’s a lot of violators out there.

At least it’s Spring again

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