New Bad Days XX: A Shrewd Jewerly Heist In Blade Runner Tower Brooklyn, Random Shootings Spread Across The Boroughs And The Mayor’s Spokesman Calls It Winning, Some Guy Tries To Turn A Gang Beating Into A “Bad” Video, And A Woman’s Various Efforts To Avoid Violence Induces Violence


In Downtown Brooklyn, a jewerly store was robbed of $800,000 worth of merchandise by 4 robbers clad in construction safety vests and a hazmat suit late in the afternoon, opportunistically taking advantage of the rash of hyper-development in the area. The store manager was left behind with a head wound from being pistol-whipped.

In Coney Island, a Maryland mother of two daughters came home to spend the Memorial Day weekend with her family got shot to death by her estranged ex-husband. He shot her twice, once point blank in the face and then as she was on the ground in front of her parent’s house in Seagate. The killer has prior arrests going back a decade and he still on the loose.

In Canarsie, a man followed a woman into a restroom in a McDonald’s and dropped his pants and tried to rape her.

A man was shot on a street corner in East Flatbush as he was heading for his home in the early evening hours

In a motel in Gravesend, a tourist from North Carolina who left his 45 caliber handgun in his room wound up arrested after a cleaning woman found it under a mattress.

In East Flatbush, a 65 year old woman was robbed of her life savings totaling $28,000 by a couple, a 50 year old woman and man who claimed to be a pastor that conned her about having trouble giving money to a charity.

At a NYCHA apartment building in Bushwick, a man was killed after being shot 7 times at 11:20 p.m.


On a street in the Piano District South Bronx, 2 men were shot in broad daylight in the late afternoon.

Also in the Piano District South Bronx, there is a cellphone robbing spree committed by a group of teenagers.

Inside a deli bodega in Longwood, after trying to buy 2 forties of beer, a man slashed another man with a box cutter following an argument.

An off duty cop crashed his car into a metal barrier driving drunk in the Piano District South Bronx.

In Wakefield, a woman walking to work was attacked by another woman who smashed a bottle over her head.


In Jamaica Hills, a man stabbed a landlord in the face with a screwdriver as he was trying to change the locks on the door to keep out a delinquent tenant.

In South Jamaica, a man shot another man in the head on a street corner at 11 p.m., killing him.

Also in South Jamaica, 2 men were shot in front of a night club on Merrick Blvd. The targeted victim was killed.

In Fresh Meadows, 2 robbers armed with guns robbed a MetroPCS store.

In Murray Hill, a man was shot in the face and died in front of a corner grocery store.

In Richmond Hill, a man with a knife approached two women in their 50’s, robbed one of them and knocked her friend to the ground

In Jamaica, a man was killed walking along the Van Wyck Expressway when he was hit by a car, the impact led to the victim getting hit by two other cars driving the same way. All drivers involved in the accident were driving with suspended licenses.

Staten Island

In Port Richmond, a man being pursued by police over a lack of a front license plate sped into and hit a 13 year old walking his brother crossing the street, critically injuring him and running away on foot.

In St. George, a mother of three was arriving home from an amusement park when she was hit by a speeding SUV as she was taking one of her kids out of her car, leaving her in critical condition and a chance she might lose her leg. The driver fled the area and is at large.


In the West Village on 14th st., a man on a battery-powered bicycle rode up to three men on the sidewalk and shot at them multiple times.

In the East Village, a fire went off at a “hip” pizzeria, reaching to the apartments above it. The establishment is setting up a move to a larger space directly across the street.

In the Financial District on Wall Street, 2 food vendors got into a fight over sidewalk space when one of them bashed the other man’s head as he laid on the ground.

At the Union Square train station, a performance artist came to the defense of an elderly couple harassed by 3 kids doing “showtime” dancing in the car who were yelling slurs at them and swatting a yarmulke off the man’s head. The kids followed the artist out of the train and attacked and pummeled him with punches and beat him with his own hula hoop after he tried to engage them in a dance battle.

In Midtown in front of Trump Tower, 2 people were arrested after they attacked a group of 4 people standing in front of the building showing their support for aspiring tyrant and massive pussy Figurehead Trump.

In Harlem, a man shot another in the ankle in front of a bodega.

On the street on York Ave. and E. 61st on Lenox Hill, an off duty MTA worker assaulted another man with his cellphone after a traffic dispute.

At a bank ATM in the Upper East Side, a man robbed a woman of $500 after he threatened to throw acid at her. This follows a similar incident from a few weeks before.

In Midtown West, a tourist leapt to his death from a window at the TRYP hotel clad only in his underwear.

At Food and Finance High School (??) in Hell’s Kitchen, a 17 year old student was locked in the freezer by 3 other students who were taunting in from the outside with knives.

At Grand Central Station , a homeless mentally ill woman slashed another woman with a knife on the platform as they were exiting the train, after she followed her through the emergency door while she was pushing her daughter in her stroller to get in at the 125th stop on Lexington Ave. in Harlem, sat next to her on the train and the victim and her daughter moved to another seat because she were disturbed by her behavior.

This incident has discouraged the victim from commuting on the subway out of fear, as a rise in violence by aggressive homeless people has become widespread despite denials by the MTA, whose own employees have witnessed erratic behavior from the homeless population in the stations, on the platforms and in train cars.

This particular incident cannot stress deep enough the utter lack of mental facilities in this city, and the disturbing fact that citizens have to take extra precaution taking precaution when it comes to avoidable confrontations.

But at least she didn’t get shot, which our mayoral spokesperson and fucking moron Eric Phillips probably thinks it’s just dandy and a sign of continued winning.

Cellphone masturbator Eric and his cowardly boss Mayor De Faustio might want to put down their craft beers celebrating this dubious and tone deaf victory and acknowledge that one of those murders, the woman who got shot point blank in Coney Island by her estranged husband who is a now a fugitive, were major stories in the NY Daily News and the NY Post. This social media post denigrates the severity and the memory of the victim and reduces her to a marginal victim and another slight statistic so imbeciles like the aforementioned can continue to make comparisons to what crime was like 25 years ago and things are so swell and vibrant now.

The citizens of this city they are running into the ground would be best to take advice and information elsewhere.


Wrath Of The Scumlords: Slimy Disservice And Tactics At Seagirt 711, Displaced Elmhurst Residents Demand Independent Monitor

The 711, Rockaway Beach.

On the gorgeous yet still gritty shores of Far Rockaway, there sits a beachfront apartment complex on 711 Seagirt Avenue called the Sandcastle, and it actually resembles one. Actually four, the color of the brick buildings matches the sand just feet away from the lots. But aesthetics is not what this is about. This is about another story about people, in this case elderly people, being undermined, mistreated, intimidated and expendable by the perpetrating owners and more indifference by elected higher-ups.

A report by the local paper “The Wave” focused on the “711”, a building marketed and designed for senior citizens, and the myriad problems consuming the building and the frustrations and complaints from the tenants. Insufficient and inefficient security conditions abound with broken intercoms and no guard personnel (the listing for the building states that it has a doorman and conceirge), leading to strangers roaming and suspected drug dealing in the halls and staiways all day and night, and homeless people settling in the concierge area. And of course there are pressing maintenance problems that get ignored.

The management of the complex, Sarasota Gold LLC, according to stressed-out residents has never made a concerted effort to show up for tenant meetings.

It’s a safe bet that the only effort the mysterious gentlemen (and maybe a few token women) of this LLC is to discourage the people from living there. And being that they are at an advanced age and vulnerable, it’s practically easy pickings. Now why does this seem quite nefarious, because these are the usual brass tactics of avaricious landlords when an area suddenly becomes “hot” or “cool” like Rockaway has become in the past 5 years. West of the 711 has seen a lot of development up the boardwalk with sleek new towers, a major upscale “hip” hotel, and actual luxury condo buildings on 116th street. But more essentially, a massive and still shocking and ludicrous expensive designer food and craft brew culture scene.

Basically, Sarasota is just conducting savage business as usual as was done in other areas consisting of working poor, retired and even middle class (there are just too many to name right now). And now it’s Rockaway’s turn, especially now that the boardwalk is complete and ferry service has returned. For the goal of the Gentrification Industrial Complex is to turn the entire 5 boroughs into a luxury theme park for the disposable income transients and transplants to our state. The G.I.C. turned Brooklyn into a brand and now it’s Queens’ turn.

So why not put a scare into old people and let the place rot from the inside and outside. Hell, NYCHA has been doing this for decades, sure the feds didn’t provide them enough funding, but the money they got from them and the city they found ways to piss it away. They don’t spend enough money anymore, well mostly because they can’t, and maybe because they won’t, being that they have to spend on other things, like medicine and food they can afford. They are unable to ride bikes like the target and favored demographic does.

The Martnique Plaza before some idiot blazed it.

Meanwhile in Elmhurst,  hundreds of people displaced when a fire engulfed their apartment building, the Martinique Plaza, ignited by an idiot contractor using a torch and propane which were forbidden for the work he was assigned to do, are demanding to appoint an independent monitor to determine the feasibility and the improvements of their homes.

The tenants were moved to hotels (thanks Mayor De Faustio, the only good aspect of your homeless policy) and later moved to shelters when they found the hotels environment to be unsafe and repressive (so much for that, these hotels aren’t even good for a night or two, what they are actually meant and exist for). Since then, they have organized and are very shrewd and quite cognizant of the methods and motives of landlords borough-wide and are very concerned of being disenfranchised from their dwellings. A good reason for their justified skepticism is that the buildings management offered them to move to new apartments if they don’t sue, a bigger reason is that they hired that imbecile who forced them on the streets, and the hugest reason is their superintendent initially lied about the schmuck on the roof until the NYFD came.

The good news is that the building management is being a bit more cooperative. Still, they tried to discourage them and that’s still scummy. It took some nifty assembling and good counseling by the tenants to put their balls on the coals. The folks at the 711 got a harder and higher dune to climb because of their presence on fabricated high end real estate and are relying on some guy running for public advocate.

Speaking of advocacy, where is Letitia ” Fatty Fat Fat” James? Or Councilman Donovan Richards, who was last seen crowing about the Mott St shopping center redevelopment,  or even their congressman Gregory “Squatter” Meeks? The 711 is practically under siege and people who spent their whole lives working, paying taxes so they can live near the nice beach are afraid to open their doors and go outside to enjoy it. And the owners and management are not only avoiding the building but letting the wolves run amuck. And these are elderly people for christsakes

This has been asked before and will be asked over and over. Does someone have to get killed first to get the services needed?


DAPL, Oil Spill, Energy Transfer Partners, Protests, Standing Rock,North and South Dakota, U.S.A

Aberdeen News: Dakota Access pipeline leaked 84 gallons of crude oil in Spink County

A leaky surge pump along the Dakota Access oil pipeline spilled 84 gallons of crude oil in April at the pump station just north of Crandon in Spink County. That’s according to Brian Walsh, an environmental scientist with state Department of Environment and Natural Resources Ground Water Quality Program.

The pipeline, which will move oil from shale formations in western North Dakota roughly 1,170 miles to Patoka, Ill., is not yet operational. In north-central South Dakota, it cuts through Campbell, McPherson, Edmunds, Faulk and Spink counties.

 According to American News archives, the pump station is on 10.59 acres of land in rural Spink County that Dakota Access purchased Feb. 3, 2016, from Donald Gene and Rita Mary Masat. Crandon is southeast of Redfield and east of Tulare. “At the pipeline’s pump station there’s what’s called a surge tank, which is used to store crude oil occasionally during the regular operation of the pipeline,” Walsh said in a phone interview with the American News Tuesday. “And connected to that tank is a pump, which pumps oil back into the pipeline system, and the leak occurred at that surge pump.”

EcoWatch: Two More Spills for Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) system leaked more than 100 gallons of oil in two separate incidents in North Dakota in March.

This is the $3.8 billion project’s third known leak. The controversial pipeline, which is not yet finished and not yet operational, also spilled 84 gallons of oil in South Dakota on April 4.

The state’s Health Department database shows that two barrels, or 84 gallons, spilled on March 3 in Watford City due to a leaky flange (the section connecting two sections of pipeline) at a pipeline terminal.

All those people from the Standing Rock tribe tried to warn everybody. The public, the corporate news media, the Army Corps Of Engineers and everyone in elected office from their own elected representatives of their own state all the way to the White House. Even to all those cops dressed like stormtroopers shooting tear gas canisters, rubber bullets and jet stream freezing water from water cannons

Although the tribe got a brief respite from the insignificant last President, Barack Obama, Figurehead Donald Trump gave the go ahead in one of his first executive orders with that stupid Sharpie penned giant signature of his. Because as everyone knows now, employment and commerce progress cannot be made unless Don Worthless is not personally enriched by government programs. As well as thousands of other greedy malcontents and gangsters consisting of the billionaire donor class, national and overseas, various tyrannical world leaders, and other lowly elected officials personal bank portfolios.

Noted that these were initial tests before the pipeline is operable, but they are under strict scrutiny because of the way it was legislatively approved. But going by the contempt for journalism and the dissemination of information by President/Godfather Don, who knows what measures the energy company will do to get that line operated if they feel the fourth estate is needling them too much. Since Energy Transfer Partners saw nothing wrong in sending the hounds and counter-terrorism security contractors after protesters and Trump has made it comfortable and practically legal to physically shove, pin against the wall and choke slam reporters.

The gangstas are in charge, nation.

Fascism Wins In Montana: Candidate For Congress Engages With Reporter, Picks Him Up And Body Slams Him, Breaks His Glasses, Gets Charged For Misdemeanor Assault And Wins Election For Vacant Congressional Position Anyway. Greg Gianforte, Doppleganger J.K. Simmons from “Whiplash”

Montana, U.S.A.

So it begins. The establishment of “Fear Itself”

Following the illegal oppression of the right to protest by a foreign country, and months of all those accusations of fake news by the fake chief executive since holding office on January 20th 2017 (and a reprehensible remark by the DHS chief John Kelly on press protocol at the Coast Guard graduation ceremony).

A reporter from the Guardian, Ben Jacobs, attempted to get answers from the Republican candidate about aspects of the Expendable American Health Care Act after he wouldn’t divulge any details or opinions the last time he was asked by another reporter from that publication.

Initially trying to blow him off by passing the reporter to an aide of his, as is the usual procedure for these sold out miscreants, elected and running, not even a second later, he let is inner heel wrestler personality take over.

The candidate literally body slammed a reporter. In front of witnesses and most damnably in front of a Fox News affiliate:

At that point, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, “I’m sick and tired of this!”

Jacobs scrambled to his knees and said something about his glasses being broken. He asked Faith, Keith and myself for our names. In shock, we did not answer. Jacobs then said he wanted the police called and went to leave. Gianforte looked at the three of us and repeatedly apologized. At that point, I told him and Scanlon, who was now present, that we needed a moment. The men then left.

Here is a dramatization of the account above:

That bastard who feloniously assaulted the reporter was charged with misdemeanor assault citation by the county sheriff, who is also a donor to his campaign.

The day after, Greg Gianforte won the election.

Something tells me that this motherfucking prick assaulted this reporter knowing full well that he would get away with it and the people would turn out big for him, and he assumed right. For he has just exploited the momentum gifted to him by Fighurehead Trump and his persistent maligning, libeling of the free press who declared was the enemy of the American People.

As I wrote about of extreme precedence, this follows recent excessive charges and convictions of those who work and yearn for accountability from our snowflake representatives during Trump’s currently brief reign. Like the arrest and sentencing of an elderly woman protester from Code Pink, laughing out loud during Jeff Sessions hilarious confirmation hearing. A reporter who got roughhoused and handcuffed after attempting to question HHS Secretary Tom Price, who later praised the police for their ordered repression. A reporter from the National Press Club trying to ask questions at an FCC hearing got thrown against and pinned to a wall by security guards and was later thrown into a bathroom and was interrogated by them.

And here is the result of these felonious assaults on democracy. The election victory of an entitled, insecure, obscenely and undeservedly rich and inherently corrupt, violent snowflake asshole. This is not a dystopian novel, comic book or movie anymore. This is reality. There is going to be more of this. In fact, N.Y.C.’s own Mayor Big Slow De Blasio has been demonstrating passive aggressive oppressive tactics for the past few months when all investigations were dropped against him for his pay for play and slush funding approach to governing.

If anything, and judging by Fox News showing solidarity after the initial shock of the free press smackdown by Greg, this might light a long overdue fire under the bottom line attentive asses of the corporate news media. Thanks to the suplex heard around the world, it has gave birth to a new market of hardcore, unapologetic, uncompromising  investigative journalism. If not, then they better arm reporters like Ben Jacobs with brass knuckles and baseball bats.


Apparently, the newly elected congressman had endorsements from 3 major dailies from the state and had an early advantage because of early voting. So Greg “the Lame Undertaker” Gianforte choke slammed a journalist knowing full well he had the election locked and the support of major newspapers, of a obsequious sheriff who donated to his campaign to bring down serious charges and despairingly, a subservient public who supports fascist acts and violent intimidation to oppress reporters and dissenters.

What Gianforte did is what mobsters used to do to anyone who would question their intentions. Mario Puzo couldn’t write this shit up. Figurehead Donald Trump has taken his experience working with the Italian and Russian mafias to build his empire in NYC and beyond and has now instilled it in his administration and is infecting the machinations of government processes and local politics in the states of America.

The Congressman beat up that reporter because he knew he already won the election.

These political gangsters have to be whacked, stat.

New Bad Days 19: MS-13 Gang Member Found Dead, Butchered And Rotted In Queens Public Park, Bicyclist Stupidly And Recklessly Mows Down Waitress In Brooklyn And Gets Away With it, Some Guy Jumps On Police Cars Like An Escaped Gorilla*, And Heroin/Fentanyl Is The Crack Of The 21st Century


Alley Pond Park



A 16 year old male member of the notorious widespread gang MS-13, who had prior arrests and survived an earlier stabbing, was found dead with multiple stab wounds in his chest in Alley Pond Park in Bayside by a bird watcher on Sunday afternoon.

A dead body was found floating n the east river by Hunters Point Park in Long Island City, an area that has seen high end luxury tower overdevelopment and obscene rent increases.

At a middle school in Elmhurst, an 11 year old student brought a BB gun to school to show off to his friends and fired it and struck a teacher in the ankle.

In Ridgewood, 5 men were arrested for solicitation in a prostitution sweep on the corner of Cypress Ave.

In a shopping mall in Flushing, a 60 year old was loitering around a children’s clothing store, Chuck E Cheese and a video arcade and molested and groped a woman and 3 girls aged 8 to 11, the latter ones the deviant asked them if “it felt good” and “do you like it?”


In Midtown West, a brawl in front of a public school among two students returning from suspensions, led to one of them attacking the other with a knife and slashing and stabbing him, then proceeded to stab 3 other teenage males and fled the area.

A block away from that incident on 51st by Broadway, a man who got pissed off at a truck driver hopped on the side of the vehicle as it was moving, jumped off when the road narrowed from construction partitions and got his backpack caught on a fence and fell off and got crushed to death by falling under the truck’s wheels

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a corrections officer shot himself and a female police recruit showing off his gun in a bar.

At the F station in Herald Square at 1:10 p.m., a 50 year old woman got slashed in the face by a man following an argument on the platform.

On the Lower East Side near Sara Roosevelt Park, a 61 year old grandmother collecting recyclables to earn some extra money was mugged, brutally beaten and bloodied and left lying unconscious on the ground by a 23 year old man.

At the 14th street station on 8th avenue in Greenwich Village, a man committed suicide, severing his legs and died by jumping in front of an incoming uptown train around 11:15 a.m.

In West Harlem, a person got shot around 5:15 p.m.

In East Harlem, a burglar broken into a woman’s apartment and stole $3,500 dollars in electronics and jewelry. This is the fourth such incident of a dramatic rise of burglaries in that area’s precinct in the past month. These young pioneers uptown better call their realtors, looks like they got cheated.

In Harlem, which some fools are trying to rename SoHa to fabricate housing and rental market rates, a mentally disturbed man pacing up and down the streets in front of moving traffic at the intersection of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd and 119 st jumped on top of the roofs of two police cars and another black vehicle.


In Eastchester, a man entering an unlicensed cab was robbed of his gold chain. In pursuit of the thief, the cab driver got shot by a man who met up with the crook.

In Westchester Square, a Meals On Wheels aid group’s trucks that deliver food to seniors have been vandalized in their lot.


In Bed-Stuy,  a bus driver was sprayed with a toxic substance by a woman wearing a surgical mask.

Near the Brooklyn College campus in Flatbush, shots were heard from a nearby brawl at the intersection of Nordstrom and Flatbush aves.

A woman got punched in the face as she tried to defend other commuters subjected to racial slurs on the 4 train at the Nevins St. station in Downtown Brooklyn.

In Gravesend, a 12 year old boy approached an 80 year old woman cleaning up in front of her house and punched her in the face following two prior incidents when he hit her with a metal rod and tried to set her coat on fire.

In Greenpoint, a 43 year old woman was struck by a bicycle rider who ran the red light, causing temporary memory loss, injuries to her foot, clavicle and head, and economic duress, since her employer doesn’t provide health insurance. According to the police report, the biker claimed he was unable to stop (was this idiot riding a fixie sans brakes?) and was not even arrested or issued a ticket (???!!!).  New York Shitty has a profile on the victim and where you can donate to help her, since her precinct is shelving her in the Marginal Victims Unit.

Also in Greenpoint at McGorlick Park, a man was bashed in the head and slashed in the face by 3 men when he was trying to return a pack of cigarettes he saw one of the culprits drop on the ground.

And throughout the 5 boroughs, most heavily in Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, overdoses from heroin and fentanyl has rose 22% compared to last year at this time. A total of 344 people have died so far. These deaths have not been included in the NYPD’s monthly crime statistics and reports.

*try not to misconstrue this as racist. and if you do, you never been to one of those drive thru safari habitats