And Now Another Word From Our Sponsors…

First Daughter Ivanka Trump visited Berlin's Holocaust memorial (above) during her first international trip as an official adviser to her father, who also delivered remarks at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's annual Days of Remembrance event Tuesday.

First, whatever designer shades and coat presidential adviser/first daughter lady is wearing here as she so tenderly caresses a wall. This picture was taken at a holocaust center the Holocaust Museum in Berlin last week and may have been the most blatant glamorous vogueing ever by a (virtual) dignitary to a memorial site.

This was from a few months ago at the Nike flagship store on 57th street in Midtown Manhattan during the execution of Figurehead EP Trump’s travel ban of citizens from selective middle east nations. Nike got all their celebrity sports figures to pose emphatically somber to exploit the situation to sell sneakers. All of their photos were color manipulated so they all look like one united race to promote equality in solidarity with those victimized by the Trump’s unconstitutional policies and also in response to a lot of rampant bigoted attacks against Blacks, Hispanics, Middle Eastern, and Indian people at the time.

Nice sentiment Nike, maybe you can apply this universal sentiment to all those poor indigent people which includes children that stitches all those 100 to 500 dollar sneakers in penitentiary sweatshops in impoverished and economically polarized nations that you run and that all your endorsers wear professionally and rabid fans wait on lines for hours for. Maybe all those millionaire athletes that are so concerned in those racially hued photos might even want to donate some money and time to all those who give their feet comfort playing games in their chosen professions…

…I tell you it ain’t likely…


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