Goodnight, Village Voice Newspaper

The Village Voice, 60, Wednesday Print Edition


I first bought the Voice at my local newsstand in 1987 and it opened up a new world and instilled in me a new awareness. The articles of Wayne Barrett and his coverage of civics and city hall at the end of Koch and during the overrated reign of Giuliani, especially with the actions and immorality of our current mayor and Nat Hentoff on his weekly first amendment lessons and with what’s going with the attention these statues and this idiotic panel said mayor has assembled, still rings with relevance today. I also enjoyed the movie and music reviews and the early comics of Matt Groening’s Life In Hell, which made looking forward to The Simpsons back in ’89 a thrilling moment, and the photos of Slyvia Plachy. It is also where I got my first job working in Manhattan and where I developed my taste in music, art and film from the back pages of classified ads and concert announcements and club listings.

I thought when it went free in the 90’s, while convenient, was a mistake. And of course with the internet, it got smaller and smaller. Although it’s ending it’s paper edition, there was no doubt it’s demise was inevitable. I will make it a duty to link to their website, which is solid, but it’s possible that it even might not last because it’s joining one of a million digital news publications.

This is truly a tragedy, as the need and quest for information is becoming more unnecessarily arduous and popular culture is a rotted living dead corpse.


New Bad Days 32: The Douchehag Of Crown Heights And Her Amusing Bullet Hole Bad Days Monument And The Ensuing Morbidly Ironic Shooting Incident Of A Nearby Brand New Trendy Local Establishment. restaurant and the overpriced glass of swill with the notorious artifact
The scene of the crime blocks away from Summerhill just days after the community hearing.


A Canadian woman who formerly worked as a tax reform lawyer that runs an upscale bar and sandwich shop has become the subject of derision and consternation of the residents of Crown Heights because of a wall with bullet holes still remaining that the owner, Becca Brennan, steadfastly and stubbornly refuses to fix. The outrage being that Becca is using this reminder of an earlier crime blighted era to promote her business and using it as an aesthetic of authenticity to attract frivolous spending high end clientele and curious and stupid tourists.

Protests emerged since her social media post of a cocktail drink worth $12 and her idiotic concept of a 40 oz. bottle of rose’ wine in a paper bag from her store in revolting homage to the sight of men swigging from bottles of Old English Malt Liquor and Colt .45 in the blighted criminal heyday of the streets of the five boroughs. (I recall even Budweiser got into the act and sold bottles in that size, in fact they still do.) The last corner assembly was actually confronted by Becca herself, sitting in her Al Fresco table setting mouthing off and cracking wise to the citizenry shielded by a dozen cops.

Becca begrudgingly agreed to meet with the community and showed up dressing like a skank in cut off shorts showing her pockets in homage to white trailer trash and mouthed off to the community yet again and accusing them of having no sense of humor and also lying that those marks were left over from a deli fridge that was affixed to the infamous wall.

Becca’s repulsive behavior and eatery is another example of co-opting or appropriating (stealing) from past cultures. Another example is another like minded slag, Laura Jones also in her 30’s and from Canada, who turned a 2 family house she rented in Averne on Rockaway Beach into an illegal hostel that she operated from her Airbnb account, that she initially named the Hostile Hotel with rooms named after Ike Turner and Chris Brown and names like “wife beater bungalow”, “whore house” and “gang violence”. After reports of this circulated, she dropped the awful names but still continued to operate and profit from the area for 3 years until she got forcibly stopped by the Department Of Buildings for fire safety and crowding violations and dropped by Airbnb for her illegitimate business. Ms. Jones has since high-tailed it from the Rockaways, leaving some her tenants on the street and unable to retrieve their belongings.

(Although unrelated to these half-wits from the Great White North, there is bar in Ridgewood, Queens actually called the Bad Old Days run by 2 other dumb girls in their 30’s).

The uncanny resemblance between these 2 douchehags is that they are using the bad old days of their neighborhoods’ history, which still has consistent crime though marginally less than in the past, of misery, city neglect, poverty and blight to promote themselves and their businesses, the distinction being that Laura dropped the names right away after being exposed but still got enough attention to get bookings. Becca though is trying to be the Angela Davis of tone-deaf clueless, entitled hipster chicks by refusing to consider her neighbors reactions to her insulting display. And she left the community hearing defiantly declaring that the bullet holes will remain. Maybe she feels emboldened because of the proven city enabled gentrification creep of the area and thinks that all those protesting will be gone soon.

The thing is, if Becca is not careful, she might get new authentic additions to her aesthetic feature. Because a few days later 3 men were hit and wounded from a hail of gunfire inside a chicken wing joint around 7:30 p.m. just blocks from Summerhill. It turned out that a customer saw the shooter and tried to block the door on him to no avail and the gunman chased him into the kitchen and started firing aimlessly, wounding two employees there. To compound the awfulness of this incident, a woman running for city council has campaign office steps away from there. So far there is no statement from restaurant management that they will use the bullet holes from the gunfire inside to advertise their establishment on Instagram.

So Becca better stop being a repulsive douchehag and respect the feelings and frustrations of all those who were there before her and her patrons and the next wave of citizens that will arrive, which will also include a glut of homeless people with the opening of 2 new shelters to go with the bunch already there. It’s called co-existence, Becca, which you should heed considering the good fortune you have in opening up a business as an independent woman and a customer base that’s dumb enough to spend 10 bucks on a sandwich, 12 bucks on a drink and thousands to live in a closet. Besides, Becca, you already got the attention and money you wanted by relying on notoriety, so plaster those stupid ugly holes. Hell, if you want to really pay tribute to the town’s past, cover it with a poster of the greatest rapper to ever come from Brooklyn.

Until then, don’t whine about people protesting and hide behind the cops while talking trash (and what the fuck is wrong with that precinct, sending that many cops there?). You’re not funny and have no sense of what satire or parody is. Oh, and be very aware of your surroundings and considerate of your new neighbors.

Also in Crown Heights Becca, 3 men surrounded a 30-year-old woman behind a building and they all sexually molested her. See, even without bullets, crime is not funny.

In East Flatbush, human remains were found in a sewer under a hospital by construction workers.

Also in East Flatbush, a 16-year-old girl riding her bike got run over by a SUV in another hit-and-run.

On the 5 train arriving at the Beverly Road station in East Flatbush, a man jammed a knife into the leg of another passenger and ran off when it stopped at the station.

In Clinton Hill, a crazed passenger yelling at other passengers spat on and assaulted a bus driver after she tried to get him out.

In Canarsie, a gang of thieves held up a laundromat and later a bookstore, punching the clerk as he was closing the shop and robbing it of $11,500 of cash and lottery tickets.

In Bushwick, a man who got into a fight at an apartment an art gallery, died later resulting from a cracked skull.

In Cypress Hills, a man attacked and repeatedly slashed two men with a knife on the street at 6:10 p.m.

In DUMB(O), a man committed suicide and died jumping off the Manhattan Bridge and landing under it.

In the Brooklyn Courthouse in Downtown Brooklyn, a court cop sexually harassed a woman who was waiting for her boyfriend to post bail.

In Brownsville, 4 male teens sprayed  toxic liquid at employees and shoplifted boxes of toothpaste and air fresheners from a dollar store.

In Sheepshead Bay, a 6 year-old-boy ran into the street and got hit by a car.

In Bed-Stuy, a private garbage hauling company truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and collided into and destroyed 13 parked cars.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man punched a gay man in the face and broke his jaw when he was trying to break up a fight.

In Fort Hamilton, a woman died from a fire in her apartment.


Under the bridges on the Lower East Side, a man stabbed two people he was getting drunk with after an argument.

On the Upper East Side, a gang is wanted rushing into 3 athletic stores and robbing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Also in the Upper East Side, a woman speeding up Park Avenue in her sedan collided into an SUV ahead of her and wound up with critical injuries.

Again on the Upper East Side, a luxury building elevator fire injured 3 workers.

On the Upper West Side, a door on a church and synogogue was defaced with a swastika.

Also on the Upper West Side, a woman got killed falling from her window at an apartment building on West End Ave.

In East Harlem, a 13 year old boy got killed when he ran into the street and got hit by a SUV after running from a man chasing him who accused him of throwing a bottle at his vehicle.

In the park at Union Square at 3:30 a.m., a man got stabbed over an argument with others over a chess game.

Also in Union Square, on the stairs inside the train station, two women started fighting when they bumped into each other, leading to one of them pulling out a bottle and bashing it over her opponent’s head.

At the 2nd Avenue station platform in the East Village, a woman was pushed onto the tracks by a man who specifically told her he was going to push her.

Also in the East Village, a woman undressing herself with the window opened was being watched across the way by a man taking photos of her.

In Chelsea, a 21-year-old woman assaulted 2 workers at a pizzeria after they tried to kick her out for being a nuisance.

At Penn Station, 7 people smoking the disgusting and dangerous fake marijuana K-2 got sickened and sent to the hospital.

At the 51st station in Midtown, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as he walked out, and an elderly man who invited two slutty women to his room at the Loews Hotel was robbed by them of his $13,000 watch and $3,000 in cash.

Also in Midtown at 1:20 p.m., a tourist was held up for $50 when a man went up to him and threatened to cut his throat.

In Harlem, a BBQ party on the sidewalk ended abruptly when a police officer pour a gallon of water on the grill to douse the fire.

At the Canal St. station in Chinatown, a man attempted suicide jumping in front of an approaching 6 train

By the Statue Of Liberty around 10 p.m., a man committed suicide after jumping off the Staten Island Ferry.

At a luxury apartment building in Times Square, a man was attacked and mauled by a pit bull over a drug dispute (not with the dog, with some other guy) and the assumption that the victim was a robot.

At the Broadway-Lafayette station in Soho, a woman climbed the girders above the tracks in a attempt at suicide and was stopped by a concerned samaritan who talked her out of it.

In Inwood, a dead man’s body was floating by a waterfront restaurant on the Hudson River.

At the Port Authority bus terminal by Times Square, a homeless woman panhandling for change pulled out a 13 inch kitchen knife at a man who wouldn’t give her money and was threatening commuters throughout the station


In Mount Eden, a barber defending himself was shot at by 2 men who robbed the shop of cash and his jewelry.

In Eastchester, a woman lost control of her SUV and died when it smashed into parked cars.

In Morissania, a man got killed in a drive-by shooting at 2:00 a.m.

Also in Morrisania, a man, stalked then choked and molested a 74-year-old woman in an elevator

At a cemetery in Woodlawn, 6 caskets were removed from a mausoleum and placed in a row on the ground.

In University Heights, a man walking home was nearly killed when got hit by an errant bullet from four shots fired.

At the Monroe Houses in Soundview, a NYCHA inspector was threatened by a woman who demanded quicker service improvements. There will probably be more of these in the next few months.

In Norwood, a man shot himself in his car after a scuffle with a drug dealer initially  claimed a robber did it

On the 4 train line at the 149th street station in Mott Haven, a woman attempted suicide by jumping in front of an arriving train.


In Sunnyside, tenants are mortified when a man in a Donald Trump mask affixed stickers of the President Figurehead fascist sympathizer on the elevator.

In Jamaica, a man in drag tried to pull a hit on a group of men on the street and wound up getting shot himself and died from his wounds later at Jamaica Hospital.

Also in Jamaica, a man was shot at on the street in a drive-by from a black vehicle at 9:30 p.m.

In Pomonauk, a man confronted a girl with a knife demanding her cellphone then slashed her leg when she refused to give it up.

Queens Slashing Suspect

In Flushing, a masseur attacked his coworker over a stolen customer with a metal mug and punched him repeatedly.

In Richmond Hill, a homeless man was killed when he was dragged by a vehicle and then was assaulted by the driver and passenger that leveled his damaged body with kicks and punches.

In Woodside, a man accosted a woman on the street and claimed to have a gun and attempted to rape her.

In Astoria, a man robbed a citibank branch as it just opened it’s doors.

On the Clearview Expressway in Auburndale, a man ran out on the highway and got killed by a tractor-trailer.

On Rikers Island, 30 prisoners from various gangs had their sentences extended after continuing to brutalize and terrorize other inmates.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty, Big Daddy Kane




New Bad Days 31: Street Hassles And Murders Caused By Presumptuous Dirty Looks And Personal And Parking Spaces, Bike Related Crime Rises Whether Stolen Or Used For Perpetrating, Crustie Derelicts Form A Homestead Under A Shed By A Church, Kids Today Engaging In Xenophobia, Grave Desecration And Flag Larceny, And Bullets Flying Through The Boroughs


In Greenpoint by McGorlrick Park, a married couple walking past a school were accosted by 2 men loitering on the steps who accused them of looking at them, then one of the men pounced and took out a knife, repeatedly stabbing the husband in the chest as he tried to defend himself by throwing his phone at him and punching his assailant in the face as his wife pleaded for the thug to stop. The husband, George Carroll died from his wounds hours later. The suspected killer and his accomplice fled in a black SUV and are at large. The couple recently moved to the town after living in Cypress Hills because it is thought Greenpoint is safer place to live.

In Georgetown, 4 men fighting over a parking spot escalated into a brawl and the stabbing of 2 men, one of them who died at the area hospital.

In Brownsville, a man stabbed his wife in her chest and tried to flee the crime scene with a friend.

In Williamsburg, a man showed up at a storefront church and started hitting the gate and yelling at a woman inside.

Also in Williamsburg, an off duty school crossing guard and her boyfriend were both arrested during a brawl in their apartment.

In Park Slope at 1:00 a.m., an autistic teenage girl was taken advantaged of by a man who noticed she was lost and took her to a park and sexually assaulted her.

In Ocean Hill, a 74-year-old man crossing the street at 5:20 a.m. was hit and critically injured by a vehicle heading into the intersection which had prior pedestrian related accidents.

In Bed Stuy, a retired C.O. got shot in the leg trying to prevent his gas station from being robbed by 2 armed men.

In Brownsville, 2 men standing on the corner at 6 a.m. were shot at 3 times by an unknown gunman.

Also in Brownsville, a one-year-old child with his mother and grandmother passing through and a 20-year-old man got shot by a hail of aimless gunfire.

In Crown Heights, two men were caught trying to steal mail from fishing letters with a glue bottle and string from a mailbox.

Also in Crown Heights at a homeless shelter, a man got slashed in the face passing by a fight between two other residents. A food delivery boy was knocked off his scooter, strangled and robbed by 2 other teenagers around 9:45 p.m.. A man was shot twice by an unknown gunman on the street at 10:20 p.m.

In Canarsie, a gunman shot 4 people at a house party at 3:00 a.m.

Also in Canarsie, a masked man shot at 2 other men on the street at 8:50 p.m.


In Downtown, An urban explorer idiot was arrested after he climbed a construction crane 71 feet high on a new building being constructed that is part of Mayor De Faustio’s  housing plan for 200,000 affordable 800,000 market rate apartments for qualified New Yorkers who live in the areas of them.

Also in Downtown at the Fulton Street Transit Hub, a station agent giving directions to commuters was sucker punched by a man. And two people had their tech merchandise stolen as they were in the bathroom when they left them unattended

Again in Downtown, a man riding his bike was hit from behind by a driver attempting to swerve into a another lane around another car, who then proceeded to flee the area in front of witnesses.

At the 34th street station in Herald Square, a man who stalked and threatened to rape a woman, followed and previously grabbed her from the Prospect Park station in Brooklyn and tried to grope her on the escalator only to fall down the steps when the woman bit him.

At the Canal Street station in Tribeca at 4:45 p.m, an argument on the stairs over a shove led to a man slashing another man with a pen knife.

In NoMad at 5:47 p.m., a man slashed another man repeatedly with a knife during a street fight.

Also in NoMad at another luxury apartment building, another construction worker died on the job as he fell down an elevator shaft.

In Inwood, a man driving an ATV on the sidewalks and streets, attacked and bit a cop on the arm who tried to stop him.

Also in Inwood, a famous rapper was recklessly driving and popping wheels on his dirt bike on Dyckman Ave.

In the Upper West Side, a speeding 18-wheel truck ran a red light, crashing into an SUV causing it to mount the sidewalk and collide into the entrance of a subway station, injuring 2 pedestrians.

In the East Village, a man in an SUV stalled in traffic was surrounded by 20 boys riding bicycles that started damaging his vehicle as one of them robbed his wallet from his console when he stepped out to confront them.

Also in the East Village, a man threw rocks at the windows of the top floor of an apartment building because they were displaying confederate flags, a few days after the white supremacy siege of Charlottesville in tribute to General Lee and the same day that Trump deemed the violence was the fault of both sides of the protests.

Days later, a stupid hipster transient showed up at the same building, went up the roof, climbed on the ledge and punched and broke one of the windows of the flag bearer’s apt., even though the window did not have a flag on it. Just to promote himself and his DJ gig on Instagram.

Again in the East Village, a church was vandalized with graffiti and shit by young crusty homeless people and their dirty huge dogs after the pastor and his wife prevented them from sleeping, lounging and shooting smack under a sidewalk shed by there by sprinkling bleach cleansing powder on the grounds.

At Central Park by Midtown, a tree uprooted and fell on a woman who was walking with her children, almost killing her but leaving her seriously injured. The tree was determined in good condition in November by the Central Park Conservancy, so they can focus on arranging bank and real estate advertising related events, outdoor movie nights in parks and out of their jurisdiction on a federal park and beach.


At Trump Tower in Midtown a few days after the White Power Siege Of Charlottesville, a man punched another man in the face in the midst of a protest in front of the building.

Also in Midtown, a fight between two food vendors over sidewalk space escalated when one of them pulled out a dull knife and stabbed the other.

In Hamilton Heights, a man demanding money from a deli worker smashed two bottles together and slashed him with them.

In Harlem, 2 teenage boys were shot at on the street by Malcolm X blvd. at 7 p.m.

In Chelsea, a woman riding her bike on 20th street rode around a double parked vehicle was chased seconds later by the driver who stopped beside her and call her a fucking bitch. Also in Chelsea at the Highline Ballroom, a man punched another man in the face.

At the Circle Line Cruise by the Hudson River in Hell’s Kitchen, a man attempted to punch a female ticket clerk in the face.

In East Harlem, a woman committed suicide from jumping out an apartment window.

In Tribeca, an 88-year-old woman crossing the street was hit by a truck.

In Soho, a cab driver was found dead in his car after 18 hours.


In University Heights, a woman was found dead and dismembered in a box inside a trash bag in a shopping cart by 2 men collecting cans and bottles during the day.

In Morrisania, a man was shot dead outside an apartment building following an argument.

At a mosque in Woodstock, a man who took refuge from being chased pulled out a knife inside and cut a gash into the head of a 6 year old boy as he fled from the people inside trying to chase him out.

At the Mitchell Houses in Mott Haven, a cop and a 61 year old woman were shot at from an unknown person with a BB gun.

Also in Mott Haven, a man accosted an 11 year old girl at St. Mary’s Park, asking to play with him and warning her that she ain’t going anywhere, grabbed her hand then threw her down to the ground and raped her.

On the D train, a couple of amorous deviants riding home from Yankee Stadium after the game engaged in some Risky Business and kept humping each other throughout the ride.


At the Simpson St. station in White Plains, a man killed himself riding between train cars.

In Melrose, a man shot another man to death who was just released from prison and was dating his ex-girlfriend.

A 26-year-old minister from the South Bronx, threatened to rape and kill City Council Speaker and Puerto Rican nationalist and Spanish language enthusiast Melissa Mark-Viverito and her kill her family and also threatening cops who are from the LGBT communities.

In Unionport, a man tried to set a 99-year-old woman’s house on fire by pouring gasoline on her lawn and fence and sparking it with a zippo lighter, burning down her rose bushes and fleeing.

Also in Unionport, a speeding livery cab driver killed himself smashing into the back of a tow truck on the Cross Island Expressway.

In Foxhurst, an argument between 2 men escalated when one of them got shot in the stomach.


In St. Albans, a woman was shot to death from a bullet to the head from aimless gunfire that came from two gangs shooting each other.

Also in St. Albans, an off duty cop committed suicide with his gun inside his house.

In Ridgewood at 7:20 p.m., 2 men armed with guns invaded an apartment and threaten to shoot a 7 year old boy so they can steal $1300 and a car.

In Elmhurst, a brawl outside a strip club led to the death of a man who got knocked down to the curb on his head.

In Astoria, a woman heading to her apartment building was mugged by a man who put her in chokehold, punched her in the face breaking several bones, and stole her purse.

Also in Astoria at a another apartment building, a man kicked down a door of a woman’s apt. and stole her television set.

Again in Astoria, a bike rider was hit and critically injured in an intersection by a car that drove off. The driver ditched the vehicle and ran away.

And again in Astoria at the Ditmars Blvd. station, a kook doing pull-ups on the turnstiles punched an elderly MTA worker who was trying to tell him to stop doing it.

Also in Long Island City, a Chase bank branch was robbed for the fourth time this year.

In Flushing Meadows on the Horace Harding Expressway, two drivers got out of their car to argue and one of them, an off duty correction officer, flashed a gun.

In Flushing, a woman who ordered an Uber car to drive her home to the East Village from a bar in Midtown, fell asleep passed out in the car then the driver took her to his apartment and allegedly raped her.

In Howard Beach, the publisher of free weekly paper “The Forum” was arrested for the continued harassment, malice and threats to a father of a woman who was sexually assaulted by a mobster that she owed gambling debts to.

At the Cypress Hills cemetery by Glendale, 3 teenagers trespassing on the grounds knocked over headstones and tagged ant-cop and racist graffiti on the graves of Chinese people.

In Long Island City, a man got assaulted and robbed of his wallet after he invited the thief to his hotel room.

In Woodside, a man exposed his little genitals to a woman then tried to drag her to construction site and rape her.

In Jackson Heights, a man broke into a church and stole musical instruments worth over 2 grand.

Staten Island

In West Brighton, 5 American flags hanging from house poles were stolen on a block by 3 kids.

In Port Richmond, 4 Black teenagers accosted and assaulted a 17 year old Mexican girl, after accusing her of looking at them and then cursing and yelling at her and friends to go back to Mexico.

Also in Port Richmond, a man held up a bank at 9 a.m. and robbed $600

In New Brighton, a man was shot in the hip from a barrage of gunfire by a playground at 1:00 p.m.

Also in New Brighton, a man was shot in the hip on the street at 1:00 a.m.

In Marines Harbor, a man was attacked with pipes and beaten in front of his house by 2 men who tried to steal his phone.





These Are Public Service Announcements: The DNC Gets Transparent/Exposed About The Pernicious Influence Of Predatory Big Money Donors And Lobbyists And The Continuing Omniscience, Omnipresence And Dominance Of And Reliance On Bullshit.

The DNC gets justifiably cranked here thanks to the intrepid satirists, The Yes Men. New man of thousand faces, Jacques Servin dons a spectacularly professorial fake beard and tears down the walls and opens up a vortex into the establishment of the monetarily wealthy and morally bankrupt members and elected officials of the neutered sold out Democrat party apparatus. Now the DNC, from D.C. to city councils, has to answer and fulfill the public’s demands for universal health care, fair wages concurrent for the current costs of living and the extraction of the influence of obscene big money donations to direct national, international and local policies.

Speaking of farce. The biggest of all is the unabated usage and influence of bullshit. Which is still a maladious plague on communication and presentation among the masses and most perniciously from people in positions of authority and power. Harry Frankfurt’s classic book, which can fit in your pocket just like the U.S. Constitution, continues to be unfortunately relevant and like 1984, might be more used as an instruction book to immoral, unscrupulous types than as a tome to avoid the trappings laid out in its pages and make society better and life easier for all.