New Bad Days 38: New Kids On The Block Getting Drunk And Willfully Getting Fleeced In The L.E.S.; More And More Opportunistic Attacks On Senior Citizens; A Merchant Gets Murdered In A Goodfella Hit In Ozone Park; Circling Fast And Furious Aspirations In Greenpoint; Sadistic Kid Selfies A Beatdown; And For Those Sadomasochistic For The Bad Old Days, A Current Mugging Spree In Central Park And A Rise In Various Crimes On The Trains

102617korea.jpgSign of the times for the new cold war days. Metropolitan Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens. (Ricketts)


In the Lower East Side, a trio of grifters have been amusingly stealing from drunk  imbeciles in their 20’s leaving bars in the district. They order an Uber and cruise around looking for marks that are barely conscious enough to walk. Like one chump they found and asked him if he wanted to go to a strip club. The guy declines but still passes out and wakes up on the street at 4 a.m. to find his wallet and credit cards missing and multiple charges on it. And another mark who invites two of the swindlers to his hip pricey hotel room for some stone cold lampin’ and wakes up at 9 a.m. and finds his laptop and iphone gone.

Then the next night, the three amigos catch some fool drunk off his ass leaving a bar in the most hilarious heist ever concocted. As they walk together on the street, one of the cons ask the guy to use his phone to put his contact info on it, as the other two are fucking around with him to distract him and one of them asks the sucker to give him his wallet, and he gives it to him. The duped goes to the police and files a report that his credit and debit cards were stolen and he never got his phone back. Well, because you gave it to them in a drunken stupor dummy, case closed.

A week later at the same bar, another sucker gets loaded with a guy and leaves in a cab with him at 4 a.m. and then gives him his phone and wallet when his new broheim asks for it and discovers his credit and debit cards and his phone gone too post-hangover. The three grifters are still at large because their victims can’t identify them because they were too blotzed to recall their faces.

Reading this moron blotter, it immediately came to mind that these suckers are the people, the target demo that the city planners, marketers, developers and landlords are pandering to and are trying to displace hard working and never playing and higher taxpaying middle class and stagnant salaried citizens from their homes and towns. And the reason why there are bars and barstaurants everywhere you blink in gentrified areas. And with absolute certainty, more incidents and crime waves like these will continue. Oh, the humanity!

Meanwhile, in other parts of the city involving unwilling subjects…

In Chelsea, a 94 year old man with a brain tumor was beaten up and robbed of his wallet and car keys while his girlfriend was bringing groceries to their home after they went shopping.

On the L train in Union Square, three girls surrounded a 19-year-old woman on the platform and snatched a wallet from her purse and boarded the train. When the robbery victim tried to get her property back, the 3 girls beat her up and ran off.

Also in Union Square, a jerk who wanders around public spaces with a sign tried to hug a woman and then punched her in the face when she refused.

Again in Union Square on the 6 train, a man sexually molested a woman that turned out to be an undercover cop and got his perv ass arrested.

In the East Village, a man wildly shot multiple rounds at a bike rider on the street sometime in the dark morning hours.

At Central Park by East Harlem, a man was found dead hanging on a noose in a tree.

Also in Central Park by Harlem, a man from Sweden walking on the road was mugged and beaten for his wallet around midnight

Again in Central Park by Harlem, luxury apartment tenants are reporting that people are having public sexual intercourse in broad daylight in full view from their balconies.

And again in Central Park on the Upper West Side, a man was stalked then beaten and robbed of his wallet and phone by three men after he was taking pictures on the top of a hill.

In Harlem, an inebriated woman was raped in broad daylight by two men against a gate.

Also in Harlem, a man committed suicide jumping out of his apartment window after a domestic dispute.

In East Harlem, a man followed a woman into an elevator and sexually assaulted her, the woman fought off the deviant after he threw her on the floor in the lobby and tried to take her clothes off. He then ran out of the building and is still loose on the streets.

In Greenwich Village, an 81-year-old actress entering her apartment building at 7 p.m. was followed by a man who then punched her repeatedly and knocked her down in the vestibule and then robbed her purse of her belongings.

In Chelsea, a 94 year old man with a brain tumor was beaten up and robbed of his wallet and car keys while his girlfriend was bringing groceries to their home after they went shopping.

Also in Chelsea at the 23rd st. station, two girls accused an 83-year-old man of leering at them as they were slovenly making out with each other on the C train, then followed the man as he left the station and then both of them punched him and knocked him to the ground.

Again in Chelsea, a dentist was busted on meth dealing and possession of the crank and kiddie porn.

In Hamilton Heights, a mentally disturbed man was shot after he charged at 2 cops with knives in both hands.

In Columbus Circle, decorative pebbles were falling from a building onto the street, presumably by some shithead throwing them off a rooftop lounge.

In Midtown West, a woman committed suicide jumping out of the 26th floor window at the Symphony Houses.

In Washington Heights, a 63-year-old woman was murdered by her boyfriend who stabbed her in the chest and bashed her head with a dumbbell. He tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists after he killed her.

In Times Square, an intoxicated box truck driver collided into 7 cars as he tried to head west towards 10th avenue, then abandoned his vehicle and started yelling like a lunatic and then attempted to steal a fire engine.

In Greenwich Village, a somewhat famous rapper was slashed in the face twice at a niteclub.

In the Meatpacking District, a familiar sports reporter was also randomly slashed in the face by a man while ordering food from a street halal truck.

At the Gracie Mansion in Yorkville, a man recently evicted from his apartment in Staten Island tried to enter the grounds and threatened to kill everyone inside. Looks like some affordable housing did not get preserved.

At the Port Authority Terminal by Times Square, a man randomly approached a woman and shouted xenophobic slurs and punched her in the face.

In Midtown, three men spray painted a pink swastika on a synagogue. Pink?

At the American Museum Of Natural History on the Upper West Side, a statue of Teddy Roosevelt was splattered with red paint and a message demanding it’s and other statues removals.

In Kips Bay, a woman was found dead under a cabinet in her apartment and her boyfriend was arrested. A neighbor remarked that the new people that have taken residence in the area only asks “who’s selling” instead of “where the supermarket is”

On the M train leaving the Essex St. station on the Lower East Side, a woman pulled out a razor blade and slashed a commuter on his arm after arguing about bumping into each other earlier.

On the 3 train by the 72nd Street station on the Upper West Side, a man was discovered sleeping under the seating. While outrageous, dismaying and depressing, at least the derelict was thoughtful to let commuters sit there. If they dared.

The current Mayor, de Faustio, finds this scene unacceptable. I guess the tuckered out gentlemen couldn’t get a safe and secure room in a taxpayer funded hotel room, homeless shelter or cluster apartment.

Also on the 1 train on the Upper West Side, an 11-year old girl exiting the train was sexually molested by a man who looks like a hipster Brutus.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/grope29n-1-web.jpg


In Greenpoint, a gawking crowd assembled at a street intersection to watch some stupid fucking idiots in their cars driving around in circles in it.

In East New York, 2 reported missing teenage girls were held hostage by 3 people in their 20’s who planned to force them into prostitution.

Also in East New York, a 9-year-old got hit and crippled by a box truck while crossing Linden Blvd unsupervised. A thoroughfare with four lanes.

In Flatbush and Crown Heights, 5 people were shot at and seriously wounded from a drive-by shooting at a street intersection and at a barber shop in a span of 5 minutes.

In Crown Heights, a building roof collapsed from the weight of cinderblocks placed on the roof, trapping and injuring 6 workers.

In Bushwick, a man sneaked into a woman’s apartment and raped her as she slept at 10:30 a.m.. The victim’s apartment door was unlocked.

Also in Bushwick on the platform of the G train Metropolitan Avenue station, a woman was threatened, followed then assaulted with kicks and punches by another woman who she bumped into leaving the train.

In Gowanus, a woman was slashed on the throat and wrist by a homeless man she saw lurking as she was trying to lock her bike.

In Vinegar Hill by the Farragut Houses, a man was shot at 5 times and killed at a bus stop at 9 p.m.

In Ocean Hill at the Rockaway Ave. Station, a gang of eight men mugged 2 teenage boys of their money, electronics and sneakers after arranging to sell their kicks and hoodies  on a shitty social networking platform.

In Brighton Beach, a fight in a 7-11 between 5 men spilled onto the street and led to the stabbing death of an 18-year-old man and the slashing of his cousin.

In East Flatbush, an elderly man shot and killed his friend after they were getting shit-faced drunk and got into a fight in the early afternoon.

On the R train in Sunset Park at a quarter to four in the afternoon, a man* stepped on a another man’s sneakers and punched him in the face and repeatedly beat him down on the floor of the car after the victim yelled at him for doing that.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_1200/trainbeat22n-2-web.jpg *This is the guy

On the 5 train in Flatbush, a man creeped up next to a woman sleeping and masturbated next to her. The perv then tried to flee by punching a transit cop.

In Williamsburg,  two men stole a purse containing $25,000 belonging to a food vendor who left her car for a few minutes.

Also in Williamsburg, a biker was struck and knocked down on the street by turning box truck driven by a man with a suspended license.

Again in Williamsburg, a 17-year-old boy persuaded a 13-year-old girl to give him oral sex in a stairwell at a high school.

And again in Williamsburg, a man sneaked into a overvalued luxury loft building’s bike parking amenity and stole 2 bikes worth $11,000. 11 grand. For 2 fucking bikes. Lock your shit up dummies.

In DUMBO, a man leaving an overpriced fast food chain noticed his dogs he tied to a tree were being teased by a group of kids. When he confronted them, one threw his milkshake at him and one of them sucker-punched him from behind, knocked him to the ground and then took a picture of himself and the victim with his phone.

In Midwood, burglars broke into the back door of the office of State Senator Simca Felder then busted through a wall leading to the deli on the first floor and stole $5,000 worth of merchandise from it.

In Gravesend, a subway car had it’s windows smashed and broken after someone broke into the rail yard.

In Greenwood, a father and son went outside to smoke during a house party and both died of a drug overdose of heroin. Likely mixed with fentanyl.

In Borough Park at the New Utrecht station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving D train

In Bensonhurst, a man was arrested after he was found possessing guns, ammo, knives and drugs in his apartment on a tip from his parole officer.

At the Barclays Center in Downtown Brooklyn, a crowd tried to access the arena by knocking down barricades for a rap concert despite not having tickets for the show, which left thousands of  ticketholders stranded outside unable to get in.

Two people have been arrested in the burglary of a Bed-Stuy home that caused a 91-year-old man to die from cardiac arrest after being hog-tied by the health aide assigned to them who concocted the grisly invasion along with her nephew. The third person has been identified and is still on the loose. It’s likely that the elderly couple knew their attackers through the aide.


In Ozone Park, a block away from John Gotti’s old social club, a small businessman and his son was approached by three well-dressed men in his establishment who held him up for cash as one of them pulled a gun and shot the father in the head and pistol whipped his son during work hours in front of other employees. A loan shark was accepting weekly payment installments from the merchant to cover a debt to him and suddenly demanded to be paid the debt in full. The merchant died a week after the holdup and the three goons are still at large though they left a hat and an empty clip behind.

This is the last thing this town needs, a return to the days of mob rule and the cognitive dissonance and passive acceptance of it.

In Richmond Hill, a 13-year-old girl stepping off a bus was stalked and called a racial slur by a grown man who then threw a bottle of fluid on her.

In Far Rockaway, a 14-year-old girl was abducted by a man in a car who took her to his apartment and raped her.

In Jamaica around 1 p.m., a man irrationally shoved an 84-year-old man to the ground and broke his arm.

In Pomonok, a man leaving a fried chicken restaurant got into a street hassle with another man and threw his large soda at him. The doused man then pulled out a gun and shot at him 3 times as he ran off, hitting him in the ass twice.


In Middle Village, two men in a car were shooting a paintball gun at random people including a 2-year-old boy.

Also in Middle Village, a man walking his bike by Juniper Park was hit by a car that pinned him against a parked vehicle. The suspected driver fled the scene.

In Corona at the 7 line 103rd st. Station, a woman was molested by a shirtless man as she was walking down the stairs and was punched in the face by him after she defended herself.

In Springfield Gardens, 5 cops in a NYPD Cruiser approaching an idling vehicle with a sleeping man inside on the Belt Parkway were attacked and hit by the car as the driver sped into them.

In Flushing, an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease sickened 14 people.

In Jackson Heights, a man was killed by a hit-and-run driver at 5 a.m.

Also in Jackson Heights, 3 men robbed a cell phone store of one iphone.


In Wakefield on the elevated 5 train, a homeless man sexually assaulted a commuter by giving him oral and rubbed another commuter’s junk and stole his wallet and headphones while both victims were napping.

In Fordham Manor, a 17-year-old boy fighting with someone with a machete, ran from a police van and got hit by it as the cops tried to catch him.

In Allerton, a man arrested on weapons and drug charges fled the cops while in handcuffs and bragged about the incident on a shitty social media platform.

In Bronx Park South, a man was shot and stabbed and left for dead by a man and woman in the female suspect’s apartment.

In Morris Heights, a man leaving a party was shot twice in the chest and head and died on the street a block from his house at 2 a.m.

In Mount Eden, a man walking on the street suddenly pulled out 2 knives and started swinging them at another man he ambushed on the sidewalk, stabbing him in the back and head.

In Longwood, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver in broad daylight near a church.

In Woodstock, a man driving an SUV met another man who was selling a jacket to him, then suddenly hit the gas and dragged him four blocks and throwing him on the street then fled the area. The victim died later.

In Wakefield, two men broke into a basement apartment with a 10-year-old boy inside, and robbed $8,000 worth of jewelry after they tied the boy with a belt by his neck on a pipe.

In Norwood, a crack dealer assaulted and raped a woman in a secluded building who was haggling him over a sale.

In Mott Haven, 2 people were shot at and another 2 people were slashed outside a bar after a brawl escalated inside.

In Highbridge, a brick crashed through a moving city bus and injured a passenger.

In Soundview, 3 men approached 2 other men on the street at 3 a.m. and robbed them of their cash after one of the perps placed a cane on his victims neck and another showed a knife

Also in Soundview, a teenager killed himself when he crashed his car into a tractor-trailer, hitting a guardrail and smashing another car after speeding and driving recklessly on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

In Foxhurst at I.S. 219, a teacher with prior abuse offenses smacked a 12-year-old student in the face during class.

In the South Bronx, a man tried to abduct a 16-year-old girl in his car who then bit his hand and escaped.

At the 50th Precinct in Kingsbridge, two female police officers got into a brawl and had their badges and guns taken from them. (That’s what it takes to get disciplined by NYPD high brass?!!, too bad they didn’t know Jona and Jacob and this didn’t happen 3 years ago.)

In Eastchester on the last stop of the 5 train, a man was found dead sitting down on a seat during a sweeping.

Staten Island

In Midland Beach, a baby died from an overdose of painkillers and Valium. The infant’s mother had prior charges of neglect and drug abuse and the father had an order of protection placed on him.

In Rossville, a man spray painted the word Kike and a swastika on a garage door because they sounded Jewish.

In the North Shore, a drunken idiot who stole a boat from Joisey tried to abandon it at the S.I. Ferry terminal.

In Concord, a man shot at 2 houses, vandalized cars and set a van on fire over a dispute over parking spaces.

In Mariners Harbor, two men leaving a party at a catering hall went to a bodega and got into an argument with a customer who pulled out a gun and shot them, hitting one of them in the chest and killing him.

Also in Marines Harbor, a man assaulted a commuter at a bus stop at 3:30 p.m.

In South Beach, a stupid contractor was driving a one ton vehicle on the roof of a NYCHA building.

Let’s be careful out there, especially into the night. And don’t talk to strangers while you’re loaded.



Jona Sings! Mayor de Blasio’s Free Ride Re-Election Campaign Gets Cock-Blocked mayor standing particularly close to the once upstart player now convict Jona Rechnitz

Manhattan Federal Courthouse, New York, New York

Impeccable, uncanny and unfortunate timing for the reigning mayor of the boroughs 5. Testifying during the bribery, racketeering and pension money laundering trial against former jails union head Norman Seabrook, Rechnitz was approached by the prosecutor about his relationship in the first year of hizzoner’s term, seeing that it was this transgression that got him embroiled in the current case he’s providing witness testimony for. Suffice to say, it looks like Jona stopped giving a fuck and responded like a player who himself got played like a sucker by the ambitious and ultimately ungrateful mayor and getting the brunt of it by getting incarcerated.

Rechnitz dropped the proverbial bomb about de Faustio’s willingness to dole city government service favors by all means necessary. Jona, with his donations and from various straw donors totaling around $193,000, was a de facto chief of staff for the morally loose mayor. He demanded to basically appoint the commissioners for the police and the Department of Buildings. He arranged luxury trips for NYPD higher brass with his pick Phillip Banks and Norman Seabrook for which he played a literal bag man by giving him his bribe in a Sal Ferragamo bag.

De Faustio, despite his persistent and constant denials and of course his mealy self-serving blog posts on Medium, seemed for a few years to enjoy and relish the company he kept. And also the new found power 75% of the 21% of the registered voters gave him. Being that he graciously gave his favorite donor his personal phone number and e-mail, messaging and reassuring his bubby that he was “all ears“.  That he actually held out playing for Jona’s pay by being slow (natch) to reduce utility bills, lift fines and violations on a properties he managed. Ordering his minion and campaign manager and CONY bundler Ross Offinger to hassle Jona for more cash. And needling Jona to coax Norman to stifle his opinions on the qualifications and character of Joe Ponte, the incompetent, disgraced boob de Faustio picked for jails commissioner.

There really should be no more argument of the character of our current mayor. Although the collective shenanigans of these and the machinations executed by these two like-minded fellows and the circumstances that ensued make a very interesting plot device. Jona’s is obvious, but the Mayor’s suspicious actions that followed his former bubby’s arrest and conviction is very interesting.

Consider when he ended his CONY fundraising and his agents of the city meetings in city hall. What followed immediately was his morning commute habit of going to the Y in Park Slope for workouts then trekking to Park Row to start the day in his official office at 11 a.m.. It has to be considered, especially when he got confronted by an activist who questioned him about the Rikers closing during his yoga workout wearing the inappropriate attire of cargo shorts, a belt and sneakers. And also of his redacted email releases titled “FLEX TIME“. Was “FLEX TIME” actually correspondence and more pay to play arrangements with other donors/the usual suspects? And what about him using his personal email and phone number for these conversations?

Another thing about those redacted emails mainly what actually was redacted in the ones involving Jona? Did de Faustio actually did confirm his picks for D.O.B. and NYPD? Especially the latter because Phil Banks was a favorite to get the job before he abruptly dropped out. Were any of the emails related to the illicit gun licensing?

And one more thing concerning “flex time”, was the Park Slope Y the new venue for de Faustio’s continuing courting of big time developer donor cash and advice from those agents of the city?

Jona’s recollections in court are equal parts super revealing, actually sincere and has a touch of braggadocio about it being the temporary mack daddy he was. It also takes a big shit on the mayor’s crowd surfing his way back into elected office and the pathetic attempt at transparency and credibility he is trying to build.

This is going to make the next debate more raucous than the last one. The difference though is that candidate Nicole Malliotakis has the advantage. And she did not wait to pounce either.

Karma is quite the motherfucker. The supposedly unopposed free ride is over for de Faustio. And even if he does win, with this way overdue damning revelation, he will eventually regret doing so much cheating for the power and privilege of the seat he holds and the damage to the city and his constituency that his selective policy making caused. Which will be enough to kick his big slow ass out that even the Democrat Machine D.A.’s will have to dredge legitimate charges this time.

Now the Campaign Finance Board wants to take another look at the shady donations Offinger goaded Jona for and de Faustio slovenly accepted. You know, to see if there were any improprieties involved. This after they gave the mayor millions of matching funds to his campaign despite having a massive lead over his Democrat challenger Sal Albanese.

For months the mayor was running free and now he’s running away from the truth and accountability. Again.

But he can’t run from the fact that he, as Mayor, ultimately played himself.


After 2 days of evading the press, Mayor Big Slow de Blasio addressed journalists about his former donor Jona Rechnitz by calling him (projecting him as) a criminal, a horrible person and a liar, and how he can’t (won’t) remember contacting him about telling          Norman Seabrook to lay off road trippin’ Joe Ponte. And how he can’t remember being even in the same room with him, despite photographic proof like the photo above.

So that’s that, voters. The mayor of NYC is lying to you. To your faces. This is beyond plausible deniability, it’s recklessly brazen deniability. This recent nauseating public gesture by de Faustio is the worst case and amateurish usage of Goebbels’ method of telling a lie often enough so it becomes true.

What’s really pathetic about Da Mayor is that he is tripping over himself despite getting off without being charged last spring. He could just easily admit dealing with his felonious friend and just say money and politics are a way of life and legally accepted because of the McDonnell v United States SCOTUS decision and running city government honestly and ethically is virtually impossible. It would convey a sense of pragmatism, which was the basis in 2 books prematurely released about his short time in elected office, which he misspent a bulk of it networking, fundraising, commuting 4 hours to work every morning, on trial, and napping.

I guess despite the heinous legitimacy of it, you just cannot consciously come off not looking like a two-faced unethical scumbag for engaging in such behavior.

What a stupid fucking idiot.












JQ LLC’s Broad Channel/Rockaway Beach Immersion Tour

464Let’s go for a joyride.

Hi everybody. Welcome to my immersion tour, inspired by recent posts by Queens Crap including the title of this one, which stems from a similarly named tour in Ridgewood back in June to spur food culture interest in that neighborhood as a guise to spur gentrification through higher rental market rates and displacement, and also from the extreme effects of Climate Change which saw my ride enhanced by a balmy 72 degree Saturday in the certainly soon to be warmest October worldwide in recorded history.

It’s called an immersion tour for my readers, all 6 of you, for I was immersed here when I was pushing 10. To make this sight seeing trip more comfortable, I will provide the proper musical accompaniment.

We start this sojourn at the intersection of Cross Bay Blvd. and Liberty Avenue. Which has seen a sudden and dramatic potentially deal breaking and car and bone breaking infrastructure change to accommodate more Select Bus Service routes. Like the 2 Q53 buses from Woodside I saw leaving the stop before I snapped this photo.


Unbelievable. This sight was unblemished for decades and now the DOT decided to literally put a fork in the road. The bus stops to the left there as it always has been, but from the looks of this, the east lane is going to be used for turning right and the bus is going to make it’s stop in the middle of the street. This is sanctioning congestion.

Responsible drivers never had a problem before transitioning into the 4 lane Woodhaven Blvd that is right ahead but hey this is for presumably everyone’s safety. Vision Zero and all that. It’s in this host’s opinion that this serves absolutely no purpose except for a place to stand while traffic speeds by.

Next up, BEER TOWN!


This may be the best name of a discount beer distributor store of all time. Sandwiched between a 99 cent store and a karate school and a few blocks from the homeless Comfort Inn and the adjoining Days Inn. I use to frequent this place because it was the only one to carry the Molson pilsner and Yuengling lager brands, which are my personal favorites. Pabst Blue Ribbon used to cost 4 bucks here. I like to point out that I was drinking that turpentine elixir way before it became the hip brand for the Brooklyn gentries.

Next up continuing the path up Cross Bay, is the small town of Broad Channel. Which after 5 years since Hurricane Sandy, a lot of homes are still in the rebuilding process, as evidenced by this obstruction in the right lane of the road.


This dumpster bin took up both the faded bike lane and a entire vehicle lane. It’s placement there is almost akin to someone dropping their wallet.


Brought to you commuters by the fine folks of the Build It Back program and Regency Carting.


As you all can see here, this presents quite a pickle for proper egress.

Next is a place that has seen a big controversy between two council members, who are from different districts,  erupt as election day draws near. The Bayview restaurant was renovated and reopened finally last year after getting leveled by Sandy. But for some reason this year it has not seen any business activity. It turns out it was shut down at the end of the summer last year when it was bum rushed by investigators from the SLA, FDNY and the MTA (why the MTA???) because of trumped up violations involving a bar stand and the good old cabaret dancing ban which was just recently lifted, and for something about a ruckus outside of the marina caused by one of the sons of Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley according to local Councilman Eric Ulrich.

Now if there is justification to shut down an establishment because a fight happened outside of it, I think every bar would have to face the same fate, especially in the recently city planning freewheeling and  SLA approved crazy towns of the East Village and the L.E.S.

But anyway, this is what it looks like today and it’s quite a mystery.





This excavation and placement of what looks like some sort of elevated patio has been going on for a few months now. There is no indication or information on what this is or when it will be done. This actually started around the time when the cashless toll taker was placed on the Addabo Bridge entrance to Rockaway Beach, so this presumably might be the reason why the MTA was involved in the restaurant’s closure and year long suspended state. Other than being the fact that Ms. Crowley is the cousin of Congressman Joe Crowley and the official Alpha Girl of the Machine Democrats and nobody will further dare repress the sense of entitlement of her gadabout sons. Or disrupt the pervasive influence of nepotism in politics.

Now we land in Rockaway Beach coasting up Beach Channel Drive and check out the vibrant sights of the new ferry and it’s elaborate dock. And the massive Six Flags style line waiting to board and those exiting the boat.


But wait, what are these things doing here?


And how come there hasn’t been absolutely any reporting on their existence? These have been popping up by the two’s and even three’s, waiting for the ferries arrivals for the past month. Fun fact, before these started showing up all summer long since the debut of the insufficient aquatic vessels, there were massive charter buses parked along this strip. I wondered aloud were these reserved by moneyed groups interested in the sights of the beach or was it paid with the citizens tax dollars by the city and state. These new shuttle buses might surely be the answer that they were, it’s bedecked with NYC logos and the subway line graphics adorning them.

Like the elaborate infrastructure going on by the aforementioned bridge pedestrian path entrance, there is nothing indicating where these buses go. There is a bus stop sign and pole but no schedules on them. That info is only available online. They just show up right on time or just wait there for the boats arrival, nice and convenient for it’s commuters. It’s not known either if it’s an extra fare or the transfer is free. Peculiar that in what is and always has been a public transit crisis going on that these buses have been prioritized for easy transfer for curious denizens of the newly hip and happening beach, even now that it’s off season despite the freakish elongated summer this state is fortunate to be having. It’s also quite irritating to see considering a recent story about a bus line cut off 7 years ago that’s desperately needed and being denied to elderly citizens living in Oakland Gardens in eastern Queens.

It’s also maddening that these buses were made possible by that awful shortchanging contractor from San Fransisco, Hornblower.


At least the buses are made here, I think, being that these are the road space hogging Trans Express buses. Which usually provides services to elderly and handicapped people. So this might suck even more, since the city is rerouting services again to pander to tourists and pretentious gourmands. In addition to the fact that there continues to be startling inequity in city transit services.

Next up, the sights of Jacob Riis Park. Which has seen an equal amount of vibrancy and citizen concern. Like the immediate first sight of the former and seemingly abandoned Neponsit Medical Center.


Actually, it’s not abandoned at all, for it received a million dollar grant from the city’s Health and Hospitals Corp. to renovate it, in addition to annual funding for it’s current upkeep. This was recently brought to light in a recent Queens Crap post, which noted the NYPD police car in the lot, as you can see on the far right and the unsettling creepy aura it displays. Maybe from the ghosts of the 2 patients who died when the city decided to close the hospital from unfounded hurricane damage.



The irony of the dubious decisions to shut down because of the impact of  Hurricane Irene should not be lost considering the resilience of these buildings after the devastation wrought to nearby Breezy Point and parts of Belle Harbor 5 years ago by Sandy.




Good grief. This poster is from an “event” thrown by various moneyed concerns aka non-profit groups from Bloomberg, various LLC’s and the Central Park Conservancy from back in July which I covered in this summer’s post on the gentrification of the beach and it’s still there. Just another atypical case of parks dept. forgetfulness and neglect.

If you think this looks scary during the day, check out this place in the dead of night.


To top this peculiar finding off, there has been an unmarked car parked at the entrance of the facility driveway with the gates open as if the security patrol is encouraging intruders. For conspiracy minded folks, this looks like some area 51 shit going on there, or some personal info data mining factory like the one in Tribeca, or a suspenseful eerie scene from “Stranger Things”.

Riding further west to the end of the boardwalk and a bridle path, is what can ultimately and aptly be called a stupid thing.459

What the fuck is this shit? Oh, it’s the latest idiotic attempt to gentrify the beach, Camp Rockaway. Let’s meet the fine delusional hosts and their wacky guests.


This is actually being funded by the Federal Parks dept. In fact it’s the second fake camping site that is being placed here in a outlandishly lame attempt to make going to an all access and free beach and park into a luxury destination and commodity. Spurred on by Sinclair Media/Pix News advertisement passing as a news item. Basically advert-journalism. Not seen in the clip is Tamsen Fadal’s lead-in stating that this is located in Brooklyn.


False adverjournalism too (FAKE NEWS!). For this tucked away corner of the beach is actually in a playground field, note the soccer net. 20 yards away there is a football field goal post and north of this “upscale” camp, you can see kids playing ball and other activities. The loony thing about this is it’s the second, ahem, “glamping” site on the beach, for there was another one located on the grounds on Fort Tilden further east as I mentioned in the same post on this issue. This stupidity will cost the average frivolous spending loon from 65 to 195 bucks a night!

Let’s get the fuck out of here. These people are crazy. And check out some other sites of continuing federal park neglect…


Here are some handball courts outside of the pitch and putt golf course. Which used to be the most popular local sporting pastime in the city. In fact it still is, just not that much in Queens anymore and with the predominant transient gentries that the city and state that are pandering to and no doubt the ubiquity of addictive app games. This sight, as well as other blights that those glamorous campers might notice on their hikes in the park and beach, has not changed one iota in 10 years.


Here we have a keg trailer by the base of the seemingly infinite beach bazaar. This should dispel any doubt about parks and rec’s foisting a party lifestyle and culture here.


Here is the long, long ago vibrant and still abandoned buildings and bathhouses. Which earlier this year the NPS tried to privatize the renovations but could not get buyer interest, even with all the activity and appearance of artisan food trucks and the new ground floor restoration completion 4 years after Sandy.


And finishing off, here we have the moldy ol’ Hotel Der Mar. Still sitting shitty despite the new boardwalk’s presence. The environmental hazard and property devaluing corpse house was also on the news recently.

I hope y’all enjoyed your immersion viewers. Yes, it was a bummer and didn’t have any craft beer or  pretentious artisan fare tastings but at least it was free and you didn’t have to get up. Also, you get to see a side that is being obscured by the local news media, for these areas are still struggling and are being subjected to senseless and unnecessary infrastructure upgrades, lousy and ineffective city assisted programs, bizzaro zeitgeist bullshit and the looming gentrification threat.

This tour is not discourage and dishearten. These are still great places to visit and ride through. It’s very fortunate to have this freakish and unnatural summer weather this autumn. So go on a joyride yourselves and enjoy the many pleasant sights as well as the shitty ones.

Smell ya later. It’s a long ride back to base, so here’s some appropriate musical accompaniment.