You Should Be Dancing Now: NYC Lifts Cabaret Ban.

Good news everyone. The caring folks in City Council has lifted the initially racist and anachronistic Cabaret Law, allowing dancing in social gathering establishments like bars and restaurants.

There is most interesting thing of how this got attention, and it’s not the fact that the State Liquor Authority has doled out so many permits to sell booze that the most overvalued rental areas are inundated with bars and restaurants or the hybrid barstaurants (they used to be called supper clubs in the 80’s) that you can’t blink without seeing or drunkenly stumble into another one. No, it’s that in the 90’s, former Mayor Rudolph “Benito” Giuliani thought it would be prudent and with the political capital he had with bringing down crime with William Bratton in the first years of his term, he used this stupid law to shut down strip clubs. Which led to the dumbass condensed Disney World in Times Square the city has today.

So don’t be surprised in addition to the returning liberty for patrons to get down again, there might be a return of these classic burlesque dives, hell maybe all the random subway groping and public lewdness will settle down or cease.

A bit of warning for all you bar managers though, for at times when drinking and dancing intermingle, in all certainty fights will ensue. All it takes is the casual accidental bump and a drink to spill and shit is going to get lit.

Looks like the night mayor is going to have his or her little hands full.



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