FDNY Marshall Accused Of Starfucking For Blowing Off Inspector’s Report Of Film Shoot That Burned Down An Apartment Building.


As noted in a New Bad Days post here last March, a movie shoot produced and directed by actor Edward Norton featuring Alec Baldwin and Bruce Willis in a Harlem rowhouse apartment building was disrupted by a massive fire that ignited in the basement where it was filming a scene. The blaze took the life of a fireman named Michael Davidson, a father of four children and destroyed the building and homes where some senior citizen residents lived.

Now it turns out that a FDNY inspector tasked to determine the safety of this production and see if proper precautions were being taken by all those responsible, the producers and the building’s owner, was pilloried and undermined by his supervisor for doing his civic duties.

NY Daily News: Legal papers suggest FDNY coverup in probe of fatal Harlem fire on Edward Norton set

A top FDNY fire marshal torched an underling for suggesting actor Edward Norton’s production company caused a raging Harlem fire that killed a veteran firefighter.
A three-page notice of claim filed Wednesday charged FDNY investigator Scott Specht “was summarily removed from the (case) and was subjected to a pattern of harassment” as his boss 
FDNY Deputy Chief Fire Marshal John Lynn created an environment surrounding the instant high-profile investigation . . . that raises the specter of allowing the Hollywood elite to circumvent the appropriate scrutiny,” the court papers alleged.
The city was served along with Lynn, who was further accused of unlawfully ending “an ongoing fire investigation, on a movie set, where a firefighter lost his life.”
Specht landed on the outside looking in after reporting that he was “misled” by the production company about combustible material used on the set at St. Nicholas Ave. and W. 149th St..
The city was served along with Lynn, who was further accused of unlawfully ending “an ongoing fire investigation, on a movie set, where a firefighter lost his life.”
And there is a ghastly surreal plot twist to this:
The official cause of death as announced May 8 by the FDNY was that heat from the building boiler’s ventilation pipe ignited some nearby combustibles on the night of the fire. According to Specht, his issues with Lynn date to one week earlier — to May 1.
According to the court filing, Specht — a U.S. Army Reserves helicopter pilot who served in Puerto Rico after last year’s hurricane — was targeted for “loss of opportunity, retaliation, harassment” after broaching his thoughts about the combustible items on set.


Ever since Governor Andy’s idiotic tax cut giveaway (right, Cynthia?) to the movie and television industry as well as Mayor de Faustio’s fevered rubber stamping approval of any production request sent to his Office Of TV And Film, the streets of all boroughs has been inundated with and obstructed by massive trailers, catering tents and cables spread across the curbs and sidewalks. Disrupting and upending the lives of the citizenry in their attempts to commute or even go to their homes. All at the cost of bolstering an industry that has been churning out mediocre to awful product that has not done a fucking thing to improve the city’s infrastructure at all (maybe it’s to be able to film some genuine gritty street scene).

And as with the dominating influence of the overlords of real estate, you can now include the movie and t.v. industry for another stranglehold on this cities policies that no one can inconvenience.

Although the FDNY did give a proper ceremony for Davidson just like they do with other firefighters who sacrificed their lives on the job to save civilians, the allegations from this lawsuit reveals that even this department will also defer to higher powers and will do absolutely anything to please them. Making this also part of the insidious culture that has permeated all other city departments and agencies, from the NYPD to NYCHA to ACS to education, in obstructing any illegal activity, cronyism or incompetence.

And if includes retaliatory punishment for honest people, then they will become immediately expendable as this inspector has experienced. Which now includes the memory of a fallen fireman.


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