Despite A Global Pandemic And Curbs To Assemble In Public, Public Discourse And The News Must Go On


The Wuhan Coronavirus, or as it will be known from now on here as the clinical term COVID-19, has taken New York and the rest of the world by storm. Governor Cuomo has decreed, as well as other governors throughout the nation, a vast crowd control limit of 50 people in public spaces. President Trump buckled down after months of dithering and hoping this shit will blow over and declared a national state of emergency and suggesting crowd limits of only 10 people.

Maybe the most devastating effect it will have from this biological menace to society is the existential threat on free assembly and protests and also on how the news has been and continues to be presented. And as displayed by those two officials and the majority of information disseminated about COVID-19, it’s mostly conflicted and contradictory.

Certain “self-care” experts are already saying you should avoid reading the news more often in order to ward off stress while you have no choice to be cooped up in your apartments. While you definitely won’t get critically ill or die if you isolate yourself from the news, whether legitimate or manufactured, it’s still as much of a health hazard to lose a step on rapidly changing events that are happening under the radar from this pandemic.

Some might even take advantage of this as people are reasonably distracted by any slight symptom they have that will lead to the virus. And predictably Mayor Bill de Blasio has already pounced on it as he blew off a conference call with local journalists citing the current state of emergency but still found ample time to speak to CBS radio and two cable networks ( which surely required an amount of time he could have spoke to the press in city hall to make up his big monster head for the camera lens). Even President Trump is being accountable for once in his presidency and his life by making pressers almost daily, even if he is sowing more confusion with contradictory and tone deaf statements and recommendations.

Which is exactly why we all have to continue following the news, not just on COVID-19 but also on what our elected leaders are doing and saying and to keep in tune with what’s going on in the offices and on the streets even still. If you blow it off, they will feel even more comfortable with being unaccountable for their lies, actions and inactions  With the state locked down and no sports and entertainment to distract as usual, keeping yourself updated and informed will not be that overwhelming. Like sunlight, information and awareness are the best disinfectant.






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