Gradual Karma: President Trump Got The Coronavirus

Washington D.C., United States Of America, COVID19 World

President Donald Trump’s persistent denials, defiance, and mockery of the novel coronavirus have finally caught up to him. As he and the First Lady Melania Trump got infected following reports of his glamorous aide and advisor Hope Hicks caught the bug and spread while recently accompanying Trump during jaunts to rally’s and his country club.

Of course, Trump getting the Rona was an inevitable certainty, and the timing couldn’t be worse thanks to his own wretched irresponsible approach and response to COVID19 that has left his and our country in turmoil, health-wise and economically.

Donnie’s announcement about his infection on the twitter was quite astonishing, because it was the first time he refrained from calling it the Chinavirus and called the disease by it’s clinical and more common name.

An ironic thing about this social media announcement is that it’s a total contrast of Woodward’s expose’ recording of Trump saying he loved to play down the virus. Also on Woodward’s tapes is the president actually taking the severity of the virus seriously by remarking how it effects people of all ages and how it’s worse than the flu. If only the President stuck by initial assessment maybe he wouldn’t and mostly “you, the people” wouldn’t be in this chaotic mess right now living under oppressive restrictions.

Of course if Woodward would have release those tapes when he recorded them and his fucking paper reported it back in March instead of waiting 6 months maybe Trump would have been pressured into telling what he knew COVID was capable of and the right policies and stimulus plans would have been implemented.

But what Trump did and what we got was constant misinformation. Even pandemic superstar Dr. Anthony Fauci kept pushing that masks weren’t necessary for daily usage for regular citizens and kids, until it was expedient to recommend them.

Yet the Donald’s defiance of coronavirus was clearly motivated by his id driven self-assurance to bad mouth and basically slander the pandemic out of existence and his juvenile petulant refusal to wear the face mask around people and his base at rallies and his country clubs in a shameless and pathetic conveyance to project leadership and courage even though he was promoting ignorance.

To sum this up after over 200,000 people have succumbed to COVID-19, the president behaved like a big fucking baby in the last 7 months with his personal face mask revolt. Even after all that time President Trump was spewing brazen contradictions and determining the disease as a hoax, which included a visit to manufacturing plant that made face masks and the management had to destroy all their product after he refused to wear one inside and at one of his sure to be last rallies when he told his adoring base that the virus affects virtually nobody except the aged.

The nadir and final self-inflicted blow came during the first presidential debate/cockfight with former VP and career hack Joe Biden when he goofed on him about the size of his face mask. So it’s not a surprise that the President got the COVID, not only from refusing to take precautions and care of himself and the people around him, but from his constant jocularity of people who took them seriously and still do.

President Trump has not only got stricken by COVID-19, but also by every adage known to mankind about his arrogant naysaying and petty vehemence of his critics and detractors. You reap what you sow. Getting his just desserts and hoisted by his own petard. Instant karma is going to get you. Yet, Trump’s case is more like gradual karma, because with one month before election day, his and First Lady Melania Trump’s contraction of the disease just might cost him the election also. Trump was really coasting on this pandemic until he got it, and whatever leadership and power he presumed had by going maskless has now been diminished.

Like the Wizard of Oz’s curtain, Trump’s unused face mask has revealed his own vulnerability. He can’t back up his shit talking anymore. This might truly be the end of his presidency and maybe/hopefully as a celebrity figure and recognizable brand too.

The name of his last book was called American Carnage. Donald surely didn’t think how prophetic that the failed state imagery he conveyed in that title would horrendously manifest in his fourth year in office and that he would ultimately make himself a victim or a casualty of it too.

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