Executive Carnage, Epilogue: Donald Trump’s LARP Junta And Impeachment

Don’t listen to the bad orange man behind the glass curtain

Washington, D.C., U.S.A

With four years of “winning” madness of the Donald Trump presidency of 2017-2021, capped by the living hell he put this country through in 2020 with the pandemic he so dearly decided to play down, it’s bewildering why Trump wanted to still stick around for another four as the nation still grapples with the resurgent pandemic (with new strains of COVID) and a brand new depression during a bigger gilded age. The election wasn’t even called when Trump held a press conference making various claims of voting discrepancies in red and swing states as Biden/Harris won bigly into the night on election day when he announced his refusal to concede.

During his last 60 days, he just wanted to bust everyone’s balls and go into civilian life while spraying bullets of invective bullshit just like he did on his sore winner transition tour after his victory over Hillary in 2016. Which is what he did when he began his Stop the Steal campaign, sending counselors Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell to a dozen swing states to overturn results for the election awarded to Hidin’ Joe Biden and it ultimately led to bupkus. During this time, Trump’s MAGA hordes on social media, notably on new platform Parler, were whipped up into frenzied indignation and refused to accept the results along with the former Chief Executive. Following the final court dismissals of the election results, Trump announced on the twitter of a rally assembly at the Ellipse Park on 1/6/2021 and hyped it to his devoted followers that the event will be “WILD

Following opening act Rudy Giuliani, who the last time he riled up a crowd this amped was when he addressed off-duty NYPD officers protesting against a civilian board to monitor recidivist rogue cops and abuses of authority, Donald Trump spoke to his adoring Stans about rigged machines, social media’s pernicious influence and the complacent and complicit Republicans that turned on him and they were more passionately pissed about his defeat and about his collective enemies than he was. Ex-President Trump, behind a massive glass curtain, preached words of strength, maligned his enemies some more and praised what remained of his allies in the Senate and House and laid his final executive order with a subtle threat to fix the electoral results to Vice President Mike Pence. Trump capped off his final diatribe by telling his thousands of supporters in the park to meet him at the Capitol and give those legislators and the VP a piece of their minds.

Meeting up with a critical mass standing by at the U.S. Capitol grounds, tens of thousands of people with many wielding 8 foot flag poles waving myriad flags marched towards the Congressional building to “stop the steal”.  When they all assembled and surrounded the Capitol building , they were greeted by a stunningly undermanned and under fortified in comparison to the big glass window that was set in front of Donnie during his disgruntled Patton-esque speech. After being basically invited in by capitol cops, the MAGA vortex charged and took control.

After trying to persuade the Capital cops to join forces with them, Trump’s supporters immediately overwhelmed the building and the cops, who only defense from the MAGA vortex were  rinky dink security gates that wouldn’t be protective enough to lock a bike on and their trusty flash bangs and tear gas grenades. The optics of the ensuing rush by the people resembled takeovers normally seen in third world countries or a session at Barry’s Boot Camp. Many even dressed like soldiers for the fact being they once were, especially the ones who actually climbed the walls to get to the Capitol’s mezzanine level. Capitol cops stationed by the steps spent all their pepper spray, rubber bullets and flash bangs to protect Congress, which just made the MAGA horde madder as they fought back with bear spray and mace and weaponizing their flagpoles draped with Old Glory and Trump’s name on them. Then the MAGA vortex penetrated the Captiol doors and barged in, determined to get to the millionaire senators and the electoral votes. Five deaths resulted from the chaos and disorder. And a man got to sit at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk with his legs kicked up, which must have pleased Donnie to no end.

For 6 hours, the MAGA vortex subsumed the biggest and most powerful legislative body in the nation and the world inside and outside the Capitol building, all for Trump and his incorrect take on the election results. Even though Donnie promised to meet them at the Capitol to stop the steal that wasn’t, he went to the White House and retired to his bunker instead, watching the insurgency he inspired unfold on TV presumably eating his beloved double quarter pounders and Diet Coke while shouts of calling for lynching Democrats and for Mike Pence’s hanging permeated the air. Eventually he would re-surface in a video calling for the MAGA horde to go home in peace on his last social media appearance on Twitter.

But the damage had already been thoroughly done, what manifested from Trump’s final public gathering as commander in chief was a near (or total) approximation of what happens in third world countries with tin pot dictators and monarchies when masses of impoverished people rise up and break into and destroy government or parliamentary buildings, the MAGA vortex of the Capitol was basically a Junta in Trump’s name.

Usually with juntas in other nations, they are conspired by our very own CIA (or other countries covert agencies) infiltrating revolutionary contra groups and Defense Dept funding of these proxies. All ex-President Trump did to cause this junta of Congress to disrupt a ceremonial confirmation of a new President was his big mouth and social media status. Although there was evidently sound rationales why the Capitol was stunningly easy to invade. As with 9/11, warnings about violent plans following Trump’s speech on 1/6 were plentiful but went unheeded and undermined and the Capitol cops were deliberately under equipped and undermanned and were deprived of enforcing robust security measures despite the intel about the potential and then realized attacks.


Compared to the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protest in front of the White House in June last year, when protesters were overmatched by an army of three government enforcement agencies (including the Capitol Police) that oppressed and brutalized them so Trump could pose with a bible in front of a graffiti tagged church. 1/6/2021 at the Capitol was the most lenient #PoliceState repression social and network news media ever aired in real time.

The thing about Trump’s LARP junta is that despite the historic 6-hour hate he inspired, the guy knew he wasn’t going to get what he wanted; the electoral votes were still going to be counted and he knew the Republicans wouldn’t make an impact, and he acknowledged that the next day by recognizing Biden’s congressional victory like nothing fucking happened. The junta in summary was just a big final fuck you to Congress as Trump’s proxy warriors wrecked shit and also smeared shit in the building for him giving Nancy, Mitch and the gang something to remember him by. By showing how fed up people feeling (wrongly) disenfranchised how easy it was to scare the living shit out of a bunch of law making millionaires plus their ideological elected enemies in their own house and the establishment

Even though Trump got vanished by social media, corporate news still couldn’t quit him (baby) as millionaire journalists, pundits and special guest “experts” were discussing disturbing fear mongering bullshit about how to protect the now “sacred” U.S. Capitol from another “insurgency” with the same gravitas as they described citizens rising up against U.S. after Bush and Cheney with Congressional votes illegally invaded and bombed Iraq and occupied the country for 10 years while using that same gravitas to equate 1/6 to the 9/11 attacks.

Social media and web service monopolies wasted no time to expand their censorship carpet bombing following Trump’s platform’s execution as twitter lawnmowered swaths of his supporters while Amazon and Google destroyed their competitor Parler that usurped them from Dorsey’s platform, while slaughtering innocent bystanders like progressive independent news sites and social media accounts as collateral damage from their blanket algorithm violence interpretation bans on words and ideas. Suddenly with the U.S. Capitol “domestic attack”, Big Tech had their own version of the Reichstag Fire and decided to expand on their censorship policies.

In the aftermath of Trump’s LARP junta attempt to thwart the democratic process and lynch elected officials, the U.S. Capitol was transformed into a DMZ zone overnight. Tens of thousands of National Guard troops were deployed to protect the legislative branch elites for weeks until Biden’s inauguration even though there weren’t any reported confirmed threats of a follow up attack. But since the troops swore to protect the country and our freedoms, they had to bunk on the cold floors of the Capitol to assure the building and most of all whatever establishment political processes that usually winds up benefiting the wealthiest persons and corporations to continue without disruption.


Of course the other process  the troops had to hold the fort for following days of sleeping in the Capitol’s parking garage was the sequel impeachment of former President Trump, and all it consisted of was a competition of the prosecution’s and the defense’s viral video b-roll compilations of the insurrection and invasion sprinkled with performative breakdowns and outrage from Senate and House officials. After four days of vengeful sound and fury signifying nothing and with a Senate majority voting for impeachment, citizen Donald Trump was ultimately acquitted as expected. Despite everyone and their dog knowing what the outcome was going to be, Congress wasted tax payer time that could have been spent on getting a new stimulus bill passed and $2,000$1,400 checks to American citizens, extensions on relief for small businesses, mortgages and rent suspensions and just maybe getting Medicare For All to be brought on the floor.

But what have we got instead after the impeachment mini-series is the U.S. Capitol and the White House, the foundations of our Democracy, surrounded by barbed wire fences and guarded by a standing army, turning the people’s houses into a modern day Green Zone no different than what we did to Saddam Hussein’s palace when Bush and Cheney illegally overthrew him in 2003 based on predetermined but baseless threats of terrorism. Except this time, the troops aren’t there to protect only democracy or some version of it, they are there to shield the elite lawmakers from perceived domestic terror threats, whether big or small or smaller and even unsubstantiated.

And it’s all because of Donald Trump’s orchestrated and historic attack on the U.S. Capitol that brought decades of U.S. involvement in regime change wars back home to the Democrat and Republican House parties who voted for them. Where they were once desensitized to the violence they wrought in other sovereign places, Trump re-sensitized them by inspiring his Stans to crash their safe space.

This is why they moved faster to impeach him than to help people still struggling through a pandemic and a new depression, it wasn’t about to preserve democracy, it was all about protecting their own house . It’s also why they have no plans, make that no desire to take down the fences around the Capitol either.

Because despite Trump’s virtual absence, they know another insurgency is around the corner, and it will be for a genuine reason. And it won’t be because they don’t believe Trump lost( but to be fair they have some credence because how does a guy who never left the basement in his mansion and rattled off brain fart statements and insults) it’s going to be against continuing austerity bills and incremental aid to the people in addition to Biden’s expected and now confirmed broken promises. Evidently, these fences only serve to discourage inevitable protests and protect the septugenarian and octogenarian millionaires and their anachronistic lawmaking and that mentally declining and hiding career establishment hack sitting and nodding off in the oval office and labels the new war on terror on their own constituency.

But with Trump disappeared, who are they going to peg the next domestic insurgency on? And what makes them think fences and a standing army is going to stop hundreds of thousands of people after they saw how easy it was when Trump’s junta took it over for 6 hours?

Summer is coming.


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