Gentrification Of A Beach And Federal Parkland Part IV: The Riis Park Bathhouse Reopens With The Reckoning Of High End Fast Food Concession And Ludicrous Luxury Camping Bolstered By A Bike Share Outbreak Amidst Unacknowledged Beach Erosion

087.jpgThe Riis Park Bathouse. Renovated and ripe for privatization

Here are parts 1, 2 and 3

Riis Park, The People’s Beach, Rockaway, QUEENS, N.Y.

In a rare bit of good news regarding parkland infrastructure, the historical landmark art-deco bathhouse pavilion in Riis Park as been re-opened after going through over 5 years of renovation following the devastation from the impact of hurricanes Sandy and Irene.

Unfortunately, the grand re-opening is marred by the privatization of the entire structure by the Riis Beach Bazaar collective of overpriced food concessions, a bevy of bars and the return and occupation of space for the still mind-boggling stupid and unjustifiably expensive luxury tent dwelling concept Camp Rockaway in a merger into a mindless frivolous spending consumption attraction and destination.

Now back in 2016, a nice park ranger gave a tour of the refurbished ground floor and the nice park superintendent remarked that to ensure the upkeep of the pavilion, it would have to come from private funding. Even though a few weeks before this report, the city received 47 million dollars in FEMA funds dedicated to rebuild and repair all structures that were destroyed along the peninsula in the last storm.

That the bathhouse is currently being occupied by an organization that was once sponsored by a local news blog and an idiotic concept that relied on crowdfunding just as recent as last year is quite unexpected and certainly needs more digging into if they can afford to lease the federal landmark building. Not much is known about who is funding this collective, presumably those pesky, sneaky private equity and venture capital firms along with various lobby or real estate firms and probably property owning mysterion LLC’s, but somehow they have clearly conquered the entirety of the “people’s beach” and turned it into an ersatz Brooklyn/Disneyland.




As for Camp Rockaway, it is quite the anomaly and absurdity. Last year at the end of summer and continuing into November, they drove their stakes and placed their settlement on an unused football field, complete with a still present field goal post. But now that they joined forces with the Bazaar, this summer its glamour tents are placed in the backyard lot of the bathhouse. For the stunning price of $195 on the weekdays and $245 on the weekend, families and couples can enjoy the wonders of nature by traipsing on the “campground’s” filthy tire-tracked sand with speckles of depleted grass.




To capture the experience of  “roughing it” and integrating it with what is described as “wellness”, the tents are furnished with mattresses, lamps, linens and dressers along with a phone charging station. Just like in actual real life nature.

Not mentioned is the illuminating of room freshener candles to soothe your senses as you drift into blissful slumber until hordes of people from Queens and Brooklyn and beyond head for the beach to enjoy it for free.


If the people of the “people’s beach” knew what they are missing! If the people had more disposable income than stagnant income, they can further mindlessly spend on the various amenities that Camp Rockaway decided not to include on their two c-note a night dirt nap dwellings. Like paying nightly tolls at the Riis Park parking lot, one of the biggest in the nation! For the times you get parched and need protection from nasty entomological creatures buzzing around, there are empty water bottles for you and mosquito repellent to purchase if you’re stupid enough not to bring your own, and if you are already spending 200 bucks to sleep overnight in a tent in a public beach, chances you already are.

You can bring your own food but it has to be prepared and you need to eat it all up because the only genuine thing about this campsite is that it has no refrigeration to store your rations. It’s okay because they advise their guests to take their food back to their hot cars if they have anything leftover. Which is what any seasoned camper would do if one doesn’t possess an igloo cooler.

Just like in actual campsite’s and thanks to the new restoration, the showers are available for use once you start to stink after festering in your tent and sojourning on the beach and nearby towns foraging for food and booze that you’re not allowed to keep in your temporary abodes.

If there are any worries about intruders, who may be tempted to breach the “campground” either through climbing over the gate or cutting the rusty chains and locks on the gates with the knowledge of easy marks willing to spend exorbitant sums would likely have expensive possessions like thousand dollar cellphones containing a wealth of personal data, various credit cards, and other disposable cash, the geniuses behind this malignant concept assures that the national parks dept has rangers patrolling the beach all day and night long for the guests protection at the taxpayers expense.

Unfortunately no alcohol is allowed and it’s lights out at 10 p.m. at Camp Rock. There sure are a lot of rules that you have to abide by. Which makes this campground resemble more like a scientology recruit settlement than the neighborly community vibe they are trying to commodify. And it also kills the tranquil vibe and escape from civilization that real camping provides, since according to their activities page, the only thing to pass the time is to spend and spend and spend at, natch, the nearby Riis Beach Bazaar.

Speaking of the R.B.B., their little concept of bringing the blandest of Brooklyn’s designer food and social media culture has been the recipient of good fortune at the misfortune of other locales and transit service. Land erosion at one of the most popular spots in Rockaway led to the City Parks Department to close the beaches down from B90 to B102 streets, which included the closure of the boardwalk (it has since been reopened for access), which has led to a noticeable upsurge in attendance at Riis.

More pseudo-yachts ferries have been added, even though the city cut the free Hornblower bus service. There’s more frequent bus service, the Q53 from Woodside, the Q35 from Brooklyn, and even the rarely seen Q22 in Rockaway (which used to originate from Ozone Park), now heads towards Riis Park that historically has never seen this much bus transit activity probably in decades and arguably in the city bus services’ entire existence as every other bus line continues to be behind schedule.

The A train to Rockaway also has been rerouted going west to the 116th street station and suspended the Mott Ave. destination for the entire summer, leaving Far Rockaway residents to go through the inconvenience of getting off at the Holland St. Station and crossing over to the other side to go eastbound. But making it super duper convenient for the target demos, hipsters from Brooklyn and tourists, to take one straight ride to the desired area of the peninsula.

And to make things more convenient A train commuters, once they get off there will be plenty of bike share bikes out there ready to use and dispose of as they get to their destinations. Especially once the electronic motor share bikes are dropped on the streets.

This post may be a bitter hate read, but even the most naive person would find that there is a massive effort by the city and their parks dept and even the national parks dept. to make sure this luxury bazaar and camping merger is successful, all attributed to a combination of the extreme effects of climate change and the aforementioned improvements to transit service. When the city parks dept. shut down beaches 91 to 102st at the last minute before Memorial Day it caused widespread panic to the enraged community and the businesses there, notably the new bar/restaurants that only opened on the boardwalk just a few years ago. And it wasn’t like the city wasn’t warned of the gradual debilitation of the shoreline, because they have known for years prior to when Sandy hit and did nothing about it since in congruence with continuing disputes with FEMA officials in a display of shithead solidarity buck passing and willful indifference as 10,000 tons of cubic sand wasted away in less than two years.


Regarding this closure, which is going to take a speculated two years to replenish it, it’s starting to look like the area in front of the Riis Bathhouse might have some apparent erosion issues of it’s own. Judging by the disturbing ponding by the boardwalk.



Will this also get the proper attention and will it merit the the same severity from the city as the measures they took to shut down the former popular beaches by Rockaway Park???




“Why see the world, when you got the beach”

Frank Ocean, “Sweet Life”

The Riis Park Bathhouse’s return is a no doubt a great thing, but it’s too bad it’s not being utilized for it’s intended use as a facility for the citizens and is being privatized this way to cultivate and manufacture a homogenized hip hangout and some sort of luxury destination with that stupid camp. As for the latter, this is actually a thing that’s been going on in other federal parks, most recently and more insanely at Governor’s Island. 

Even the bike share program, after only a few days, is already starting to become a blight on the beach.



But it’s doubtful that any action be taken or the slightest concern will be taken here. There is obviously a lot being invested that it’s taken precedence over the worrying concerns of smaller businesses that enthusiastically opened up and the residents enjoying the sun, sand and surf in Rockaway. In addition to the further neglect and inequity of services that are plaguing throughout the boroughs that favor pleasure seekers over the working classes in general. And monetizing the one free amenity and destination for people who can’t afford to go to the Hamptons or jetset to island and beach resorts around the world.



The effects of climate change and global warming are existential threats that must be combated, but it’s not as big as the current threat by the city to irresponsibly sell out public space and services for lame entrepreneurs trying to turn every locale into Brooklyn food and beer festival.

When will this bullshit stop? Probably another bitch hurricane. But it didn’t stop this collective of climate deniers before and it certainly won’t this time despite any documented evidence. For these elected and appointed officials, absolutely nothing will get in the way of monopolizing parkland for frivolous spending idiocy, and most of all the profits for their sponsors and investors.

It’s all fucking insane.



New Bad Days 49: Dead Bodies Found In Public Parks Brings Attention To A Monster Running Loose In The City And Proactive Environmental Awareness; A de Blasio Aide Gets Caught Up In Some Gangsta Shit; A Homeless Man Gets Creative With His Own Shit On The 2 Train; A Trump Tower Tenant Burns To Death In A Condo And Building Floor With No Sprinklers Or Alarms And Various Other Slashings, Shootings, Muggings And Home Invasions.


In Canarsie Park, a mutilated dead body of a woman with her legs and arms severed off was found wrapped in a white garbage bag barely hidden in a brush by a trail and the  limbs in another garbage bag found a half a mile away in the park. The victim, Brandy Odom, lived only 15 blocks away from the park.

(Ken Murray/New York Daily News)

This gruesome and savage killing is only two miles away from where Karina Vetrano was murdered in Spring Creek Park on the other side of the Belt Parkway 2 years ago. The search for this butcher (or butchers) should be just as diligent, persistent and thorough.

In Prospect Park, a man committed suicide by pouring gasoline on himself and setting himself on fire on a expansive wide viewed lawn at the front entrance during the early morning hours as people were visiting the park on a nice spring day in this uncharacteristic cold season.  In notes left in a nearby garbage can for the police to find were an apology for the mess he made and a statement declaring his self-immolation as a protest about the rising fragility of the environment of the planet from global warming and it’s extreme effects caused by climate change

(Theodore Parisienne/New York Daily News)

David Buckel was a lawyer who gained national praise for his lawsuit against a sheriff’s dept. in Nebraska in defense of transgender teenage girl and murder and rape victim Brandon Teena, which inspired the movie Boys Don’t Cry and an Oscar for Hillary Swank who portrayed her in it. He spent his career defending gay people’s civil rights and was a dedicated environmental activist. His public sacrifice to inspire awareness came a week before the annual recognition of Earth Day tomorrow. The spot where he burned in the park where he was involved in compost programs with the city’s parks and sanitation depts. and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, should be memorialized with a statue in honor of his service with his words ingrained:

“Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather,” “Our present grows more desperate, our future needs more than what we’ve been doing.”

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man got murdered when he was shot three times at point blank range in front of his apartment building.

In Crown Heights, cops answering to 911 call from a woman whose son trashed her apartment, tazed and arrested the wrong man despite him telling them that they got the wrong guy.

Also in Crown Heights, an 11-year-old boy stabbed his younger brother in the throat in a fit of sibling jealousy.

In East New York, a woman was stalked by two men who attacked her from behind as she was about to open her apartment door and stabbed her in the back when she defended herself.

Also in East New York at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Playground, an 18-year-old woman was held up at knifepoint and coerced her to blow him in the women’s bathroom

Again in East New York, a man held up a 73-year-old man at gunpoint, knocked him down and robbed his wallet but not without the victim kicking his ass in the scuffle.

And again in East New York, a man refused a woman to give her cellphone back when she demanded it, then smacked her and ran away with it.

And again in East New York, two men held up a man at gunpoint and stole his wallet containing 10 bucks.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death in front of a church at 8:30 p.m.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death in front of his house at 8 p.m.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Borough Hall station, a 2 train had to be put out of service and sent back to the yard because a derelict smeared his shit all over two cars. The name of the disgusting suspect was not disclosed, but there is solid, stinky speculation.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays Center Arena, a professional ultimate fighter and his entourage threw barricades and metal chairs at a tour bus.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the High Street Station, a man was holding up the A train at 8 a.m. by sticking his foot between the doors to fight with a commuter. When a frustrated woman intervened to end the argument so the train can go, the man then took out a can of mace and sprayed her in the face.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man attempted to hold up an expensive tea shop with a glue gun as the store opened.

In Brooklyn Heights, a man got into a fight with two other men at a pancakes house chain and wound up getting slashed in the neck.

In Gravesend, two men wanted in four previous holdups in Brooklyn and Queens robbed a store of $1,740 and cartons of cigarettes by assaulting a clerk.

In Flatbush, a man got killed on the job at a fruit market when an illegally installed bespoke freight elevator fell on him.

Also in Flatbush, a homeless man who was caught shoplifting in a grocery store died of a heart attack when three imbeciles who worked there dragged him on the floor then sat on his head, torso and legs as he yelled that he couldn’t breathe.

Again in Flatbush, a man ran into a store and shot his gun twice inside, hitting a man he targeted in the back and an 62-year-old woman in the cheek.

And again in Flatbush, a drunk idiot driving a Mercedes Benz caused a three car wreck and injured four pedestrians crossing the street and on the sidewalk because he was speeding and crashed into the car in front of him that was making a left turn.

In Williamsburg, a man ran up to an 18-year-old man walking with his friend, pulled out a gun and shot him in the back at point blank range and ran off with an accomplice.

Also in Williamsburg, a fire broke out on the top floor of a NYCHA apartment building, injuring two people.

Again in Williamsburg at the Lorimer Street Station, a man punched a commuter in the face by the turnstiles.

Also In Canarsie, at the 76th Precinct House, a man fighting with cops taking him to a holding cell bit off the finger of a cop and swallowed it.

Again in Canarsie, a NYCHA custodian shot a tenant during an argument inside his apartment.

In East Flatbush, a man pulled out a gun and shot at another man twice on the sidewalk and ran away.

Also in East Flatbush, a 65-year-old woman crossing the street got hit by a hit-and-run driver.

Again in East Flatbush and also Flatbush and Midwood, two men meeting up with people selling their merchandise via an app are holding up their marks at gunpoint or pistol whipping and stealing their shit.

In Bay Ridge, two men broke into a jewelry store but ran off when the store manager who was sleeping in his office woke up.

In Gowanus, a man fired his gun multiple times in front of a hookah joint ironically called the Fire Lounge.

In Bushwick, a handicapped bus driver was stabbed to death in his apartment.

Also in Bushwick, a stray dog was walking on the L line train tracks.

In Borough Park, a man climbed into a window of a 14-year-old girl’s room and took off his pants and laid down next to her in her bed then ran away when the girl screamed.

In East Williamsburg, a man broke into a storage room warehouse and stole a laptop and $1000 in cash.

In Brooklyn Heights, scaffolding surrounding a building collapsed to the sidewalk injuring three people

In Sunset Park, a man got stabbed during a fight in front of a karaoke club and died after he took a cab to a hospital.

In Flatlands, a drunk driver smashed his SUV into a lamppost, causing critical injuries to his passenger beside him.

Also in Flatlands, a woman killed her husband by shooting him in the face in their bedroom.

In Williamsburg at the Lorimer Street Station, a man punched a commuter in the face by the turnstiles.

In Dyker Heights, a mailman was hoarding over 15,000 letters never delivered in his house and locker for over a decade.

In Bath Beach, an apartment being used as a stash house for heroin and fentanyl that was tied to an overdose death in Bay Ridge was raided by police.

In Mapleton, a fire torched a house causing injuries to a tenant and 2 firemen.


Blech. Another bad self-portrait on social media by city government worker Reagan Stevens.

In Jamaica, a woman was arrested with two other men in their twenties in the front seat of a double-parked SUV for possessing a 9mm gun with it’s serial number scratched off that had 3 in the clip and a spent shell found on the floor by cops who were investigating a shooting nearby where 5 shots were detected by Shotspotter. Her friends were also busted possessing gravity knives and bags of weed and the vehicle reeked of pot smoke.

The woman, Reagan Stevens is a city deputy in Mayor de Blasio’s Office of Criminal Justice  and is currently was tasked with implementing the law signed by Governor Cuomo in raising the age limit for young offenders to be tried as adults from 16 to 18. This recent debacle in the mayor’s confederacy of dunces looks and sounds like a drug deal that went awry. But the severity of the crime will certainly be creatively marked down due to her status in city hall, the massive effort by NYPD high brass to keep crime stats down and good old fashioned political nepotism since Reagan’s mom is a criminal court judge and her stepfather is a judge in Queens Supreme Court.

Also in Jamaica, a man walked into a car dealership and held up a salesman at gunpoint, forcing him into a car with his accomplice waiting, who both then both drove to an area then beat him up and robbed him of jewelry and his own car.

Again in Jamaica, two men impersonating police officers with hazard lights and sirens equipped on their car, robbed two cars and shot a person who defended himself and ran away.

In South Richmond Hill, a man shot at two men after fighting with them inside a niteclub that spilled onto the street.

In Jamaica Hills, a man approached an elderly woman sitting on a chair by a house and engaged in a conversation with her then attacked her and stole her wallet.

In Kew Gardens, 20 cars parked on Park Lane South had their windows smashed in and their glove compartments and consoles open and contents spread out all over the street.

In Ozone Park, a man held up a deli at gunpoint and robbed the register of $2,200.

Also in Ozone Park, a man driving with a suspended license struck and killed a man crossing the thoroughfare road.

In Rockaway Beach, a three-year-old girl was beaten to death by her stepfather in her mother’s apartment.

In Far Rockaway, an ABC news correspondent was attacked and punched in the eye during filming a report on Shoya Olatoye’s firing resignation announcement at the one NYCHA building that isn’t fucked up.

Also in Far Rockaway, an elderly woman in her 80’s and her 65-year-old daughter were killed in a fire on the second floor of a house.

In Blissville, where the homeless now outnumber the citizenry, a man whipped out his gross penis in front of a 60-year-old woman on the sidewalk.

In Woodhaven, a man fired his gun at parked vehicles near a playground at 4 a.m.

In Elmhurst, a man attempted to burn down a restaurant he was doing construction in because of a wage dispute.

In Queens Village, Laurelton and Rosedale, a man is suspected in brazen afternoon burglaries of four businesses, stealing almost $30,000 worth of electronic merchandise.

In Corona, two men robbed two men of their wallets by knifepoint.

In Astoria at the Steinway St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of an arriving R train during the morning rush hour.

Also in Astoria at the 46th Street Station, a woman was attacked and assaulted by three men on the platform who then robbed her headphones and ran off.

Again in Astoria, two men robbed a grocery store of 300 bucks.

And again in Astoria, two women volunteering to cleanup Astoria Park found a gun in a plastic bag.

In Rego Park, a man climbed a fire escape of an apartment building and broke into two apartments on the fourth and fifth floor and split with a TV, a package and $300.

In South Ozone Park, a 17-year-old boy escaped a juvenile detention center.

In Forest Hills at the 75th Street Station, a man robbed a woman of her cellphone and ran away.

In Jackson Heights, a woman snatched a wallet inside a purse belonging to an 88-year-old woman inside a chain clothing store.

Also in Jackson Heights, Astoria and East Elmhurst, 16 cars have been stripped of their wheels in a organized theft spree.

In Sunnyside, two women snatched a purse off a chair from a woman at a Dunkin Donuts.

In Flushing, two men teamed up to rob a 66-year-old woman of her wallet containing $660.

In Whitestone, a man stole an SUV, parked it a few blocks away and set it on fire.

Also in Whitestone, a man jumped off the Whitestone Bridge and survived but died later at a hospital.

In Long Island City, a city worker for the Human Resources Administration assaulted her girlfriend in hotel and kicked a cop trying to arrest her.

In Richmond Hill, a fire blazed in the attic of a two-story home wrought with illegal conversions to accommodate five families.

In Bayside, a drunk cop was found passed out with the engine running by the expressway

In Howard Beach and Lindenwood, a rash of reckless driving and bicycling are annoying residents.



In Midtown at Figurehead Donald Trump’s flagship tower, a man got killed in a fire at his luxury apartment on the 50th floor that he had tremendous trouble trying to sell. It was not equipped with sprinklers that are required in all other buildings and it was caused by an electrical malfunction similar to the fire that ignited on it’s roof back in January.

Also in Midtown, a woman was found naked inside the restaurant she worked in where she was sexually assaulted, pissed on, and robbed by a male co-worker who locked her in.

In the Upper West Side by Lincoln Center, an 18-year-old man was stabbed and hit in the head with a bottle after a scrape up during a gang fight on the street.

Again in the Upper West Side by Central Park, two teenagers approached a man and asked him a question then attacked him and stole his wallet.

Also on the Upper West Side on the 1 train heading for 96th Street, an elderly man sexually molested a woman by grinding his old junk into her rear end.

In the Upper East Side, a man pulled out a gun and shot his father to death and killed himself in his apartment. This occurred on the same day that Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD top brass announced 22 consecutive days (specifically pointing out 24% of this year) without a shooting.

Also on the Upper East Side, two chortling young women snatched a purse of a 77-year-old woman as she was about to get on a bus.

In Chelsea, an 80-year-old woman entering her apartment building got hit from behind and knocked down in the doorway by a man who stole her purse containing $170

Also in Chelsea, a man committed suicide by jumping 21 stories off the roof of an apartment building.

In Penn Plaza, a street sign fell off a lamp post and landed on and injured a 6-year-old child.

In Times Square at the 42nd St Station under 8th avenue, a homeless man was found dead slouching on a bench.

In the Garment District, a man bit a cop’s arm who tried to fasten a seat belt on him inside an ambulance.

In Union Square, a man was hassled then had his “make America great again” baseball cap robbed by two men who then threatened him with a knife when he tried to get it back.

Also in Union Square, a 19-year-old man shouldered a woman and kicked another woman as he walked by them.

Again in Union Square, a man threw dirt in the face of a store worker who caught him shoplifting.

In NoMad, a woman looking for an apartment in Queens was swindled of $1900 by a online real estate broker firm using fake names to get her trust.

Also in NoMad, a luxury hotel was swindled by a man using the name Biggie Smalls who lodged there for 3 months, racking up $47,000 in room charges and services.

In Gramercy Park at the stylish and obnoxious Equinox gym, a man sitting in a steam room was taken aback by three other men who dropped their towels and started masturbating in front of him.

Also in Gramercy Park, a woman was robbed at gunpoint around midnight.

In Greenwich Village, a 14-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping out her bedroom window on the 15th floor because she was being punished by her parents.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man stabbed a store worker at a chain pharmacy.

In Soho, a man climbed the fire escape of a pop singer‘s integrated townhouses and climbed through a window then took a shower in her bathroom and a nap in her bed.

In Kips Bay, 5 kids soliciting money for a fake basketball team entered a restaurant and robbed a patron of his money. When the man gave chase, one of the thugs whacked him in the head.

Also in Kips Bay in front of the office building for the Administration of Children’s Services, a teenage boy repeatedly punched his girlfriend in the face in front of security.

Again in Kips Bay, a man drove his car into a pedestrian who argued about how early he was turning.

In Stuyvesant Town, a man snatched a purse from a woman at a chain donut shop and robbed and assaulted a food vendor.

Also in Stuyvesant Town, a man sidled into an elevator with a woman and unzipped his pants and showed his prick at her.

Again in Stuyvesant Town, a man sneaked into the apartment buildings and robbed and opened delivery packages.

And again in Stuyvesant Town, an 18-year-old man deliberately bumped into a woman and stole her wallet.

In Harlem, a man got stabbed in the shoulder while he was dining at a restaurant by a man he blew off when he asked him for money.

In Harlem on an unidentified subway train, a man took out a joint and blazed it and smoke it. After commuters got upset and annoyed, he passed the joint around and they took some pulls, which brought a tremendously rare pleasant moment and display of camaraderie on the worst fucking transit system of the universe.



In Mount Eden, a mailman was pounced on and beaten up by homeless man high on K-2 inside an apartment building, the suspect died after going into cardiac arrest during his arrest.

In Williamsbridge, a brawl that broke out in a hair salon escalated into a shootout inside, leaving a man dead from a shot in the chest and the shooter wounded in his leg.

In Riverdale, a Target store was robbed of $350,000 during a morning holdup.

In Fordham Manor, a woman working at a homeless shelter was raped by a man who usually helped her with the laundry in the basement.

In Foxhurst, a man was shot to death from a drive-by as he was walking on the sidewalk.

In Concourse Village, a man attacked a woman from behind as she was about to enter her apartment building and put her in headlock causing her to pass out. Then he took her to the roof and raped her then robbed her wallet and forced her to give him her ATM pin number.

In Tremont, a stray bullet broke through a window of a 15-year-old girl’s room then went through a wall of a bathroom.

In Marble Hill, a man was stabbed to death after a fight in an apartment building lobby.

In Wakefield, a cop committed suicide with his own gun in his car.

In Pelham Parkway, a man sexually molested a 15-year-old girl by groping her as she was walking to school

Also in Foxhurst, a fire engulfed a house and killed a man inside.

In Morrisania, a man threw a can of “orange pasta” at a 14-year-old girl when she refused his come-on’s and oily charm.

Also in Morrisania, a man died in a fire that engulfed his apartment.

In Kingsbridge, a woman assaulted and robbed a bag off a wheelchair-bound 62-year-old man. She was stopped by two firemen who were at the scene of the crime.

In Olinville, a 72-year-old man died in a fire in his basement apartment.

In Fieldston at the Van Cordtlant Park Station, a woman was found dead inside a train car at 8:30 a.m.

In Woodstock, Christopher Thomas, who shot and killed 8 children and two women on a Palm Sunday in 1984 and was just released from prison for serving time for murder, is going to reside in his mother’s house in that neighborhood which is next to a day care center and nearby a school.

Staten Island

In Richmond Town, a man crashed his SUV into a land-marked house when he blacked out behind the wheel from a medical condition.

In Grymes Hill, two masked men invaded a house when they attacked the father in his garage and then tied him and his wife and daughter up and threatened their lives as they ransacked their home. Then the scumbags reassured them they will not kill them and that they hit the wrong house but robbed them anyway, stealing $2,900 and jewelry.

In Eltingville, a body was found on the shore of Great Kills Beach.

In Tottenville, 4 teenage boys and 2 teenage girls broke into cars by breaking windows and robbing them of charges, usb cables, earbuds and one fare metrocards. The comments about this crime blot are hysterical.

In New Dorp, a man who was pulled over by cops for rolling past a stop sign, hit the gas and sped off going 65 and hitting a father holding a baby and another cop who tried to flag him down. He was caught with a suspended license.

In Mariners Harbor, a 17-year-old boy was arrested possessing a loaded gun.

In Stapleton, a man armed with a gun broke into his mother apartment and took his baby and robbed cash from a dresser.

In West Brighton, a 5-month-old baby died when his mother’s cousin ran a red light and crashed his van into another vehicle in the intersection as he was speeding to get to the hospital.

In recognition of David Buckel’s sacrifice and Earth Day

The sunshine in mountains sometimes lost
The river can disregard the cost
And melt in the sky warmth when you die
Were we ever warmer on that day a million miles away
We seemed from all of eternity


My President Is Irrelevant

snapshot“You’re on, dummy” Dotard J. Trump mentally prepares his twitter insult to a dictator and his threat to destroy a country.

What a last couple of weeks for Figurehead Donald Trump. For it might be the most significant time he has spent in his elected position and just may be, with his attempts at conveying leadership and shaping society and the world condition via his jackass social media vomiting, the final defining moment of his current stature.

My president is irrelevant.

The first sign was at the United Nations. There was considerable dread about his first address to the assembly and he did not surprise anyone or presumably himself. In a speech written by his young bald asshole ward Stephen Miller, who for some reason still has a job in this administration of chaos, he declared war on North Korea. Simple as that. He declared war and guaranteed destruction on a nuclear armed nation with a population of millions. He declared war and has put 25 million lives at risk, just hours after Congress approved 80 more billion dollars to fund the Pentagon this year and 700 billion dollars total towards the decade, which already hogs most of the nation’s budget. On a platform that usually requires tact and measured words, he called Kim Jong Un “rocket man”, which may be the first time in history where a leader used a juvenile insult on a rival sovereign leader and is the second time that Elton John’s classic song has been devalued. (We all know who destroyed it first)

Figurehead Trump, and whoever is advising him (no one), must have thought that threatening North Korea was going to rattle the nerves of the pudgy wunderkind leader Un, but all it did was make U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley anxious. For the whole 40 minutes during the speech, she had a look on her face that was nervously anticipating the dreadfully fateful moment of the declaration of war as she was easily distracted and seemingly more interested in the amount of people walking away during the speech. The exasperated migraine expression on chief of staff John Kelly couldn’t be more apropos of the population that is sick of seeing Figurehead Trump making our country a laughing stock.

Chief Of Staff John Kelly goes “DOH!” as does the general public.

Besides the aforementioned insult and the world endangering threat, the speech was mostly know-it-all condescension to the other nations for not contributing much, which although not being sympathetic at all to them, it’s not entirely their fault when the ol’ U.S.A. M.I.C. is the largest military in the world and it’s combined human and firepower  matches the amount of over 20 to 30 nations, and it’s actual budget is bigger than the other 7 superpowers combined, which includes Russia and China. And he also found time in the end to threaten Iran, which responded with missile testing of their own. Figurehead Trump looked and sounded slovenly and left the majority of the crowd bored and unimpressed, even after the threat to attack North Korea, it resembled the cartoon character Peter Griffin when he demanded respect from the UN for his accidental sovereign nation backyard.

The result of this shit talking by the overachieving mook from Queens just riled up his rival despot even more, to the point where Kim even engaged in the verbal snapping by referring to our president as a dotard. A dis that not only is surprisingly apt but actually syncs well with Trump’s birth name, making it easy for his domestic critics from DC to the billions of trolls worldwide on social media. Dotard Trump. Wow, it just glides off the tongue like eating a Carvel sundae. And just as fattening. And it surely will unite the NK masses to rally behind  Kim, because there is nothing that will bring out national pride like threatening to totally destroy a country of it’s citizenry and their leaders, no matter how oppressed or starving they are.

Figurehead Trump, being a former failed casino magnate with the instincts of the shittiest chronically addicted gamblers, decided to let his divisive banter ride as he addressed a crowd in Alabama in his still in-effect MAGA campaign tour by peppering his speech with a warning to NFL players to stand for the national anthem, in a reference to unemployed and blackballed player Colin Kapernick’s silent protest last year. Trump decided to pander to the barely audible crowd/his base by grossly generalizing any player that shows solidarity to the banned QB as a son-of-a-bitch, punctuating it with his old shitty show catchphrase “you’re fired”.

The league responded in kind and in droves, which included all of Trump’s billionaire team owner donors.

It’s like the NFL came to the realization in unintentional homage of the classic poem during the Nazi siege of East Europe, “First they came…“. First Trump came after the Mexicans, and they said nothing because the NFL doesn’t have any mexicans playing pro football. Then Trump came after the protesters, but they said nothing because the NFL wasn’t protesting his campaign but donating to it. Then Trump came after the women who criticize him, but they said nothing because they don’t have a uterus or a pussy to grab. Then Trump came after the NFL and it’s brand and the league just collectively said “hey Trump is trying to wreck a billion dollar industry and one of our national pastimes, fuck this asshole!”

The solidarity against Trump’s fascist demand for jingoistic and blind loyalty spread to other sports, notably from a rookie catcher from the Oakland A’s with his teammate supporting him. And straight from the NBA, the game’s most elite and popular player Lebron James responded to Trump’s provocation and his petulant disinvite of the Golden State Warriors visit to the White House by referring to him as the classic of all insults as a “bum”.

During this humiliating nationwide dressing down of the virtual commander-in-chief, Hurricane Maria, the third major killer storm in barely a month, laid waste to the U.S. Commonwealth State and nation of Puerto Rico, which had it’s electrical grid wiped out with the passing of Irma just a few weeks before. Maria, with it’s 150 mph winds and incessant biblical downpours, left the streets and highways flooded and destroyed forestation. And it devastated the electrical grid that will leave most of the country without power for months.

The U.S. Commonwealth State of Puerto Rico did not get a response from Trump for days for he was so entwined in persuading professional football players to stand up for the anthem and persuading the owners to fire them for insubordination if they don’t. Which resulted in the citizenry starving and dying of thirst for lack of potable water and food, making it impossible to get such sustenance. And no way to get these items for the flooded roads made access to them extremely difficult and no electricity for them to cook or prepare items. Hospitals were also suffering from the lack of power, leaving thousands of patients lives in peril. Initial that came via the Red Cross was insufficient. And Trump did not send the military over in 5 days, and when he did they were understaffed. He also refused to lift the heinous Jones Act against shipping from foreign countries, despite suspending it to aid the city of Houston, Texas and South Florida to assure and hasten the repairs and aid to their citizens and infrastructure. And hundreds of shipping containers containing food, water and medical supplies were left immobile with it’s contents left to rot.

When he wasn’t bragging about the alleged fantastical response of aiding the nation, which the aforementioned facts clearly belie, Figurehead Trump was making a pathetic excuse for why it was quite difficult to get to U.S. Commonwealth Nation despite having the biggest Navy in the world. That it was the unfortunate fact that Puerto Rico is surrounded by big ocean water.



This pop culture reference might be stretching it, but Trump said this with the same speech pattern as the cartoon death metal band Dethklok in the first scene of their debut film “Blood Ocean”.


Anyway, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, clad in fisherman’s overalls surveying the damage of her city waist deep in the polluted water, looking disheveled and like she hadn’t even showered, went on television to beg for aid that was not getting to her city and the nation as a whole and to refute the tone-deaf ignorant claims of Figurehead Trump and his Homeland Security patsy of the condition of the ravaged nation state. a leader reacts.

So Trump reacted as is his nature of a man who had everything handed to him with a silver spoon and platter, and a deep seated contempt for minorities and did find time during his 50th weekend stay to the golf course he owns in Jersey to disparage her for not showing gratitude, accusing her of partisan political griping that he assumed influence her justified criticism, her not being able to lead and the nation for basically being lazy and not contributing enough. Which led to more universal condemnation of the spiteful Divider-In-Chief.

He finally showed up to Puerto Rico after 2 weeks to again, without the trophy he dedicated to them at the end of the Presidents Cup tournament and not even new caps to wear for the occasion, to once again praise his lousy response and the understaffed military personnel that got there too late and again insulted the people and the elected officials gathered at the conference by reminding them that their existence is costing the U.S.A. a lot of money (He probably deduced this from his avaricious economic advisors, neoliberal Gary Cohn and budget manager Mike Mulvaney, who are probably shitting themselves that they won’t be able to enact their American billionaire tax cut budget coming soon). Maybe he should give back the loads of money him and his son Eric got in the U.S. Commonwealth with his bankruptcy claim from his failed attempt to revive a country club with his brand/birth name on it. He also told a conference of elected officials that their fatality list wasn’t as bad as the death count in New Orleans (mostly the lower class 9th Ward town) after Hurricane Katrina, which simultaneously undermined and insulted them and their citizens and dementedly justified his willfully ignorant claims of his slow ass response and it’s good news story theory.

When he finally met Mayor Cruz, whose presence on the flooded streets is comparable to Rudy Giuliani’s on site action on 9/11/01 and should be Time’s person of the year, she kindly told Trump that it was about lives not politics and the Bum hastily backed up and ignored her. He spent the rest of his brief time chucking paper towels in a room in a peculiar video with maybe the only group of citizens happy and impressed to see him. No word on the brand of these towels or their ability to absorb.

After this deplorable hat trick of threatening to destroy a nation and it’s people; trying to control the beliefs and deny the freedom speech of athletes and you, the people; and his blatant indifference to a nation of people in desperate need, he did not intimidate Kim Jong Un and North Korea and possibly gave them an advantage in a new cold war, and turned Colin Kapernick into a civil rights icon, and Mayor Cruz into a worldwide sympathetic figure and hero, which she certainly is.

And even his Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson, cannot even contain his rage and emotions by referring to Figurehead Trump as a Fucking Moron who speaks for himself and not for the country, the government and you, the people.

He has no credibility, or dignity, sense of decency or reason. All he has is his fucking twitter to get him by and his undeserved title that you, the people gave him by believing him and voting for him. Whose support for him is now thankfully waning. He will not be redeemed and it looks like he wouldn’t want to be. All he wants is to further enrich himself as now he gets to work on the heinous national budget for billionaire tax cuts for greedy dotard bums like him. That’s all what he’s and what this presidency is about.

As for everything else, his influence and impact and all the words that come out of his halitosis mouth and from his little stubby doodle fingers is jack shit. The President is fucking irrelevant.


Governor Mario’s Son Andy’s Deranged Designer Proposal For Staten Island-Another Prick With A Wall

Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks to the press on the FDR Boardwalk behind The Vanderbilt Tuesday after announcing a plan to widen the promenade atop a buried seawall. (Staten Island Advance/Rachel Shapiro)Governor Andrew Cuomo speculatively measuring his plans coming to fruition.

The East Shore, Staten Island, N.Y.

To protect the shores of the beachfront to defend against future hurricanes certain to come and threatening rising sea levels, the State of New York and the Federal government has granted the coast lines of Fort Wadsworth to Oakwood Beach with a  buried seawall and levee to be constructed, with a boardwalk for pedestrian and possibly bicycle usage on top. The project will start construction in 2018 and set to be completed in 3 years (better hurry up.)

Although it’s supposed to function as a security apparatus, our visionary artiste and event planner governor deems it unsatisfactory and not ostentatious. Oh, no, for it to be truly worth the costs it has to have the usual superfluous additions and attract travelers yearning for new destinations.

Lo and behold!

Why don’t we really think about this as an attraction rather than just as a functional device,” said Cuomo. “Let’s build something that enhances the island and enhances all the homes that are looking at the promenade.”

“We don’t want just a walkway for seven miles that frankly is going to be a wasted opportunity,” said Cuomo.

DNA info

You see, it can’t be just a regular boardwalk. So in spite of the drab and dull plans of the Army Core Of Engineers, Andy wants to widen the boardwalk beyond the original plan so it could hold events, marathons and those overpriced food concession stands this generation raves about and takes photos of. And stands to sell those rancid craft brews Mario’s son loves so much.

When the Advance asked Cuomo, who gave few details in his presentation at The Vanderbilt, how his proposal would differ from what the plan already includes, he said, “We don’t think it’s enough, I think it’s too narrow. We’re talking about a 30 or 40 foot promenade, we’re talking about amenities along the promenade. A promenade is a tourism destination, it has amenities, there are food kiosks, there are benches, there are lookouts. There’s all sorts of ideas that you can do.”

He added, “It could be a tour of all the different cuisine that New York has to offer, it could be a tour of all the craft beers that New York has to offer. It could be a walking museum. It could be a lot of things. We don’t want just a walkway for 7 miles, that frankly, is going to be a wasted opportunity.”

A spokeswoman later told the Advance the multi-use promenade “can support a range of recreational activities, including outdoor concerts, beer and food tastings, cultural festivals, nature walks, seaside carnivals, bike races, marathons and other running competitions, environmental education, and other events and community gatherings.”

The cost of the project, expected to be completed in late 2022 — originally 2021 — has steadily increased from an estimated $579 million to the most recent $615 million estimate, making the federal government’s share about $400 million; the state’s share about $154 million; and the city’s share about $62 million.

SI Live

Of course such inspired lunacy leads to sacrifices, like the amount of state taxes extracted from your paycheck. And because of Andy’s proclivity for wasting money that’s not his own, the project already is behind schedule. Which totally goes against protecting the homes and citizenry from the next Sandy like devastation.

Which makes the following proclamation from Andy Andy’s mouth so perplexing

“This isn’t just a wall,” Cuomo said. “We should think of it more as a promenade with a boardwalk and concessions. Let’s build something that enhances the island. Let’s increase real estate values and improve quality of life.”

NY Daily News

It shows once again that people elected to wield great power and responsibility still are too dumb and easily forget past history when they are overwhelmed with blind ambition and even unsatiated greed. The latter that can cynically refer more to the interests of REBNY than the homeowners on the borough, who will certainly lose everything if a massive category 3 storm comes in a year’s or maybe a month’s time.

Most importantly, Andy exposes himself for the brazen ignorant hypocrite he is by putting superficiality and frivolity first with his irresponsible grand redesign of the seawall in spite of his grandstanding of his belief in the extreme effects of climate change after chastising Figurehead Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accord.

No wonder this jerk thinks he can be president.








Executive Carnage, Summer’s Eve: FTW With Donald Trump-Pulls America Out Of Paris Accord And Sells Out Nation’s Infrastructure To Saudi Royals

The Rose Garden, Washington D.C., America, Earth-The Third Stone From The Sun

Willful ignorance, cognitive dissonance and tribal epistemology won a huge victory on the first day of June. As Figurehead Trump, following his irritable, obnoxious and incorrigible behavior, baseless and denigrating speech towards his nation leader peers, came home and declared that our nation will no longer participate in the Paris Climate Accord of 2015.

Despite the dire situations and damage this will bring to our country is lightened by the fact that we are obligated to honor the climate contract until 2019. A big hairy but to this problem is that this will open the floodgates for Trump and the malcontent energy industries to surgically gut our mountains, lands and waters for resources that are expensive and unprofitable, mostly coal and oil. For the aforementioned spoils, the victors can will thank their elected representatives subservient to them at the expense of the voters who blindly followed them and continue to betray.

The fucked up things that make Trump’s decision so asinine and clearly spiteful, to his world leader peers and the planet’s population, which includes this nation and you, the people are three things:

The only other nation, excluding Nicaragua because that nation felt that it didn’t go far enough and they are victims of other nation’s irresponsibilities (they are right), to bow out is Syria, and that nation makes it apparent daily with their non-concerns about the environment because both sides are blowing it up daily with explosions.

That states like California, New York , and Hawaii have decided to take more responsibility and are arranging climate accords of their own with the member nations. Which kind of shows, maybe validates, that Figurehead Trump, his cabinet and these elected officials are clearly paid deadbeats, because the states are doing their jobs for them to stem the colossal threat of climate change, which is bigger than any threats from terrorist factions. In fact, climate change may be more of an influence on terrorism than is commonly thought.

The two biggest contributors of climate change extremities of the past decade, China and India, have actually made efforts and made progress to focus and rely more on renewable energies and have actually used less coal in recent years.

Surely, Figurehead Trump and his plutocabinet (don’t believe this team of rivals bullshit about this) sees the pulling out of the accord as a way to justify, legislate then ratify digging more into national and city parklands and supposed unused spaces around homes to mine for more detrimental energy resources. Of course, they can always rely on recent history of horrendous permits allowed by the Figurehead’s predecessor, Figurehead Obama, as he allowed risky projects to shore up the nation’s energy independence for the reason to avoid dealing with the middle east. We all know how that worked out and didn’t work out.

The only bright spot, for Trump anyway, on his jaunt overseas was his meeting with the Saudi royals. He bowed like a bitch, twice, and accepted a cheap necklace and charm pendant from them, group fondled an orb with them and engaged in a rigid dance with a sword. In the midst of all that degrading minstrelsy, Figurehead Trump along with his trusty ward Jared “down low” Kushner arranged a sweetheart lowball weapons and munitions, American infrastructure deal which included a token charitable donation to the first lady daughter and oblivious labor reporter and slave wage activist eraser Ivanka’s woman entrepreneur fund, whatever the fuck that is (Oh, she’s a entrepreneur with lady parts, ain’t that nice and considerate).

This deal has national and worldwide damage written all over it. Since Trump has now privatized a part of his yet to be announced trillion dollar infrastructure plan to a despotic state and an avaricious private equity and venture capital firm that’s only concern is their bottom line of grossly and immensely enriching themselves and their shareholders and that’s it. There will certainly be attempts to cut costs in materials and salaries, might even attempt to put hired goons on the payrolls not to lay blacktop or build pylons but to crush protests and unions demanding loss wages.

And the weapons and armistice will be used, as it has before under the last figurehead but takes bigger significance considering the bestwords used by Trump on last year’s campaign trail, on poor villagers in Yemen who don’t even have an air force or marines, but have to rely on a widespread but ragtag militant group alleging to Al Qaeda for protection.

Trump conveys his decision, the world’s tiniest hands playing the world’s tiniest violin.

What has occurred since this artful deal by the self-proclaimed deal artist has seen various terrorist attacks in London, Manchester, even Iran and Kabul, Afghanistan, the last being the worst that it killed 90 innocent people in a busy market square during a pleasant afternoon as people were commuting from and to work and kids were leaving school. It should also show that dropping the Mother Of All Bombs a month ago did not put a scare into any splinter terrorist groups dwelling and conspiring in that nation.

But it does not matter to the wealthy war mongers and our spineless sell out leader of our nation. It’s all about the money piling up like a mountain of shit in the Figureheads, appointeds and electeds, and billionaire donors personal bank accounts in some p.o. box on a resort island or pied-e-tiere condo or hotel room in New York. For these loosely termed people do not give a fuck and seem pretty certain that the world is going to end in their and their next of kin’s lifetime. And being in high positions in government and royalty, they have access to all the isolated hideaway safe spaces if the apocalypse and dystopia happens, and if their gated mansions and palaces and expansive properties swallowed by the oceans or reduced to ash. Whichever comes first.

Then they will actually no longer have to work to construct laws or even rule anymore. Most importantly, Trump and his despotic peers and his plutocabinet and those motherfucking whores in DC will have no need to be accountable to anyone or anything.

Maybe that’s the infrastructure and environmental plan after all.