New Bad Days 69: James O’Neill Gets The Fuck Out Of New York; Teenage Girl Is Stabbed To Death While Searching For Clues Of Her Cousins’ Death From A Stray Bullet; Three Broken Relationship Murder Suicides Occur In A Week; Over 50 Cars Get Vandalized In Two Towns; Sewer Backup Turns Southeast Queens Area Into A Temp Superfund Site; Mall Riot Goes Off Following Half Day At School; Squatters Burn To Death In House Fire; Two Women Visiting Brooklyn Gets Beaten And Mugged On A Train Station Steps; Bike Riding Skell Effortlessly Pulls Off Cellphone Robbing Spree; Gangstas Run Over Man As He Was Walking With His Son; Scott Stringer’s Brother Assaults Man In Restaurant; Biker Gang Circles A Cop At A Gas Station And A Man Fires Gun Wildly On The Street Chasing A Rival In The Bronx; Three Men Bring Back Bad Old Days Nostalgia Brawling On The Sidewalk With Weapons By Times Square And The New Bad Days Is Confirmed With Reports Of Rises In Gang Violence, Brawls, Beatdowns And Holdups In The Streets And Parks And Subways, Stabbings, Slashings, Drive-By Shootings, Home Invasion Burglaries, Random Assaults, More Cellphone Robberies, Hit-And-Run Drivers, Heroin Abuse, Sexual Molestation And Rape Attempts, Bigoted Attacks And Murder James O’Neill, smell you later

James O’Neill, the second appointed police commissioner of Mayor de Blasio’s NYPD feebly quit his job protecting and has turned his back on the city of New York. But why? Isn’t this city the #SafestBigCity on this planet? Anyway, he’s leaving the five boroughs for sunny and burning California to become a cop for Visa credit services. Even though murders, rapes and robberies and gang violence went up the last two months and Southeastern Queens has seen what can be described as a massive rise in shootings.

And the fact that cops are involved in twice as many situations this year when they had to use their guns, notably in two incidents where cops got killed by incompetence fire from fellow cops. And over ten cops have committed suicide this year. He is walking away as the NYPD are being tasked to monitor the subway and clear it of homeless and prevent farebeating, which has led to consternation from the citizenry of police overdeployment along with arbitrary aggressive enforcement against churro ladies and candy sellers and is leading to clashes with kids and two anarchic protests in his last month as commissioner where people jumped turnstiles, even cutting a bar on one and sprayed anti-cop graffiti on the walls.

He’s turning his back on the city as the heroin epidemic is still spiraling out of control as streets and parks are littered with used syringes. He’s bidding adieu as thousands of delivery packages are getting robbed every day.

He’s splitting right after it was revealed that a porn star real estate agent was able to access NYPD headquarters with some money donations, similar to what Mayor de Blasio’s bubbies Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg did when they were treating cops to Vegas and Super Bowl trips and Christmas presents. He’s jetting right after citizens voted to bring forth more transparency by the NYPD by giving the CCRB more powers to investigate and for D.A.’s  reveal cops records for any malfeasance while filing reports or testifying in court.

And the main reason why Jimmy is getting the fuck out of dodge is that he, along with the supposed law enforcement legend Willie Bratton before him, were trying to normalize and cover up a precinct commander’s arrest quota order to round up Black and Hispanic subway fare beaters instead of White or Asian ones as claimed in a lawsuit by a police sergeant and four other officers. That way O’Neill (and Bratton as well) avoids have to testify (or testilie) in court. Clearly this is what as led to the racial discrepancies with fare beaters that’s inspired all these current protests.

Smell ya later, James O’Neill. But certainly you will be back.



In South Jamaica, a 17-year-old girl was found lying dead and bleeding on the sidewalk from two stab wounds to her chest and abdomen. This death in the Jamaica area is the third one related to the gang war that caused a death of a 14-year-old boy and a serious injury to a 16-year-old girl from stray bullets meant for their rivals. This murder happened three blocks away from the basketball court where the boy was killed.

The 14-year-old boy was this girl’s cousin, and she went to live with his parents after he died. And she met her deadly fate because she was determined to find out who murdered him and met the demons that did, a man and a 17-year-old girl who is still on the loose that arranged a meetup with her. She was a real life Nancy Drew.

Also in South Jamaica, a man was stabbed to death in front of his apartment building.

Again in South Jamaica, a woman was stabbed to death and left on the street bleeding.

In Ozone Park, a man murdered his wife after they recently filed for divorce and after she put out an order of protection against him, then he committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in Spring Creek Park. After enduring months of abuse from him during their brief marriage where he would get furious over her fandom of a Bollywood star and her job as a bartender, she went back to his home to rekindle their relationship  and wound up getting stabbed multiple times.

Also in Ozone Park at the 80th St. Station, a man was beaten down by a gang of men when he wouldn’t open the emergency door for them.

Again in Ozone Park, a delivery man got jumped by two men who held him up at knifepoint, then brutally beat him down and robbed his cellphone, credit cards, $480 and his bike.

And again in Ozone Park, a 16-year-old boy stole a car with two kids still in the back seat, then sped down the street in the wrong direction and crashed into a tree.

And again in Ozone Park, a woman was sucker punched in the head while she was walking on the sidewalk and was robbed of her purse by a gang of women and men. The muggers then tried to sell her cellphone at a video game store a few blocks away.

In South Ozone Park and also South Jamaica, 300 houses were deluged with feces and sewage water from a backed-up four foot main pipe under the Belt Parkway. The imbecile de Blasio hired to run the city’s Dept. Of Environment Protection immediately blamed it on the residents for cooking dinner on Thanksgiving.

This man-made and city-neglect environmental disaster has left over hundreds of people homeless and has left a stench that will take infinity to get out. Might as well make this part of the dirty Southeast of Queens a superfund site.

In Jamaica, a man stole a car and jumped out when the cops came after him, then it rolled onto the sidewalk and hit a 60-year-old woman standing there and killed her.

Also in Jamaica, a man was busted with 37 pounds of fentanyl inside a compartment in the drivers cab of his truck. This led to a massive drug bust leading to 10 others getting arrested for possession of over 130 collective pounds of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and carfentanil; the latter a new chemical over 100 times more potent than fentanyl.

Again in Jamaica, an off-duty cop fighting with his wife grabbed her cellphone as she was closing the door on her car.

And again in Jamaica, a LIRR train got derailed just as it was heading to the station leaving 600 passengers stranded on the Babylon line tracks for hours. The tracks were supposedly inspected only a few hours earlier.

Screenshot_2019-12-04 (2) Narvin Singh Ⓥ on Twitter 1 Jamaica Center subway station in Queens Cops on top of and handcuffin[...](3).png

And again in Jamaica, a homeless woman was grabbed by two cops then they threw her to the ground and slapped handcuffs on her because they thought she needed help getting to a hospital as the president of the city’s health and hospitals department callously stared down at the process like Nurse Ratched.

hha presidentratched

And again in Jamaica, a man sexually molested and attempted to kiss an 8-year-old girl at a shopping mall just a month after a charity group posted his $2,000 bail after he got arrested for sexually assaulting a 3 year-old boy by putting the child’s head in his crotch at a laundromat in Woodhaven.

In Astoria, a man snatched a cellphone right out of a woman’s hand while she was checking on her app-hail ride.

Also in Astoria, an off-duty cop was slashed three times and had his jewelry robbed by an irate driver when he rear-ended his car in a traffic accident.

Again in Astoria, a man was beaten and stabbed to death behind a mixed use apartment building.

And again in Astoria, a man robbed a bank by a passing a note but was caught by cops in the area and then ran towards the nearest train station. The suspect got cornered on the platform and then fell to the street below when he tried to climb down a support post.

And again in Astoria, a man broke into a 75-year-old man’s home while he was still there and stole $9,000 from his bedroom.

And again in Astoria, two men were caught stealing cosmetics at chain pharmacy and escaped by flashing a boxcutter at workers.

And again in Astoria, a bigoted threat was written on a bus depot.

In Elmhurst, hundreds of kids showed their appreciation to their school letting them off early on a Friday by engaging in a riotous rumble in the food court at the Queens Center Mall and then started looting and trash the stores inside, compelling the managers to bring the gates down as the fighting spilled out on the street. The chaos on the street was initiated by one girl who was filming something on her cellphone and got beat down by a gang of girls for it, as the fracas inside the mall was triggered by someone throwing fake money into the crowd.

It’s hard to gauge a timeline of what actually happened first, but this purge looks like it was premeditated by some of these rascals on social media.

I bet those school officials thought they were really cool. Surely they will get the same respect from these kids after this.

In East Elmhurst, a homeless man got stabbed to the death by a man during a fight in front of the shelter where he was staying and where his killer used to stay. Neighbors have been complaining about the daily violence and blatant drug dealing by its residents at the shelter and the total lack of effort by the security contractor there to curb their behavior.

In St. Albans, three homeless men got killed in a fire at a house they were squatting in for three years. The house was cited for various violations for illegal subdividing for makeshift apartments for multiple renters and has been abandoned for 10 years. Turned out the house was burned down intentionally.

A basement fire ripped through a two-story house in St. Albans, Queens, on Thursday night.

In Long Island City, a bike rider gets clobbered by a speeding minivan in a hit-and-run while he was in the designated bike lane stupidly placed in the middle of the road by the expressway.

Also in Long Island City, a man was busted in possession of 3 guns and ammunition along with bags of smack and crack at the Queensboro Houses. The culprit just made parole after serving time stabbing two people and for shooting a cop at the same NYCHA complex.

Again in Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza station, a stupid 14-year-old boy climbed atop the 7 train to surf it (and probably film himself doing it) got killed when he got walloped with a overhanging metal object when the train ran under it, causing him to fall onto the tracks behind it.

And again in Long Island City, an app pet sitter who was entrusted with entering a luxury apartment by it’s residents to walk their dogs robbed a designer bag, jewelry and makeup worth about $800.

And again in Long Island City, a man shoplifted two bottles of liquid detergent from a pharmacy chain store. When a worker tried to stop him, his accomplice stuck a gun up at him and then ran out. That must be quite a brand. This version of the incident is rife with bad puns.

And again in Long Island City, a man killed himself by crashing his luxury car into a flatbed truck that stopped at the red light.

In Jackson Heights at the 74 ave./Roosevelt Ave. Station, a man got pissed off at a man holding the doors open as the E train was about to depart as he was arguing with another man about it, then it escalated into a brawl on the platform and the man who complained got a blindsided kick to his face from the asshole who was delaying the transit schedule.

In North Corona, a man was caught pissing on his car by a woman who was taking her 10-month-old daughter to her babysitter. When the man finished, he went towards the woman and grabbed her from behind and tried to kidnap her child. The woman with her child rushed to a nearby store to hide from the man who kept following her.

In Flushing, a man sucker punched a woman in the head when she told him he couldn’t sleep in the church.

Also in Flushing and in Whitestone, two men have committed seven burglaries in seven houses in eleven days. Making off with $15,000 and loads of jewelry plus handbags and a laptop.

Again in Flushing, an 80-year-old woman got hit by a car and killed as the driver hit the gas while she was still crossing the street.

And again in Flushing, a man got caught stealing body wash from a chain pharmacy by a security guard then flashed a knife at him and ran away.

In East Flushing, a woman got died after getting hit by a car while crossing the street.

In Rego Park, a row of parked cars on one block had their windows smashed in.

In Ridgewood, ICE sent officers and a bearcat military vehicle with an armed gunner sticking out of hole on top wielding an automatic weapon to detain a man in his apartment possessing over fifty guns and ammunition. The tank and the militarized ICE cops rolled up near a nursery school and disbursed with weapons drawn the G.I. Joe squad looking for Cobra Commander and naturally frightened everyone around.

A photo taken in Ridgewood on Wednesday morning

Also in Ridgewood, two men snatched two tip jars containing $140 from two cafe’s and got away by punching two workers in the face that tried to stop them.

Again in Ridgewood, a man got into an argument with another man inside a diner and punched him and threw him to the floor.

And again in Ridgewood, a fire broke out on the second floor of an apartment building causing injuries to five people.

In Kew Gardens at the Union Turnpike Station, three boys were bothering a puppy on the E train and angered a man and a woman who tried to defend their pooch and threatened to call the cops. The men then beat up the couple and they wound up with a broken nose and an injured arm.

Also in Kew Gardens, a man went to his girlfriends apartment while he was wanted for raping his 11-year-old niece and stabbed her 6-year-old daughter in the neck in her living room. Then the woman tried to defend her kid and then the man blocked her from leaving and stabbed her in the throat.

In Forest Hills, a man riding on the bike path got hit by a car when the driver ran the stop sign on the merged path into the middle western express vehicle lane. Despite video footage taken by the biker, the cops didn’t charge the driver because they claimed they weren’t there to see it.

Also in Forest Hills, a person driving an SUV crashed it into a dental office that resembled a 7-11 around 2 a.m.. That’s a proactive way to get your checkup first.

In Middle Village, an 83-year-old man got hit and killed by a school bus as the driver was making a turn while he was crossing the street with his wife.

Also in Middle Village, a man walked up to a house and snatched a kid’s scooter left on the stoop.

Again in Middle Village and in Maspeth, two men broke into three houses in three days and robbed a woman’s car as well as cash and electronics, then was caught by a woman still at home when they tried to pry into her back door. After that botched burglary, they robbed a woman of  $6,000 of cash and merchandise by breaking open her front door. They got away in a tan mini-van.

Also in Maspeth, a drunk driver scraped nine parked police cruisers parked diagonally on one block.

In Woodside, a woman got hit by a van while crossing the street and died from her injuries.

In North Corona, a gang of ten teenagers jumped a man and threw him against a wall and robbed his headphones and wallet, then punched him and ran away.

In Sunnyside, a man stabbed another man in the chest and back during a daylight street fight.

In Far Rockaway, a man was busted with a Russian automatic rifle and over 100 rounds of ammo in his apartment. It appears he was looking to buy or may have already sold a couple of guns.

In College Point, cops busted a man in his house for possessing four guns and ammunition and drugs during a search warrant of his home.

In Glendale, two men held up a sewer service business at gunpoint, pistol whipped a worker and robbed it of $9,000

On Rikers Island, a prisoner attacked a C.O. while trying to escort him to the courthouse by bashing him on the head with a piece of wood.

In Hollis, a woman went nutso inside a Dunkin Donuts when she felt her coffee wasn’t be served fast enough, then she trashed the place and knocked over everything that wasn’t tied down as she started tossing napkin dispensers then knocking down the register, a monitor, a couple of metal boxes and then a bunch of product displays.

Somewhere in Queens, an off-duty cop beat up and strangled his wife in front of their child who told him to stop. Because of the 50a law, there is no information of the cops name or where this took place.

In Bayside and also Douglaston, a rash of rim and tire thefts from parked cars has seen a rise in those neighborhoods this year.

In Lindenwood, some racist shithead spray painted racist bromides on the sidewalks and trees and a self-aggrandizing proclaimation on an entire fence.


In Bay Ridge, 32 cars were found vandalized from getting scratched with keys and all tires were slashed that reportedly occurred during the early morning hours. Following an incident where over 20 cars were found to have their tires slashed and key-scratched on the town’s streets a month before.

Police haven’t found the perpetrator yet but going by the anti-car vitriol by transient bike riding residents and the agitprop narrative (terms like carcentric) being dispensed by city and bike concern blogs along with the pervasive influence on traffic policies by defacto city agents Transportation Alternatives, I bet this violent damage was committed by a bike zealot in some kind of protest. On the street where this current incident happened, there are no bike lanes.

The morning after, four more cars tires were slashed on Shore Road during the early daylight hours.

In East Flatbush, a man was roaming the streets waving a gun in the air and pointing it at his head and then used it assault a bike delivery man, the he bashed a car window and threatened a woman while she was parking and then whacked another car. He then bashed a window of a yeshiva.

This outburst is just has similar to the Saheed Vassel incident last year in Crown Heights, when he wound up surrounded by plain clothes cops and was immediately shot down and killed for being perceived as a threat. Vassel was holding a piece of junk and pretended it was a gun. This guy here clearly has mental problems too but is flashing a real gun, so how come the cops didn’t show up this time? At least they got him alive.

Also in East Flatbush, a man killed himself jumping out a third floor window to escape a fire spreading in an apartment building.

Again in East Flatbush, a woman got shot in the chest by a stray bullet that went through her window in her apartment as she washing her dishes during a gang shootout outside.

In Flatbush, a 60-year-old man rolled on the sidewalk on his moped to give two men food they ordered, then as the man tried to ride away the two goons grabbed him and knocked him down and pummeled him and didn’t pay for it and also took his phone and cash.

Also in Flatbush, a small business owner who got evicted from his grocery store got savagely beat down by his landlords who hit him with a baseball bat and a metal pipeand then tried to keep the merchandise he bought to sell.

In East New York, two cops from the 75th Precinct wastefully misused the precision policing program to target a shipment coming from Vermont to a store in Brooklyn and seized over $17,000 worth of hemp thinking it’s the same thing as the pot sold on the streets. These two morons fucked up a small business and also arrested the owner’s brother who went to pick it up like he normally does and they wasted taxpayer and other law enforcement time with their lame haul.

Also in East New York, a woman on a scooter got killed by a hit-and-run driver as she tried to cross the street in the middle of doing errands.

And in East New York, a 75-year-old man heading to his apartment at the Boulevard Houses was ambushed by two men in front of his door and shoved him to the floor and robbed $3,500 off him.

Again in East New York, a lunatic set a fire on a door at the Pink Houses in his fifth attempt to burn the public housing building down after setting a fire four days earlier, twice in October and once in May.

And again in East New York, a woman was arrested for selling churros at the Broadway Junction, even though she was still able to sell them for a long time even while getting summonses as the cop had trouble convincing a witness of his lie that food isn’t supposed to be sold in the subway. Then explain those newstands that sell candy and chips. And various Dunkin’ Donuts by token booths at Rockerfeller Center, Penn Station and Lexington Avenue. And that dumbass foodie mall Turnstyle at Columbus Circle.

And again in East New York, a man was shot to death on a street corner following an argument with a group of men. The killer fired six shots at him and two of the stray bullets hit a school bus that was still occupied with kids and the back door of a city bus with 30 passengers by a school and a day care center.

And again in East New York, a motorcycle rider got thrown off his bike when a car plowed into him while the driver was making a turn.

And again in East New York, a woman was found dead lying in the middle of the street from getting run over by a hit-and-run driver.

And again in East New York, a teacher kicked a 12-year-old boy in the chest when he was messing around with another student.

In Cypress Hills, two cops responding to a fight by a bodega were suddenly in the presence of shots being fired and then found a SUV with a window broken. Even though they weren’t certain if they were targeted, this led to a massive NYPD over-deployment which included a team of body-armored cops with automatic rifles and the appearance of a military grade vehicle  to one block and wound up arresting one man. Nowhere in the actual story says that the cops were dodging bullets, but if you wanna prepare for war and treat a local city block like it’s a dystopian warzone you might as well write it up like one.

Screenshot_2019-12-01 NYPD officers dodge bullets outside Brooklyn deli, 1 in custody

In Crown Heights, five men surrounded and kept circling a man on an e-motored cycle on the sidewalk and took turns punching him, eventually knocking him off his bike and stealing $200 from him.

Also in Crown Heights, a man watched his car get stolen after he left it running, then he jumped on the hood but fell off and got run over as the thief kept driving.

Again in Crown Heights, two men looking around for someone got into a shootout with another gunman in front of a hipster cafe. Too bad Summerhill ain’t around anymore.

And again in Crown Heights, a gang of five men hassled an 18-year-old man on the 3 train if was in a gang and then they all beat him down and stole his cellphone, sneakers and jacket after he told them no.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was busted possessing a semi-automatic gun in his apartment at the Albany Houses.

And again in Crown Heights, a gang of five men and boys sneaked up behind two boys and smacked one in the head and snatched a hat off the other then ran away.

And again in Crown Heights, a manhole explosion torched a car parked above it.

In Carroll Gardens, 15 boys meeting up on the street were suddenly surrounded then chased by a groups of cops. Four were caught and arrested and accused of being involved with a mugging of a boy inside a park who was beaten and robbed of his cellphone. The boys were released without charges and the station did not file a report after the false accusations and a statement released that they ditched a bat and a knife after the cops swarmed them.

In Sunset Park, a man involved in an argument with three men at an apartment building got punched in the face and thrown down the stairs, had his cellphone destroyed and was threatened at gunpoint. All three suspects fled and are at large.

Also in Sunset Park at the 59th St. Station, a man got on the R train twice in the morning and noon and jerked off in front of two women then got off (no pun intended) at the next stop.

Again in Sunset Park, a woman walking on the sidewalk was attacked by a man who pushed her up against a fence and robbed her purse.

And again in Sunset Park, a water main broke and flooded a five block radius.

And again in Sunset Park at the 45th St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front the R train.

And again in Sunset Park at the 62nd St. Station, train service had to be delayed because a fucking duck was waddling on the tracks.

In Downtown Brooklyn, four men ganged up kept beating down on one man on the corner seats in the A train as it was in the tunnel under the Brooklyn Bridge. A Samaritan got slugged and bloodied trying to break them up.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a 15-year-old boy was slashed in his neck and arm by another student in front of his school.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Pacific St. Station, a man went to grab another man’s cellphone while he was using it then slashed him in the face when he resisted giving it up.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a woman got killed when she got hit by a driver while walking in a pedestrian plaza that allows cars to go through at a limited speed.

In Coney Island, two men attacked and beat up a bodega worker with brass knuckles and a pipe while a woman was stealing groceries.

In Bushwick, a woman caught a man who broke into her car by smashing the rear windshield and threw her property on the street. The man then beat her up and took all her stuff and ran.

Also in Bushwick, a woman’s pit bull was dognapped as she was buying food at Mickey D’s.

Again in Bushwick, women got food poisoning from eating expired food being served at a homeless shelter.

In Madison, two women attacked a bodega worker as one grabbed him while the other went behind the counter to distract him, and then the woman jumped over and grabbed a bunch of vape packs and ran out the door with her accomplice.

In Midwood, a man was stabbed to death by his cousin at his apartment.

Also in Midwood, a man broke into a brokerage office and cracked open a safe with an ax and robbed $70,000 and over $100,000 of jewelry.

Again in Midwood, two women were blindsided and brutally beaten by a man and woman while they were walking down the steps from the J Avenue Station. As the man took one of them down with a chokehold, he assisted his accomplice by punching her multiple times as the woman pulled her hair. While a person walked up the stairs as the mugging continued, the woman punched her victim again, pointed a taser at her and grabbed her wallet and cellphone. Then she punched her one more time, took her purse and got on the train.

In Brooklyn Heights, children playing in Camdan Plaza Park found a bunch of used syringes in the grass and bushes.

In Borough Park, two men were menaced and two other men were assaulted during a weekend string of suspected bias attacks. Two men working for a neighborhood watch were confronted by two men who chased them on the street. A man jumped out of a car and punched a man on the face while he was commuting and another man was chased by three more men that jumped out a car.

Also in Borough Park, two women were hit with eggs as they were walking on the sidewalk.

Again in Borough Park, a woman walking to the subway got grabbed from behind by a man who dragged her between two cars and tried to rape her. Then he ran away when she screamed.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a dollar van collided into the back of a city bus in a hit-and-run, causing the bus driver to get injured.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man beat his one-year-old son to death at his apartment.

Again in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens at the Prospect Ave. Station, two men shot at a man and ran away.

And again in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, three boys threw rocks at Yeshiva school bus and ran away.

In Brownsville, three men were shot at and hit on the street by two other men. The victims refused to identify their shooters to the cops.

Also in Brownsville, an EMT worker punched his supervisor in the face in their station.

In Park Slope, a man punched a traffic cop in the face after he wrote him a parking ticket then drove off.

In Flatlands, a man shot his ex-wife to death when he saw her with her new boyfriend at her apartment, and then shot him in the chest. The man then shot himself to death.

In Canarsie, a 13-year-old girl walking to her friends house was confronted by two men who walked with her to a building where one of them would rape her.

In Clinton Hill, a man was shot to death from a fusillage of bullets in front of the Lafayette Houses.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man stabbed his two-year old son in the head during an argument with his wife.

In Bensonhurst, a man sexually molested a woman by rubbing his knee on her as she was sitting on the D train.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man was confronted by two men on the street who threw him against a wall and stuck a knife at him, punched his eye and stole his wallet.

Again in Bensonhurst, two men jumped a man from behind as one of them sliced his ear with a knife.

And again in Bensonhurst, two men effortlessly stole display cellphones from a store.

And again in Bensonhurst, a man grabbed a woman in a headlock as she was walking on the sidewalk and dragged her between two cars to rape her. Then ran when the woman screamed.

In Bath Beach, a woman crossing the street with her child got killed when a driver hit her while making a left turn.

Also in Bath Beach, a man choked his wife and she broke his hold by biting his arm during a domestic dispute about putting photos on social media.

In Brighton Beach, 10 boys ripped off 12 jackets from a clothing store and assaulted two workers who tried to stop them.

In Gravesend, a man waiting for a cab got jumped by three men who beat him down and robbed his wallet.

Also in Gravesend, a man was grabbed from behind from two men while walking home as they robbed him of  $340 and two designer bags.

Again in Gravesend, two men shoved a woman to the pavement and punched her in an attempt to steal her handbag but failed.

In Fort Hamilton, a man snatched a purse from a woman who was sitting on a park bench.

In Manhattan Beach, a man attacked and tried to rape a woman inside a restroom at a college.

In Prospect Heights, a man bit a clerk on his finger when he was trying to stop him from stealing truck keys at a Uhaul depot.

In Greenpoint, a massive 3-alarm fire ripped through a warehouse in the middle of the night and early morning hours.

In Williamsburg, a man fell to earth next to a LinkNYC kiosk and couldn’t get up.

T4L7JeIX.jpg small


Also in Williamsburg at the Grand St. Station, a 16-year-old boy was held up at knifepoint by two men and robbed him of his cellphone.

Again in Williamsburg at the Bedford Ave. Station, a man got slashed in the face by a man that he saw pushing a guy from getting on the L train at Union Square.

And Again in Williamsburg, a man leaving a speakeasy style bar got approached by a man with a group of other with him who asked him for a cigarette and told him he didn’t have one. Then an argument ensued and the man walked away but was pursued by the group who then jumped him around the block and the man who demanded a smoke beat him to death.

And again in Williamsburg at the Lorimer St. Station, a man slashed another man in the face on the L train then exited the train.

In Windsor Terrace, a three car crash caused injuries to four people and one vehicle to combust into flames.

In Marine Park, an off-duty cop was caught driving drunk after he crashed into two parked cars.

In Carroll Gardens, a parked car covered with Donald Trump stickers suddenly burst into flames on the street.

On the Brooklyn Bridge, a man standing on a beam about to attempt suicide was coaxed down by a man speaking lingo. Kinda like this.


In Midtown, a man got the uncontrollable urge to climb a traffic pole and took a seat on the traffic light. No confirmation if it’s the Bryant Park Vampire looking for an easy way to snare feathered rats.

Also in Midtown, two men got into a fight with another man in front of the New York Times building. The two men were armed with a stick and a tire iron while the one man pulled out a knife and started swinging it at them. The two men then cornered him and tackled him to the ground. The one man then slashed and stabbed both of them and then the cops arrived and detained all of them.

Again in Midtown, a man that got stabbed multiple times got tossed from a car and dropped in front of hotel.

And again in Midtown, a woman got beat down and bloodied and her friends were also subjected to racial slurs and shoving by bouncers and about 10 men and women at a nite club over a payment dispute.

And again in Midtown at the 7th Avenue Station, a man decided to attempt suicide by lying on the tracks but the E train rolled right over him and the idiot got up and walked away. His chickenshit attempt to kill himself caused two lines to be re-routed and four other lines to be delayed.

And again in Midtown, two women got caught shoplifting at Barney’s and then easily escaped after brawling with security guards on the street.

And again in Midtown at the Bryant Park/42nd St. Station, a man was caught masturbating in a bathroom.

In Harlem, a man savagely murdered his family with a serrated knife and committed suicide inside their apartment following his divorce procedure with his wife and threats to kill her.on the day she placed an order of protection against him.He stabbed his wife to death and decapitated her and left it in her lap and then stabbed his 5-year-old daughter multiple times and almost cut off her head. He then hung himself inside his bedroom.

Also in Harlem, a man got killed riding his bike by a hit and run driver making an illegal U turn in his dump trunk.

Again in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, a doucheshcnozzle grabbed the intercom on the 1 train and yelled he had a fucking gun, leading to commuters evacuating the train and running to get above ground as other douchebags stood behind having a laugh.

And again in Harlem at the east 125th Station, four cops piled on a man on the 6 train platform and arrested him for selling candy on the subway after he refused to show I.D. but neglected to read him his rights. Which surely led to him being released without charges by the D.A..

And again in Harlem, a man drove a stolen car directly into a man and his son walking on the sidewalk and caused them to fall through a gate and down the steps of an apartment building. The driver and his accomplice then came out of the car and stabbed the man as he laid on the cellar ground. The victim refused to name his attackers to police, surely it’s because they and him are rival gangbangers.

And again in Harlem, a 40-year-old man was attacked inside his apartment by two masked men who fooled him into thinking it was the super. They pistol whipped the tenant and robbed his backpack when they couldn’t find valuables or money.

And again in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, a man jumped on the tracks with a walker and got killed when the 2 train arrived and ran him over, despite the effort by the conductor when he pulled the emergency brake as he also got injured.

And again in Harlem, a woman was beaten down to unconsciousness and left for dead on the street. She died eight days later.

And again in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, a boy punched a conductor in the face as the A train was departing, followed by a bus driver getting cut in the nose and ear and an off-duty driver with him on his ear when a man threw a bottle at the bus’s windshield.

And again in Harlem, a homeless man died sleeping on the roof of a building.

In East Harlem, three men surrounded and attacked a woman as they beat her up while trying to steal her duffel bag that contained $3,000 in tips she made working as an exotic dancer. They managed to rip it apart causing one dollar bills to spill all over the sidewalk. One of the muggers still at the crime scene fled when the cops arrived and he ran towards the FDR drive and crossed the expressway but was finally caught dangling on the edge of the ledge of the esplanade by his fingertips.

Also in  East Harlem, a transgender woman died of a drug overdose in her supportive housing apartment and her body wasn’t recovered for a week.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a 16-year-old boy who was released without bail for robbing money from 3 boys and holding another boy at gunpoint and robbing his jacket in three incidents committed two more crimes after he got sprung when held up a 17-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man by knifepoint in one night and now is locked up and his bail is 10 grand now.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a car salesman sexually molested a woman after he used her phone to download porn in his office.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a woman that works as a federal prosecutor interfered and attacked two cops during a traffic stop when they were trying to administer a sobriety test for a man she was with who was driving drunk. She continued to resist arrest while being handcuffed.

In the Upper West Side, two men broke into an apartment and attacked a couple in their bedroom while they were sleeping. Then one of the thieves pulled a knife on them during a struggle and the man gave up his ATM card which they used to steal $500 later. The thieves also stole their playstation console which they smashed to bits and their dog that they left to wander around outside.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man got stabbed to death in a knife fight with another man inside a homeless shelter. The victim managed to stab his killer in the chest.

Again in the Upper West Side, a bus driver slammed the door on a woman after her autistic son boarded because she didn’t get on fast enough for him. Leading the woman to chase the bus as the asshole driver hit the gas and when he stopped to let her on he continued to berate her.

And again in the Upper West Side, a slumlord who has not provided gas to his tenants for 6 months grabbed a microphone from a reporter and pushed him around and destroyed the news network’s camera by knocking it over during the tussle. Then he punched another a man representing the tenants organization who was accompanying the reporter.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man riding his bike got run over by a cab driver while he was waiting at the red light. The driver drove away but returned when his passenger told him to go back.

And again in the Upper West Side, the Nutcracker balloon collapsed on it’s handlers and clobbered a woman who tried to help keep it elevated as the violent wind kept knocking it down. The city decided to start the parade as scheduled in spite of the risks and warnings of hazardous wind speeds of 20 to 35 mph.

In the Upper East Side, a man and a woman walked into an upscale shoe and purse store with a couple bags and robbed 12 handbags worth $26,000 then got away in their car.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man on a bicycle ripped off phones out of the hands of four women while they were momentarily distracted. He snatched the first off a woman looking down while waiting for her app-hail car and later used it to withdraw $2,500 from her online banking account. 14 blocks away, he rode up and yanked a phone off a woman while she was texting. Then he swiped a phone out of women’s hand while she was crossing the street and later robbed money from her online account. Then he went to the east side and snatched a phone from a woman who was waiting for the bus.

The first woman who was victimized for being unaware finally said the obvious about cellphone dependence and addiciton:

“It’s not just about grabbing people’s phones that are locked. It’s about grabbing people’s phones that are unlocked, Would you walk around swinging your wallet around? Our phones are more than just communication devices. They are wallets. They are banking institutions. They are credit information, insurance information, everything.”

That’s something she should have thought before she decided to store her cash on her cellphone and this is something commuters should think about when the OMNY fare system takes over the metrocard, because the MTA obviously and stupidly didn’t.

Again in the Upper East Side, the kid brother of the city comptroller got drunk in a restaurant and was treating the workers like peons, then he attacked a man who tried to calm him down by punching him twice in the face and wrestled him to the floor. When they both got back up the comptrollers brother then bragged about his social stature. The manager then came out and feebly apologized to the comptroller’s brother as he swilled another cup of sake.

And again in the Upper East Side at the 86th St. Station, a woman sprayed pepper spray at a man she was arguing with and doused a few other people while was exiting the 4 train.

In Columbus Circle, two men held up a newsstand operator at knifepoint, then stabbed him in the shoulder and robbed $1,440 just before midnight in a populous tourist area next to the Trump International building and above a subway police precinct where high brass cops park their personal cars on the street.

Also in Columbus Circle, a driver hit a NYPD horse with his/her car. 50a law prevents the public from knowing the information of the incident and presumably the reckless driver.

Again in Columbus Circle, an 81-year-old woman got hit by Brink’s truck twice as she was about to cross the street.

In Times Square, the recidivist octogenarian fondler struck again as he got on the 1 train going uptown and got up behind a woman and gave her a nasty grinding then got off at 96th St. Station where he got collared by an undercover cop who witnessed his filthy deed.

Also in Times Square, a man ran over and killed a 61-year-old man that collapsed moments earlier on the street after he sped when the light turned green. After he stopped his car to check if he hit something, or in this case someone, he hopped back into his vehicle and drove away. This is the most polite hit-and-run ever reported.

In Central Park, a man sneaked up behind a woman enjoying the sights and stuck something on her neck then grabbed her ear sticks off her head. Then he demanded money and tried to snatch her cellphone. The woman took his picture instead and ran to a woman walking her dog that showed up, which led to the skell getting cuffed later on the Upper East Side. He did this while he was on parole.

In the East Village at the 1st Avenue Station, a man was approached and questioned by two cops who caught him napping on a bench. They then grabbed him and tried to bounce him out of the platform despite the man’s defense that he paid his fare and he had a right to be there. The obnoxious cop then grabbed his bag and provided no justification for hassling the man to a witness filming it on her phone. Then the man tried to flee and get on the L train and was grabbed and arrested as the cops caused an unnecessary train delay because of their police investigation.

In the Lower East Side, a man walking on the street got jumped by a man who beat him down to the pavement and bashed his head in then robbed his cellphone. The victim died less than a month later.

Also in the Lower East Side, at the East Broadway Station, four men approached a man on the platform and demanded cash from him, then stabbed him in the arm after he refused.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man only wearing underwear and a shirt killed himself as he got hit by a car while trying to cross the FDR drive on foot.

And again in the Lower East Side, a delivery guy got held up at knifepoint while he was parking his bike and then the mugger rode away with it.

And again in the Lower East Side at the 2nd Avenue Station, a brawl between a group of homeless men escalated into two men getting stabbed as the three others that were assaulting them ran away into the tunnel.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Chambers St. Station, a man randomly punched a woman on the platform then attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving A train.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, five men got busted running a check cashing scam by stealing 4,000 subsidy checks from the Human Resources Administration and making fifty fake I.D.’s and addresses so they get delivered to a mailbox at the Church St. Post Office and having a messenger company pick up the envelopes.

Again in Downtown Manhattan, a drug dealer responsible for the overdose death of a man he sold fentanyl to was released on bail because of the ludicrous new bail reform law that lets off perpetrators who committed misdemeanors deemed not serious. The death and addiction merchant the state let loose laughed when he heard his customer died, believes fentanyl is a better product because of it’s deadly potency and laughed and thanked Mario’s son Governor Cuomo for making his freedom possible.

And again in Downtown Manhattan at the Chambers St. Station, a man grabbed a woman has she was going through the revolving gate and robbed her purse. The creep has been loitering in that station for a month and previously held up a woman at knifepoint on the stairs and made of with 25 bucks.

And Again in Downtown Manhattan, a dope dealer made a prank bomb threat call at the Manhattan federal courthouse so he could avoid taking a urine test for drugs.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, a woman was caught smuggling contraband to prisoners inside the Tombs while she was working as an exterminator.

And again in Downtown Manhattan at the Bowling Green Station, a man and a woman were banging each other on the platform.

They then took the express train to Grand Central and resumed allegorically riding the train on the platform.  Looks like all the homeless hotel shelters are booked.

In the Financial District, six men broke into a luxury apartment and crashed and ruined a party being thrown there by waving their guns at people, leading them to bail. The men then busted down the bedroom door and found two couples hiding, then one of them punches one in the face as they made off with $3000 worth of clothes and jewelry and a calculator(??!!). Imagine the looks of disappointment when those crooks got in the van.

In Chinatown, three men held up eleven people at a gambling den inside a bodega at gunpoint and knifepoint and robbed the house of $5,000 and their jewelry.

In Greenwich Village, a 67-year-old man got slashed on his hand during a fight with a man and a woman at a 99 cent pizzeria.

Also in Greenwich Village at the 14th St. Station, a homeless man was sleeping on a bench with his dog was awaken by a man who yelled at him. After arguing with each other, the man stabbed the homeless man in the leg and then stabbed his dog.

Again in Greenwich Village, a man invited a stranger into his apartment, then passed out after being drugged by him and found his credit cards and keys were stolen.

And again in Greenwich Village and also Chelsea, Midtown, Murray Hill, Upper East Side and Kips Bay, a man broke into eighteen restaurants by breaking windows on the front doors and stole over $2,000 from the registers plus computer tablets and booze in a two week crime spree.

In Little Italy, two men stole ATM machines affixed in front of a bakery and a cheese shop and made off with over $9,000.

In Union Square, a man scheduled for a trial date for prior public groping offenses on the subway whipped out his dick and rubbed it up against a woman standing in front of him on the 4 train.

Also in Union Square, a man reading his comic book on the L train witnessed a man shoving another man from getting on. So comic book guy intervened and told the bully to back off, and wound up getting spat on his face. Then the bully got in comic book guy’s face and slashed it when the train arrived at Lorimer St. Station.

Again in Union Square, cops removed a homeless man from the train station for being a disorderly nuisance and confiscated his property and discovered it was infested with lice and bedbugs. Life ain’t all churros.

And again in Union Square, a man grabbed a woman’s ass and ran as the R train was arriving.

In Washington Heights, three men held up a 12-year-old boy at gunpoint and robbed his cellphone in broad daylight.

Also in Washington Heights at the 181 St. Station, a man got slashed twice in the face and neck after he bumped into another man on the escalator.

Again in Washington Heights, a man attacked another man in an apartment building as he punched his face and robbed his wallet and cellphone

And again in Washington Heights, two men mugged a man on the street and robbed his cellphone and wallet, then punched him even though he willingly gave his property up.

In Inwood, a gang of men approached man hanging out with his brother and friends and shot him to death on the street. The killer was still on parole after being released from prison a year ago.

Also in Inwood at the 181st Station, a man got into an argument with another man on the platform and then wound up slashed in his face and neck.

In Hudson Heights, a man who covered himself in a blanket sneaked up behind a woman crossing the street and snatched her purse and ran.

In Chelsea, a man easily climbed up a luxury tower building because of it’s aesthetic design.

Also in Chelsea, a man riding his e-motored cycle fast outside of the bike lane got creamed and fell on the ground when a man opened his car door on him. When the cops showed up, one of them questioned him if he was riding in the lane and then wrote him a summons while he laid unconscious.

In the Flatiron District, seven people got injured following a three car crash in an intersection that got initialized by an impatient stupid driver that swerved around a pedestrian while trying to turn and hit her instead, causing her to soar 20 feet and splitting her head open. Then the driver crashed into two other cars that were waiting at the red light, causing them to hit three other pedestrians who were in the crosswalk.

In Grand Central Station, a man got killed when he got hit in the tunnel by the 6 train.

In Hudson Yards, four construction workers got injured when scaffolding fell on them at another building being developed on one of the many playgrounds for the city’s wealthiest.

In Kips Bay, a drunk man tried to feebly commit arson by taking a bunch of cardboard tied for recycling and setting it on fire against a building.

Also in Kips Bay, an off-duty cop killed himself as he was drag racing with another vehicle on the FDR drive and then crashed his car directly into a barrier pole from a footbridge, basically impaling the vehicle. His two passengers, and off-duty fireman and his girlfriend got critically injured as the impact threw them out of the car and into traffic. The woman lost her foot during the wreck.

The officer had accumulated multiple traffic violation tickets for speeding and running red lights in the past year before his fateful end.


In Hunts Point, a gang of dirt bike and ATV riders menaced a cop who detained one of their motorcycles that was left behind by one of them by circling around him and his patrol car at a gas station, as they tried to distract the cop so their buddy could retrieve it. They all fled when the cop’s backup arrived. An attendant at the station said the biker gang were swell guys.

One of the ATV drivers wound up getting arrested  later as the cops caught tinkering with his vehicle.

In Melrose, a man chasing another man on the street shot at him twelve times while still in pursuit and wound up hitting a man, two women and two boys instead of his target. Three more men who were seen with the gunman before the shooting are also wanted in relation to this act of ultraviolence.

In Foxhurst, a man shot at and hit three men on a street corner.

Also in Foxhurst at the Hunts Point Ave. Station, a man followed a 10-year-old boy up the staircase, stuck his hand in his backpack and stole his nintendo game.

Also in Hunts Point, a man stole $160 from a cash register inside a hardware store then put a plastic bag over his head and stole a miniature electric bike and rode away like a dork.

In Mott Haven, during a drug bust at an apartment, 5 cops got sickened after they got into a tussle with the seven dealers when one of them kicked over the table covered with heroin as the product filled the air in the room during the arrest.

Also in Mott Haven, a man held up a 70-year-old livery cab driver at knifepoint when he got to his destination and robbed $90 off of him.

Again in Mott Haven, a man injured his foot when he slipped after he took a piss between the cars on the 6 train.

In Mount Hope, a drug deal gone wrong led to a man getting shot twice in an apartment building. He later died from his wounds.

Also in Mount Hope at the Tremont Ave. Station, a man waiting for the D train got yelled a bigoted slur by a man who then hit him with a hammer on his arm and threw him onto the tracks.

In Longwood, two men entered a hardware store and were causing havoc by knocking down products off the shelves. When a 67-year-old man who worked there tried to kick them out as he struggled with one of the jerks outside, the other jerk ran up and kicked the man in the face, knocking him out as they both ran away leaving the worker unconscious on the pavement.

Also in Longwood, a man ran into a laundromat and attacked a man with a machete and slashed his arm then another man threw a glass bottle at him.

In Allerton, a man walked into a juice bar and shot the store owner, then ran away following a struggle with a Samaritan who wrestled the gun from him. The small business only opened up on the block two months ago.

In Norwood at the 205th St. Station, a graffiti artist painted over the entire D train with a Halloween theme. The MTA suspended the train to be washed down and delayed service even though it was still operative.

In Soundview, two men held up a 68-year-old man carrying groceries at gunpoint and robbed his cellphone and $40.

Also in Soundview, two men barged into a music studio and drew their guns and robbed everyone inside and made their getaway. One of the victimized men got in his car and pursued them but the crooks shot at him as the bullet crashed the windshield and landed in his shoulder.

Again in Soundview, a man got killed crossing the street when a box truck hit him when its driver made a right turn.

And again in Soundview, two men got shot by a man who approached them by the Soundview Houses. One died from getting hit in the back and the other got wounded in the leg. The suspect is also wanted for a murder back in August.

And again in Soundview, a 78-year-old woman got hit by an SUV as she was pushing a shopping cart in a parking lot.

And again in Soundview, a woman dumped a bucket of shit and piss from her window and landed on her cousin as she sat in her car.

In Fordham Heights, a man jumped a 14-year-old boy walking on the sidewalk and stabbed him three times and stole his cellphone.

Also in Fordham Heights, a man wanted by the NYPD for nearly killing a cop in Times Square last year with his car after he screeched his tires on the street like from a dumb movie got arrested by federal agents for drug possession. The man also nearly killed a woman on the sidewalk when he drove on it fleeing from DEA agents in August after a drug sting.

Again in Fordham Heights, a livery cab driver pursued a man who tried to ditch the fare and ran into an apartment building and attacked him with a knife at the front door.

In Fordham at the Tremont Ave. Station, a man yelled homophobic slurs at another man and attacked with a hammer then threw him onto the tracks.

In Morris Heights, a man tried to grab a cellphone from the woman’s hand and got walloped with a shopping bag.

Also in Morris Heights, a man speeding in his car killed himself crashing into a tractor trailer on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

Again in Morris Heights, a man was shot to death in front of a niteclub where he worked as a D.J.

In University Heights, an 81-year-old man reading a newspaper on the sidewalk got kicked in the head by a man who rushed up to him.

Also in University Heights, a man about to enter his apartment building was ambushed by a man who beat him down to the pavement and robbed his cellphone. If you recall, cellphones are the wallets of this modern age.

In Claremont Village, three men took their guns out and collectively fired shots at the sky while they were inebriated before they went to get Chinese Food.

In Charlotte Village, a 16-year-old boy got confronted by a gang of men and got slashed and had his necklace robbed after they asked him he was in a gang himself.

In Grand Concourse, a man was chased by another man who was armed with a gun on the street and ran into a tobacco shop and got shot in the head and killed. A customer inside also got shot in the leag inside the store.

Also in Grand Concourse, a man got killed when he fell from a fire escape on the fourth floor to the pavement.

A man was sprung by a judge at the Bronx Criminal Court who dropped his illegal gun possession charges because two cops that arrested him weren’t available to be witness at his trial because one  got arrested on child pornography charges and the other cop got killed by incompetence fire by his backup as he was trying to cuff a suspect. Then the acquitted by default jerk bragged about his luck on social media.
His handle is gzz, like cum or splooge.

In Jerome Park, a bus driver saw a drunk man dozing off in the back of the bus and tried to wake him up being that it was the last stop. Then the man spat in his eye and threw punches at him, giving the driver a black eye as he was trying to hold him down for the cops to pick up.

Also in Jerome Park, cops responding to a shooting inside a building raided an apartment and found a gun, a machete and three blade glove inspired by a Marvel comic book hero played by Hugh Jackman and arrested two people who were having a domestic dispute. One neighbor said the area has turned from sugar to shit after only living there for five years.

In Little Italy, a man ripped off a cellphone from an 11-year-old boy’s hands just seconds after he took it out of his pocket.

In Wakefield, a massive fire took out two floors of a six story apartment building, leaving 100 people without homes.

In Parkchester at the Westchester Sq/East Tremont Station, a gang of five men attacked two boys on the platform and stabbed one of them seven times in the shoulder and the other one four times in the ass during a brawl. The two boys were on their way to school and one of them actually made it there.

Also in Parkchester, an off-duty fireman strangled his girlfriend in his apartment during an argument in bed.

Again in Parkchester, two men abducted a transgender woman by gunpoint and drove her to a cellphone store to have her phone accessed to see texts that were exchanged with one of the suspect’s wife after bounding her with zip ties at a hotel.

And again in Parkchester, a man attacked a fruit vendor and beat him down to the sidewalk then robbed him of $200

And again in Parkchester, a man and a woman broke into an apartment through the fire escape and robbed a bottle of percocet.

In the South Bronx, a 14-year-old girl who got arrested after fighting another girl escaped from police custody as a friend of hers opened the patrol car door and let her out while filming it for social media. The girl ran down the street with the cuffs behind her back and eventually got caught and the dumb girls who set her free got arrested too.

Also in the South Bronx, a man committed suicide by jumping off a NYCHA building.

In Kingsbridge, a 16-year-old boy was stabbed all over his body when he got jumped by a gang of ten other boys in front of a high school and also had his cellphone robbed.

In Baychester and Co-Op City, a man grabbed a woman in her pussy and then her ass on the street, then he fondled a woman on a pedestrian bridge, then he barged into a parked car and scared a woman and then groped a woman as she was putting groceries in her car. All in the span of an hour.

In Woodlawn Heights, a man stole a woman’s car with her mother and her son waiting inside as she went to the supermarket to do some quick shopping. He got as far to the George Washington Bridge where the cops caught him.

In Riverdale, a man who opened up a worthless Titanic of a mall in New Jersey had his mansion broke into by four burglars who robbed him of over $100,000 worth of jewelry.

In Williamsbridge, a fast food employee flipped her flame-broiled lid in a Burger King. A man tried to calm her down but she smacked him and put a voodoo hex on him. Then she attacked a fellow employee while she was eating her lunch and started pulling her and attempted to strangle her.

Staten Island

In St. George, a man stabbed his wife three times during a domestic dispute in their house. Then the man set the house on fire and jumped out the window in an attempt to escape.

In Eltingville, a food delivery truck driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a house and a SUV parked on the driveway, causing injuries to one person.

In Donghan Hills, a driver lost control of his SUV and crashed into a laundromat, injuring himself and a customer inside.

In Westerleigh, a watermain break produced a flood that caused damage to two blocks of homes.

In Travis-Chelsea, a police cruiser while on emergency crashed into and flipped over an SUV, injuring a 71-year-old man driving it.

In Annandale, a man was shot in the chest on the street.

In Port Richmond, a man walking on the sidewalk got blindsided by three men who beat him down and robbed his cellphone and $800. One of the suspects was incredulous to see pictures of him distributed about the mugging when he got arrested

In Great Kills, a man caught by a parks cop smoking weed in the park was also caught possessing a gun.

In Grasmere, a man got into a fight with another man and a woman on a city bus. The couple brandished knives and stabbed the man and stole his phone.

In Mariners Harbor, bicycles and tools were robbed from homeowners in a rash of garage and shed break-ins.



The NYPD’s Incompetence Fire And Narrative Control Issues

Screenshot_2019-11-04 PressReader com - Your favorite newspapers and magazines (3)

This has been quite a turbulent year for the NYPD. Despite the monthly reports of crime stats trickling down (also up), shooting incidents involving cops and suspects (notably people with mental health conditions) have seen a significant rise. Also seeing a rise is a disturbing trend of the excessive amount of shots being fired by cops, even when they are facing only one perpetrator.

On February 11th, 2019 in the early evening at about 6 p.m., an emergency call was placed about an armed robbery at a cellphone store in Richmond Hill. Christopher Ransom was hauling merchandise while holding up workers at gunpoint, Detective Brian Simonson and his partner Sgt. Matthew Gorman along with six other cops arrived immediately to the crime scene. The cops went into the store and Ransom came out and pointed his gun at them, giving Simonson, Gorman and the cops no other recourse but to shoot in self-defense. In a span of 11 seconds, 42 shots were fired by the cops to take the crook down when he came running outside with intent to shoot. During the fusillade of bullets fired by 7 of the cops (one cop abstained from shooting), the suspect got hit with 8 bullets and survived. Simonsen got off two but was shot in the chest by his fellow cops and later died. Another stray bullet hit Sgt. Gorman in Detective Simonsen wasn’t wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time because it was his day off and he was at a delegate meeting shortly before the robbery happened, but dutifully responded because there had been a spree of other cellphone store robberies around South Queens, especially that very store on 120 st and Atlantic Ave according to residents there. Incidentally, Ransom was involved in a cellphone store robbery in St. Albans four days earlier.

Simonson and Gorman’s backup shot a total of 29 bullets compared to their 13. Simonson only got 2 bullets off before he went down. The cops shot 42 times to take down one criminal that wound up taking the life of a fellow cop. To make this horrendous death worse, it turned out that the Ransom’s gun was a prop.

But the actual issue about this tragedy was not only the excessive discharge of gunfire but the over-deployment of police backup to the robbery. Made apparent by the diagram below by the NY Daily News:

Screenshot_2019-11-04 PressReader com - Your favorite newspapers and magazines

Going by the incident, the situation by the detective and his partner along with two other uniformed cops was under control. But from the vantage point of the backup outside and where they were positioned, it sounds like they panicked and emptied their clips, even after Ransom didn’t shoot when he drew his weapon as they presumed it was jammed. Given the amount of rounds they shot and how lousy the aim was of those four cops outside, it’s a wonder where the other bullets went and given the time of day when it occurred, it’s amazing no innocent bystanders around there or in the vicinity were hit with a stray bullet. (Good thing it was raining out that night).

Screenshot_2019-11-04 PressReader com - Your favorite newspapers and magazines (1)

In their overzealous and stupid effort to take down a criminal stupidly looking to duel with a phalanx of cops with a fake gun, they took the life of Detective Simonson instead. They shot down one of their own in a totally preventable death that could have been avoided if they showed proper restraint or even good judgement. But for some incomprehensible reason this shooting incident and the death of a decorated and beloved police detective did not get the national attention that is usually warranted of other excessive force shootings by police that have made repeated headline news and viral attention especially when the victims are Black or Hispanic.

So what made the mass shooting death of Simonson different? Maybe it’s because of how it was described by the NYPD and the stenographers of the corporate local news media from the newspapers to television to radio and on the social network platforms by their blue check accounts; as a case of “friendly fire”.

Screenshot_2019-12-14 NYPD detective killed while responding to robbery was struck by friendly fire(2).png

Screenshot_2019-11-11 Forty-two shots fired by police in friendly fire fusillade that killed decorated Queens detective

Now this may be the first time that a local police force has used that term to determine a cop being shot down. Because the origin of “friendly fire” was used by the U.S. Defense Department to describe soldiers being shot by their fellow troops during the two invasions of Iraq in 1990 and in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000’s (most notoriously in the cause of death of Pat Tillman and repeated constantly by the likes of then Secretary Donald Rumsfeld) . For the NYPD to utilize that term to deflect responsibility and accountability for the amount of gunfire dispensed and local news stenographing of the narrative put forth by them suggests that Simonson, Gorman and their trigger finger itchy backup were entering a warzone like some jungle in Vietnam or a dirty bomb planted street in Fallujah instead of a sleepy commercial district in Richmond Hill as they were heading to a corner cellphone store.

This is what the warzone they entered looks like, hardly an area where you need tanks or other military grade vehicles:

Besides the NYPD public relations dispensing and local news parroting of “friendly fire” (though there is nothing friendly about being shot to death and a fusillade is definitely unfriendly with any projectiles dispensed), the NYPD clearly spent more effort justifying this narrative in addition to deferring all blame to irrational suspect who was charged with murder despite not being capable of firing a bullet. Multiple conflicting articles came out about Ransom. The NYPD brought up that he tried to commit suicide by cop while Ransom admitted the same but also claimed that he was only doing that as some sort of improv comedic stunt. Like an even more deranged version of the public nuisance comedy of Eric Andre and millions of pranksters on social media app platforms.

No, the only way to describe this preventable tragedy is that Detective Simonson was shot to death and Sgt. Gorman was wounded by his fellow cops from “incompetence fire”.  Because incompetence is a causation of what happens when workers screw up on the job despite thorough orientation and training. And it applies when you are hired with the responsibility of protecting the public and your fellow employees. With an automatic gun. This is no different than preventable fatalities in other jobs in warehouses or in construction sites. If your handling equipment and vehicles that require skill and caution, like forklifts and cranes handling tons of materials or working with tools like jackhammers and nailguns, you would best make sure you don’t injure or kill your fellow workers near you.

Because only an incompetent person, in this case incompetent people, would do something carelessly negligent like this. And it damn well shouldn’t be normalized as an unfortunate cost of enforcing laws or depicted as a sacrifice to them like the NYPD and the media irresponsibly did with this tragedy.

But what is also being overlooked in this incident and many others across the nation in the past few years is that Simonson’s back up cops incompetence shows that there is a proclivity among police to empty their whole cartridges even if the situation doesn’t require it. Because the diagram pics above shows that Simonsen and Gorman and two other cops had the suspect cornered.

Although audio is available of the tragic shooting, body cam footage is still being repressed. And because of the 50a law, the identities of the back up uniformed officers are still not known to the public. But everything is known about the suspect and his history and present, as well as it should be. Of what was released by the NYPD and reported by the local papers, Ransom suffered from mental illness and had over 25 prior arrests. He adopted heroic personas while being a public nuisance like dressing in long underwear and a cape as he entered a police station and also walking into a precinct in Crown Heights impersonating an FBI agent. Even his accomplice and lookout, Jagger Freeman, who fled from the crime scene the second the cops came out was also discovered to have prior arrests too.

The NYPD narrative control of the incompetence fire incident has made those two perpetrators guilty before there is even a trial, which has still not materialized. Ransom’s lawyer even exclaimed that his client is being made the scapegoat for the seven cops excessive use of force. In fact, the NYPD’s narrative control of the cause of Simonsen’s death has overreached so much that they actually also blamed the tragedy on cellphone companies,  saying they don’t secure or encrypt their products well enough to prevent them from being sold on the black market, which has existed since the advent of them. It’s a good and salient point but how is it relevant to cops unleashing over 40 bullets to take down one man and killing one of their own? It seems the NYPD finds it convenient to defer blame and responsibility on others the way they at times accuse suspects of feigning innocence for their charged crimes.

But what about these heavy finger trigger holding cops and why are their identities still hidden from the public and how can the NYPD justify that they need protection? Which really makes no sense considering that 50a had been reinstated for the reason that cops needed to be protected from criminals will search for them. But how does it apply to these unnamed cops when they killed a cop and not the criminal? Are they using it to protect them from the families of Simonsen and Gorman? It’s a ludicrous question yet the usage and exploitation of 50a for this is just as absurd.

The most pressing questions that should be addressed is are these incompetent unidentified cops are still out there patrolling the streets and if any proper re-training was done to prevent another tragedy from happening again.

A little more than 7 months later, it horribly did and so did the narrative that followed

In the Bronx, three plain clothes cops patrolling the Edenwald Houses following a shootout there between gangs confronted Antonio Williams on a corner to stop and question him. Then Williams makes a run for it. Officer Brian Mulkeen, who ran track and field in high school and college, chased him down and tackled him. While he was grappling with him, Williams continued to resist and while trying to grab Mulkeen’s gun, who kept yelling “he’s reaching for it” Reportedly, was able to grab his gun and shoot five times but missed. Another cop then shoots at their direction then the three other cops arrived and fired 10 rounds, which kills Williams but also hitting their fellow officer who was still on top of him. Mulkeen died later from his wounds.

The backup cops defense for shooting and killing their fellow officer was that they thought they were being shot at.

Then the press conferences and the headlines came in, describing it as another case of “friendly fire”

Screenshot_2019-12-14 Tragic Bronx cop Brian Mulkeen killed by friendly fire NYPD

Screenshot_2019-12-14 NYPD Officer Was Killed By Friendly Fire In The Bronx

And again, the usage of an old military media spin was used to ameliorate incompetence that caused another preventable death of a police officer. Maybe the continuing militarization of the police in this city as brought about a culture that are making high brass police officials think they are generals and the local cops think of themselves as soldiers fighting in a war zone dealing with gang members and citizens as they are enemies or insurgents (considering other local precincts around the country like in Ferguson, Missouri).

And again the Mulkeen’s backup that killed him identities were kept hidden from the public and news media. Yet everything came out about the murdered suspect, his history of arrests and gang ties and that a warrant was out on him for a drug charge at the time, as it should be. (It also turned out that he was in possession of a gun, so the cops had justification to stop and question him, but it’s odd that he never used it when he was brought down by Mulkeen and instead went for the cops gun instead).

Though he NYPD and the news media’s effort to lessen the severity of incompetence fire that killed Mulkeen was sloppier this time. A few days later, they announced that they did a training video following the incompetence fire death of Officer Simonson, although cops said it wasn’t really effective. And the link to the NY Post doesn’t go to the video but to the timeline article of Simonson’s death (a Google search doesn’t even have links to it).

The “friendly fire” narrative failed to convince Leann Simonson, the widow of Officer Simonsen, who was aghast that it happened again and implored that cops need to less trigger happy and the urgent need for more firearms training (even that asshole Christopher Ransom chimed in about the incompetence fire death of Officer Mulkeen). But Mayor de Blasio immediately and arrogantly dismissed her to keep the narrative going. Which shouldn’t be a surprise since he’s a full blown advocate to keep 50a in place.

As for the cops who incompetently took out Mulkeen, their names were revealed during the weekend as the NYPD released the body cam footage of the tragic incident. Although it didn’t reveal much at all. Besides showing that there was reasonable suspicion for the stop, there is no audio from the footage of the cops cameras despite the audio from the tussle between Mulkeen and Williams that led to the friendly fusillade.

This video the NYPD released looks more opaque than transparent. It not only attempts to absolve the other cops excessive firing but also makes the rationale behind the stop open for more speculation, even though Williams ran. Yet more narrative control to whitewash a fellow cop’s killing.

When Simonson got killed, it was horribly the 20th anniversary of the killing of Amadou Diallo, shot to death by four cops who fired 41 bullets at him on the steps of his apartment building after he took out his wallet to show them his identification. The four cops thought it was a gun and got acquitted with that defense. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about that incompetence fire mass shooting called American Skin and got defensively excoriated by the NYPD as well as other police precincts around the nation as an anti-cop anthem instead of constructive criticism about inherent racism that goes unaddressed on the force. But what was overlooked in the song was the second verse that advises a boy to respect the police (as if he has no other choice):

Lena gets her son ready for school
She says, “On these streets, Charles
You’ve got to understand the rules
If an officer stops you
Promise me you’ll always be polite
And that you’ll never ever run away
Promise Mama, you’ll keep your hands in sight”

The thing about the mass shooting incompetence fire of Amadou Diallo, an innocent man, is that all four cops names who slaughtered him were revealed to the public. At least the city run by Rudy Giuliani and enforced by Bernie Kerik were accountable to their citizens.

But under Mayor de Blasio and William Bratton and John O’Neill, the usage of 50a has become a cudgel of convenience to not only protect poorly trained police officers but also to reinforce this illusion that the NYPD is immune to error and these are just accidents that come with a risky job. As for Simonson’s fellow cops on that rainy night in Richmond Hill back in February, they all have been reassigned. Where? Who knows?

With the deaths of Simonsen and now Mulkeen, what are the lessons the NYPD themselves are going to learn if they continue to defer blame on the suspects for their own incompetence? Apparently, Mayor de Blasio and the top echelons of the NYPD are going to continue and seem to rather prefer to manufacture consent to avoid responsibility and accountability to cover their collective asses at the expense of the public’s safety…

and the safety of police officers as well.


New Bad Days 62: Man Gets Hunted Down The Streets Of East New York, Man Fights Off Gang Attack At A Deli, Man Brawls With And Tazes Cops During Arrest And A Man Engages In A Shootout With Cops In Broad Daylight; An Arsonist Lights Up A Vestibule In A Bronx Building; Massive Apartment Building Fires In Gentrifying Ridgewood And Sunset Park Causing More Displacement Of Residents; Commissioner O’Neill Orders Cars To Be Towed For NYPD Flag Football Game In Inwood; A Man And His Pregnant Girlfriend Conspired And Murdered His Wife Who Was Divorcing Him; An Elderly Woman Gets Raped By Her Neighbor In East New York; Stabbings, Fighting, Robberies, Molesting And Now Shootings In The Subway Happening With More Frequency; Home Invasions, Crimes Against The Elderly, Street Shootings And Stabbings, Burglaries, Gang Beatings, Muggings, Assaults, Reckless Driving And Bike Riding, Hit-And-Runs And Random And Bigoted Attacks Go Up And A Man Channels His Rage Towards Surveillance Data Mining LinkNYC Kiosks On The Planets’ “#SafestBigCity”



In East New York, a gang of 10 men chased a man on the streets and through houses during 7 a.m.. As the man tried to get away by hiding in an alley, he got caught by three of his pursuers and jumped over a fence into a backyard then one of his pursuers threw a brick on him as another man took out a gun and shot him twice and killed him.

This broad daylight incident of the pursuit and murder of a man by a bunch of gangbangers was scarcely reported in the papers on the day after it happened on March 19th (in fact, in the URL of that hyperlink, it was initially reported that the victim was in critical condition) until the NYPD released the video footage of the incident 10 days later. Why wouldn’t the NYPD release the video of such a frightening crime scene the following day as 10 criminals were roaming free on the streets without citizens being aware of it? Even the guy who dropped the brick was wearing a fucking ankle monitor when he got arrested!

Also in East New York, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver as he was crossing the street. The driver then abandoned the jeep when he saw the cops arrive.

Again in East New York, a man who assaulted a woman in her apartment ran away in his tighty whities when cops showed up to detain him.

And again in East New York, an off-duty corrections officer crashed into a parked car while driving drunk.

And again in East New York, two cops engaged in coitus in their patrol car and left a bodycam on.

And again in East New York, a man got killed crossing the street when a van hit him.

And again in East New York, an off duty had his car and gun stolen when he went to go to an ATM and the woman he was with drove off.

And again in East New York, a man walked up to a car in the parking lot of a Mickey D’s and shot two men sitting inside.

And again in East New York, a man went to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and stabbed her in the face and her new boyfriend in the torso.

And again in East New York, an 18-year-old man got caught by cops trying to ditch a loaded Smith & Wesson gun. The judge hearing his case denied the $25,000 bail placed on him and released him on his own recognizance with the condition that he write and essay on gun violence and abide by an 8 p.m. curfew.

And again in East New York, a woman was found dead from a drug overdose in a motel room.

And again in East New York, a man attacked an 88-year-old woman after she let him inside her apartment, grabbed her throat then took her down to the basement, tied her up and raped her. The lunatic was arrested when his father reported him to the cops. He lived next door to his victim.

In Bushwick, an 82-year-old man got killed by a reckless driver who didn’t yield and ran him over while he was walking on the crosswalk. The remorseless driver attempted to cover up his crime by feigning to be a witness to a hit-and-run.

Also in Bushwick, two men tried to lure a 12-year-old girl in their car by offering her money.

Again in Bushwick at the Grand St. Station, a man fell on the tracks as the L train was about to arrive.

And again in Bushwick, a brawl outside a hookah bar involving a group of men and women led to a man getting tossed into a window, another man getting clobbered with a chair, a man throwing a garbage bag at a woman and two men getting stabbed in the back.

And again in Bushwick, a 17-year-old man who rode his moped on the sidewalk was surrounded by five men and was punched in the head by one of them, then they chased him into a deli. The workers barricaded the door to prevent the gang from entering as one of them rides away with the moped.

The gang kept kicking at the door trying to get in, compelling a worker to confront all of them while holding a bicycle seat and post. The Samaritan then swings at them with the seat trying to fight off the gang who hit him with baseball bats and cut him with a knife. He managed to fight them off, forcing them to flee in a car and bashing the windshield for good measure.

And again in Bushwick, a car speeding down the street flipped over, smashed into parked vehicles and caught fire.

And again in Bushwick, a girl and her cop boyfriend went over her brothers house to beat him up and steal his dog.

And again in Bushwick, cops shot at a man after he tried to hold up a deli with a knife and refused to drop it.

In Flatbush, a woman got killed by a hit-and-run driver while walking in the crosswalk by an 18-wheeled flatbead truck carrying pipes for another new building. The NYPD tracked down the getaway driver and did not press charges after his claim that he didn’t know he killed somebody. After closing the case, an NYPD flack described it to a news blog that is was the result of “good police work”. That’ll keep the fucking Vision Zero fatality stats closer to zero.

Also in Flatbush at the Newkirk Ave. Station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as she was boarding the Q train.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man creeped into an apartment building and entered the laundry room with his pants down, horrifying a woman who was doing her wash. He then threatened her by claiming to have a knife and proceeded to take off her clothes but the woman broke free and ran out and yelled for help, leading the deviant to run away.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death as he was getting into an app-hail livery car by a man riding a bike in front of a burger joint.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death while riding a Citibike.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man was shot at multiple times by a woman while sitting in his Jeep looking at his cellphone.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man walking on the sidewalk carrying a suitcase with an automatic rifle with a bumpstock got stopped by cops. After a vain attempt to shove the weapon inside the bag, he threw it at the cops and tried to flee only to get caught and arrested.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Ralph Ave. Station, a man grabbed a woman around her neck and held her at knifepoint on the platform and robbed her of $300.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two men pulled out guns and fired at two men on the sidewalk, hitting one in the shoulder and the other at his legs.

In Brownsville at the Rockaway Ave. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving C train.

Also in Brownsville, a man fired his gun two times at a crowd from across the street then he ran away.

Again in Brownsville, a man ran up to a woman in the middle of the street and grabbed her ass multiple times as she was whacking him with an umbrella to get away.

And again in Brownsville, a man had his Fender Strat robbed when he left it on the sidewalk and drove away and forgot about it after he was wiping snow off his car.

And again in Brownsville at the Livonia Ave. Station, a man was found dead on the train tracks.

In Sunset Park, a man randomly punched a 66-year-old woman who was walking by him on the sidewalk and rode away on a bike.

Also in Sunset Park, a man got attacked by three men on the N train as they beat him down and robbed his boots while filming the mugging on a phone. After cops showed up to arrest the suspects, an SUV that sped up to beat a red light crashed into the patrol cars.

Again in Sunset Park, a 16-year-old boy pushed a woman to the ground and stole her phone.

And again in Sunset Park, a decomposed body of a man was found floating in the water by the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Three days later a dead woman was found floating in the same area.

And again in Sunset Park, a man flashed a woman on the R train.

And again in Sunset Park at the 59th St. Station, a woman got killed by the arriving R train when she tried to retrieve her phone that she dropped on the tracks.

And again in Sunset Park, a man grabbed a 14-year-old girl’s behind when she was walking by him, then her off-duty cop dad grabbed the deviant and took him down.

And again in Sunset Park at the 36th St. Station, a man hassled a hearing-impaired woman on the D train and demanded to give him her cellphone. He then smacked her around after she refused and stole it, but was fortunately stopped by other commuters when he tried to leave the train.

And again at Sunset Park and again at the 36th St. Station, a loon decided to take a stroll on the tracks, causing delays on 3 transit lines.

And again in Sunset Park at the Newkirk Ave. station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as she was boarding the Q train.

And again in Sunset Park, a man went insane and slashed his wife and stabbed his daughter then set his bed on fire in their apartment.

And again in Sunset Park, a man visited by four teenage males at his apartment got stabbed by all of them when he went outside after they asked him.

And again in Sunset Park, three boys and a girl ripped off $25 from a crappy pizza parlor.

And again in Sunset Park, two men robbed an internet cafe of $600 by spraying a worker with pepper spray and handcuffing him.

And again in Sunset Park, a man grabbed a 12-year-old girl’s ass in a grocery store.

And again in Sunset Park, a man was caught driving an unregistered vehicle and in possession of crack rock.

And again in Sunset Park, three men snatched a woman’s wallet while she was in a restaurant and made purchases with her credit cards.

And again in Sunset Park, two men broke into a building under construction and robbed power tools and a generator.

And again in Sunset Park, an off-duty fire marshall bashed in a car window during an argument with the driver.

And again in Sunset Park, a woman got hit by a man driving a box truck while making a turn, leaving her in critical condition.

And again in Sunset Park, a 14-year-old boy clocked a man in the head with a bottle and then punched him inside a Taco Bell.

How is this middle class and working poor populated neighborhood going to be gentrified and usurped by affluent millenial makers and influencers?

Oh, never mind…

And again in Sunset Park, a six-alarm fire engulfed the top of an apartment building causing the roof to collapse, injuries to 22 firefitghers and four people and the displacement of 120 residents, to the growing homeless crisis in this fucking city. Brooklyn is burning.

Related image

In Williamsburg, a man murdered a pregnant woman by decapitation and nearly killed his girlfriend with an ax at the dead woman’s apartment at the Bushwick Houses as she was able to run out the building and flag an app-hail car while bleeding from a gash on the back of her neck and multiple gashes on her body. The killer called a PIX News show following the slaughter about his mental illness. The murder victim’s four-year-old daughter was in another room during the attack. When an ambulance showed up to the building, two cops bizarrely (suspiciously?) refused to let the EMS lieutenant to the apartment as the little girl remained in there by herself for an hour with her slaughtered mother in the next room.

Again in Williamsburg at the hazardously dusty Bedford Ave Station, a man sat down next to a woman on the L train and pushed his elbow into her breast.

And again in Williamsburg, a building wall collapsed on a row of parked vehicles.

In Greenpoint, a man was held up on the street by two men at gunpoint who then rob his backpack and wallet containing $250.

Also in Greenpoint, two men robbed a bike worth $1,800 from an apartment building.

Again in Greenpoint at the Nassau Ave. Station, a poster of Supreme Court Judge Ginsburg was defaced with swastika.

And again in Greenpoint, a 17-year-old boy was caught smuggling a loaded 357 caliber gun to his charter school.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Hoyt St. Station, a fire ignited on the track bed from metal detritus left behind that got sparked from the insulator by the third rail. The MTA still can’t clean up after themselves.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn and again at the Hoyt-Schemehorn St. Station, a gang of kids were being incorrigible on the G train and then threatened the conductor with a gun.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays Center Station, a man grabbed and molested a 16-year-old boy on the platform and planted a kiss on him.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, cops responding to a distress call about a man with a gun in apartment were able to detain him by using a drone. The gun was a fake.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Borough Hall/Court St. Station, a man was arrested when he got caught scrawling graffiti promoting Donald Trump on a fake wall the NYPD transit unit and the MTA devised to catch him in the act.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn and again at the Hoyt-Schemehorn St Station and again on the G train, a man rubbed his little genitals on a woman’s elbow.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Hoyt St. Station, an autistic boy was standing on the train tracks having a good time as the R train slowed down to avoid splattering him.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclay’ Center, a man jumped into the ring and tackled the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be Bret “The Hitman” Hart during his induction to the WWE hall of fame. If only Bret were 20 years younger.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a 14-year-old girl got shot in the leg as she was walking on the sidewalk.

In Clinton Hill, four men stopped a man on a street corner then beat him down and robbed his wallet (Check out the lookie-loo in the hoodie at the end)

In Gowanus at the Smith-9th St. Station, a man stabbed a man in the arm who tried to break up a fight he was having with two other men on the platform.

Also in Gowanus, a fire broke out at the Citi-bike hub caused by the lithium batteries that were being charged for their new line of bicycles motorcycles that were about to hit the streets. A month later, Citibike pulled all of their e-motorcyles from the locking stations after some of their riders got injured from falling off of them because the brakes didn’t work properly. Apparently, Lyft, which owns and runs the bikeshare service, wanted to get these out there fast so they can profit off the L train slowdown.

In Red Hook, two cops got injured when they lost control of their patrol car and crashed into three park vehicles while investigating a car theft in progress.

Also in Red Hook, a man robbed a BBQ grill, chairs and $650 worth of toilet paper from a building.

In Fort Greene, a man trying to charm a woman inside a deli sexually molested her after she blew him off and didn’t stop despite her resistance.

In Bath Beach, a 72-year-old woman crashed her car into a deli and then drove into it again in attempt to flee, pinning a woman against an ATM machine. When the woman got loose, she attacked the driver and slapped her in the face but she wound up getting arrested for criminal mischief. Being enraged after nearly being killed by a reckless driver, how mischievous.

In Flatlands, an off-duty C.O. assaulted his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son with a belt. He also bit the boy on the cheek.

Also in Flatlands, a 63-year-old woman was killed in a car crash when a 19-year-old man sped into her with his vehicle.

In Midwood, a woman walking on the sidewalk was attacked by a man who ran across the street and tried to trip her then kicked her in the shins.

Also in Midwood, a 17-year-old boy bled to death after getting stabbed in the arm on the street by another 17-year-old boy he fought with earlier, while the mother grabbed the knife her son used and tried to ditch the murder weapon.

In Crown Heights, a cab driver died when he skidded his vehicle into a pole after he blacked out behind the wheel.

Also in Crown Heights, a man randomly punched a woman he ran up to on the sidewalk and walked away. 

Again in in Crown Heights, an off-duty cop assaulted her boyfriend during a domestic dispute.

And again in Crown Heights, a drunk man armed with a gun drove a fancy car on the sidewalk then crashed into two other vehicles and tried to walk away from the damage he caused but got caught by samaritans.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was shot to death on the steps at an apartment building.

And again in Crown Heights, a man stabbed another man in the stomach with a box cutter during a street fight.

And again in Crown Heights, a man died after being stabbed on the street.

In Prospect Heights, two men stalked a man walking on the sidewalk then beat him down to the ground and robbed him of $200 and his phone after he turned around to confront them.

Also in Prospect Heights, a man got shot to death as he was exiting a baby shower at a catering hall stemming from an argument he had with a man earlier.

Again in Prospect Heights, a man robbed $3,000 worth of nicotine gum from a chain pharmacy.

And again in Prospect Heights, a man loitering in front of a building asked a woman for a light then followed her to her apartment and threw her on the hallway floor and tried to rape her.

In Prospect Park, a man attacked three women in three weeks on the parks grounds, forcing one to give him head, attempted to sexually assault another woman who fought back and pulled the hair of a woman from behind weeks earlier.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man that robbed and assaulted  five women of their cellphones in various subway stations was caught by four cops that tailed him to and dragged him out of a deli he was trying to rob. The man resisted arrest and wrestled with the cops and was able to grab a taser from one of them and shot at them with it then fled and got nabbed around the corner.

The thug was sent to Kings County Hospital for some reason and he punched a cop in the face who was trying to handcuff him to the bedpost. And he followed this up with punching a corrections officer in the eye while being processed at the Brooklyn Detention Center.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man walked up to a gay couple and called one of them a slur and punched him.

In Red Hook, a man feigning to be an app-hail driver in a car with stolen plates attempted to abduct a woman by locking the doors trapping her in but was later stopped by troopers at the Hugh Carey Tunnel.

In Cypress Hills, a chunk of concrete fell from the elevated train tracks and landed on a windshield of a man’s car as he was driving.

In Bensonhurst, a 65-year-old man was attacked by two men that hit him with boards with nails in them.

Also in Bensonhurst, a woman and a three-year-old girl crossing the street in a school zone were hit by a speeding car as it was making a sharp turn into the intersection. The NYPD report was filed two days after the incident

In Borough Park at the 18th St. Station a man grabbed a woman’s ass as she was going through the turnstile then asked her for a free swipe and groped her again when she refused to do it then he threatened to grab her in the pussy after she called him an asshole.

Also in Borough Park, a 14-year-old girl survived being hit by a speeding car that knocked her into the intersection while she was walking in the crosswalk. The woman who hit her then drove away despite the injuring the girl.

Again in Borough Park, two cops got injured while monitoring a funeral procession when a hearse rode over an officer’s leg and a drone hit the other cop in the head.

And again in Borough Park, a 16-year-old boy riding his bike was hit by a hit-and-run driver.

And again in Borough Park, a man got killed riding his bike when a box truck rolled over him with it’s back tires as it was passing by.

And again in Borough Park, a man broke into a Yeshiva temple and robbed it of $2,000 and walked out trying to conceal himself in a prayer shawl.

And again in Borough Park, an off-duty cop walloped an e-motored cycle delivery guy in the head after he rode to close to him and his family on the sidewalk.

In Bay Ridge, four people were arrested after they stole a car and led cops on a high speed chase.

Also in Bay Ridge, a woman was found dead lying on the street between two parked cars.

Again in Bay Ridge, a man grabbed a woman in the boob while she was walking by him.

And again in Bay Ridge at the 95th St. Station, a man got pushed onto the train tracks during a fight with another man on the platform. The man on the tracks then decided to lay down next to the third rail. When the victim was pulled from the track, the other guy hit him with the lock. The man who assaulted him attacked a man by punching him repeatedly outside of a fast food restaurant he worked at the day before and was released on his own recognizance by a judge.

And again in Bay Ridge at the 86th St. Station, a man followed a woman onto the R train then stood by a door, pulled out his choda and masturbated while smiling.

And again in Bay Ridge, two men set up a food delivery guy and robbed his order without paying then stole his  e-motored cycle and then both of them hopped on the bike and crashed into a parked vehicle trying to ride away.

And again in Bay Ridge and again at the 86th St. Station, a man pulled a knife on another man in the elevator and robbed him of $20.

And again in Bay Ridge,a man grabbed a woman’s tit as she walking by him on the sidewalk.

And again in Bay Ridge, a fight between two men on the street led to one of them getting stabbed.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man snatched a purse off a 78-year-old woman on a street corner.

In South Slope, two men robbed a cellphone from a 12-year-old when they slapped the phone from his hand and punched him in the face.

In Gravesend, a man broke into a deli at 10 p.m. and robbed it of $4,250.

Also in Gravesend, a man shot two other men inside a house and ran away.

Again in Gravesend, human skeletal and tissue remains were found on the elevated tracks that belonged to a man who got hit by a train a few days before.

And again in Gravesend, a man snatched a phone from a woman’s hand when he rode by her on the sidewalk.

In Park Slope and Bed-Stuy, a man got busted embezzling money from two hospitals while working in their payroll departments and fabricating workers by stealing the identities of former employees of them.

Also in Park Slope on the R train, a man breached the conductor’s booth and made obscene announcements during station stops.

In East Flatbush, a 19-year-old man killed himself and injured his teenage passenger when he crashed an expensive car into a tree during a drag race.

Also in East Flatbush at the Church Ave Station, a man loitering by the stairs attacked a woman who yelled at him for harassing other women on the train by suckerpunching her as she walked by him.

Again in East Flatbush, a man got killed from a shot to his head in a drive-by.

And again in East Flatbush, two men got critically injured in a car wreck when the driver crashed into a pole.

And again in East Flatbush, a former city councilman who was charged with embezzlement while in office, broke down a door of a hookah lounge and threatened the owner during a money dispute, then came back the next day with three goons and menaced a woman working there when of them flashed a gun.

And again in East Flatbush, a schoolteacher sexually molested an 11-year-old girl for days when he felt her up twice on a school bus with other children present, and grope her twice and kissed her in class.

In Coney Island, a ragged sheep was found tied to a tree in a park.

Also in Coney Island, a man got hit by a hit-and-run driver while crossing the street.

In Brighton Beach, a man lifted a wallet from a 70-year-old’s purse in a grocery store.

Also in Brighton Beach, two men abducted a man as he was heading to his home and then took him to a garage, bounded his hands and stripped him and then an accomplice of theirs shot him with a taser then robbed his green card and cellphone. The kidnappers were involved in a scheme to assist people who paid to cheat on exams to acquire CDL driver licenses and hired the victim as a driver and to help their “clients”, but decided to bail out the first day after being paid $800

In Dyker Heights, a woman was found dead on the street lying between two parked cars.

In Marine Park, an 85-year-old woman was killed while walking on the sidewalk when a man ran over her as he was backing up his SUV on the driveway.

Also in Marine Park at the Kings Plaza Mall, a cop who just graduated from the academy shoplifted a pair of designer sunglasses and other merchandise totaling $846 and was reprimanded by the force. This is what it takes to get disciplined for crooked behavior in the current NYPD.

Again in Marine Park, a five-alarm fire destroyed a sushi restaurant.

In Sheepshead Bay, a professional actor was hired by a man to accompany a woman to shake down a pizzeria owner for $180,000 while brandishing a fake gun.

In Brooklyn Heights, a construction worker working on a co-op renovation died when he fell 13 stories off the roof of an apartment building

In Boerum Hill at Kings Criminal Courthouse, a man who got into an argument with another man over a seat inside a jail cell got bodyslammed by him after throwing a couple of punches.

Also in Boerum Hill, a man that robbed packages from an apartment building got busted by the custodian breaking in to rob the residents deliveries again.

In Spring Creek, a bus was found with opinionated graffiti with racial slurs that were written by a man who claimed he was punched and called a racial slur by his attacker.

In Carroll Gardens at the Carroll St. Station, a stupid ass hipster tried to board the G train with a big dog in a fucking giant sack purse and the conductor told him to stay the fuck out.

On the Williamsburg Bridge, some urban exploring dipshit decided to climb one of the towers and was later detained by cops.

On the Manhattan Bridge, another stupid jackass tourist decided to climb one of the towers and got detained by cops.

Three men were indicted for running a gun running ring with automatic weapons being shipped through the notorious iron pipeline originating from South Carolina. This is why there is a need for stricter gun control laws y’all.


A man took a brick and other blunt objects lying on the polluted sidewalks of expensive speculated city real estate and smashed the LED screens of over 40 LinkNYC kiosks in the neighborhoods of Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Midtown.




This guy vandalized these things in broad daylight in a span of a week. He 42 of them and walked away to next one to bash it. The video from the camera on the kiosk shows the guy taking direct aim and bashing it as people around him don’t even turn around or even react. Since his arrest, it was found out that he had 40 prior arrests and he was dwelling at a homeless shelter. What was not found out is what motivated him to wreck the kiosks in such a way. Surely he is mentally unstable, but the LinkNYC’s are data succubai that procures info from everyone with a cellphone that passes by them without permission and it’s camera showed that his ire was focused directly at them and not at people. So is this vandalism an act of lunacy or vigilant activism? de Blasio’s NYPD is the most secretive, insouciant police force in NYC history, so we will never know.

In Inwood under Commissioner James O’Neill’s orders, the NYPD towed 30 cars belonging to residents of the town so they could park their own vehicles on those spaces for a stupid ass flag football game they were playing at a nearby football field. This brazen abuse of authority happened just days after the feckless Mayor de Blasio announced that the city will crack down on placard abuse.


Also in Inwood, four raccoons (urban wildlife according to NYC Parks) in Inwood Hill Park were found to have rabies.

Again in Inwood, an off-duty C.O. damaged 11 cars and injured 7 people and shitted himself while driving drunk.

In Harlem, a 911 call about a gunman in an apartment building led to a man getting shot three times by cops who believe he was armed when he lunged and made a gun pose at them, although he wasn’t possessing one. After arresting him on burglary and marijuana and weapons possession. it was revealed that he pulled out his wallet seconds before the cops fired.

Also in Harlem, a man was found dead in his apartment from getting shot in the chest stemming from an earlier fight.

Again in Harlem, a massive fire in a storage lot destroyed over $5,000 in merchandise belonging to vendors who run their businesses there.

In Midtown at the 53rd St/5th Ave. Station, a woman was menaced by a man on the E train who yelled a racial slur at her while holding a razor blade and then he slashed her in the face. Other commuters who witnessed the assault held him down till the cops came. Despite the severity and hate component of the attack and was possessing three more razors during his arrest, a judge reduced his $25,000 bail to $1,000.

Also in Midtown, two men were stabbed in the street by two other men who stalked them after they had an argument in a bar over a woman.

Again in Midtown, a fight inside a bar spilled out into the street as a man took out a loaded gun and pistol whipped a woman and three other men he was brawling with.

And again in Midtown, a UN official sexually molested a 16-year-old boy in a hotel room after he asked him if he could charge his phone.

And again in Midtown, a man who got arraigned for an assault of a woman then was released on his own recognizance by a judge, stalked a woman after she got off the bus and grabbed her by her chest and crotch while demanding to give him the pussy then threw her to the ground and forcefully kissed her. Then the sleazebag punched her in the face and ran away when she bit him. That’s a good way to keep the population in Rikers down to justify building mixed-use prisons and affordable housing towers in four boroughs.

And again in Midtown, someone took a shit at two Broadway audition studios.

And again in Midtown, five teenage boys held up a newsstand at knifepoint then got nabbed by the cops trying to run away.

And again in Midtown at the 7th Ave. Station, a man shoved a woman so he can get a seat.

And again in Midtown at the 59th St. Station, a man masturbated on the 6 train.

And again in Midtown, a hooker ripped off a watch from a man as he slept after she banged him in a hotel room.

And again in Midtown, a man broke into an apartment by climbing a railing and going through an open window and robbed the place of over $50,000 of merchandise which included 40 bottles of wine, eight laptops and thirty pairs of headphones. How the fuck did one guy haul all this shit by himself?

And again in Midown, a man cut open another man inside a homeless shelter hotel during a fight over a woman.

And again in Midtown, a man blew a red light riding his bicycle and hit a 67-year-old woman in the crosswalk, knocking her down. The woman wound up in a coma and died weeks later.

And again in Midtown, a bunch of manholes exploded causing injuries to fivefirefighters and a passerby. The NBC correspondent was not harmed during the fracas.

And again in Midtown, a man robbed an ugly ass piece of art worth 16 large from a gallery exhibit.

And again in Midtown, a man got robbed of his laptop in a hotel room by a man he hooked up with.

And again in Midtown at the 57th St. Station, a man was caught jerking off on the R train.

And again in Midtown,  a man walked into the St. Patrick’s Cathedral carrying two full canisters of gasoline, a bag with two bottles of lighter fluid and butane lighters. The deputy commissioner in charge of intelligence operations at the NYPD (???, who knew local cops were a branch of the CIA?) immediatly stated that it was not known what his intentions were, even though this incident happened a day after the Norte Dame Cathedral in France went ablaze causing it’s steeple to collapse.

Funny how when a terrorist atttack happens in places thousands of miles away the NYPD immediately deploys a phalanx of cops to places of worship or heavy tourist traffic areas without an actual confirmed threat. Yet here we got a maniac about to burn a church down and it initially gets undermined by the high brass as if it was nothing of interest. And they want you to say something when you see something.

In Times Square at the 42nd Street Station, a man got stabbed after he argued with and spat on a woman on the E train.

Also in Times Square, a man repeatedly punched a 65-year-old woman then fled.

In Washington Heights, a woman was strangledand nearly raped by a man in her bedroom when the deviant sneaked into the apartment after her husband left the door ajar so he can park his car.

Also in Washington Heights, two assholes who happen to be custom border patrol officers parked their government issue truck on the corner on the sidewalk while they were getting lunch.

Screenshot_2019-04-24 FKQYRON3BRGUZIDVBRGJ2DHQFI jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 1067 pixels) - Scaled (81%)

In Harlem, a city block has become a unofficial decriminalized red light district for open crack selling and smoking.

Also in Harlem, a woman got killed by a hit-and-run driver loaded on drugs as she was about to cross the street.

Again in Harlem, a two-year-old boy walked out of a nursery school and was found alone on the sidewalk by a Samaritan who watched him until his mother arrived.

And again in Harlem, a woman riding her bike with a tour group was jumped by four boys who knocked her off and robbed her purse.

And again in Harlem, after confiscating a dirt bike motorcycle, a cop decided to ride it back to the station (without wearing a helmet) and then lost control of it and fell on his ass and head. It probably also looked something like this.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot to death on a street corner.

And again in Harlem, five boys jumped on a 17-year-old boy in an apartment building lobby and beat him down and stabbed him.

In East Harlem, a 14-year-old girl shot a 13-year-old girl with a taser outside their school, which escalated when the younger girl’s mom showed up and slashed her shooter in the face.

Also in East Harlem at the 125th Station on the four train, a man punched a conductor in the face after he was told not to hold the doors open.

Again in East Harlem at the 125th Station, a man slashed another man in the head after he bumped into him on the platform.

And again in East Harlem, three men got shot in front of a NYCHA building and a drug dealer got shot on a corner in Harlem a half hour later by the same gunman.

And again in East Harlem at the 116th St. Station, a 60-year-old man that was fighting with a woman for a seat on the 6 train, was slashed in the face by her boyfriend that was meeting her there.

And again in East Harlem, a man used scorpion designed brass knuckles to stab a man. pyschotic company and individual would make this shit?

In Downtown at the City Hall Station, a MTA worker snatched a pair of 400 dollar headphones from a commuter sleeping on the 6 train. He was also nabbed possessing a baggie of heroin.

Also in Downtown at the Fulton St. Station, a homeless man punched a child in the head from behind and ran away.

Again in Downtown, an off-duty cop applying to renew his license to drive part-time and run a livery car service attempted to shake down a TLC supervisor who told him to fill pay his fee online like all the others by waving his entitlement as a police officer demanding that he get special service for his special needs. The arrogant fool got fined $6000 for the conflict violation. What did he think, he was the mayor of New York City?

And again in Downtown, a man entered a women’s bathroom at 2 World Trade Center and filmed women on his phone when they were in the stalls.

And again in Downtown, a government van was vandalized with tags and obscenties while parked by a courthouse.

In Kips Bay, a man wrested a gun from a security guard during a fight in front of a department store and shot him in the legs and ran away. Realizing that he lost his wallet when he fled and ditched the gun, the idiot went back to the scene of the crime where he was immediately arrested by cops.

Also in Kips Bay, a homeless man robbed another homeless man in a shelter by ripping off his pants while he was sleeping and stealing his phone. The same skell was involved in a knifepoint robbery days earlier.

Again in Kips Bay at the 28th St. Station, a man loaded 6 giant ass palm trees on the 6 train. Why couldn’t his boss or client get him a rental truck? Will this be a common occurrence once congestion pricing takes effect in 2 years?

And again in Kips Bay, a teenage girl assaulted a woman in a chain cafe and robbed her phone, then resisted arrest when the cops tried to apprehend her and another teenager was busted for theft of a cellphone.

And again in Kips Bay, two teenage boys brawling in the ACS center punched and slapped two cops who were trying to break up the fight.

In Washington Heights, a man who was just released from serving 27 years in prison got shot to death at point blank range while sitting in his car as his killer casually walked away in broad daylight.

Also in Washington Heights, two men shot pepper spray at a building superintendent that tried to stop them stealing boxes of garbage bags from an apartment building.

Again in Washington Heights, a woman killed herself and injured her passenger when she crashed her car into an MTA truck after she hit two parked vehicles and sped off.

And again in Washington Heights, a man shooting his gun into a parking lot. When the cops arrived he ran away while shooting at them, hitting one of them. Then he took cover behind a vehicle and engaged in a shootout with them, leading to him getting shot in the chest and his eventual demise. The dead man probably shouldn’t have listened to this guy’s motivational coaching.

In Herald Square, a woman committed suicide by jumping off a building from a rooftop bar.

Also in Herald Square, a man attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving D train.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a 16-year-old boy fell five stories and lost all his teeth and broke his jaw after he hit the pavement when he tried to jump from one building to another.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man riding a bike approached a woman walking home from a store and proclaimed it was his block bitch then punched her in the face and boasted about it while she was taking his picture on her phone. When the woman found out the NYPD only reported the attack as harassment, she went to the station and asked for it to be properly marked as an assault so the cops promised to upgrade it. Then they lied to her face and kept the lesser charge on the record when she called the sergeant later on. That’s a good way to keep violent crime stats down.

In Penn Station, a boom crane on a truck collapsed and crashed on the sidewalk, injuring a man walking by.

Also in Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a man got killed by the incoming 1 train as he was walking on the tracks.

In the Upper East Side, a teenage boy committed suicide by jumping from the 23rd floor of a luxury apartment building.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man was caught with ten baggies of heroin when he got pulled over for driving an unlicensed scooter with a suspended drivers license.

Again in the Upper East Side, a 70-year-old woman was punched in the face by a younger woman in a church because she was playing a song on her phone and yelled at her for waking her up.

And again in the Upper East Side, a woman woke up in her bedroom to find a stranger licking her face. The man was able to gain access because the door to her apt. was left open.

And again in the Upper East Side, a dead woman was found floating in the East River.

And again in the Upper East Side, a private garbage truck driver was caught driving with a suspended license.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man robbed a woman of her cellphone by snatching it from her hand.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man roughed up a cashier at a smoke shop and robbed it of $1,400 and his cellphone.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man was robbed of his $35,000 watch from his locker while he was working out at a gym.

In the Upper West Side, a man and woman that shoplifted makeup from a chain pharmacy got approached by a cop for questioning, then the man kicked his leg and broke it and ran away with his accomplice

In the Upper West Side, two men were stabbed by a man during a brawl outside of a faux dive bar.

Also in the Upper West Side, a woman was sexually molested by her yoga instructor who found creative ways to use his dick to assist her during poses.

Again in the Upper West Side, a recidivist public pisser and shitter is revolting citizens and passerby. Somehow the billion dollar hemorraging mental health program THRIVE is not able to get this guy the help he needs.

And again in the Upper West Side in Riverside Park, a reckless bike rider speeding on the shared foot and bike path hit a 4-year-old child, cutting and bruising her face and injuring her arm. While the child was getting treated at a hospital ER, two more children came in later who were also hit by selfish reckless bike riders, one of them who was in her stroller.

And again in the Upper West Side, a woman pulled an 81-year-old woman’s hair and threw her to the ground after arguing about a place in line at a movie theater.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 72 st./Broadway Station an 83-year-old serial groper sexually molested a woman again by grinding against her on the 2 train.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man kicked and shattered a restaurant window during a fight he had with another man.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man went up to a woman walking on the sidewalk to distract her while another man snatched her $1,000 phone.

And again in the Upper West Side, a woman had her backpack robbed while shopping in a shoe store.

And again in the Upper West Side, two men ripped off a woman’s earphone sticks. When one of the skells were spotted by the cops, a Dominos pizza delivery guy chased him on his bike, caught up to him and held him for the cops.

Screenshot_2019-05-05 Domino’s delivers Pizza guy helps cops nab robbery suspect

If you look close, he did it on an e-motorcycle sans battery. These are the bikes the cops are confiscating while allowing citizens to use those same kind of motorbikes (and also motor scooters and skateboards) for leisure and commuting with impunity. (Or maybe he took that motor off so he won’t get in trouble to avoid getting pulled over by cops afterward? Regardless this guy is a fucking hero)

In Hudson Yards, two food truck vendors got into an argument over space to sell their food, leading to one vendor slashing the other with a razor. The delicious irony being that this happened by the infamously hideous Sharawama Staircase art eyesore.

Also in Hudson Yards, a 74-year-old man got both legs seriously injured while riding a bike share bicycle when he crashed into a truck.

In Greenwich Village, a man loitering in a stairwell of an apartment building confronted a woman by asking her name then grabbed her and threw her phone away and then punched her in the face, pushed her against the wall and sexually molested her.

Also in Greenwich Village, six teens engaged in an argument with a livery driver and smashed his rear-view mirror on his car. Then they dragged him out and robbed his cellphone

Again in Greenwich Village, a man was accosted and shoved by another man who tried to rob his ATM card at a bank.

And again in Greenwich Village, a brawl erupted between two women in an upscale bar.

And again in Greenwich Village, a woman had her cellphone and wallet robbed while she was drinking at a bar with people she met.

In the East Village, three men approached a man walking towards them and beat him up and robbed his cellphone.

Also in the East Village, a man and a boy beat down a man in front of a deli.

Again in the East Village, a man stabbed another man at a homeless shelter. The victim then went outside, collapsed by a NYCHA building and died.

And again in the East Village at the 1st Ave. Station, a man got killed by the arriving L train.

And again in the East Village, a man got mugged on the sidewalk when a man grabbed his throat and robbed his phone, watch and wallet.

And again in the East Village, a woman snatched a wallet and phone in a poetry cafe.

And again in the East Village, a man robbed a woman’s bag at a bar, and used her cards to buy gas for his car.

And again in the East Village, a woman worker got punched in the face when she tried to prevent three men from shoplifting items from a chain pharmacy.

And again in the East Village, a man got assaulted by another man in a post office over a place on the line.

In the West Village, a man robbed a restaurant of $8,000 when he entered it while it was closing and caught the manager in the basement then duct taped him to chair and put a plastic bag over his head.

In Yorkville, a locker room in a fitness club was vandalized with swastikas.

In Chelsea at the 23rd St. Station on 7th Ave, an idiot fiending for social media attention placed a rat inside a metrocard vending machine change slot.

Also in Chelsea, a man bashed a champagne bottle over another man’s head at a bar.

Again in Chelsea, a man snatched a flag of Ol’ Glory off a flatbed float homage to President Trump.

And again in Chelsea, a water main broke cracking the asphalt on the road and flooded the 23rd St. Station causing a rippling brown stream on the trackbed.

And again in Chelsea, a man with a pellet gun threatened to shoot people at the Fashion Institute of Technology after making such claims on social media.

And again in Chelsea, three teenage boys were stabbed by woman who was protecting her son from them in an apartment building lobby.

And again in Chelsea, two women walking on the sidewalk were suddenly attacked by a man who punched them both in the face.

And again in Chelsea, a man had his phone, passport and keys robbed while he was playing basketball in a park.

And again in Chelsea, a man looted packages from an apartment building lobby.

And again in Chelsea, a young woman extorted $20,000 from her parents in China by staging a phony kidnapping for a $75,000 ransom and photographing herself as her captor and a captive being tied up while naked. Kids will do anything to live in the second most unaffordable city in the nation behind Frisco.

In the Flatiron District, a man shoplifted a bag and a jacket worth $1395 combined from a fancy designer store and threatened to stab a worker who tried to stop him and walked out with the stolen goods.

In Turtle Bay, a construction worker at a site got killed when a stone fell off a building and landed on his head.

In Madison Square, an argument inside a fancy restaurant between two workers led to one of them getting slashed with a butcher knife.

In Chinatown, a woman bashed a chair over a man’s head, hit him with an umbrella and yelled xenophobic slurs at him after he sat down next to her at a McDonald’s. The man has been an American citizen for 19 years.

In the Lower East Side, a woman hooked up with a man at a bar and gave him oral sex outside behind a community center and then got raped by him after she told him she wasn’t going to get laid if he didn’t have a rubber.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man robbed a $6,000 painting from a gallery.

In Stuyvesant Town at the Beth Israel Hospital, a patient poked a woman from behind with his penis

In Lenox Hill, a woman woke up in her bedroom to find a stranger licking her face.

In Union Square, a man stabbed another man in the chest after the victim bumped into him walking on the sidewalk.

Also in Union Square, a man stabbed another man on a street corner at 1 a.m.

Again in Union Square, a man that sexually molested a 15-year-old girl on the 6 train was still stalking around her in the station until police showed up to arrest him.

And again in Union Square, a man attacked a train conductor on the 6 train.

And again in Union Square, a man started bumping and grinding a woman on the 4 train and wouldn’t stop until the train got to Grand Central where he was arrested after his victim ran to the cops.

And again in Union Square, a marginally famous female rapper punched an upstart marginally female rapper in the face at a concert venue.

And again in Union Square, a man stabbed another man on a street corner at 1 a.m.

And again in Union Square, a woman got killed when she got caught on a leaving train which dragged her 100 ft. on the platform and tossed her on the tracks and got hit by an approaching train on the other side.

And again in Union Square, a man stole another man’s citibike and punched him in the face.

And again in Union Square, a man punched a vendor in the face over an argument about table space.

And again in Union Square, a kitten was shoplifted from a pet store.

In Grand Central Station, a real fucking moron lost his bag and tried to find it by reporting it as bomb so the cops can lock down the station to search for it. I wonder if this dumbass knew that if they found it they would have had it destroyed.

Again in Grand Central Station, a 68-year-old man ogling women on the subway platform followed a woman onto the 6 train and thrust his groin twice into her and bent down and put his face by her rear.

In Soho, a man got killed at a construction site for a luxury building when a 7.5 ton counterweight snapped off a crane and fell on him, severing his body in half. The crane contractor has a record of multiple work violations, uses non-union labor and three years ago one of their cranes snapped and dropped a three ton I-beam that killed two workers on a development site in Briarwood.

This horrible incident happened at 3:15 a.m.. Why are developers making their workers work in the middle of the night and why does the city allow this?

Also in Soho, a man broke into the same apartment in two weeks, first by robbing her residence of merchandise and again by gaining entry impersonating a delivery man as he robbed her bike and leather jacket.

Again in Soho, a man snatched deliveries that were left on a dolly by a UPS worker while his back was turned.

And again in Soho at the Broadway/Lafayette Station, a homeless man sleeping on the F train woke up with a stab wound on his leg.

And again in Soho at the Spring St. Station, a man stabbed another man on the leg on the E train shortly before rush hour.

And again in Soho, a man robbed over $2,700 worth of sunglasses from a store; three men in masks ran into a high-end fashion designer and robbed $33,000 worth of merchandise and fled in a getaway car and four men feigning to be construction workers broke into a site and robbed copper cable and power tools worth $6,500.

In Noho, a trust fund heir and movie producer and his untalented social media model actress wife have not paid rent on their luxury loft in two years based on a loft law to protect struggling artists while pissing off their neighboring tenants and their landlord with throwing obnoxious loud parties for their elitist celebrity friends all through the night and early morning.

Also in Noho at the Bleecker St. Station, a man smoking a cigarette on the 6 train forced the conductor to stop service until he put it out. The man then flipped out and spat at her, then gobbed at the window and wrote “bitch” with his saliva.

Again in Noho and again at the Bleecker St. Station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass on the 6 train.

In the Flatiron District, a man attempted to rob an NYPD e-motored cycle by messing with the locking mechanism.(Funny, I thought those things were illegal)

Also in the Flatiron District, three women brawled with the manager and other workers at a movie theater.

In Central Park, a gang of boys and men robbed an e-motored cycle off a man when one of them threw a skateboard at him causing him to fall off.

In Chinatown, a man menaced people on the street by swinging an ax and tried to kill a man with it.

In Columbus Circle, a man pulled out an hatchet on the 1 train and attempted to slaughter a man he was arguing with, but got stopped by two Samaritans and held him down for the cops waiting at the 66th Station, who found another ax, a knife, mace and few metal pipes.

Also in Columbus Circle, a man stalked a 14-year-old girl to the 1 train then grabbed her body and grinded against her and was met with transit cops at the Lincoln Center station. The deviant was on parole after being imprisoned for prior sex offenses.

In Battery Park, an 81-year-old woman got killed when a minibus hit while she was jaywalking

In Murray Hill,  a cop had to turn his badge when he was caught fabricating traffic violation tickets for non-existent bikers so he can accrue overtime pay.

In Tribeca, a van carrying aides from the City Council spontaneously combusted.

In Wards Island, a man dropped trough and flashed at women playing soccer and ran away with his pants down.


In Kingsbridge, a man poured an entire gallon of accelerant (probably rubbing alcohol) inside a vestibule of an apartment building and lit in on fire in a blatant arson attempt. The Bronx is burning again and I bet those ratfuckers who torched those buildings on orders from slumlords back then were just as subtle as this firebug bastard.

Also in Kingsbridge, a 65-year-old man was beaten down by a woman and man as he was withdrawing money from an ATM.

Again in Kingsbridge, a man broke into an apartment and robbed $600 and some handbags.

And again in Kingsbridge and also University Heights and Bainbridge, three men are involved in three knifepoint robberies while their victims were riding their bikes.

In Wakefield, a man brutally and repeatedly kicked a 78-year-old woman on the 2 train and boasted to commuters making stupid noises and filming the assault (instead of stopping him) to make the video go viral on some dumbass youtube channel and walked off at the Neired Ave. Station. The perp than claimed the attack was in self-defense because the old lady threatened to kill him.

In Co-Op City, an app-hail livery driver was found dead in his car from being slashed in the neck and stabbed in the chest by the Hutchinson Parkway.

In Castle Hill, a man feigning to be a repairman forced his way into an 83-year-old woman’s apartment when she answered the door then grabbed her and threw her on her bed and brutally beat her up in a rape attempt, only to be stopped when she fought back and her relatives came rushing in as he escaped. The deviant was well known to residents at the building where he also broke into a 92-year-old woman’s apartment and robbed her jewelry and is a recidivist criminal with arrest and conviction records going back three decades and was involved in a glut of recent incidents in other public housing buildings.

Also in Castle Hill, a worker was stabbed multiple times by a man inside a Party City store as three men he came in with acted as lookouts.

Again in Castle Hill, a man forced himself into an 83-year-old woman’s apartment and demanded money. Then he broke her ribs during a rape attempt and ran out when she fought back.

In Norwood, (in a ludicrous pun heavy accounting by the NY Daily News) a woman got into a fight with a worker and her co-workers behind the counter at a McDonald’s. 

Also in Norwood, a man attempting to make a purchase at a store with a fake $20 bill, ran out with the shirts after the cashier went to inspect it. He then threw punches at the worker who tried to stop him and walked away.

Again in Norwood, a man broke into a woman’s apartment and robbed $5,000 from a safe.

In Belmont, a transgender woman named Thomas who really hates white people got arrested after randomly yelling and then pepper spraying a man and a woman following a spree where she kicked a man and pepper sprayed at the 125th Station in Harlem and then spraying 5 random people on the street as she ran away then sprayed another man on 96th street.

Also in Belmont, a man was shoved to the ground and had his phone stolen by two security guards at a medical center where a presentation was happening after he confronted Lt. Governor Kathy Hochel and asked her about the inadequate funding for NYCHA buildings (inadequate meaning zero). The guards goons then gave his phone which he was using to record his meeting with the Lt. Gov and the subsequent repression of his rights to Assemblyman Jose Rivera, who walked away with his property.

New York State Assemblyman Jose Rivera with Security

Again in Belmont, a man high on K2 took off his clothes and walked in the middle of a busy street in a drug stupor then threw a phone at cops and got tazed.

In Longwood, two men in masks broke into an apartment and slashed a man in the face then held him at gunpoint and robbed his chains.

In Melrose, a cop who confiscated a little motorcycle decided to ride it to the station house and comically fell off it and spilled onto the asphalt.

In Morris Heights, a man got locked out of his apartment and tried to get his neighbors attention by knocking on their doors because he left his stove on. As the man was trying to call the 911 for the fire dept., the buildings super and security guard called the police because they thought he was harassing tenants. Firefighters arrived and broke down the door then left and the cops showed up 8 minutes later and confronted the man who was still holding a kitchen knife at the time, then something escalated as one cop tased him and another cop shot him four times, killing him.

Also in Morris Heights, a man shoplifted a juice and soda from a deli then slashed a worker in the face with a box cutter as he tried to stop him.

Again in Morris Heights, a man strangled his girlfriend to death in his apartment.

And again in Morris Heights, a man was shot and killed by cops after he was menacing and threatening tenants at an apartment building with a 2×4 and a knife and then lunged at them with his weapons when they arrived at his apartment and lunged again after being shot with a taser.

In University Heights, a woman got dragged on the street by a man who was trying to steal her purse.

Also in University Heights, a NYCHA building that continued to be without heat went on fire from a space heater placed to close to the drapes, injuring eight residents and also displacing six families from their homes.

In Morrisania, a man walked up to a parked car and fired shots through the drivers seat window, hitting a man in the face and arm.

Also in Morrisania, a man was shot in the head in a drug den apartment at the Forest Houses.

Again in Morrisania, two homes went ablaze in a three alarm fire, injuring a fireman. Bronx is burning again.

And again in Morrisania, a man shot another man to death after a money dispute.

And again in Morrisania, a man held up and robbed cash from a cellphone store with a hypodermic needle.

And again in Morrisania, a woman slashed her two children with a box cutter and left them on a street corner. She turned herself in to the police and the kids miraculously survived.

In Riverdale, a man broke into an apartment into a bedroom where a baby was sleeping then ran out when the father opened a light. The burglar then broke into a neighboring apartment and robbed it of a backpack, a bike and jewelry.

In Mott Haven, a man killed his one-month old son by throwing him on the floor because he couldn’t take his crying.

Also in Mott Haven, a man fired two shots into a lobby with eight people in an apartment building and ran away with his accomplice who kept lookout.

Again in Mott Haven, a crowd of men peacefully hanging outside of a bar was disrupted by a man who sucker punched a man as one of his co-horts slashed then shot a man on the street twice and another co-hort stabbed a man in the chest who tried to stop the attack, killing him. A few other men assisted him in pummeling another man and stabbing him in the face.

And again in Mott Haven, a man approached cops trying to find a homeless shelter divulged to them that he shot and killed two people in Florida. No wonder destitute people are living in the streets, imagine sleeping in a bed next to one of these fugitives.

And again in Mott Haven, a man threw a bottle of piss at a bus driver through the window and at a conductor on the 6 train at the 138th St. Station.

And again in Mott Haven, a man trying to rob a car was beat down by it’s owner and wound up in a coma.

And again in Mott Haven, a man and a 17-year-old boy got stabbed on the street.

And again in Mott Haven at the 149th St./Grand Concourse Station,a man approached an MTA conductor sitting on a bench and randomly cursed him out then stabbed him four times.

In Melrose, a man hit the gas pedal of a car he robbed as he was about to be pulled over by cops and proceeded to crash into other vehicles and winding up smashing into a car injuring a family of five inside. The suspect ditched the vehicle and tossed a gun on the street as he tried to flee with two accomplices and wound up arrested with one of them and the other still on the loose.

In Claremont Village, a 13-year-old boy whacked a 70-year-old man with a stick and ran away.

In Tremont, a man and a 13-year-old boy were shot at on the street.

In Morris Park, two rival private garbage truck drivers having an argument escalated when one of them sped away and sideswiped and damaged 17 parked cars, downed few trees and abandoned his vehicle.

In Fordham Manor at the Fordham Road Station, a man sprayed paint on a 67-year-old man then punched him the face and threw him down the stairs and walked away with a shit-eating grin on his face.

In Grand Concourse, a man hassled another man in a deli, demanding to give him a ring he was holding, then shot him while he was in his car, causing him to crash into 3 parked vehicles trying to drive away. The victim died two days later.

In Mount Eden, a man felt up a woman while she was reading a book on the 4 train. The deviant then ran out of the train at the next stop but dropped his metrocard, which the victim gave to police and were able to track him down leading to his arrest.

Also in Mount Eden, four men jumped a app-food delivery guy and beat him down and held him at knifepoint then robbed his e-motored cycle and cellphone.

Again in Mount Eden, a man slashed another man in the face following an argument and then got caught by a cop at a garage and tried to make a break for it but got shot with a stun gun.

In Fordham, three men involved in a high speed car chase with cops, tried to flee on the grounds of the university’s campus but got nabbed by security guards and were later arrested for possessing bags of heroin and knives.

Also in Fordham, a woman killed herself trying to take a selfie at the Fordham University Bell tower and fell 40 feet head first to the ground.

In Fordham Heights, a 13-year-old boy was arrested for possessing a gun.

In Edenwald, a woman stabbed another woman in front of her kids in her apartment after she thought she got stiffed for babysitting. Turns out she couldn’t get paid because the app that she relied on was malfunctioned.

In Woodlawn, 15 cars on one block were broken into in one night.

In Williamsbridge, a 13-year-old boy brought a BB gun to his school and threatened to shoot a girl. Despite the NYPD’s report of the weapon, school officials deceived parents with a letter saying that it was a toy.

In Woodstock, a man broke into an apartment and sneaked into a 16-year-old girl’s bedroom while she was sleeping, threatened her when she woke, then took her hand and placed it on his choda.

In Unionport, two men waiting for their app-hail cab ride engaged in an argument with four men on the street escalated when the gang attacked them, hitting them with a bat and slashing one in the face and pepper spraying the other man that tried to run away.

In Eastchester, an off-duty NYPD radio repair technician tried to swindle a department store by switching price stickers on items he was buying.

In Parkchester, three men grabbed a man on a street corner and slashed him in the face.

Also in Parkchester, a woman waiting for the 6 train was groped by an MTA worker.

Again in Parkchester, a street hassle between three men escalated when a man pulled out a gun and shot at them.

In University Heights, a man got stabbed as he defended himself against two men attacking him on the street.

In City Island, a man slashed another man in the face following and argument at a restaurant. Probably a dispute over crab legs.

In Mount Eden, three men surrounded a man on the sidewalk and beat him down for a cellphone.

Two cops were suspended for leaving a gun in the back seat of their patrol car. Of course de Blasio’s NYPD has standards to be met, unless it’s when a connected real estate agent donor is able to influence rubber stamping gun permits for her clients by naming it after the mayor.

In Bedford Park, a man killed himself fiddling with his cop friend’s government issued gun while he was playing video games.

Also in Bedford Park, a man stole two bikes in front of a woman’s house.

In Crotona, a man got shot to death while standing on a street corner when a man ran up to him and blasted him multiple times to his chest.

A man’s body was discovered in the Bronx River nearby the New York Botanical Garden.

In Unionport, the man who became a national figure for bail reform that squandered an opportunity to meet President Obama by driving a stolen car got involved in a street hassle as he and three of his friends walked up to two men awaiting a cab and challenged them to a fight while waving a knife which he used to slash one of the men with. His three pals chased the other man and beat him with a baseball bat and stole his watch. Some people you just can’t reach…even coming from people showing empathy.

At the Hell Gate Bridge, an elderly woman jumped off the bridge in a suicide attempt and was saved by a Samaritan who jumped in the river to get her out of the East River.

In Soundview, a pit bull was found dead muzzled and emaciated at the Sotomoyer Houses.

In Allerton, a man was found dead hanging from a tree in a playground.


In Flushing, a very notable banker and his son own a glut of buildings on one block that operate as massage brothels unbeknownst to them, despite the attention they got from recent busts leading to the arrests of two crooked cops and a recent suicide when a woman jumped out a window to evade police during a raid. These parlors got some national attention when it was found that some of the prostitutes who worked there were connected to the Miami massage parlor where Patriots owner Robert Kraft got busted in a police sting and whose owner had easy access to President Donald Trump and arranged promotional theme parties at his Mar-A-Lago resort to peddle influence and favors to Chinese international businessmen.

Also in Flushing, a 69-year-old man slashed a nurse with a knife at a hospital.

Again in Flushing, a man attempted and failed to drown two kittens in his bathtub.

And again in Flushing at the Main St. Station, a man got punched in the back and slashed in the thigh from behind by a man he was arguing with on the stairs.

And again in Flushing, three men beat down a homeless man after he asked them for some money.

And again in Flushing, a lunatic traffic cop chomping at the bit to move rammed a vehicle twice in front of him as it’s driver was trying to park and then smashed into a parked van.

And again in Flushing, a man robbed a cellphone off a five-year-old girl’s hands that belonged to her grandmother.

And again in Flushing at Citifield, a man got into an argument with a man in front of his family, then dropped his pants and flashed his junk at them.

And again in Flushing, a man raped a foot massuese in a massage parlor.

In Far Rockaway, an elderly man attempted to commit suicide as he sat on the ledge on the roof of an apartment building in the freezing cold. Cops arrived and managed to talk him out of it. He wanted to kill himself because he just got evicted from his apartment. In. This. Fucking. Unaffordable. City.

Screenshot_2019-04-23 nypd-cops-save-man-from-suicide-on-snowy-roof jpg (WEBP Image, 915 × 610 pixels).png

Also in Far Rockaway, a man was found dead on the floor inside a house being developed.

Again in Far Rockaway, a 7-year-old boy got killed after he stepped off a school bus and a van hit him. The van was supposed to pick him up and bring him to his house.

And again in Far Rockaway, a woman threw a dog she didn’t like down a chute to the trash compactor

In Jackson Heights, a city bus driver killed a man when he ran over him and dragged him for blocks while he wasn’t aware there was a body under the vehicle.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man bit off the finger of a bouncer after he was told he couldn’t go into the bar because it was closing.

Again in Jackson Heights, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as she was heading for the Roosevelt Ave. Station

And again in Jackson Heights, a man bled to death inside his apartment from a stab wound in his leg.

And again in Jackson Heights at the Roosevelt Avenue Station, a man was masturbating on the platform and then boarded the E train stood in front of a woman sitting and continued to jerk off in her face. The man then stared right into her cellphone as she took a picture of him.

And again in Jackson Heights at the Roosevelt Avenue Station, a man fell on the tracks and refused to be helped by EMS, leading to delays on four transit lines.

And again in Jackson Heights at the Roosevelt Avenue Station, a man sat next to an 18-year-old woman on the F train and stuck his hand in his drawers and started jerking off beside her.

And again in Jackson Heights, a man shot another man to death by the victim’s house following a fight they had.

And again in Jackson Heights, two people broke into a church and stole two laptops and fourteen Easter baskets of chocolate.

And again in Jackson Heights, a driver crashed his car into a supermarket.

In Ozone Park, a fight broke out in a buffet restaurant between two women after an argument started about a place in line to get crab legs. Some imbecile documented the brawl on his phone while doing play by play and telling viewers to share the motherfucker.

Also in Ozone Park, a brawl inside a hookah lounge spilled outside and escalated when a man pulled out a gun, a bouncer involved in the fight got shot in the foot while trying to wrest the weapon from him as cops shot the gunman three times after he refused orders to drop the gun.

Again in Ozone Park, an AR-15 and a cache of swords and machetes were found and seized by the NYPD during a search warrant of a house.

In Long Island City, a man riding his bike killed himself when he ran a red light and got hit by a car.

Also in Long Island City, a chunk of rusty metal fell from the elevated train tracks and landed on a man’s car. Making it the sixth time that’s happened in a month.

Again in Long Island City, two men who broke into an abandon house through the back door were confronted by two other men who broke in after and robbed them of their backpack and phone.

And again in Long Island City, an 18-year-old man caught by cops jumping a turnstile was wanted for a murder he committed in August last year.

In Sunnyside, three men surrounded a man on a street corner then one of them punched him in the head as the others kicked him while he was on the ground. They went through his pockets and robbed him of $600 and his headphones and phone that were worth $1400. Following  The same thugs also surrounded a 62-year-old man two days earlier and sprayed him with silly string and whipped him with a strap.

Following this mugging, the gang punched a man who caught them in the act tagging a building and then attacked another man a week later, stabbing and slashing him and robbing his backpack, wallet and phone.

Also in Sunnyside, an argument by the railroad yards between two Amtrak workers escalated when a man pulled out a gun and shot his supervisor in the leg and then committed suicide by shooting himself in his car.

Again in Sunnyside, a man held up a pharmacy at gunpoint and fired a couple shots at the teller, hitting him in the shoulder while demanding cash and rubbers.

In Ridgewood, a man armed with a bat that got involved in a drunken argument with two men on the street wound up in a coma after trying to fight them with it but dropped it as one man tried to do a karate kick and missed, then the other guy picked up the bat and bashed him in the head twice with it.

Also in Ridgewood, a man accompanied a woman to her apartment, then raped her in her sleep and robbed her watch and money.

Again in Ridgewood, three men surrounded a man walking on the sidewalk and beat him down and stole his backpack containing his expensive headphones, cellphone, laptop and sneakers.

And again in Ridgewood, a fire ignited in a basement of a row house at 5 a.m. that the landlord couldn’t extinguish but made worse spread to the apartments above, causing all the tenants to be displaced and 10 of them to be hospitalized. For some reason, there wasn’t a follow up to this story regarding the suspicious behavior and claims of the landlord considering the rampant gentrification going on that town. Queens is burning.

And again in Ridgewood, a panhandler attacked a man at a Mickey D’s with a gravity knife and knicked him in the arm as he was trying to stab him after the victim refused to give him money.

And again in Ridgewood, a man stabbed his daughter-in-law to death with a kitchen knife inside his apartment.

And again in Ridgewood, a man riding his bike hit a woman crossing the street and rode away, leaving her with a broken arm.

And again in Ridgewood, a man attacked a woman by an ATM by shoving her to the floor and robbed $900 that she was about to deposit.

In Woodside, an argument between a drunk and a man in a deli escalated when the man threw his coffee on him then bashed him in the head with a brick outside.

Also in Woodside, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, a man tried to hold up a Western Union by threatening to burn it down by pouring fluid and lighting it up. A worker called his bluff and blew him off. The man then went to a cellphone store and held up a cahsier at knifepoint and robbed the register of $210 and $200 from her purse. He then went into a very bad chain sandwich shop and robbed it of $210 when he said he had a bomb.

Again in Woodside, a city bus crashed into a bagel shop following hitting a motorcycle rider that was making a left turn.

And again in Woodside, two men held up five men at gunpoint in three muggings, robbing them of their wallets and cellphones following four knifepoint robberies in Astoria.

And again in Woodside, a man looted two purses from two women while they were choir singing in a church.

In Astoria Heights, a man broke into five homes and burglarized three of them. Making off with a $3000 motorcycle he stole from a garage; jewelry and watches worth $44,000 and a haul of $5400 worth of merchandise ranging from a laptop, clothes, more jewelry and a bottle of wine. He later broke into another garage and stole a bike.

In Astoria at the 30th Avenue Station, a woman got killed when the arriving N train hit her on the head.

In Forest Hills at the 75th Ave. Station, a man fought with two men on the platform and got shot in the leg during the brawl.

Also in Forest Hills, a man grabbed a deli worker from behind the counter then stole $170 from the register and ran off.

In Elmhurst, NYPD shut down the Queens Center Mall when a ruckus occurred during a rap star appearance and event.

Also in Elmhurst, a man was attacked by a gang of men who shoved him to and beat him profusely on the ground then stabbed him and ran away outside the Queens Center Mall where the chaos from the rapper’s event was going on.

Again in Elmhurst, another corrections officer crashed his car while driving drunk and injured his passenger when he smashed into a pole.

And again in Elmhurst at the Grand Ave. Station, two men attacked a man on the platform by bashing a blunt object on his head during a robbery attempt.

And again in Elmhurst, a man tried to run from cops who were trying to arrest him for running a drug ring selling coke and fentanyl and also a few brothels.

And again in Elmhurst at the Elmhurst Ave. Station, a man lost three of his limbs when he got hit by the R train.

In Jamaica, a man was found dead on the F train at the 169th St. Station.

Also in Jamaica, a gun and drug running ring run by two men was operating near a deli. They also used a 13-year-old boy to arrange a gun deal with an undercover cop.

Again in Jamaica at the Archer Ave/Parsons Blvd Station, a man got stabbed in the chest by a man he was arguing with on the platform.

And again in Jamaica, a man whose father was involved in the gang shooting murder of Officer Edward Byrne in South Ozone Park as he was protecting a witness 31 years ago, was busted by cops for selling crack by a bodega.

And again in Jamaica, an NYPD patrol car smashed into an SUV in an intersection the moment they got an emergency call.

And again in Jamaica, a fight broke out in a bunch of rowhouse buildings. Not by people but by raccoons. In the walls. The pudgy urban creatures came from an abandoned row house building next door that they are occupying and breeding in and were able to access the human populated row house through an opening in the attic.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a cop chasing a man he caught trying to break into a house got hit in the face with a crowbar when he caught up to him. Who happened to be on parole that was going to end in June.

In St. Albans, a man shot six men in a basement of a house where a high-stakes poker game was occurring.

Also in St. Albans, an off-duty cop punched two women and her friend got a lick in during a fight on the street.

In Glendale, a app-hail livery driver committed suicide in his car by ingesting crushed painkillers. He is the ninth one from the profession to take his own life because of the pressures of debts and competition of the unregulated industry.

In Corona, a man got jumped and pushed to the ground by two men from behind and then they stabbed him and robbed his phone and wallet.

Also in Corona, a man got shot in the chest following a brawl with other men in the middle of the street.

In Middle Village, a man wearing cheap sunglasses robbed a bank of $1,800 after passing a threatening note to the teller.

In Bayside, a man half-naked from the waist down crashed his SUV into a patrol car at a police station and then tried to set the vehicles on fire, leading the cops to shoot at him eight times. The kook who did this blatant attempted suicide, then bitched that the cops could not even shoot him as good as the cops in Texas.

Also in Bayside, a man floating in the water by the marina died after being rescued.

Again in Bayside, four men who engaged in an argument in a bar escalated into a brawl and then two of them getting stabbed.

And again in Bayside, a man broke into a home and lurked around in the basement without his pants on while the family was on vacation.

In Howard Beach, wheels are being robbed by certain brands of vehicles.

Also in Howard Beach, a man and a woman lifted donation boxes from a church and made off with $400.

In Richmond Hill, forty-year-old skeletal remains from a homicide were excavated from a backyard during a police investigation.

Also in Richmond Hill, a driver crashed his car into a Dunkin Donuts at a gas station, injuring 3 people.

Again in Richmond Hill, a metal bolt fell from the elevated train tracks and hit a woman’s car as she was driving.

And again in Richmond Hill, wanna-be Vin Deisel’s and Paul Walker’s are using a residential block for drag races.

In South Richmond Hill, a man slashed a woman in the face with a boxcutter as she was walking by him and then got in a car and drove off.

Also in South Richmond Hill, an apartment fire set off by a burning mattress led to injuries of a woman and her baby daughter.

Again in South Richmond Hill, a man was busted for prostituting women working at a massage parlor he managed in Jackson Heights.

In South Ozone Park, a man jumped a woman while she was walking and threw her to the ground and was groping her all over, then ran away to his car and drove off after she fought back.

In Springfield Gardens, a 6-year-old boy got killed in a house fire when he was trapped in the attic that had illegal converted rooms.

Also in Springfield Gardens, a man got shot to death a few blocks from his house as a man blasted him twice at close range. Residents theorized the murder have stemmed from the victim’s expensive car that a lot of other people in the area were hating on.

Again in Springfield Gardens, a 70-year-old man got beaten down on a city bus by a man he was having a dispute with.

In Maspeth, a man got hit by a dump truck while riding his bike.

In Rego Park, a man who decided to take a day off caught two men breaking into his house through the back door.

In Kew Gardens at the Union Turnpike station, a woman fell on the tracks and managed to survive as the train arrived and rolled over her.

In Long Island City at the Queensborough Plaza station, a man groped a 13-year-old girl on the 7 train and did it again to her two weeks later on the 5 train, both during her commutes to her school.

Also in Long Island City, an employee committed suicide at the hotel he worked at by jumping from the 7th floor.

In Broad Channel, a man decided to yank his crank on the A train heading for the beach.

In Rosedale, a man crossing the street was killed instantly when he got hit by a car then got hit by another car making a turn.

In Clearview, a man killed himself when he lost control of his motorcycle after popping a wheelie.

In Whitestone, three men broke into a house through the basement and robbed a bunch of power tools.

Two men are wanted for robbing over $30,000 of cash, iphones, cars and merchandise in fourteen burglaries and two other men are wanted for holding up ten cellphone stores during the winter in the world’s borough.

Two men were arrested after robbing delivery packages in front of houses for a month in towns in the 111th Precinct.

In Kennedy Airport, a man got caught trying to smuggle a gun wrapped in foil in a DVD player.

Also in Kennedy Airport, a customs officer pilfered hundreds of dollars from people during searches of their handbags.

Staten Island

In Arden Heights, a woman reported missing by her friend was found dead and completely burned in a plastic bin in a storage house. She was killed by her husband in Averne and tried to hide her body with his pregnant girlfriend after tormenting her for months and assaulting her while breaking an order of protection. After the murder they drove to the storage house with his wifes remains with his two children in the car and tried to hide the odor of the bin containing the charred corpse by covering it up with air fresheners. The victim filed divorce papers with him two weeks before the murder, hoping to  move on with her life after be tormented by the couple’s brazen affair. The woman who accompanied her killer used to babysit her kids.

In Mariners Harbor, two men held up a man at knifepoint and robbed him of over $1,800.

In Todt Hill, a man killed a mob boss in front of his home by shooting him six times in the chest following a casual greeting.

In Stapleton, a man and woman were confronted by three men on the sidewalk and engaged in a street hassle, leading to the woman getting punched in the face by one of them and the man getting stabbed in the leg when he tried to defend her.

In Port Richmond, an off-duty fireman crashed his car into a building while driving drunk.

In Dongan Hills, a 70-year-old woman was confronted by two men who sneaked into her house and held her at gunpoint, then forced her into a bathtub while they robbed her jewelry.

In Heartland Village, a man sneaked into a Best Buy storage room and robbed ten grand worth of apple products.

In South Beach, gunfire broke out on the street and left bullet holes on house windows.

In St George, a man broke into a restaurant in the early morning and made off with a few bears and chump change.

In Tompkinsville, a drunk man threatened a restaurant worker while claiming to be a cop then rode away on his motorcycle and crashed it at a street corner.

In New Dorp, a man was found dead in a field by a high school.

In Castleton Corners, an 89-year-old woman got killed by a hit-and-run driver when after she stepped off a bus. The stupid ass old man then took his car to a chop shop to hide the damage.

On the Verrazano Bridge, an 80-year-old man trying to kill himself by jumping over the railing was stopped by a bystander and a state trooper and immediately aided by cops.

Also at the Verrazano Bridge, a skeleton was found floating in the water by a park covered in a foil blanket.

And in the five boroughs, a total of over 2.900 weapons were confiscated in city schools, a rise of 26% compared to the prior year.