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Mayor de Blasio Doles No Fares For Ferry Bus Transfers But Not Fair Fares For The Working Poor

428Come on and take a free ride

After debuting last summer, the NYC Ferry has received from Mayor de Blasio and Your City Of New York another $300 million dollars of funding. The justification for this allocation comes after thousands wound up waiting hours to board the insufficient service that was caused by the paltry amount of boats rushed into service provided by the Frisco based Hornblower broke down simultaneously, and on a crystal ball like five year speculation of the service amassing 9 million riders.

This was immediately decided after weeks of heavily publicized demand by the Riders Alliance group for $210 million dollars towards discounted fares for low-salaried transit dependent citizens, which de Blasio said was impossible to fund and refused to implement the program into the $89,000,000(!!!) city budget and conveniently basing it on the state budget mandate for the city to fund half the $800 million emergency fund improvements and repairs for the MTA, the worst fucking transit system of the universe.

A question for the seemingly socialist and progress mayor is how come there isn’t money to give the less fortunate commuting citizens a hand? The answers are quite obvious and expansive but this post will focus on it’s arguably most popular destination dock in Rockaway Beach.

There are the shuttle buses which provide free transfers which are not available to those who need to take a city bus and train after they get off the boat. Although in the beginning of the summer in Rockaway just after the service was launched, these shuttles weren’t provided by Hornblower but were provided by massive, luxurious charter buses. It was a month later that the official buses by the Hornblower Corp came in. The costs of renting these charter buses are not known and of course were not covered in the local news media whom initially showed up en masse to the christening of the ferry service and never returned.

The massively fucked up thing about this, yet another, insulting slight and deprivation of city services for the citizens struggling to afford to live in this city is that the ferry bus shuttles are an everyday free transfer for ferry riders, where it’s bus service only went to limited stops going east (which has seen a modest influx of the hipster demographic along with the opening of an arbitrary beer garden) and ended at 67th street, avoiding a massive stretch east which contains most of the population in the peninsula where the majority of poor people live and a great amount of public housing.

Even though the shuttle has recently been extended further east to the 30’s on the peninsula (certainly because of new housing developments from lux towers to the only upgrades that was devoted to NYCHA buildings in the past 4 years), it was recently revealed that running the ferries cost twice the amount of the fare to subsidize it’s operations. It would be nice to know how much of that subsidy covers the bars and bartenders inside the cramped water trolleys.

But there is another eye-opening reason why a ton of cash is being thrown at this sinking investment and it was pointed out in the local shiny happy funtime beach weekly, The Rockaway Times. After the aforementioned simultaneous breakdown of the fleet last autumn and unfortunate incidents leading to commuters getting stuck and evacuated because of bad navigation, winter came along with a record daily frozen temperatures that manifested a new obstacle-ice.

In the peak of winter, the ferry service was introduced to another obstacle as Jamaica Bay started to freeze over, but NYC Ferry did what it could to meet the challenge. On days where conditions seemed impossible, the service was suspended for everyone’s safety, but many attempts were also made by tugboats that were hired to clear the ice so that the service could continue on some chilly winter days.

Rockaway Times

So NYC taxpayers are paying for two boat services, hopefully the tugboats are not equipped with bars for craft beer and artisan whisky sales.

It is just stupid that de Faustio would prefer to piss 300 million in the river than provide a real progressive program like fair fares for the working poor and senior citizens which would have save the city 90 million, with the remainder of the cash going to improve bus service, maintain road infrastructure and street safety by sending more cops to direct traffic in the busiest areas where congestion is the worse.

But just like the BQX gentrification street car de Faustio and the new agents of the city- the Friends of the BQX and Transportation Alternatives, insistently refuse to let go, as this new expensive allocation is based on projected ridership in 5 years time, showing once again that the mayor and his owners/donors in Real Estate care more and pander to a constituency that doesn’t exist instead of the constituency that is getting shafted from this fauxgressive mayor, depriving them of necessary transit services for these quasi-yachts and the unfair free bus transit service for mostly tourists and transients when those ghetto dollar vans would do just fine.

The 300 million allocation is also going to upgrades at all dock stations and the building of new ones like in Stonybrook in the South Bronx, another locale that’s is in midst of a luxury hyperdevelopment building boom (more like boon since this will induce gentrification and high rental market rate fabrication/speculation) to go along with the free transfer bus trips as the majority of train stations and subway tracks and signals will see elongated delays in renovations. Which makes this effort to prop up an expensive and equally ineffective transit service unfair to all commuters.









New Bad Days 51: The Former Dope-Smokin’ Dope From Park Slope Mayor Orders The NYPD To Lay Off (Most) Marijuana Smokers, City Parks Dept. To Install Needle Waste Baskets And The Department Of Health To Warn Rich Bar Hoppers About Tainted Cocaine; Nearly 100 People Overdose On K-2 Then Walk In Slow Motion And Sleep On The Street; Double Murder In Bushwick Houses; Bronx Public High School Desperately Needs Security Guards And More Home Invasions, Attacks On The Elderly, Shootouts, Stabbings, Car Chases And Getaways, Sexual Molesting, And Brazen Mugging In Presence Of Video Cameras,fl_progressive,q_auto,c_fit,w_1100/mgjgitt5qctp4r2qf40aLet’s get it on.
The truth in right and wrong
The boundaries of the law
You seem to miss the point
Arresting for a joint?
Phil Anselmo, Pantera

Well, looks like the Mayor finally got a modicum of sense or is just trying to upstage his confirmed rival Gov. Cuomo in a battle of superficial progressive activism, now that he has ordered the NYPD to stop arresting people for smoking pot in public weeks after he announced his experiment to provide safe spaces for shooting and possibly selling smack as the NYS health dept. finally completed it’s study for the inevitable legalization of the glorious weed.

Although this decree still comes with a favorable sop to the NYPD to keep up shakedowns in certain predominantly Black and Hispanic communities or areas under and prospective gentrification with supposed “carve-out” arrests to catch potsmokers who are suspected of breaking probations, having warrants against them or are currently on parole. Which just seems to be an redefined and upgraded version of the unconstitutional tactic of “stop and frisk”

Although this is a genuine sign of progress that will truly benefit the city with new businesses, new jobs and massive revenue and will be less stress for pot smoking citizens and cops equally, the city and it’s law enforcers still have to maintain some control and policy management over more serious and harder drugs and it’s consumers.

In six parks in the Bronx, the city has installed syringe deposit boxes for the junkies frequenting them for shooting up after finding up to 5,000 used needles discarded by on the lawns, lots, paths, benches and playgrounds.

Although this seems like a good idea it’s extremely naive. Junkies not only don’t have the energy to get up or muster the consideration to clean up their works after they shoot up and wallow in their blissful state, but like most drug users are way too paranoid to be seen disposing their needles in receptacles. And it will not lessen parkgoers anxiety to see the sight of junkies disposing their shit properly as when they see the needles just lying around. It’s better for NYC parks to hire sweepers. Meanwhile, a parking lot slated for more community disrupting gentrification tower development near one of the parks that has received needle waste baskets and kiosks has become a junkie haven.

Then there are other dangerous products hitting the streets because of demand and old school favorites too, like in Mount Hope in the Bronx three men were busted selling packets of the elephant tranquilizer Carfentanil  for distribution to compete with the fentanyl heroin market and in Washington Square Park, just days after the mayor’s ruling people are smoking crack in full view in front of park goers.

And most disturbingly and distressing in Bed-Stuy, up to 25 30 87 people were found walking in a coma-like daze and lying on the concrete after overdosing on the synthetic garbage low end marijuana substitute K-2, nearby the same bodega that was caught selling the stuff back in 2016 when 33 people were zombie marching and lounging on the pavement on Broadway and Myrtle Ave . It is suspected by a councilman Robert Cornergy that it is being sold on the street by runners/hoppers, whose suspicion was confirmed when cops busted 8 people 15 people for selling it in baggies labeled “scooby snax” (zoiks!). Another 3 catatonic fake pot smokers were found lying the streets of Crown Heights.

The fucked up thing about K-2 and it’s popularity is that even if pot becomes legal, this shitty toxic product will not go away for it will be the only thing poor drug users can afford if you factor what the prices will be when pot shops open up when those aforementioned area will be fully gentrified.

There is also the unaddressed and inevitable high profile return of cocaine, which will not be a shock since it’s the preferred upscale drug of choice of frivolous big spending young adults, of whom this city is building it’s economy on with all the high rise tower pestilence and proliferation of bars and clubs in Manhattan and the coastal towns and suddenly niche slightly eastern areas of Brooklyn and Queens. As NYC’s department of health is taking preemptive action with a campaign focusing on cocaine laced with fentanyl and sending aides to bars on the high end and notorious Hells Gate on the Lower East Side to warn patrons to be careful when they illegally buy and snort blow on drink coasters.

Unfortunately this concern may have already hit a snag because at a “restaurant” and bar called No Fun, name and album font stolen from The Stooges in the East Village, a woman died in a bar/restaurant at 9 p.m. after coming in loaded on coke and booze. (Night Mayor Ariel Palitz, where are you??)

Now onward to the boroughs five.


In Ozone Park, a man was shot in the neck and killed in his house.  Three people drove away from the crime scene and during the getaway, a passenger shot himself with the murder weapon and the driver wound up smashing the car into another moving car and a parked car.

Also in Ozone Park, a woman crashed her car into an iron fence at JHS 210, then jumped out of the car and handed her 1-year-old daughter to the first person she saw and ran away.

In South Ozone Park, two men in clown masks held up a chain pharmacy at gunpoint and robbed it of enough opiods to stuff two duffel bags. This is the second time this year this store was robbed as cops might see a connection.

Their hideout might not be that far away or isolated.

Also in South Ozone Park, a man got bashed with a chair and robbed of his gold chain by three men in a fast food restaurant.

In South Jamaica, a man was found dead from shot to the head lying on the hallway of the Baisley Park Houses from a drug deal gone wrong.

In Forest Hills, three idiots attempted to steal a U.S. Postal Service mailbox from the concrete ground.

Photo via Twitter/@NYPDQueensNorth

Also in Forest Hills and Kew Gardens, a total of 10 assaults, 3 burglaries and 2 thefts happened in a week.

Again in Forest Hills on the F train leaving the 75th Ave. Station, a man was masturbating while blocking the train’s doors.

In Jamaica at four train stations, a man is suspected of four cellphone robberies that were committed as oblivious commuters stepped out the doors of the F train holding their phones then the perp yanks it out of their hands. All phones were worth $900.

Also in Jamaica, a 19-year-old man blew a red light and smashed into another car, killing a woman driving it then tried to run away with his passenger.

In Sunnyside on the 7 train heading to the 46th St. station, a man randomly punched another man in the face and ran away when the train made it’s stop.

In Springfield Gardens, an EMT worker was attacked by a man who tried to pull her out of her ambulance while she was about to drive off.

In Woodside, a man stabbed another man on the street in the eye and in the back four times and ran off.

In Kew Gardens, burglars broke into a tenants apartment and robbed a safe containing thousands of dollars of jewelry and cash that he inherited from his late mother.

In Long Island City, a bike rider got critically injured when he got doored then fell under a moving truck that ran him over.

Also in Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza Station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass on the 7 train.

Again in Long Island City, a man broke into a diner and robbed tools worth $200.

And again in Long Island City at the 39th Ave. Station, commuters had to be evacuated from the W train when it started shaking and filled with smoke.

In Glendale, a teenage woman broke into a car and ransacked it then attempted to break into a house.

In Rego Park, a man shoplifted merchandise from a clothing store and flashed a gun at security guards that tried to detain him. He escaped with his tongue flapping in the breeze.

Also in Rego Park, a woman committed suicide by jumping six stories to her death from an apartment building.

Again in Rego Park at the 63rd Drive Station, a man killed himself when he fell on the tracks walking between cars as the moving M train was making it’s stop.

In Flushing, an 18-year-old woman was found dead in her apartment.

In Ridgewood, a woman robbed a box of groceries and an elevator blanket from an apartment building lobby.

In Astoria, a man broke into an elderly man’s apartment and stole his T.V. and hat.

In Laurelton, a woman robbed delivery packages off a porch and drove away in her nice Honda Pilot.

In Middle Village, a man robbed 22 bottles of cough medicine from a chain pharmacy.

In Corona, a 94-year-old man peacefully sitting on his stoop was accosted by a man who started yelling and walk towards him and smacked his glasses off, falling on the sidewalk. As the elderly man defended himself and his property by swinging his cane at the asshole, said asshole stomped on his glasses and broke them and ran away.

Also in Corona, a fire engulfed a house with no working smoke alarms, critically injuring a man found trapped in a stairwell as well as injuring 4 residents and 7 firefighters.

In Cambria Heights, a motorcyclist got killed when he collided into a minivan that stopped in an intersection

In East Elmhurst, a man was hit by a car and killed crossing the boulevard.


In Bushwick at the Bushwick Houses,a 62-year-old woman was found dead from shot in the head and tied up to a chair in her apartment. A 54-year-old man was found dead in his apartment also with his head shot in the same building on the same floor a few days later. NYPD suspects the murders are linked to a drug dealer that had an argument with the murdered man.

Also in Bushwick, a man killed himself crashing his dirtbike into a double parked minivan. The impact from the speed caused the motorcycle to skid down the road, where a man found it and drove away.

In Flatbush, a married couple were found stabbed to death in their apartment from a murder-suicide.

In Crown Heights, a barber went ballistic on a customer who didn’t like his haircut and refused to pay for it by throwing him through a window causing his face to slice open.

Also in Crown Heights, a tattoo-faced rainbow-maned rapper was busted by cops who caught him parking his SUV in front of a fire hydrant and driving with a suspended license. The alleged musician then squeezed the hand of a police lieutenant during processing at the precinct.

Again in Crown Heights, a man lured a 5-year-old girl to a basement stairwell and sexually molested her.

In Brownsville, a homeless man that attacked and battered two women in their late 70’s got his ass kicked by another homeless man who witnessed the assault and held him down for the cops to come.

In Sunset Park, a man who thought he was about to get laid turned into Operation Cock Block when he held up by his date who pulled out a gun in the hotel room then let three dudes inside and robbed him of his phone, watch and cash.

Also in Sunset Park, a lecherous man attempted to kidnap two children in two days but failed when one kid bit him and the other kicked him in the shin.

Again in Sunset Park, a fight broke out outside a catering hall holding a quincieria party got the attention of four cops in the area, one of whom chased a 17-year-old kid involved in the melee. The kid then tripped and wound up paralyzed when the cop fell on him trying to apprehend him.

And again in Sunset Park at the 8th Ave. Station, a commuter sleeping on the train awoke to find his backpack stolen.

In Greenwood, two men held up a sex toy shop at gunpoint. Some how, some way, they cause two police vehicles to crash into each other as they tried to get away.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death on the street at 7:45 a.m.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a motorcycle rider killed himself crashing into a car that merged into a lane he steered in.

In East New York at P.S. 178, a 6-year-old boy was kicked in the jewels by his classmates in a demented game they concocted.

In Williamsburg, a jewelry store was robbed of $300,000 worth of ethical conflict-free merchandise in an overnight heist.

Also in Williamsburg, a street hassle escalated into a shootout, with a man winding up dead and two wounded. The killer was last seen taking a picture of himself over his slain victim.

In Park Slope at the 4th Ave. Station, a 13-year-old girl trying to commute after the train she was first on went out of service was tackled and roughhoused by an MTA worker who assumed she was beating the fare.

Also in Park Slope, a rowhouse apartment building abandoned for months and scheduled for demolition collapsed causing 20 people to evacuate their residences nearby.

In Cypress Hills, a woman got shot on the street in a drive-by after she walked out of a niteclub.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man climbed into an bedroom window and slithered onto a woman’s bed and molested her while claiming he was a police officer.

In Borough Park, a man once allied with Mayor de Blasio during his days as the Public Luxury Market Rate Real Estate Advocate and who runs the safety patrol/vigilante security street crew Shomrim was exposed and charged for raping a 16-year-old girl.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St./Metrotech Station, during an argument a man kicked another man onto to the train tracks as the train was arriving, who was saved by a transit worker who witnessed the incident.

In Bay Ridge, a brawl in front of a docked party boat escalated when two people got into a car chase with police and wound up crashing their car in Kensington and the cops firing a couple rounds at them.

Also in Bay Ridge at the 77th St. Station, a man feigning to help a woman through a turnstile with her luggage snatched her purse and fled.

Again in Bay Ridge, three men attacked a man on the street, beating him on the pavement with kicks and punches.

And again in Bay Ridge, a woman attempted suicide by jumping out of a window on the 3rd floor.

In Windsor Terrace at the Fort Hamilton Parkway Station, a flood on the floor by the turnstiles was slightly remedied with a red brick foot bridge and a milk crate for what could be an aesthetic feature. This infrastructure improvement came weeks before Andy Byford of the MTA announced a 37 billion dollar plan to fix the worst fucking transit system of the universe (shout out to Reason magazine for their similarly vulgar headline report)

The bridge is over. (Tony Akio Cohen)

In Dyker Heights, a man lashed out at a 65-year-old man at a gas station and shoved him to the ground.

Also again in Dyker Heights and again in Bay Ridge two men with pipes smashed windows on a car with the driver still inside and then punched him. A man randomly punched another man in the face who walked by him and two women were brawling in the street over social media posts.

In Boerum Hill, a man held up a jewelry store wielding a hammer and robbed it $79,000 of it’s merchandise.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man shoplifted vitamins and eye drops from a pharmacy and punched a clerk in the face who tried to stop him then drove off in a Mercedes Benz, a woman had her phone yanked from her hand while she was walking and a woman got injured when she grabbed the steering wheel to stop a man who stole her purse.

Again in Sheepshead Bay and Gravesend, three men jumped a man from behind and beat him down and robbed his personal belongings. Another three men (or possibly the same group) ganged up on a woman in the late afternoon, punching and kicking her and robbing her of $70 and four men jumped a guy and beat him down with punches and kicks and robbed his bag at 3:10 p.m.

In Flatlands, two cars were broken into by a thief who stole a bag containing credit cards and cash and a wallet. A woman had her bag stolen containing her wallet when she was trying on clothes in front of a counter.

In Bensonhurst and Bath Beach, a woman got hit in the face with her cellphone after chasing a man who stole it off her and then threw it at her. A woman had $3,300 stolen from her from a bag she left in the bathroom. A man had his car stolen when he left the keys inside. A man bashed a window of a car and stole $400 and credit cards. A man broke into a house and stole 40 grand worth of jewelry and a woman had $720 yanked from her from a pickpocket.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man left his two little dogs in the car with the windows rolled up on a humid hot day to get drunk. One of the dogs died days later.

Also in Bath Beach, a dirty old man sexually molested an 11-year-old girl on the street in broad daylight and ran away.

In Brighton Beach, a man had his Halal food cart stolen from him.

In Coney Island, a brawl between two men escalated when one of the men got stabbed, and a man snatched a boy’s cellphone from his hand.

Again in Coney Island, a woman had her designer purse stolen by two men while she was walking on the boardwalk.

In Marine Park, two kids snatched a purse off a woman then rode away on a bike.

In Brooklyn Heights, a decomposed body was found floating on the East River was found to be another cab driver who committed suicide because he could not keep up with because the unregulated app cab service industry, even by working over 14 hours a day and wound up in insurmountable crushing debt.


Violence-plagued Bronx high school looks to Craigslist for security help

In Jerome Park, Dewitt Clinton High School put out a employment listing on the internet for security guards paying $18 an hour since the city’s Department of Education doesn’t want or doesn’t have the money to pay licensed professionals to stem the violence in the school.

In Morris Heights, a man suffering a mental breakdown stabbed his girlfriend to death in her apartment while four kids were sleeping in another woman, and also slashed her daughter who tried to stop him.

Also in Morris Heights, a man was pulled over by cops and then shot with a tazer gun when he tried to call a relative on his cellphone because the man was accused of not moving to let an emergency vehicle pass even though he did exactly that moments earlier but the cops deliberately did not move.

In Jerome Park, a transvestite invaded an 83-year-old woman’s apartment at 2:30 p.m. and held her up at knifepoint, then he trashed the place and robbed drugs and 13 grand in cash and attempted to flee but was stopped by a neighbor who caught the burglar and knocked his ass down, causing the culprit to lose his knife then his gun when he continued to battle him.

In Concourse Village, a seven months pregnant Army Veteran got stabbed by her boyfriend multiple times, causing her to lose her baby.

Also in Concourse Village, a man got killed steps from his home after being shot at 5 times.

In Soundview, a street hassle escalated as a man assaulted another man then beat him down on the sidewalk while yanking his backpack off of him and stole his wallet as six people witnessed the mugging with three walking away with the culprit.

Also in Soundview, a 3-year-old boy was savagely beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend

In Mott Haven, a man got shot to death in front of the Patterson Houses.

In Claremont Park, a man was found shot to death lying on a street corner. When the ambulance arrived to pick up the body, a man with a bat smashed the window of the vehicle and ran off.

In Claremont, a man grabbed a woman and one 14-year-old girl on their rear ends then grabbed and grinded his body on another woman and then Trumply grabbed a 19-year-old woman in the crotch as the victims were just walking by him.

In Woodlawn Heights, a 16-year-old boy jumped out of his car and pulled a gun on two elderly women and robbed one of them of her purse. The idiotic teenage thug got arrested after he tried using one of the cards he stole from her to buy shit.

In Belmont, a man and woman robbed an auto body shop of $1,300 during the afternoon.

Also in Belmont, a man was jumped, strangled, beaten to the ground and robbed by two men as soon as he left his house to go to work.

In Claremount Village at I.S. 219, a teacher sexually molested a 14-year-old student when he got her alone in a classroom.

In Mount Hope, a man was stabbed to death in his apartment after arguing with his killer.

In Hunts Point, a man chased and shot at another man multiple times as he was running away from him in an apartment building courtyard.

In Edenwald, a traffic cop pulled a knife on her neighbor during an argument.

An imbecile who got photographed posing in front of NYPD vehicle with a gun in his hand then posted the picture on his social media account got caught riding his bike the wrong direction in Parkchester.

In Grand Concourse on the D train, a man punched a commuter and put him in a headlock and bashed his head on the train wall because he felt the victim bumped into him as they boarded.

In Norwood, an 18-year-old got killed on the street after being stabbed in the chest after partying in a courtyard.

In Baychester, an Iraq War veteran was arrested for possessing a cache of bomb making materials and military grade weaponry.

In Fordham Heights, a 7-year-old boy got killed when he rode his scooter crossing the street and got hit by a bus.

In Foxhurst, three men broke into a man’s apartment and stabbed him to death and stabbed his friend multiple times during a home invasion robbery.

Also in Foxhurst at the Simpson St. Station, a 17-year-old girl killed herself when she jumped on the tracks then stepped on the third rail.

In Orchard Beach, bones are now washing up on the shore coming from Hart Island where land erosion is wasting the graves of the remains of the city’s poor people.


In the East Village, a man loitering in a bank branch ATM solicited a man who just withdrew cash for $100 then beat the shit out of him after he refused as people ignored and continued their routine as the crime was taking place steps away from them (note the dummy making a cash withdrawal while the thug is kicking the victim).

Also in the East Village, a woman died in a bar/restaurant at 9 p.m. after coming in loaded on coke and booze. Night Mayor Ariel Palitz, where are you??

Again in the East Village, a app-hail driver lost control of his car as he flipped it to it’s side like a Mannix episode, then smashed into three parked vehicles

In Manhattanville and Hamilton Heights, two fetuses were found in garbage cans 8 hours apart.

In the Upper East Side, an elderly woman who just turned 93 was followed by two teenage boys who were menacing her as she was walking home, then attacked her when she arrived to her house, robbing her purse which contained 7 bucks and a metrocard and leaving her with a broken arm.

Also on the Upper East Side, a 7-year-old boy was hit by a schmuck riding a electronic motorized bicycle. Which are currently known as E-bikes but are commonly known as motorcycles. Which are supposedly illegal to ride in this city.

Also on the Upper East Side, a man held up the same video game store at gunpoint twice in two weeks robbing them of $1,700, and also held up other similar video game stores in the Upper West Side and Chelsea.

In Harlem, a man was robbed of $60,000 worth of jewelry he was carrying in a bag by two men who chased him and beat him down when he tried to run away from them after being held up at gunpoint.

Also in Harlem, a truce between two gang rivals went awry when 10 other gangbangers showed up and one of the men pulled out a gun and shot into the encroaching crowd, hitting 2 of them.

Again in Harlem, a man followed a woman into her apartment building by catching the door and then tried to pull down her pants from behind. The woman fought back, causing him to fall down the stairs.

In Yorkville, a man selling tickets to a woman on the street was attacked from behind by a man who put him in a sleeper hold and robbed his cellphone as the woman chillingly walked away during the mugging.


In Hell’s Kitchen, a man robbed a bank of a grand by a passing a note to an easily frightened teller while sucking on a lolly.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, and argument between a motorcyclist and a driver of an SUV escalated when the SUV driver verbally threatened to run the motorcyclist over then ran over and crushed his motorcycle.

In Central Park, a woman walking her dog in the park was approached by a man walking two dogs that were unleashed. Then one of his dogs attacked her dog, chomping on her pet and wouldn’t release until a Samaritan noticed and helped her ward the aggressive dog off. Then the stupid idiot’s other dog menacingly circled the Samaritan and attacked him.

Devil Dog :”mind ya business punk” (pic by the mutt’s prey, John Traynor)

In Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a blind man was robbed of his wallet by a kid that told him he was cop and picked his pocket as he went through the turnstiles.

Also in Penn Station, a married couple celebrating their anniversary coming from a Broadway show were randomly attacked by a man who spat on the woman’s face and then repeatedly punched her husband and knocked him to the ground continuing the assault on the crowded sidewalk as passerby didn’t do a fucking thing to stop it or call the cops.

In Midtown, a 2 ton 8’x14′ glass panel fell off a billionaire row building under construction and  issued a stop work order landed on a security guard, instantly killing a 67-year-old security guard.

Also in Midtown, a woman killed herself and her son in a murder-suicide when she threw her 7-year-old son off a hotel balcony on the 25th floor then jumped off herself over a volatile relationship with and separation from her husband, who a judge sided with against her plans to take her son for a European vacation

In West Harlem, a man was shot to death while eating fried chicken inside a takeout restaurant by a masked gunman.

In East Harlem, a girl committed suicide by jumping off the roof of her apartment building because she was being bullied by her classmates.

Also in East Harlem, a man died in police custody after he fought with his family in their apartment and continued to struggle during the arrest.

In Tribeca, two window washers wiping a luxury tower on the 40th floor nearly fell to their deaths as the high velocity winds swayed their scaffold around like a propeller causing it to bash into several high story windows.

In Downtown Manhattan, a man caught shoplifting at a department store was brutally beaten down and choked by a security guard.

In the Upper West Side, three morons filming a crime movie without a permit in an apartment buildings terrified residents when they were running in the halls with a fake gun and yelling shit.

Also on the Upper West Side, a man clobbered an 87-year-old man at a bank branch ATM and ran off with his money. The victim died after being in a coma for 3 days

Again on the Upper West Side, a city bus went on fire on it’s daily route.

And again on the Upper West Side at a posh upscale gym, a fitness instructor pulled down a woman’s tights and kissed her ass during a training session.

In Chelsea, a woman robbed a man’s $30,000 watch at his apartment and tried to hide it her cooch from the cops.

Also in Chelsea, a burglar was able to break into an apartment belonging to man who died, stealing $13,000 in cash and merchandise, despite that the door was sealed and locked by the NYPD.

Again in Chelsea, a man caught stealing a disgusting energy soda punched a deli worker multiple times who tried to stop him.

And again in Chelsea, a man held up a video store at gunpoint and made off with $900.

Also in Midtown West at the 7th Avenue Station, a man punched a train conductor in the face when the window was down on the F train as it was leaving the station.

Again in Midtown West, a man riding a sChITtibike on the sidewalk was pulled over by cops and was found possessing a loaded 9mm.

And again in Midtown West, a pedicab rider was knocked off his seat when President Trump’s current lawyer’s patsies opened the car door and slammed it into him as he was passing by.

In Washington Heights, a man who got rejected asking for cash from an 82-year-old woman and her health aide stalked and continued harassing them in a department store. When the cops were called to get him to leave, he bit a cop on the neck after he tried to steal his gun and injured his partners arm while he was resisting arrest.

In Kips Bay, a man walking on the sidewalk was randomly attacked by a man who punched him repeatedly in the face.

Also in Kips Bay, a teenage boy hit another boy with a baseball bat.

Again in Kips Bay, a fight between two men over a place on line in a gourmet eatery escalated when one man punched the other and the assaulted pulled out a knife.

In the Flatiron District, a man jumped out of his car with two knives and chased a man who dropped his bike and fled, the driver then slashed the bike’s tires.

In Chelsea, a man caught stealing a disgusting energy soda punched a deli worker multiple times who tried to stop him.

In Stuy Town at the Beth Israel Hospital, a man became irate and assaulted an EMS worker when he didn’t get a wheelchair because there were none around.

Also in Stuy Town, a teenage boy was caught in the act of stealing a bike with a bolt cutter.

In Inwood, a unlicensed driver in an SUV stopped by cops in an intersection refused to cooperate then stepped on the gas, did reverse donuts and sped off onto the sidewalk, smashing parked vehicles and drove off onto the Henry Hudson Parkway in the wrong direction and got caught in the South Bronx.

Also in Inwood, a karate instructor was arrested for molesting five of his girl students aged 10 to 14.

Again in Inwood, a decomposed body washed up from the Hudson River and was found in Inwood Hill Park

In Greenwich Village, a woman with a garbage bag robbed a load of delivery boxes and packages from an apartment building lobby.

In Soho, two women snatched a credit card from a purse then tried to use it to buy designer sunglasses.

Staten Island

In Stapleton, a man died after being stabbed six times in an apartment over an argument about a woman.

In Tompkinsville, an drunk off-duty cop sporting a Mr. Wonderful shirt threatened to rape and rob a woman passing by him and then knocked her down on the sidewalk and stole her purse. The actual Mr. Wonderful has not been notified of this grotesque slight to his persona.

In Grymes Hill, a woman violently assaulted an elderly couple who asked that she move her van that she parked on their driveway.

In New Springville at Willowbrook Park, a man committed suicide by swallowing a bottle of poison.

Sheldon Silver Is Still Convicted

Breaking News!

Former N.Y. State Assemblyman, Albany House Speaker and representative of the Lower East Side of Manhattan Sheldon Silver is still convicted!

Sheldon Silver is still convicted after being found guilty two weeks ago for his reprehensible and corrupt misuse and abuse of an elected political position to enrich himself with 4 million dollars worth of referral fee kickbacks through steering taxpayer funding through close friends in real estate firms from his district and a doctor pal he hooked up to his favored crony law firms.

Sheldon Silver went from his initial 12 year sentence which was generously dropped last year in an appeal citing the U.S. Supreme Court’s McDonnell Decision that made political bribery legal to the gloriously deserving 130 year sentence that was dropped on the career establishment Democrat hack.

Sensing the potential debilitating effects, permanent shame and confirmed disgrace of being incarcerated, Shelly Shady now has mustered the audacity in appealing for the third time for an acquittal. Showing yet again his insatiable proclivity to waste taxpayer dollars after getting caught plundering it, for more hearings to avoid his fate of the end of his existence in a federal prison cell. And it doesn’t at all help that he is not going to be officially sentenced until the last day of September, giving him and his dutiful attorneys ample time to conjure some obscure precedence to get him off.

It ceases to amaze the determination of this prick, who has shown more effort and tenacity scheming and machinating for himself and his buddies and now refusing to accept the verdict for his confirmed crimes, avoiding accountability and mocking justice and his former constituency in the wretched process.

But at least he’s still convicted and still a pathetic cowardly worm.






Co-Mayor Chirlane McCray de Blasio Ditches Press Conference She Arranged.

snapshotfirstladyChirlane McCray. Getting the fuck outta dodge, shunning accountability and the press inquiries. (CBSNY)

Chirlie, you can’t be serious?

Chirlane McCray puts out a release on actual Mayor Of The City Of New York letterhead  for a press conference to encourage women’s empowerment about a taxpayer funded website to support women looking to start businesses and then splits from the scene while the women she claims to support stand there and the press gaggle who she promised to address watch her walk away.

Is this anyway for someone of such stature like a First Lady to act? Especially after a year of her husband’s first term, the First Lady has become a de facto government position and she has actually made big official moves like forming another pay-to-play slush fund “non-profit” in City Hall called the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York featuring some of the city’s elite business people on it’s board (one of which is now indicted) and being responsible for the obscenely expensive and apparently useless THRIVE mental health program.

And is this anyway for a person not elected to serve to act considering that she has ingratiated herself in her husband’s duties by picking people to fill positions in his administration and possibly has shaped city policies or arranged meetings with special interest groups. And is meta-obviously using her husbands mayoralty as a springboard for her own career in politics and elected office like some dummy who lost the presidency to Donald Trump.

Apparently, it is and Chirlie doesn’t give a damn. As Marcia Kramer, and only Marcia Kramer in that crowded Blue Room of disrespected journalists, was willing to get in her face about this latest affront to government accountability from de Faustio’s administration.

If you look at the Co-Mayor in the beginning, she is nervously shifting her glances towards the crowd, as if she knows she’s about to get some questions she wouldn’t like. Or probably saw Ms. Kramer and was already set to jet the room, as the subject of de Faustio’s insouciant remark about “hyper complaint dynamics” coming from not so empowered female city worker victims with sexual harassment complaints of their male supervisors and co-workers, would kill the identity politic inspirational party vibe going on. Or maybe about the error-laden hot line to report sex trafficking of young women that she announced last month. Or how the tech douches hired by City Hall will screw this lady website up like every other specialized program purporting to help the vulnerable in this city.

And as Ms. Kramer also observed and got to ask the insecure First Lady coming out of the building, being that the event she arranged for women empowerment, would she publicly endorse and empower Cynthia Nixon for her run for governor. Well, Chirlane stuck to her script (and not the city’s as she promised) using her pussy power (not the  feminist irony but the coward term) and blew off the question and fled to her tax-payer funded town car with her entourage. The funny thing is that by blowing off that question will only serve to benefit Ms. Nixon and her terrible campaign, being that she’s already far behind and most of the citizens of New York despise de Faustio and surely Chirlane, which will fuck up Cynthia’s run with their toxic endorsement as if the hot rumors being that they are behind her gubernatorial bid in the first place.

But to pull off a stunt like this is beyond crass and arrogant, character traits that Chirlane and her husband profoundly display every time they tout a program and in recent appearances together or individually. Which now add to the brazen criminal incompetence and willful obliviousness that’s in the ether around Park Row and all it’s official departments.  It’s now apparent that taking the press for a ride is now city policy along with the gaslighting and narrative controlling from the mayor and first lady other mayor.

The press really needs to get their asses lit on fire and be more aggressive (Hell, they could have grilled Glen right there when she took the mike and asked her why isn’t there sufficient or even any affordable or supportive housing and how come the towers recently built to accommodate the affordable housing program are already showing debilitating conditions, or if her acquaintance Ron Moelis has sent her a basket of wines and cheeses for her sterling hookups for the alleged affordable housing developments). Because Chirlane Wilhelm and her husband are going to continue to walk away, leaving their constituents, mostly the ones with XX chromosomes, and Your City hanging and in the lurch again and again as they have done in the last 5 years of fauxgressive neoliberal policies that don’t do shit for the people but benefit the radical chic crowd.

Ms. Kramer can’t do it alone or forever, despite her dedication she’s getting too old for this shit and it’s a pathetic sign that she was the only outside waiting for the self-exalted First Lady. There has to be younger bashers out there (as well as a breakup of corporate influence on network news and more independent news shows) so a Chirlane McCray mayoralty or even governorship in N.Y. can be dutifully and mercifully prevented.









State Senator Simcha Felder’s Well Funded Under Educated Yeshiva Concern Makes Sense Of Krusty The Clown’s Illiteracy.! Hey! Kids! It’s State Senator Simcha Felder and Herschel Krustofsky aka Krusty The Clown!

Being a special swing vote in Albany, State Senator Simcha Felder has pulled quite a tax allocation hauling from this year’s big ugly ass budget from Mario’s son. For the budget to be passed on time and being a special swing vote in Albany in an gubernatorial election year for the desperately pandering Andy Cuomo and through gladhanding caucusing with Senate Republicans, Sen. Felder, a Democrat, got a huge chunk from the education funding from the state for 1.2 million dollars with a massive part of that chunk towards the social services group, the Agudath Israel organization he has ties in for yeshiva schools in his district of South Brooklyn.

The thing about this on it’s face selective allocation from the state is not only the fact that these are private religious schools, but these schools, particularly the boy yeshivas don’t teach the fundamental subjects of English, Science, Mathematics and History. Despite these horrendous omissions from the curriculum of these schools, Sen. Felder demanded of his elected colleagues to exempt these schools from these required subjects and held up the state budget if he didn’t get his way despite state provisions for all schools to provide students of them.

A NY Post article revealed the debilitating consequences for students of male yeshiva schools and it is absolutely not kosher. Like the Catholic Schools usage of the classic novel “The Bible”, the Yeshiva’s Torah also debunks similar scientific facts like dinosaurs (don’t know if the Torah similarly subscribes to some Bible beliefs that humans co-existed with dinosaurs like in the Flintstones or even in the presence of Sleestaks) . The bulk of the students education hours are devoted to the sacred Torah while lessons about the history of American Slavery, the Alphabet and even the naming of our nation’s states and higher value numbers are cast out at the expense of the students developmental learning skills. All this sanctioned ignorance has led the majority of these students to struggle in adulthood resulting in a majority of “graduates” reliant on welfare programs. Senator Felder’s political gamesmanship for government lucre for his glorified frats will only continue the terminal under-educated stasis of the Yeshiva’s students at their expense. Which some former students wind up paying for to catch up on the basic fundamentals of learning they missed during their early childhood and adolescent years.

Which brings this to the allegoric comparison of one of the greatest icons of television history, The Simpsons children’s t.v. star Krusty The Clown who in Season 1 in an episode where he got framed for the Kwik-E-Mart holdup by his delightfully evil and psychotic sidekick Sideshow Bob when he was exposed to be illiterate during his court hearing and in a Season 2 episode where Krusty reunites with his estranged father after he shunned him for pursuing a career in comedy that flashbacks to Krusty’s youth growing up and attending rabbinical school. It was always a wonder how a successful animated world children’s icon could have such a debilitating condition and now I can see why, for Krusty is a just another product and victim of an expensive debilitating school program.

Unfortunately for the boys going to the Simcha’s Yeshivas, they have as much a chance at becoming a rabbi for the odds are about the same as making it as a B-list actor today and absolutely no chance at becoming a successful animated character and are stuck with limited skills and reading comprehension when they are done at these education boondoggles and have to spend even more money to relearn everything all over again just to figure out how to multiply and recite the alphabet forward.

All for this hack senator’s political patronage bullshit, his undeserved status and pernicious influence in the legislature and the district he deems and feigns to help and represent.






Tom Wolfe, 88, Writer, Novelist, Linguist And Coiner Of  “Aw, Shucks”, “Balls Out”, “The Right Stuff”, “Push The Envelope”, “The Me Decade” And “Radical Chic

“Fortunately, the world is full of people with information compulsion who want to tell you their stories. They want to tell you things that you don’t know. They’re some of the greatest allies that any writer has.”



Margot Kidder, 69, Actress, Film

Glenn Branca, 69, New York No Wave Guitarist.

Without him, Kurt Cobain would not have known how to do guitar solos and Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and thousands of other Indie Rock Bands would have never existed.

New Bad Days Five-O: Mayor de Blasio Initializes Heroin Abusing Safe Spaces While Pot Will Remain Illegal; Home Invasions Result In Murder And Gunpoint Robberies; Queens Woman Beaten By Stranger And Left For Dead; Shithead Lets His Bitch Loose That Tries To Eat A Commuter’s Foot On The Train; Hasidic Man Gets Punched For Saying Hello; Stupid Kids Rob Fake Sneakers; Woman Goes Nuts For Not Getting Free Soda With Her Meal; Trump Booster Gets Pyschotically Pushy And Park And Street Shootings, Slashings And Stabbings Abound And Subway Robberies Go Up As Well As Transit Masturbation

Fun Fact: intense dramatic turning actor Jack Lord was from Richmond Hill, Queens.

First things first now that this unfortunate series of traumatizing events in the five boroughs has reached a small milestone…

Mayor Bill de Blasio (the mayor of your city for readers from N.Y.C.) has decided to implement a plan for heroin addicts to shoot up their works in specialized facilities. This idea, that was featured in season 3 of “The Wire“, is an attempt to tamp down on overdose deaths and discourage junkies from shooting up on the streets and parks and in the privacy of their homes or in abandoned ones. It’s a response to thousand of O.D. deaths that outnumbered the total amounts of fatalities from murders and vehicular accidents even though this statistic wasn’t counted for the rosy celebratory announcement of (alleged) record breaking low crime stats last year by the mayor and the NYPD considering the federal illegality of the drug, the industry where it emanates from and the widespread crime that it fosters, like the desperate lengths addicts will do to get their fix like muggings and petty theft to murders ordered by drug lords and assaults and killings resulting from gangs fighting over territory for sales. Sites being considered are Gowanus in Brooklyn, Longwood in the Bronx, Washington Heights and Midtown West in Manhattan.

There is no doubt that the opioid epidemic has to be curbed and lives need to be saved, but the city can’t implement this without decriminalizing/legalizing the consumption, possession and selling of marijuana. It’s unjustly absurd that the city is going to allow heroin addicts special places to shoot up while there are still people being arrested for smoking and selling pot. Especially since the NYPD is still selectively targeting Blacks and Hispanics based on dubious phone call complaints about smoking outside, while wealthy hipsters are running a faux speakeasy selling weed and combining it with hard liquor for sale to wealthy majority White hipsters who buy and consume it in a house in Greenpoint with total impunity. (But don’t worry about them, because they are making drug abuse “elegant”).

This program is implemented in other countries around the world and is currently being considered in Seattle, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. But as is wont of Mayor de Blasio, and his delusion as a progressive superstar leader and his proclivity to spend lavishly, he’s going to jump the gun and be the first to start it this high risk program, and now he has the approval of Commissioner O’Neal despite observing that drug abuse and dealing was occurring off the facilities in two provinces in Canada.

And going by the fauxgressive mayor’s management of other crucial safety net programs like public housing and child services, he will probably fuck this one up too, piss a ton of money and human resources on it and will blatantly ignore any negative ramifications that will result when the sites officially open and have his aides cover up any incidents or hassles from the addicts and the pushers that will be loitering around these sites for a safe practically legal place to sell their product. While pot smokers have to continue to still worry about being caught, cuffed and imprisoned.

As long as pot remains illegal and in the same class of drug as heroin, these junkie wellness centers are full of shit and unfair. And shows that these so-called liberal leaders who are still wishy-washy on legalization and prefer to stall by ordering expensive redundant studies, don’t give a shit about sensible pot smokers and as citizens they are expendable. Particularly Black and Hispanic pot smokers. Maybe they’ll all get a card for their unnecessary troubles. drug decriminalization can be implemented to save society and what still can’t

In other city wide issues under the purview of Mayor de Blasio, in this city’s schools, attacks on teachers by students went up by 4.5% at a total of over 10,000 incidents, stats that are in utter contrast with Mayor de Blasio’s claims that schools have never been safer.

And if some teachers aren’t under enough stress dealing with wayward kids they also have to worry about their predatory horny faculty peers, as a report was released exposing 590 complaints of sexual harassment of teachers and workers for the Department of Education during de Blasio’s first term derived from a total report of 1,300 sexual harassment complaints from all city municipal agencies. Which this fucking mayor publicly and condescendingly dismissed as “hyper-complaint-dynamics”. Leaving no doubt that this deranged concoction term is behind any reason why cases in any city agency get ignored.

And robberies in the subway has gone up 54%. Now back to the five borough blotter.


In East New York, a man got killed after being shot in the neck on the street. Ruining a four month stretch in the district about to get a disruptive city rezoning for hyper-development sowing fears of gentrification amongst low salaried residents without a reported murder according to the NY Times in a rare local news article just 2 days before.

Also in East New York, at the Livonia Ave. Station, a man got off the L train and was spotted by four men who followed him off the platform then chased him down the stairs and caught him by the turnstiles and stabbed him in the back, beat him down with punches and kicks, jabbed an umbrella at him and stabbed him another three times and stole his cellphone. All that for a cellphone.

Again in East New York, a school safety agent assaulted her friend and brandished a knife at her.

In Ditmars Park, a college professor was murdered in his basement by a man who stabbed him five times after he broke into his house from the back door. The killer was previously arrested for raping a woman who paid to sleep on his couch in his apartment on a sharing economy website.

Again in Ditmas Park, a man was shot in the back by a 61-year-old man on the street.

In Crown Heights, a Hasidic man greeted a man passing by him who got offended and accused him of being a fake Jew, then followed him to his home and ran up and attacked him, beating him to the ground and trying to strangle him while accusing his victim of stealing his money.

Also in Crown Heights, a big douche bag followed a going into an elevator at the Utica Ave. Station and held a box cutter to his neck and stole his wallet.

Again in Crown Heights, a man shot at three other men after an argument between them.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was stabbed to death in front of a smoke shop.

And again in Crown Heights, a building partially collapsed and disenfranchised 16 tenants from their apartments.

And again in Crown Heights, two men held up a man and a woman at knifepoint and robbed their headphones.

In Brownsville at the Marcus Garvey Houses, two gunmen released a fusillade of gunfire that left one man dead and injured four others. A car eerily drove by after the shooting and laughed at the crowd at the crime scene.

Also in Brownsville, a man walking on the street at 7:15 p.m. got nicked by a bullet to his head in the middle of a crossfire. Hours later, a drunk off-duty city bus driver drove into a cop who was investigating the crime scene.

Again in Brownsville, a fight between gangs escalated into a shooting leaving one man dead.

In Fort Greene, a woman whose husband stuck up a bodega and shot a clerk in the foot, threatened to shoot a worker by claiming she had her own gun at the same store.

In Bushwick, a man robbed a smoke shop (funny it looks like a bodega in footage) after he asked the manager to use the bathroom and lied about seeing a rat inside there and assaulted the manager from behind with an blunt object.

In East Flatbush, an excessively tattooed teacher sexually coerced a 15-year-old student.

Also in East Flatbush, a man was shot dead on the street.

Again in East Flatbush, two men walked up to another man on the sidewalk and shot him multiple times.

And again in East Flatbush, a man was found stabbed to death in his apartment.

In Canarsie, a man was shot to death standing on a street corner in a drive-by then the killer crashed his vehicle into another one trying to escape, injuring 3 passengers including a 3-year-old child.

Also in Canarsie, a two crash occurred when a speeding SUV smashed into van in the intersection, causing injuries to four people.

Again in Canarsie, a school crossing guard slapped her daughter in the face and threatened to hit her with a broomstick.

In Mill Basin, a man’s body washed up on the shore by a bridge on the Belt Parkway.

In Williamsburg, an off-duty EMT worker was caught driving drunk after he crashed his car by the BQE.

Also in Williamsburg, a man and woman were found dead from heroin overdoses inside an apartment.

Again in Williamsburg, a man swung a baseball at another man then chased him and beat him down to the pavement.

In Bensonhurst, a man got hit and had his leg pinned under a car whose driver swerved to avoid an incoming vehicle speeding into a parking lot and a fight in a parking garage lead to a stabbing.

In Bath Beach, a man stole a stroller with a three-year-old boy in it from a supermarket and the grandmother pursued him and got the kid back and the kidnapper ran away.

Also in Bensonhurst and Bath Beach, a man got robbed of $7000 from another man and woman who he invited in his house. A man broke into a car and stole a pair of designer sunglasses. A man held up another man for his jacket then demanded $100 for it’s return. A store was robbed of 6 grand from an employee that was fired. Two men broke into a house and robbed jewelry and $1000. Two men attacked another man on the street hitting him in the face with a belt buckle and two men broke into a store and stole a T.V.

Again in Bensonhurst  a man punched another man in the head causing him to drop his music player and stole it (music player? what kind Brooklyn Daily?)

In Sunset Park, a man boarded the N train at the 59th St. Station sat down across from a woman and proceeded to masturbate. Then he returned to the station and ripped down Wanted posters with his face on it for the perverted crime he committed.

Also in Sunset Park and again on the N train heading for the 59th St. Station, a man pointed a gun at another man after they argued.

Again in Sunset Park, a fire broke out in an apartment building, injuring one person.

And again in Sunset Park at the Metropolitan Detention Center, a jail guard got busted for sexually assaulting female inmates because of his smelly mutant dick.

And again in Sunset Park on the R train heading to the 53rd St. Station, a man whipped out his dick and jerked off in front of a woman seated in front of him.

In Borough Park, three men followed another man after an argument then beat him down to the pavement with a baseball bat and stabbed him repeatedly.

In Boerum Hill, a man was shot at multiple times and killed on the street by the boyfriend of the woman he was ballin’.

In East New York, two men shoplifted $200 worth of baby formula from a grocery store and ran away.

Herman Bell, who mercilessly killed two cops, one of them who was begging him, has been released from prison and moving to Brooklyn.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the High St. Station, a woman fell on the tracks and got hit by the arriving C train.

In Sheepshead Bay, an idiot worker sped out of a car wash and collided into another car that just got wiped down. When the elderly couple went to check out the damage, the idiot came speeding out again and ran both of them over and then backed up fast and ran over the 85-year-old woman, killing her instantly and her 90-year-old husband who survived the gruesome incident died from his injuries days later.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a woman who left her house for 3 hours during the early afternoon came back and found it broken into and robbed of expensive watches and jewelry and another woman out for a few days found her apartment invaded and robbed of her jewelry and designer handbag.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, a burglar clipped a lock on a store and robbed it of $3,500.

In Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, a man brandished a pair of scissors and threatened another man with them during a fight. A man pulled over while texting and driving was arrested for possession of a knife and two warrants for his arrest. An argument between two drivers escalated when one pulled out a pipe and threatened to hit him with it and two men ganged up on a man walking towards them and stole $300.

Also in Bay Ridge, a 10-year-old boy was hit by a car as he was crossing the street.

In Coney Island on the D train heading to 50 St Station, a drunk asshole went up to a 15-year-old girl and molested her by touching her thigh and kissing her.

Also in Coney Island and Brighton Beach, a woman attempting to rob potato chips assaulted a worker with her luggage who tried to stop her. A prick stole a wallet out of the hands of an 81-year-old man who was looking for his metrocard.

Again in Coney Island and Brighton Beach and also Seagate, two men sat down next to a woman on the F train and put a knife to her neck demanding her purse but took her cellphone instead. A delivery man about to deliver a pizza got jacked of it when he stepped out of his car. A 78-year-old man walking by a park was attacked and beaten down by a gang who robbed his wallet containing $45 and four men robbed a teenager of his cellphone on the street at gunpoint.

And again in Coney Island, a man broke into a deli and robbed it of $800 and a safe.

In Prospect Park, two teenage boys sitting at a picnic table were confronted by two other teenage boys who beat them up and stole their cellphones and earbuds.

In Marine Park, a man got attacked by a gang of teenagers who stole his cellphone. Another man held up a cell phone store, robbing it of 78 bucks and two men held up a convenience store at gunpoint and mad off with 500 bucks.

In Flatlands, a man stabbed his father in the neck and killed him in their house.

In Kensington, three men broke into a building and robbed two laptops.

In Windsor Terrace, a fake bomb was left by a bakery, scaring the shit out customers.

In Bed-Stuy, a man got shot point blank in the head and died by a playground where a BBQ party took place that night.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a shootout between three men in front of playground, leaving a 19-year-old man in critical condition.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man broke into 32 cars in a month long crime spree.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a homeless woman set a car on fire.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Rockaway Ave. Station, some shithead supervisor from the worst fucking transit system in the universe ordered a worker to repaint the yellow marker at the edge of the platform during the morning rush hour, leading commuters to track yellow footprints on the train and everywhere else.


And on the 4 train on the fucking worst transit system in the universe where I assume it’s in goddamn Brooklyn, a total shithead took his pit bull out of his travel cage and sat her on the seat next to him like it was his child. When a woman wanted to sit down, he punched her and sicced the dog on her and then chomped on her foot and would not let go as the horrified commuters demanded the owner to order his bad undisciplined bitch  to let her go.



In Floral Park, a man was held up at gunpoint inside his home when the perpetrator shoved his way in and threw him on the floor. The victim was robbed of a $1000 previously on the street in his town.

In Pomonok, a man followed a 52-year-old woman after she dropped off her child at school then grabbed and dragged her to an apartment building stairwell and viciously raped and beaten her beyond recognition. The creep was caught by cops in a motel room in South Carolina and had a prior charge of beating and robbing a woman in Fordham Heights a year ago and was only charge with 3 years probation.

In Glendale, 2 armed men shot at another man on the street and ran away.

Also in Glendale, a two-year-old girl fell out of second floor window and miraculously survived.

In South Ozone Park, a driver shot at another vehicle after he followed it when he had an altercation with its driver on Cross Bay Blvd. in Howard Beach.

Also in South Ozone Park, a man killed himself when he lost control of his car and crashed through a parking lot fence by JFK airport, flipping it over and colliding with other parked vehicles.

In Middle Village during a street hassle, a man punched another man in the face and stole his phone.

Also in Middle Village, a man lost control of his truck and crashed into a building.

In Jamaica, a man held up a business at gunpoint and a towel over his face and robbed it of $23,000.

Also in Jamaica, a woman showed up in Jamaica Hospital and told medical staffers she prematurely gave birth to a baby that she dumped in a trash can somewhere in Ozone Park.

In Corona, two men wearing motorcycle helmets shot a man with a stun gun as he was picking up a package in the lobby of an apartment building. The daft punks are still at large.

Photo courtesy of NYPD

Also in Corona, a woman had her legs crushed as she was crossing the street when two car crash accident occurred and hit her.

In Maspeth, two men fired their guns on the street by the L.I.E., breaking a window on a car caught in the crossfire.

Also in Maspeth, a man, his mother and a woman conspired to beat up the man’s ex-girlfriend at her apartment and steal her dog.

In College Point, a 65-year-old man set himself on fire in his car in Home Depot parking lot.

In Averne, a woman who applied for a loan on a website was met by three men who rolled up in a black car and held her up at gunpoint, drove her around town and made various stops forcing her to make money orders and buy gift cards for the thieves, robbing her of close to $4,000.

In Edgemere on the A train, three men ganged up and beat down a commuter robbing him of his headphones and ran off the train at the 36th St. Station.

In Rego Park, a man got killed when he crashed into a utility pole losing control of his car.

In Long Island City, a man who assaulted a 70-year-old woman and stole her purse was caught by a NYPD school safety agent that chased him down and arrested him. The skell had a prior rape conviction.

In Jackson Heights, a 9-year-old boy got killed when an 86-year-old man ran him over as he was turning his car then drove off in a state of oblivion until he was stopped by a samaritan who stopped him.

Also in Jackson Heights, a house fire caused injuries to two girls, 6 and 8, when they were forced to jump out the windows to save themselves.

In Woodhaven, two people were run over by a hit-and-run driver at 1 a.m.

In Wavecrest, a Parks Dept. worker punched a woman in the face in their apartment building.

In Broad Channel, a dead man’s body washed ashore from Jamaica Bay.

In Briarwood, a car wash worker lost his leg when his co-worker drove right into him coming out and pinned him to the car he was wiping down.

Also in Briarwood, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver as he was crossing the street.

In Ridgewood, an off-duty cop smashed a parked police car while driving drunk and drove off.

In Elmhurst, a man sneaked up behind a woman on the sidewalk and grabbed her vagina.

In Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza Station, a man shoved another man on the platform and then punched him in the face when the commuter tried to fight back.

Also in Long Island City, a man looted mass amounts of copper wire two times from a Con Ed building.

Somewhere in Queens, a NYPD school safety trainee beat up his girlfriend because he saw another man on her social media platform page.

In Rego Park, a man crashed his car into a light pole and died instantly.

Also in Rego Park, two assholes were caught and arrested for trying to fish mail out of a mailbox.

In Hunters Point, a six-story building went ablaze from the first floor, injuring six people.

In College Point, a woman left her 2-year-old daughter in her car with the windows closed as she went shopping at a clothing store.

In Flushing at Kissena Park, a dead body of a 17-year-old boy was found by a hiker. The mother of the victim told him not to go out that day.

Also in Flushing, a 17-year-old boy distracted with his phone was attacked by 3 other teenage males who knocked him to the ground and stole his sneakers and wallet. The three idiots tried to sell them to a dealer and it turned out the sneakers were knock-offs.

Again in Flushing, a man is wanted for snatching purses and wallets in a month long spree.

In Queens Village, a house went on fire overnight, killing 3 family members and injuring 8.

And again in Flushing at the Willets Point Station, a man boarded the 7 train with his pants halfway down and a rubber on his dick then sat across a woman and bailed when the train got to the next stop.

In Kew Gardens at the Union Turnpike Station, a man exiting the train was punched in the head and knocked to the ground by a complete stranger.

Also in Kew Gardens, a burglar broke into a Yeshiva School and robbed a soda machine of 300 quarters. The same thief is also suspected of robbing a synagogue of two charity boxes and hitting the same school and soda machine robbing it of $600 of quarters.

Again in Kew Gardens, a man punched a 14-year-old boy in the face and called him an anti-semitic slur.

In Far Rockaway, a banker used his dead sister’s identities to pilfer over $650,000 from their real estate investments so he can live large.

In Bayside, three men were running a brothel in the basement of their house.

In Astoria, a 64-year-old woman was found stabbed to death in her kitchen with a knife still in her back.

Also in Astoria, two men robbed a $1000 phone on a display case at a store, punched one of the workers and ran off.

In Jamaica Estates, 3 boys snuck into a backyard and stole 3 bikes.

In Auburndale, two men disguised as construction workers attempted to break into a house through the second floor and the back door.

In Hunters Point by the Midtown Tunnel, a man pulled over for having tinted windows was busted possessing bags of pharmaceuticals emblazoned with Bart Simpson’s picture on it. Aye Caramba!


In Union Square at the train station of the same name, a man wearing a stupid cap once worn daily by Figurehead Trump yelled racial slurs and fascist invectives at another man on the 4 train, then followed him as he exited the train then assaulted him with punches and pushed him off the platform onto the train tracks. Breaking news: the attacker had priors.

Also in Union Square, a woman was held up at knifepoint and robbed of $3,500 in front of a bank shortly before noon where she was about to make a deposit for the restaurant she works at.

In Herald Square in front of the Empire State Building, an argument between two men escalated when one man stabbed another man multiple times around 1:40 p.m. Assaults in that area’s district has gone up 37%.

In Times Square at the subway station of the same name on the A/C/E platform, a man slashed another man in the face because he sat down next to him on a bench which was covered with a copy of the day’s N.Y. Daily News.

Also in Times Square, a man soliciting money for a false homeless charity shouted homophobic slurs at a man who was filming his hustle.

In Washington Heights, a woman was attacked in her car by a man swinging a broomstick at her, breaking her window and hitting her in the face as she was waiting for the light to turn green.

In the Lower East Side, an 84-year-old man sitting on a park bench was randomly punched in the face by a dick who ran away.

(Photo from NYPD)

In the West Village, a cat burglar has robbed 6 homes in a four month span, stealing close to a 100 grand worth of jewelry.

In Midtown, a man robbed a bank at high noon and escaped through the Grand Central Terminal.

Also in Midtown, an impatient and reckless cab driver swerved around an overturned box truck and hit 2 cops on the street who were investigating the accident and smashed into a police car injuring the cop inside it.

Again in Midtown at the 7th Ave. Station, a man sat down next to a woman on a bench and whipped his bitty choda out and jerked it off.

In Penn Station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass as she walking up the steps to the street.

In East Harlem, a dead man’s body washed up by the banks of the Harlem River.

Also in East Harlem, a man attacked two men with an ice pick, stabbing one of them on the shoulder at 1 p.m.

In Battery Park, another dead man’s body was found floating in the Hudson River.

In Harlem at the Carver Houses, a 17-year-old boy was shot to death as he was walking in the courtyard.

Also in Harlem, a man sneaked up behind a woman who was heading for the bus stop and slashed her in the face in front of the Apollo Theater next to the Banana Republic.

Again in Harlem, a man kidnapped a baby boy from a day care center and abandoned him on a staircase to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend and mother of the child.

And again in Harlem, a woman who had a miscarriage dumped her fetus in a street corner garbage can.

And again in Harlem, two letters threatening to cause a mass shooting surfaced at a high school.

And again in Harlem, the 29th floor of an apartment building went on fire, injuring 12 residents as the fire alarms weren’t working.

And again in Harlem, a man broke into a church and stole an old bible and other holy symbolic relics.

In Columbus Circle, a man with a metal bar broke into the basement and was roaming the halls of the 52nd floor of the Trump International Hotel looking for Jared Kushner.

In the Upper East Side at Central Park, a man was found dead on a park bench with a belt around his neck

In the Upper East Side during the obnoxious and ostentatious Met Gala Ball where celebrities dressed like complete idiots, a man was beaten down by three men from a terrible rapper’s entourage when he tried to get her autograph by the Mark Hotel.


In Morningside Heights, a man riding his bike got killed after a driver opened his car door unawares and knocked him to the ground.

In Washington Heights, a man choked and beat up his ex-girlfriend in his bedroom when she tried to get her stuff.

In the Flatiron District, an off-duty garbage man grabbed a woman’s crotch and assaulted her boyfriend in a bar.

In Inwood, a man followed a woman off the A train to her apartment building then grabbed her from behind when she opened the gate and attempted to rape her then ran away when she fought back.

Also in Inwood, a man was caught driving drunk by Fort Tyron Park at a quarter to three in the morning.

In NoMad, an FDNY official loaded on booze and cocaine drove his government appointed car onto a crowded sidewalk.

In Kips Bay, a woman committed suicide by hanging herself in her NYU dorm room.

Also in Kips Bay, a man under arrest for drug possession managed to flee from federal agents from the DEA.

In Murray Hill, a biker who got hit by a cab when he ran a red by the Midtown Tunnel died from his injuries.

In the Upper West Side in Central Park, a pedicab rider with an illegal motor fixed to his bike got stopped by a Parks Dept. Officer and then shoved her causing her to belt to get caught on the wheel and then attempted to flee dragging the cop fifty feet.

Again in the Upper West Side in Central Park, a 14-year-old boy was attacked, beaten down and robbed by two teenage males.

Also in the Upper West Side, an 85-year-old woman was killed crossing the street.

In the Bowery, a man jerking off in a bus splooged on a woman’s head.

In Chelsea, a cab driver lost control of his car and smashed into a livery vehicle that jumped the curb onto the sidewalk, hitting a woman and pinning her to a store front deli.


In Morrisania, a street hassle escalated when a man fired 8 shots in front of a pizzeria and killed a 27-year old man and hit a 17-year-old boy and a 29-year-old man.

In Co-Op City, an outbreak of Legionairre’s Disease spread through an apartment complex building, infecting three people and killing one elderly person.

In Fordham Manor, a morning fire engulfed and destroyed six stores.

In Crotona Park, a gang fight in a park at 12:30 p.m. escalated into two men getting shot, wounding one man in the chest and killing another with a shot to the head.

In Eastchester, a 53-year-old woman died bravely trying to save her cats from a house fire.

In Concourse Village, a man got shot to death inside his girlfriend’s apartment after he answered a knock on the door.

In Hunts Point, two men sidled inside an apartment building and grabbed a 63-year-old woman in the foyer by knifepoint. As the woman resisted, they slammed her to the floor, one of the scumbags took his knife and cut the strap off her purse and robbed her wallet and both gleefully ran away.

In Belmont at the St. Barnabas Hospital, a man under arrest and in custody of the NYPD, tricked the cops by making a diversion and bolted out the door and the hospital with his handcuffs still on. It reportedly took 20 to 30 cops to catch him.

In Tremont, a bike rider got killed in a hit-and-run by a box truck driver making a turn into the expressway.

In Woodstock, a garbage truck driver backed up into and killed an elderly man even though people were shouting at him to stop.

Also in Woodstock, a man got stabbed to death in a stairwell in the Adams Houses over an argument over money.

In Soundview, a man got shot in the face at a park at 6 a.m.

In Norwood, a man got shot to death on the street by a man who walked up to him.

In University Heights, a 16-year-old boy died on the street after getting stabbed twice to his mid-section by a man who accompanied two other kids the victim was fighting with.

Also in University Heights, a boat was left abandoned on the side of the road for a week, collecting and piling up trash.

In Williamsbridge, a man murdered his “new” girlfriend inside his apartment by stabbing her to death.

In Fordham Heights, a man claiming to be a spiritual healer walked on a pregnant woman’s stomach, causing her to lose her baby and manipulated two men and three other women to having coitus with him by claiming he was a saint vessel.

In West Bronx, a school safety agent found a wallet at chicken wing shop and stole cash and credit cards from it.

In Morris Park, four people got seriously injured after their cars collided on the avenue.

Staten Island

In Elm Park, a woman smashed a window with a chair in a Popeye’s Fried Chicken Restaurant because the cashier wouldn’t honor her order for the 4 for $4 value meal that Wendy’s offers. Although she clearly over-reacted, Popeye’s had it coming because they don’t include sodas in their value meals.

In Travis-Chelsea, a off-duty fireman got arrested for possession of crack and a pipe. He only got a ticket and suspension.

In Ivy Court, a man broke into a house with his friend lying dead on the floor and stole his checkbook then used it to forge his name to write checks totaling over 7 grand.

In Stapleton, a man got shot in the chest and killed after a fight with another patron in a bar.

To cap this post with some advice for our oblivious, ambitious and flawed (policy-making, politically and self) mayor,

The junk merchant doesn’t sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client.

William S. Burroughs

Never trust a junkie

Nancy Spungen (Sid & Nancy)




The Renowned Comic Wolf. Blowing shit up on the corporate news establishment asses.

All hail comedian Michelle Wolf, for the White House Correspondents dinner is a circle jerk event that needed to not only be taken down the proverbial peg but have a colossal verbal shit taken on it.

The last time this show was taken down verbally for the phony gala it was when Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report took the mike and massacred George W. Bush’s domestic and foreign policies and the illegal invasion of Iraq that the corporate mainstream news media in attendance refused to query or cheerleaded for. Other noteworthy comedians performed too in the past years but no one were expected that an moderately familiar but critically and standup comic peer hailed lady comedian was going to nail the uselessness, complicity and cowardice of the CMNM with the same devastating relevant joke fusillade that she fired at Figurehead Trump with.

Which is probably why she cleared the vetting process to perform on the dais. Being that the last 3 years of Trump toxic presence as a media curiousity and elected leader of the nation has nurtured massive feminist activism, having Michele to entertain was a easy and safe choice. Little did the audience know what material was going to come from her shrill yet adorable voice.

The Wolf got loose and immediately bashed Trump by pointing out his cowardice for not showing up, describing him as a shitty lay and accusing him of being not rich at all . She even got the audience in the crowd participating in a call and response of the old gag “How broke is he?”. The audience of elites, while barely audible during Wolf’s performance, gladly participated.

Her jokes on Don Worthless were correct and appropriately profane, after all he did dish it out during his pathetic rallies and his social media platform vomit, but it was when she roasted the corporation-owned news media where she really got vulgarly vicious. She goofed the name on demoted aide Kellyanne Conway and joked that the proverbial soundless tree should fall on her so she couldn’t break free and yelled at the crowd to stop putting her on TV.  She leveled the soulless Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her persistent defensive lying for the Trump administration and called her a white lady Uncle Tom. The truly great thing when she roasted those two appointed deceivers is that her punchlines were actually facts and fucking hysterical. Michelle’s take down of Sanders was the most apt description of her character and her abuse of her position since Jim Carrey’s painting.

She crucified CNN by citing the network to be only credible to recommend noodles. Mocked MSNBC for their network stars, calling Morning Joe and Mika a #metoo that works out, the living disappointment Rachel Maddow for her elongated buildups to her focus features and Megyn Kelly for being an expensive bust. And Fox News by not even acknowledging them as journalism. As with the Trump gags, her punchlines were actually hysterical punctual facts. Political comedy hasn’t been this precise and funny since Bill Hicks was spreading his stand up vitriolic gospel on this mortal coil.

The greatest punchline was at the end and really got the elitist crowd to cringe, seethe and shut up was when she accused the corporate news industrial complex of their collective obsession with the president as being in love with Trump, and she said it with the giddiness of a girl teasing another at a slumber party. Her admonishing joke at their deserved expense was like a dirty bomb blowing up in their comfort zone dimension and destroyed the fourth wall in the bought and controlled fourth estate. Even when she broke the ice when she segued it back to the Trump How broke is he joke after she demanded of them to reimburse the president because he needs the cash they made off him and distracting the nation with updates of his stupidity and antics, the elitist crowd responded back begrudgingly. Which Michele capped by saying that Don has to grab pussy to find loose change. She then finished by reminding the correspondents that Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water.

Knowing how right the divine Miss W was, which Les Moonvess and Jeff Tucker, Comcast, Disney and Fox can personally attest, every celebrity news person and hack pundit have vilified her for her profanity and what they deemed as inappropriate breaches of decorum in their established fake watered down reporting world. As these corporate news cretins are collectively insinuating condemnations, fomenting notoriety on her and looking to destroy her career as a entertainer. They even are taking the side of Aunt Lydia target Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a pathologically lying woman who undermines and condemns reporters every time she takes the podium at the White House!

Well, turns out that the mainstream news conglomerates have failed bigly, because Michelle Wolf is hyuger than ever. (thought I use some Trump vernacular, because they ARE in love with him). Ms. Wolf has done what George Carlin did with his seven dirty words that you (a long time ago) couldn’t say on TV that made him once a target, except she said over a 1000 dirty words to describe how fuck the news media are to their collective faces on their turf.

.Belatedly taking the mantle from Jon Stewart, which the corporate news complex thought they were safe from mocking scrutiny since his retirement, Michelle Wolf is now the King Of Informative Comedy. (yeah, King, in this genre it’s gender neutral). So the corporate news hacks better stop bitching and whining about being made fun of for their disservice that has let this nation turn to shit and let a bald broke ass charlatan run the country. It’s probably going to take a while for the fourth estate to rebuild but Michelle is going to be here for a long time, on stage at clubs and on her Netflix talk show to throw joke grenades at them when they fuck up again.

Oh yeah, news media, New York doesn’t have clean water either.







Wrath Of The Scumlords: HUD Secretary Ben Carson Wants To Raise The Rent On The Nation’s Public Housing After He Hooks Up Sean Hannity For Housing Aid And NYCHA Rids Their Suffering Tenants Of Shoya Olatoye But Levees A Disruptive Smoking Ban For Hypocritically Dubious Health Concerns And Still Threatens Them For Exposing Their Blatant Neglect And Deception And Urban Development Secretary and perpetually tired ass Ben Carson, professional national broadcasting bloviater, bullshitter and predatory slumlord Sean Hannity and former NYCHA commissioner and confirmed ugly defiant liar Shoya Olatoye. A pyramid of impoverished morals and ethics.

Great news about public housing comes as rare as a solar eclipse and none can be greater than New York City ridding of the oblivious incompetence, deception tactician and hideous presence of former commissioner Shoya Olatoye, whose just exited her post along with her fourth heinous hairstyle in four months. But just as wanting to admire such a natural wonder as aforementioned, such events can be temporary or even permanently blinding.

For the culture of criminal incompetence and intimidation still reigns. On the same day the stupid succubus of NYCHA left her post, a tenant was threatened with eviction because she had the gumption and goddamn right to do a interview with a PIX News correspondent to show off the utter inhabitatibility of her government issued dilapidated apartment as well as other units of the Jacob Riis Houses in the now tony East Village of Manhattan by displaying for the camera and the viewing public of the persistent mold and the leaky pipes causing it.

After getting busted for still avoiding lead inspections a good six months after NYCHA officials and then Shoya lied to the feds about it and a judge ordered to start doing them, basing her decision on how full of deceptive shit they are; NYCHA is still using the same shitty software to track the apartments that need the lead removals.

And to be expected from Mayor de Faustio of his utter lack of resourcefulness and dependence on brazen histrionic cronyism, he decided to replace Shoya Olatoye with the same guy, Stanely Brezinoff  to oversee the Board of Corrections and Long Island University Hospital, which both led to existential and permanent disastrous results retrospectively. Which gives this Permanent Government club member the specter of a political Pennywise or Grim Reaper to supervise the processes and maintenance of the real only affordable housing program in the five boroughs.

The willful obliviousness by NYCHA executives continues to hang in the ether as the lead and mold they ignore as the interim GM Vito Mustaciuolo unambiguously declared that public housing was beautiful. Reportedly, he didn’t cite certain housing projects that earned this alleged distinction, so it was safe to assume that he was talking about the entirety of NYCHA. Not much is known if he was sober when he made this statement at a City Council but this outright blatant denial of the general opinion and tenant witnesses of the horrible conditions they are living gives the impression that when Vito saw these beautiful buildings he must have been huffing lead and mold from the walls.

And to make matters even worse and a crushing irony for the 400,000 plus living and paying rent in these beautiful buildings, NYCHA officials decided to implement a mandatory smoking ban to take effect at the end of July. So the only time NYCHA shows concern and responsibility for the health of their tenants and their perpetual toxic environment is to issue a regulation that could lead them to arbitrary fines and possible eviction. This may be stretching medical diagnosis, but smoking Kools or Marlboros might be more healthier than inhaling the lead and mold in addition to the rat feces and urine stench that has remained in apartments from managerial neglect in the last 4 years under the fauxgressive neoliberal policies and actions of our current mayor and the former hairdo obsessive commissioner.

Another burn from this bullshit ban is that if marijuana becomes legal (and it fucking will, believe me), the weed smoking tenants won’t be able to enjoy it in their apts (the way it ought to be consumed, with Hendrix and Funkadelic flowing through the speakers and headphones) and the elderly won’t be able to smoke it if it’s medicinally prescribed. So NYCHA will be banning a substance that is actually good for people’s health but ignored requests to remove a substance that remained on the walls of rooms for decades and lied that they did (until a judge told them to remove it).

Of course the only way the tenants of public housing could have their conditions improved and have the toxins of lead and mold removed is if they are naturally removed themselves. For it’s more healthy to be homeless than having an actual home in the beautiful NYCHA buildings according to these maniacs.

The city cannot be fully to blame for these are established federal rules and ultimately federal inaction and funding extraction (that had to be spent for America’s expensive proxy wars, bank bailouts and the current oligarch welfare tax cuts) that is the root cause and the bane of the suffering tenants existence.

Because the HUD Commissioner, idiot savant brain surgeon, alleged successful belt buckle stabber and America’s landlord Ben Carson has lifted his squinty eyes for a moment and proposed to raise the rents on all subsidized housing across the nation. A vicious hike that will cost the poorest and most vulnerable of citizens another $100 a month. Considering that most of those affected would be the elderly which will pilfer a chunk from their social security checks and whatever amount they were able to save in their lifetime, and single mothers which will force them to scrimp on food, school supplies and diapers and in both targets, their reliance on public transportation.

Carson’s austerity attack on the lower and most vulnerable class of society in general is being proposed and promoted as some sort of incentive to encourage people to get better jobs with better incomes so they can get better apartments or homes and wean them off dependence of the government that their tax dollars extracted from their meager checks pay for. Which is the thought process expected from a man who spent a good deal serving his country with high end furniture shopping for his office with his domineering wife.

Amidst Carson’s crass assumptions that public housing tenants don’t work and prefer not to, he sort of mollified those concerned and affected by these brutal hikes that no one will wind up homeless. Well, not now but eventually precisely for the elderly and infirm, because their subsidy will end in six years and then their rents will go up instantly when the due date arrives. Surely when the cap expiration date arrives this will incentivize these residents, who will be in their seventies, to go back to the workforce and righteously earn their keep. And maybe all those poor young moms will get incentivized to get a second job to got with the job they got to qualify for food stamps.

These sound like ridiculous, ignorant and cynical opinions but consider the source:

“What we really do is start thinking ahead, but also recognizing that the federal government has been responsible for creating a system that causes people not to necessarily want to work, because if they make more money, their rent goes up, or they may no longer be eligible for their apartment, and this is a nonstarter.”

“So we really need to figure out a way to incentivize people while at the same time providing them with the help that they need in order to move up that ladder,”

“We have to understand that in 30 states you can actually make more money from just sitting back and receiving entitlements than you can from working a minimum-wage job, so it shouldn’t surprise us that a lot of people elect to take the first option,”

“What they don’t actually understand is that if you take the minimun-wage job, you gain skills, relationships, opportunities that you would not otherwise have had, and in the long run you end up in a much better place. And this is where we really want people to be.”

Town Hall

The last statement/belief is preposterous and sounds like bad human resources orientation copy, as if all those that will be victimized by these hikes have never had relationships or had human interaction before. How does that explain all those kids and grandchildren.

As for making the needy earn their keep and right to dwell and pay rents they can afford from their stagnant salaries, they can only be as fortunate as who Secretary Ben deems worthy of robust government funding, one Mr. Sean Hannity. The Fox News Network putrid pundit was discovered by accident (actually exposed during the court hearing of yutz lawyer Michael Cohen over an alleged illegal payoff now cash transfer to a porno star) to be the proprietor of low income housing properties and foreclosed homes through proxy shell company LLC’s with the help of HUD funding. Way to suck and profit off the government teet, and he gradually raised the rents 50% on the tenants of the apartment buildings in a small town in Georgia. Hannity did all this while he had a guy from a law firm he hired who handled his investments on his radio show to give financial expertise and later had ol’ Bennie on his t.v. show discussing the lazy and non-incentivized poor tenants of the nation as Hannity recently got new loans worth 22 million dollars from HUD to cover his collective mortgages.

But nothing beats Bennie’s earlier comment in the first months of his post as HUD commissioner when he stated that public housing shouldn’t be “too comfortable”, which Ms. Olatoye and her minions at NYCHA were only to willing to oblige and justify his opinion by worsening environmental conditions in the last year since Ben got appointed to his position in Trump’s plutocabinet of wealthy and stupid dunces along with Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos and Rick Perry.

To sum it up, the plan for subsidized affordable housing is to ruin it and convert it into luxury “affordable” housing. It’s all and has been for the last half century a government sanctioned plan to rid tenants who don’t spend enough by the demolition by neglect tactic and the fatalist idiom that you get the housing you pay for because of the low price you pay to live in a subsidized apartment so untreated mold and lead, broken doorbells and rats in the hallway and roaches crawling in the baby crib has got to be expected. And now it can only be remedied with privatization and crass market rate tower development.

This is why poor people can’t ever have nice things, mainly a non-leaking, non-mold infested well painted roof over their heads. Because the people assigned and elected to provide them of their human right to have a home are all lying and denying sociopaths and pscyhopaths with no sense of decency or awareness of other realities beside the pristine aristocratic existence these “leaders” currently roam around in. From gala events to their luxury homes devoid of such disgusting and hazardous sights and smells.

Mostly though, these people assigned and elected are fucking stupid and were unqualified for their positions in the first place. Who are driven by their preferred agendas and investment portfolios than a desire to actually help people they are supposed and sworn to serve.

This is madness. But this is NYCHA. This is now America. And it needs the money from the renting poor more than from the renting frivolous spending and shell company owning rich.

This will not and cannot be sustained.

















“First Lady” Chirlane McCray Starts Stupid, Redundant And Racist Mental Health Program

NY Daily News: Chirlane McCray rolls out mental health support program to help black men

The city will partner with fraternities and service organizations to offer more mental health help to black men, First Lady Chirlane McCray said Monday as she rolled out a program dubbed “Brothers Thrive.”

“People often feel more comfortable talking about these topics when they’re among people who look like them, people who they feel some kinship or affinity with,” McCray said. “It’s just easier to relax and know that their words will have meaning and validity and credibility.”

Holy shit. Chirlane didn’t do what I think she did.

No she didn’t.

Yes she did. Wow, she did. Co-mayor Chirlane McCray is going to siphon from her and the city’s $800 million dollar mental health initiative THRIVE NYC that she runs in her nepotistic appointed bogus government office position (yes, First Lady is now a government job) to focus primarily on black men in a separate but equal program.

This expensive mental health program has been in existence going on 3 years and somehow, someway it has to have an exclusive department to deal with black men and women (Sisters Thrive was initiated shortly before this recent announcement). How come THRIVE not been effective all this time for afflicted Black People before?

And what does this mean for all the other races of people afflicted with mental illness and issues? Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Middle Eastern, and those of European and Russian origins?

What it does mean is that they will be denied focused treatment by members of certain fraternities of interest assigned by the self-regaled First Lady (did I mention that this is now a government job. Yes I did. Even Melania Trump doesn’t have these bonafides and she’s a real first lady).

Members of the organizations — Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc., and 100 Black Men — will receive mental health first aid training from the city, which they can then use to reach out to those in their community who might be facing challenges.

So these frats are going to get mental health first aid training from the city. It’s a bit off-putting that being that these are fraternities one would assume that some of them would have doctors or psychiatrists as members. What could this supposed training entail?

And aren’t frats by tradition known by their strict exclusivity? Isn’t having these frats and appointing and providing them government funded training a bit unconstitutional? What would be the reaction if these civic services were bestowed upon a White fraternity? Or to be properly encompassing Chinese, Hispanic, Indian or Jewish and Middle Eastern fraternities? Or even homosexual and transgender groups? Wouldn’t they just be as credible and valid in dealing with suffering citizens of their racial, religious, and national makeup?

You think with 800 million fucking dollars there would be unlimited help being dispensed among all the races. And being that this THRIVE thing has been in existence for 3 years, this Brothers (and Sisters) program confirms that it has been ineffective for and absolutely useless to the Black Communities.

It’s a shame that all that money went to waste when that money could have went to preserve and build new hospitals and community centers for those affected with mental illness and instability and even people under massive duress caused by the cost of living in this city and living in uninhabitable conditions like in NYCHA apartments and homeless hotel rooms.

The motive for this new and selective program might stem from the recent preventable deaths of mentally ill Black citizens in the last few years from excessive and standard procedural force by the NYPD. Will this mean that when 911 is called some frat brother or sorority sister from THRIVE’s team will be embedded with the cops? This is just a simplistic theory but it’s more than what can be said of a program that the majority of New Yorkers don’t know anything about or even if it’s existence is truly justified.

But the city and the First Lady knows what’s good for the mental health and stability for it’s citizens Black citizens. Hopefully now that there is selective focus on them, they will get the help they need that was clearly overlooked before.










Toronto Cop Shows Proper Restraint Arresting Mass Murderer, Destroying The Split Second Fear Defense Theory To Shoot First



As everyone knows by now in Toronto, A mentally unstable man drove a rental van onto the sidewalk and ran over 15 people, killing 10 of them, nine instantly. The killer was inspired by some other mass murderer and the savage tactic recommended by terrorist organizations to weaponize their vehicles to kill as many innocents as possible.

But the only truly revelatory thing about this horrific incident was not only about what drove the killer to slaughter unsuspecting pedestrians but was how the Toronto P.D. and particularly one immensely brave cop handled it. As the photos from the video footage show, the cops cornered the wrecked van parked on the sidewalk and the man steps out of the vehicle and is pointing something at the cop who drew his weapon.


The man was quoted telling and challenging the cop to shoot him down, but the cop doesn’t and continues ordering the killer to put his hands down.


The cop then moves closer, noticing that the object the man is holding is not a firearm and then slowly approaches him. He then gets the man to lie down on the ground and slaps the cuffs on him.


Even though the cop was doing his job efficiently detaining a suspect, this was an amazing feat of courage and professionalism. This arrest also debunks and practically destroys the common denominator defense policy and protocol to shoot immediately if the cop assumes a threat during a difficult arrest of a suspect or if the suspect is holding what’s to presumed to be a gun. The so-called split second defense.

Mostly, this also obliterates any justification and the efforts to manipulate the shooting of Saheed Vassell in Crown Heights. Who was gunned down in seconds on the assumption that he drew a weapon but was instead a piece of junk he was playing with.

To compare, the Toronto cop was responding to murders already committed and confronted the killer face to face who was pretending to hold a weapon to provoke the cop to shoot him. The confrontation lasted a little over 90 seconds and the officer did not fire and wound up arresting him. While the 4 cops who shot Vassell rolled up in the intersection and pumped him with bullets just as the last 2 911 calls were taken by citizens calling about Vassell and his assumed weapon. (Still no audio has been released,  although the two last calls end abruptly and describe the shooting as it took place, with one woman crying at the end of the third call.)

The easier way to really compare this is video. As the Toronto footage shows the cop was probably about 40 feet from the killer and did not fire his weapon, figuring out he wasn’t holding a real gun.

In the Crown Heights footage, the footage provided by the NYPD shows the angle from across the street and showing people immediately fleeing the area. As the cops go running to the northeast corner with their guns drawn.

In another video shot by the community organization Copwatch, there are a group of men standing over Vassell’s body on the corner with 2 unmarked cars parked in the middle of the intersection. (Note the man waving people off in the end, he is wearing a T-shirt of comic book vigilante killer “The Punisher” as I pointed out on my post on this incident.)

It looks like Vassell was shot down by the four cops by not that far a distance as the Toronto cop was from his mass murder suspect.

If those four cops would have used another second they could have realized that Saheed was not holding a gun and shooting him could have been averted (although maybe giving a verbal warning first would have helped too, which witnesses at the scene claim were never issued). As the Toronto policeman showed, it could have took 60 extra seconds to handle the situation and wind up with an arrest.

It’s clear that police precincts and sheriff departments in this nation dealing with and enabling excessive force shootings driven by panic and fear need to look to the Great White North for proper policing protocol.








Facebook TV Show Producers Don’t Know They Are Filming In Queens


South Richmond Hill, Queens, N.Y.

According to this disheveled flier taped on a lamppost that is obscuring another flier for possibly an apartment for rent, the Mayor’s office for film etc. etc., The NYPD and an LLC production company have graciously notified the citizens of South Richmond Hill of an imminent TV show filming.


This notification, which are so frequent in various neighborhoods that it’s more like a warning as subtle as the recent missile attack on Syria, addresses the residents of South Richmond Hill of the Borough of Queens as residents of fucking Brooklyn!!!


It looks like these creative types and some sleepy city officials who are so rubber stamp slaphappy to dole permits for streaming t.v. shows are really obsessed with the whole Brooklyn brand thang that they are not even hiding it anymore.

What’s rigoddamndiculous about this is that HBO filmed their show “The Night Of” on that same block and the same streets on Liberty Avenue a few years ago, so the city knows where they are filming but to the deluded folks at Big Beach LLC this particular town or the whole borough of Queens is just an extension of the most overrated, overpriced and gentrified borough in the damn world.

What’s fucked up about this flier is that even though it says/warns when they’re are going to arrive and plop their trailers, catering tents and cables all over the fucking streets and then have their minion interns harass the residents trying to commute, do errands or even go on a nice walk (with the help of the NYPD Movie and TV patrol) , it doesn’t even say how long they are going to be in the area. This is how they show concern for the community?

It’s a wonder why they chose this particular area. Maybe there are just no gritty places to shoot in Brooklyn anymore because it’s 90% gentrified and sanitized and there are pretentious cafes on every corner on every block.

So this is another dis to a town the city barely acknowledges if you ever drove your car or bike on Liberty Avenue past Lefferts Blvd and seen the craterous minefield of potholes and steep cracks that line the road that would rival a Southern California street after a mild tremor.

Mostly, it’s a dis on society as a whole for the fact that Facefuck is now delving into producing t.v. series after selling out 87 million of their customers accounts and identities to Cambridge Analytica to influence their unwitting users and their friends to support Trump and previously colluded with the 2012 Obama Re-election Campaign staffers to do the same datamining of their unwitting customers and their friends on the social media platform to support their candidate.

And a social media parasite corporation whose past experience in televised programming is Facebook Live where people can record themselves getting killed and killing themselves in real time.

Well, now that the Strangers are here (wow what a show title, can this be anymore apt for this city sanctioned intrusion?), welcome to the neighborhood. Good luck with the production, film your stupid ass show and get the fuck out.

Residents of Brooklyn. Fuck you dummies.




Kendrick Lamar Wins Pulitzer Prize For Music And Saves The Album Format Lamar, surrounded with adulation.

Kendrick Lamar becomes the first rap and popular music artist to win the Pulitzer Prize for music with his third brilliant album in a row, DAMN. This ranks up there with other music cultural historic events like Bruce Springsteen being on the covers of both Time and Newsweek in 1975 and Nirvana’s punk rock commercial mass appeal breakthrough with Nevermind. Actually it ranks higher because of it involves the rewarding of the actual work instead of the effect the artist or album has on the zeitgeist.

And what an album it is. DAMN at first listen doesn’t knock you down immediately, the music is actually very commercial and the songs are more compact and minimal than the long duration tracks of his first two albums, but it grows immensely with each hearing, guaranteeing infinite playbacks and assuring it’s timelessness. It’s interesting that every song on the album all have one word titles and they are in all caps, which in digital communications on social media is the expressing of not only emphasis for making a point but also the equivalent of yelling.

But what’s great about this new recognition is that this saves the full album format from certain death and will give other artists more motivation and make stronger efforts to make passionate, meaningful and even political music again. For the album is currently under threat from the ubiquity of streaming music, mostly bad, soulless music with vapid and inane lyrics and also being declared virtually dead by dubious musicians like DJ Tiesto who has now submitted to make EPs instead by acknowledging the brief attention span of his audience and consumers of all current pop music as well as his own.

But DAMN and it’s dignified artistic recognition puts that theory to pasture. What’s great about DAMN is that it not only has strong memorable singles like HUMBLE and the outstanding LOYALTY (with Rhianna, who gets better with every listen), it has mesmerizing deep cuts on the album like ELEMENT and FEEL. And just like his last two albums, it has tracks that change up styles lyrically and musically in 180 and 240 degrees, like the brooding to banging DNA and the schizoid mashing of XXX that ends with a bluesy coda featuring the band U2 (who in just about a minute, hadn’t sounded that great and soulful on their own in over a decade).

Of course, there is the rapping and the lyrics which is the reason why the Pulitzer voters gave him the award. DAMN is mostly an hour long sermon, mission statement, diatribe and tirade on the ubiquitous strife and perpetual injustices that still continues on black individuals and communities and is more transparent going on in this nation, particularly under Figurehead Trump and the creeping police state he and his administration and law enforcement agencies are encouraging. But the cool thing about DAMN is that it’s content also applies to other races from lower classes (which now includes the dwindling middle class), giving it universal appeal.

DAMN’s Pulitzer status, which comes on the heels of NWA getting congressional landmark status for their album “Straight out of Compton”, gives confirmed legitimacy and credibility for the use of profanities for artistic expression and in a way to hammer down the facts being presented. Which, for self-serving reasons, gives this digital publication a reason to continue it’s muckraking with righteous vitriol.

Way to go Pulitzer Panel and congrats to King Kendrick Lamar, making music and general history becoming a true living legend and actual icon and giving other artists from all genres new motivation to bring their quality levels up a notch. And officially establishing once and for all what Prince, who died exactly 2 years ago from fucking fentanyl painkillers prescribed by a physician slave of the Big Pharma Industry, stated straight up at the Grammys in one of his last mainstream appearances:

“Albums still matter”


New Bad Days 49: Dead Bodies Found In Public Parks Brings Attention To A Monster Running Loose In The City And Proactive Environmental Awareness; A de Blasio Aide Gets Caught Up In Some Gangsta Shit; A Homeless Man Gets Creative With His Own Shit On The 2 Train; A Trump Tower Tenant Burns To Death In A Condo And Building Floor With No Sprinklers Or Alarms And Various Other Slashings, Shootings, Muggings And Home Invasions.


In Canarsie Park, a mutilated dead body of a woman with her legs and arms severed off was found wrapped in a white garbage bag barely hidden in a brush by a trail and the  limbs in another garbage bag found a half a mile away in the park. The victim, Brandy Odom, lived only 15 blocks away from the park.

(Ken Murray/New York Daily News)

This gruesome and savage killing is only two miles away from where Karina Vetrano was murdered in Spring Creek Park on the other side of the Belt Parkway 2 years ago. The search for this butcher (or butchers) should be just as diligent, persistent and thorough.

In Prospect Park, a man committed suicide by pouring gasoline on himself and setting himself on fire on a expansive wide viewed lawn at the front entrance during the early morning hours as people were visiting the park on a nice spring day in this uncharacteristic cold season.  In notes left in a nearby garbage can for the police to find were an apology for the mess he made and a statement declaring his self-immolation as a protest about the rising fragility of the environment of the planet from global warming and it’s extreme effects caused by climate change

(Theodore Parisienne/New York Daily News)

David Buckel was a lawyer who gained national praise for his lawsuit against a sheriff’s dept. in Nebraska in defense of transgender teenage girl and murder and rape victim Brandon Teena, which inspired the movie Boys Don’t Cry and an Oscar for Hillary Swank who portrayed her in it. He spent his career defending gay people’s civil rights and was a dedicated environmental activist. His public sacrifice to inspire awareness came a week before the annual recognition of Earth Day tomorrow. The spot where he burned in the park where he was involved in compost programs with the city’s parks and sanitation depts. and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, should be memorialized with a statue in honor of his service with his words ingrained:

“Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather,” “Our present grows more desperate, our future needs more than what we’ve been doing.”

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man got murdered when he was shot three times at point blank range in front of his apartment building.

In Crown Heights, cops answering to 911 call from a woman whose son trashed her apartment, tazed and arrested the wrong man despite him telling them that they got the wrong guy.

Also in Crown Heights, an 11-year-old boy stabbed his younger brother in the throat in a fit of sibling jealousy.

In East New York, a woman was stalked by two men who attacked her from behind as she was about to open her apartment door and stabbed her in the back when she defended herself.

Also in East New York at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Playground, an 18-year-old woman was held up at knifepoint and coerced her to blow him in the women’s bathroom

Again in East New York, a man held up a 73-year-old man at gunpoint, knocked him down and robbed his wallet but not without the victim kicking his ass in the scuffle.

And again in East New York, a man refused a woman to give her cellphone back when she demanded it, then smacked her and ran away with it.

And again in East New York, two men held up a man at gunpoint and stole his wallet containing 10 bucks.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death in front of a church at 8:30 p.m.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death in front of his house at 8 p.m.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Borough Hall station, a 2 train had to be put out of service and sent back to the yard because a derelict smeared his shit all over two cars. The name of the disgusting suspect was not disclosed, but there is solid, stinky speculation.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays Center Arena, a professional ultimate fighter and his entourage threw barricades and metal chairs at a tour bus.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the High Street Station, a man was holding up the A train at 8 a.m. by sticking his foot between the doors to fight with a commuter. When a frustrated woman intervened to end the argument so the train can go, the man then took out a can of mace and sprayed her in the face.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man attempted to hold up an expensive tea shop with a glue gun as the store opened.

In Brooklyn Heights, a man got into a fight with two other men at a pancakes house chain and wound up getting slashed in the neck.

In Gravesend, two men wanted in four previous holdups in Brooklyn and Queens robbed a store of $1,740 and cartons of cigarettes by assaulting a clerk.

In Flatbush, a man got killed on the job at a fruit market when an illegally installed bespoke freight elevator fell on him.

Also in Flatbush, a homeless man who was caught shoplifting in a grocery store died of a heart attack when three imbeciles who worked there dragged him on the floor then sat on his head, torso and legs as he yelled that he couldn’t breathe.

Again in Flatbush, a man ran into a store and shot his gun twice inside, hitting a man he targeted in the back and an 62-year-old woman in the cheek.

And again in Flatbush, a drunk idiot driving a Mercedes Benz caused a three car wreck and injured four pedestrians crossing the street and on the sidewalk because he was speeding and crashed into the car in front of him that was making a left turn.

In Williamsburg, a man ran up to an 18-year-old man walking with his friend, pulled out a gun and shot him in the back at point blank range and ran off with an accomplice.

Also in Williamsburg, a fire broke out on the top floor of a NYCHA apartment building, injuring two people.

Again in Williamsburg at the Lorimer Street Station, a man punched a commuter in the face by the turnstiles.

Also In Canarsie, at the 76th Precinct House, a man fighting with cops taking him to a holding cell bit off the finger of a cop and swallowed it.

Again in Canarsie, a NYCHA custodian shot a tenant during an argument inside his apartment.

In East Flatbush, a man pulled out a gun and shot at another man twice on the sidewalk and ran away.

Also in East Flatbush, a 65-year-old woman crossing the street got hit by a hit-and-run driver.

Again in East Flatbush and also Flatbush and Midwood, two men meeting up with people selling their merchandise via an app are holding up their marks at gunpoint or pistol whipping and stealing their shit.

In Bay Ridge, two men broke into a jewelry store but ran off when the store manager who was sleeping in his office woke up.

In Gowanus, a man fired his gun multiple times in front of a hookah joint ironically called the Fire Lounge.

In Bushwick, a handicapped bus driver was stabbed to death in his apartment.

Also in Bushwick, a stray dog was walking on the L line train tracks.

In Borough Park, a man climbed into a window of a 14-year-old girl’s room and took off his pants and laid down next to her in her bed then ran away when the girl screamed.

In East Williamsburg, a man broke into a storage room warehouse and stole a laptop and $1000 in cash.

In Brooklyn Heights, scaffolding surrounding a building collapsed to the sidewalk injuring three people

In Sunset Park, a man got stabbed during a fight in front of a karaoke club and died after he took a cab to a hospital.

In Flatlands, a drunk driver smashed his SUV into a lamppost, causing critical injuries to his passenger beside him.

Also in Flatlands, a woman killed her husband by shooting him in the face in their bedroom.

In Williamsburg at the Lorimer Street Station, a man punched a commuter in the face by the turnstiles.

In Dyker Heights, a mailman was hoarding over 15,000 letters never delivered in his house and locker for over a decade.

In Bath Beach, an apartment being used as a stash house for heroin and fentanyl that was tied to an overdose death in Bay Ridge was raided by police.

In Mapleton, a fire torched a house causing injuries to a tenant and 2 firemen.


Blech. Another bad self-portrait on social media by city government worker Reagan Stevens.

In Jamaica, a woman was arrested with two other men in their twenties in the front seat of a double-parked SUV for possessing a 9mm gun with it’s serial number scratched off that had 3 in the clip and a spent shell found on the floor by cops who were investigating a shooting nearby where 5 shots were detected by Shotspotter. Her friends were also busted possessing gravity knives and bags of weed and the vehicle reeked of pot smoke.

The woman, Reagan Stevens is a city deputy in Mayor de Blasio’s Office of Criminal Justice  and is currently was tasked with implementing the law signed by Governor Cuomo in raising the age limit for young offenders to be tried as adults from 16 to 18. This recent debacle in the mayor’s confederacy of dunces looks and sounds like a drug deal that went awry. But the severity of the crime will certainly be creatively marked down due to her status in city hall, the massive effort by NYPD high brass to keep crime stats down and good old fashioned political nepotism since Reagan’s mom is a criminal court judge and her stepfather is a judge in Queens Supreme Court.

Also in Jamaica, a man walked into a car dealership and held up a salesman at gunpoint, forcing him into a car with his accomplice waiting, who both then both drove to an area then beat him up and robbed him of jewelry and his own car.

Again in Jamaica, two men impersonating police officers with hazard lights and sirens equipped on their car, robbed two cars and shot a person who defended himself and ran away.

In South Richmond Hill, a man shot at two men after fighting with them inside a niteclub that spilled onto the street.

In Jamaica Hills, a man approached an elderly woman sitting on a chair by a house and engaged in a conversation with her then attacked her and stole her wallet.

In Kew Gardens, 20 cars parked on Park Lane South had their windows smashed in and their glove compartments and consoles open and contents spread out all over the street.

In Ozone Park, a man held up a deli at gunpoint and robbed the register of $2,200.

Also in Ozone Park, a man driving with a suspended license struck and killed a man crossing the thoroughfare road.

In Rockaway Beach, a three-year-old girl was beaten to death by her stepfather in her mother’s apartment.

In Far Rockaway, an ABC news correspondent was attacked and punched in the eye during filming a report on Shoya Olatoye’s firing resignation announcement at the one NYCHA building that isn’t fucked up.

Also in Far Rockaway, an elderly woman in her 80’s and her 65-year-old daughter were killed in a fire on the second floor of a house.

In Blissville, where the homeless now outnumber the citizenry, a man whipped out his gross penis in front of a 60-year-old woman on the sidewalk.

In Woodhaven, a man fired his gun at parked vehicles near a playground at 4 a.m.

In Elmhurst, a man attempted to burn down a restaurant he was doing construction in because of a wage dispute.

In Queens Village, Laurelton and Rosedale, a man is suspected in brazen afternoon burglaries of four businesses, stealing almost $30,000 worth of electronic merchandise.

In Corona, two men robbed two men of their wallets by knifepoint.

In Astoria at the Steinway St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of an arriving R train during the morning rush hour.

Also in Astoria at the 46th Street Station, a woman was attacked and assaulted by three men on the platform who then robbed her headphones and ran off.

Again in Astoria, two men robbed a grocery store of 300 bucks.

And again in Astoria, two women volunteering to cleanup Astoria Park found a gun in a plastic bag.

In Rego Park, a man climbed a fire escape of an apartment building and broke into two apartments on the fourth and fifth floor and split with a TV, a package and $300.

In South Ozone Park, a 17-year-old boy escaped a juvenile detention center.

In Forest Hills at the 75th Street Station, a man robbed a woman of her cellphone and ran away.

In Jackson Heights, a woman snatched a wallet inside a purse belonging to an 88-year-old woman inside a chain clothing store.

Also in Jackson Heights, Astoria and East Elmhurst, 16 cars have been stripped of their wheels in a organized theft spree.

In Sunnyside, two women snatched a purse off a chair from a woman at a Dunkin Donuts.

In Flushing, two men teamed up to rob a 66-year-old woman of her wallet containing $660.

In Whitestone, a man stole an SUV, parked it a few blocks away and set it on fire.

Also in Whitestone, a man jumped off the Whitestone Bridge and survived but died later at a hospital.

In Long Island City, a city worker for the Human Resources Administration assaulted her girlfriend in hotel and kicked a cop trying to arrest her.

In Richmond Hill, a fire blazed in the attic of a two-story home wrought with illegal conversions to accommodate five families.

In Bayside, a drunk cop was found passed out with the engine running by the expressway

In Howard Beach and Lindenwood, a rash of reckless driving and bicycling are annoying residents.



In Midtown at Figurehead Donald Trump’s flagship tower, a man got killed in a fire at his luxury apartment on the 50th floor that he had tremendous trouble trying to sell. It was not equipped with sprinklers that are required in all other buildings and it was caused by an electrical malfunction similar to the fire that ignited on it’s roof back in January.

Also in Midtown, a woman was found naked inside the restaurant she worked in where she was sexually assaulted, pissed on, and robbed by a male co-worker who locked her in.

In the Upper West Side by Lincoln Center, an 18-year-old man was stabbed and hit in the head with a bottle after a scrape up during a gang fight on the street.

Again in the Upper West Side by Central Park, two teenagers approached a man and asked him a question then attacked him and stole his wallet.

Also on the Upper West Side on the 1 train heading for 96th Street, an elderly man sexually molested a woman by grinding his old junk into her rear end.

In the Upper East Side, a man pulled out a gun and shot his father to death and killed himself in his apartment. This occurred on the same day that Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD top brass announced 22 consecutive days (specifically pointing out 24% of this year) without a shooting.

Also on the Upper East Side, two chortling young women snatched a purse of a 77-year-old woman as she was about to get on a bus.

In Chelsea, an 80-year-old woman entering her apartment building got hit from behind and knocked down in the doorway by a man who stole her purse containing $170

Also in Chelsea, a man committed suicide by jumping 21 stories off the roof of an apartment building.

In Penn Plaza, a street sign fell off a lamp post and landed on and injured a 6-year-old child.

In Times Square at the 42nd St Station under 8th avenue, a homeless man was found dead slouching on a bench.

In the Garment District, a man bit a cop’s arm who tried to fasten a seat belt on him inside an ambulance.

In Union Square, a man was hassled then had his “make America great again” baseball cap robbed by two men who then threatened him with a knife when he tried to get it back.

Also in Union Square, a 19-year-old man shouldered a woman and kicked another woman as he walked by them.

Again in Union Square, a man threw dirt in the face of a store worker who caught him shoplifting.

In NoMad, a woman looking for an apartment in Queens was swindled of $1900 by a online real estate broker firm using fake names to get her trust.

Also in NoMad, a luxury hotel was swindled by a man using the name Biggie Smalls who lodged there for 3 months, racking up $47,000 in room charges and services.

In Gramercy Park at the stylish and obnoxious Equinox gym, a man sitting in a steam room was taken aback by three other men who dropped their towels and started masturbating in front of him.

Also in Gramercy Park, a woman was robbed at gunpoint around midnight.

In Greenwich Village, a 14-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping out her bedroom window on the 15th floor because she was being punished by her parents.

Also in Greenwich Village, a man stabbed a store worker at a chain pharmacy.

In Soho, a man climbed the fire escape of a pop singer‘s integrated townhouses and climbed through a window then took a shower in her bathroom and a nap in her bed.

In Kips Bay, 5 kids soliciting money for a fake basketball team entered a restaurant and robbed a patron of his money. When the man gave chase, one of the thugs whacked him in the head.

Also in Kips Bay in front of the office building for the Administration of Children’s Services, a teenage boy repeatedly punched his girlfriend in the face in front of security.

Again in Kips Bay, a man drove his car into a pedestrian who argued about how early he was turning.

In Stuyvesant Town, a man snatched a purse from a woman at a chain donut shop and robbed and assaulted a food vendor.

Also in Stuyvesant Town, a man sidled into an elevator with a woman and unzipped his pants and showed his prick at her.

Again in Stuyvesant Town, a man sneaked into the apartment buildings and robbed and opened delivery packages.

And again in Stuyvesant Town, an 18-year-old man deliberately bumped into a woman and stole her wallet.

In Harlem, a man got stabbed in the shoulder while he was dining at a restaurant by a man he blew off when he asked him for money.

In Harlem on an unidentified subway train, a man took out a joint and blazed it and smoke it. After commuters got upset and annoyed, he passed the joint around and they took some pulls, which brought a tremendously rare pleasant moment and display of camaraderie on the worst fucking transit system of the universe.



In Mount Eden, a mailman was pounced on and beaten up by homeless man high on K-2 inside an apartment building, the suspect died after going into cardiac arrest during his arrest.

In Williamsbridge, a brawl that broke out in a hair salon escalated into a shootout inside, leaving a man dead from a shot in the chest and the shooter wounded in his leg.

In Riverdale, a Target store was robbed of $350,000 during a morning holdup.

In Fordham Manor, a woman working at a homeless shelter was raped by a man who usually helped her with the laundry in the basement.

In Foxhurst, a man was shot to death from a drive-by as he was walking on the sidewalk.

In Concourse Village, a man attacked a woman from behind as she was about to enter her apartment building and put her in headlock causing her to pass out. Then he took her to the roof and raped her then robbed her wallet and forced her to give him her ATM pin number.

In Tremont, a stray bullet broke through a window of a 15-year-old girl’s room then went through a wall of a bathroom.

In Marble Hill, a man was stabbed to death after a fight in an apartment building lobby.

In Wakefield, a cop committed suicide with his own gun in his car.

In Pelham Parkway, a man sexually molested a 15-year-old girl by groping her as she was walking to school

Also in Foxhurst, a fire engulfed a house and killed a man inside.

In Morrisania, a man threw a can of “orange pasta” at a 14-year-old girl when she refused his come-on’s and oily charm.

Also in Morrisania, a man died in a fire that engulfed his apartment.

In Kingsbridge, a woman assaulted and robbed a bag off a wheelchair-bound 62-year-old man. She was stopped by two firemen who were at the scene of the crime.

In Olinville, a 72-year-old man died in a fire in his basement apartment.

In Fieldston at the Van Cordtlant Park Station, a woman was found dead inside a train car at 8:30 a.m.

In Woodstock, Christopher Thomas, who shot and killed 8 children and two women on a Palm Sunday in 1984 and was just released from prison for serving time for murder, is going to reside in his mother’s house in that neighborhood which is next to a day care center and nearby a school.

Staten Island

In Richmond Town, a man crashed his SUV into a land-marked house when he blacked out behind the wheel from a medical condition.

In Grymes Hill, two masked men invaded a house when they attacked the father in his garage and then tied him and his wife and daughter up and threatened their lives as they ransacked their home. Then the scumbags reassured them they will not kill them and that they hit the wrong house but robbed them anyway, stealing $2,900 and jewelry.

In Eltingville, a body was found on the shore of Great Kills Beach.

In Tottenville, 4 teenage boys and 2 teenage girls broke into cars by breaking windows and robbing them of charges, usb cables, earbuds and one fare metrocards. The comments about this crime blot are hysterical.

In New Dorp, a man who was pulled over by cops for rolling past a stop sign, hit the gas and sped off going 65 and hitting a father holding a baby and another cop who tried to flag him down. He was caught with a suspended license.

In Mariners Harbor, a 17-year-old boy was arrested possessing a loaded gun.

In Stapleton, a man armed with a gun broke into his mother apartment and took his baby and robbed cash from a dresser.

In West Brighton, a 5-month-old baby died when his mother’s cousin ran a red light and crashed his van into another vehicle in the intersection as he was speeding to get to the hospital.

In recognition of David Buckel’s sacrifice and Earth Day

The sunshine in mountains sometimes lost
The river can disregard the cost
And melt in the sky warmth when you die
Were we ever warmer on that day a million miles away
We seemed from all of eternity