Obviously Known: The Polonaise Has Turned

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

Stumbled upon this eyesore on Greenpoint Ave. while returning to work from a pandemic induced sabbatical. The last time this once opulent catering hall actually had any signs of life in it was when the hipster catering culture entrepreneurs “Brooklyn Night Bazaar” was renting it out for a few years before they got broke again and wound up with a five year contract to bring (and then fail) to bring vibrancy to Riis Park, only to be bailed out by corrupt former mayor Bill de Blasio with a massive multi-decade contract to run concessions on the Rockaway Boardwalk, which apparently had to be prioritized over replenishing the coast line.

But let’s not get distracted with old stories about political patronage and just look at what has become of this establishment since the night bazaar’s departure nearly a decade ago.


Blech. The Polonaise Terrace entire three story facade has been tagged by someone named Girus or Cyrus. I’ve seen massive tags like this before and while it looks revolting its amazing at how an individual can pull this off. It looks like a giant pissed on it.

Looks like there’s other urbane art and messaging on here.

Looks like the service entrance isn’t accessible. But liberal sticker pasting and dumping isn’t such a problem.

Just some more chicken scratch tags, although it looks like someone decided to put some identity politicking agitprop. “Black and POC are not interchangeable terms”. Wow, deep man. That would look so boss on a tweet.

Oh this is good, the owners of this shit building put some portable toilets here, giving the impression that there is work going on and also to provide Greenpoint’s homeless population a place to relieve and bathe themselves. They do appear to be locked but I bet it’s not much of a deterrence for the commode disenfranchised.

Another sign acknowledging that this is an active work site is on display on this window here. More like conveying it’s active, the optics here look like this building hasn’t been touched in four years since it got it’s last construction site plans approved and in two years since the owner Meridian Capital listed this on the real estate market for over $11,000,000.

Although, these signs of COVID safety precautions and protocols do indicate that there might have been some work going on but it was weird seeing no activity just an hour before noon. Maybe the owners or the hired contractor put these signs up obligatorily. But it’s still odd given that this building lacks a long record of violations that would usually keep it in a state of limbo. What’s even more odd is that Meridian would let it fall into such a state of degradation because it’s a landmark building and they still expect some dumb buyer to plunk down 11 million for this dump. 

What really grabbed my eye was a bill that was posted somewhat meticulously above the safety reg notices and it undoubtedly nailed not only the motivation for the ludicrous price Meridian is offering for this catering hall but also the status quo of NYC’s new standards of unaffordability.

Guessing this was pasted up during the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 as response to authorities and media outlets that were condemning the unfortunate tactics of the spillover of looting and smash and grab robberies of businesses that followed, which also happened in the Northwest Brooklyn nabes. But this is still a great point and like the rioting blowback from those demonstrations, NYC also enabled the looting of property and air space with massively generous rezonings and upzonings to the developers of the Gentrification Industrial Complex to spread their tower pestilence and ossify rental prices in this neighborhood.

But it doesn’t matter, because the delirious speculations and fabrications of the real estate market will continue regardless. It managed to survive the pandemic and it’s still out of control despite the rampant rise in crime, which went up over 30% this January. And of course there will be one dumb buyer for the Polonaise and whether it will be one major corporation or a LLC consortium of nameless investors, and they will build some monolith above this heinous mess, assuring New York City’s terminal stasis of unattainable housing for all, developing for a demographic populace that doesn’t exist.

There’s plenty of time for them to make reservations.

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